themysteriousballetanon  asked:

I was listening to "Love Like You" today on the train and it sort of reminded me of Allura, learning how to show love and affection like the paladins do. The way Pidge looks at tech, the way Lance looks at Keith, the way Hunk looks while he's creating. Then the second half is more directed at Coran. The way they behave around each other. I dunno it seems better in my head.

ill never be able to listen to that song without thinking of this now omg

“Tyrion stood in that dark cellar for a long time, staring at Balerion’s huge, empty-eyed skull until his torch burned low, trying to grasp the size of the living animal, to imagine how it must have looked when it spread its great black wings and swept across the skies, breathing fire.” (p.122)

If Eurovision 2016 Was a Bond Movie, starring…

  • Jüri Pootsman as James Bond
  • Gabriela Gunčíková  as The Good Bond Girl
  • Iveta Mukuchyan as The Evil Bond Girl
  • Michał Szpak & Manuella as The Bond Villain’s Henchmen
  • Serhat as The Bond Villain