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What did you think of the 'I will do what Queens do, I will rule'. They didn't show how she wants to better herself

I’m sorry but that line makes me cringe lol, unfortunately the show differs from the book in many places, I don’t know what is going on anymore. And yes I hope they have more time to go into Dany’s arc.  

“Your Grace, the slavers brought their doom on themselves,” said Daario Naharis.
“You have brought freedom as well,” Missandei pointed out.
“Freedom to starve?” asked Dany sharply. “Freedom to die? Am I a dragon, or a harpy?” Am I mad? Do I have the taint?
“A dragon,” Ser Barristan said with certainty. “Meereen is not Westeros, Your Grace.”
“But how can I rule seven kingdoms if I cannot rule a single city?” He had no answer to that. Dany turned away from them, to gaze out over the city once again. “My children need time to heal and learn. My dragons need time to grow and test their wings. And I need the same. I will not let this city go the way of Astapor. I will not let the harpy of Yunkai chain up those I’ve freed all over again.” She turned back to look at their faces. “I will not march.”
“ What will you do then, Khaleesi?” asked Rakharo.
“Stay,” she said. “Rule. And be a queen.”