Sometimes I’ll see Jack tweet something or I’ll see Dan or Phil tweet early in the morning and it makes me think “Aw, look at these guys, being super productive so early.”
And then I realize that time zones make my early morning actually afternoon for them.
Time zones are a thing that I should quit forgetting exist.


requested: A real conversation between Mario and AK

1. gif: 

Mario: You look so beautfiul tonight *laughs*
Mario’s friend: Nailed it bro
AK: Aw stop it already you cute lil shit *slaps him*

2. gif:

Mario: Pls never stop watching at me.. oh wait I was just joking
Mario’s friend: Yeah AK he was just joking
AK: *Turns her head away and turns it back to look at him surprised while thinking “this asshole”*

3. gif:

AK: Maybe I’m really not so pretty? I will just braid my hair and I won’t look at him until he apologies to me
Mario’s friend: Hey Mario look over there, the next seat to AK this women there looks really hot
Mario: scrapes his beard and starts watching to the women with interests who’s sitting next to AK

Imagine for roofthatcherjoe 

You and Joe have been for dating for a while now, and you both really loved each other.  Zoe and Tanya can over and bombarded you with tons of stuff like a new outfit and makeup.
“Come on we don’t have much time!” Zoe says pushing you down into a chair.

“What is going on?” I ask sitting down.

“You’ll find out its a secret.’’ Tayna laughs.

After about 20 minutes they both finish my hair and makeup. Okay now go change into this.  It was so fancy.

“Awe you look so cute!” Zoe cheers.

“Alright we have to go!” Tanya says grabbing my arm.

We run out the door and into the car. Tanya sits in the back with me and puts a blindfold on so I can’t see anything. 

“Seriously guys what is all this?” I ask.

“We can’t tell you!” Zoe laughs.

I groan and wait. We drover for sometime and then I think we finally reached out destination.

“Okay don’t take off the blindfold just yet.” Tanya says.

I step out onto a street and wait for their approval.I probably look so stupid right now.

“Okay now you can take it off.” I hear Alfie say.

 I take it off and I see Joe standing there in a tux and smiling at me. I can’t help but smile. I walk over a hug him tight. 

“What is all this for?” I ask.

“It’s for you.” He smiles. “Let’s go.”

You guys went to go have dinner at the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to. We laughed and had a wonderful time. After dinner we went to walk in the park for a bit.

“So why all this?” I ask.

“Because I wanted to show how much I love you. I really do appreciate you all the shit you put up with because of me. You’re wonderful, and I couldn’t be more happy then when you said yes to being my girlfriend.” He smiles. “The girls and Alfie did most of the planning though.”

“I love you so much.” I smile.

“I love you too love.” He says leaning down to kiss me. 


Hi i hope you like it! Sorry for the wait guys I’ve have 2 more requests to get through! But i hope you enjoy! xx

( sorry it’s short)

anonymous asked:

It was easily the best show I've ever been to. That is correct, the pictures just aren't enough to show the extent of her beauty. In real life she's so breathtaking I was in awe looking at her.

You know, whenever I check twitter and instagram after a concert, there are always a couple of comments just like yours… “best show I’ve ever been to”, I wonder how many of these people are seeing them live for the very first time and are now becoming avid fans. It’s very refreshing to think they can captivate so many new fans at this point. They sure deserve it.

As for Stevie’s gorgeousness… This is all I have to add: 

“Last year many grim things happened in Boston, disappearances, mysteries, lies... and so they brought a shiny new team of hunters to make it all better. But are we truly safe?”

Hello, lurkers! This is admin Annie giving some quick updates regarding Dumort’s opening! As many of you know, we are five applications away from opening which is truly exciting. And we’re also fixing some stuff around the main – like this lovely new admin update graphic I made, hope it doesn’t look too awful – so I wanted to take the opportunity to give some reminders and also several updates.

  • We have one last spot for original characters, currently reserved. If the potential applicant hasn’t sent the application in by Wednesday, July 8th, it’ll be opened.
  • The biographies of Helena Parker (Arden Cho), Belle McAllister (Emily Browning), Aurora Moore (Vanessa Hudgens), Timmy Newton (Booboo Stewart), Amilio Ronaldi (Francisco Lachowski) and Forest Niall (Colin Firth) will be posted this Friday, July 3rd. 
  • By the end of next week the campus blog, locations and greek houses will be posted. 
  • Admins will also post a little surprise for you so make sure of keeping an eye on the main and following the durpg tag.

>>Link to webcomic

First webcomic update is up!! Ah gosh here we go- I hope you guys are ready, this is gonna be a ride and a half. ;v;

Gonna aim to update once a day for the prologue until we get outta it, and then swap to a twice-a-week schedule. I’ll be putting up a separate blog later that will deal with updates, DP related things, etc. etc. so it’ll be easier to track when the updates happen so I don’t constantly spam this blog. (I’ll also announce when it updates on my Twitter, if you’re following that)

I think everyone can also comment on the pages on the site without needing to be a member? so you can leave stuff there and I can reply to you. 

Feel free to toss me suggestions and stuff - cause who knows, maybe I’ll like it enough to throw it into the comic eventually, yeah?