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Daredevil may have all the trappings of a stereotypical superhero story (a young kid gets exposed to a radioactive substance, loses a parent, and, before you can say Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne, commits himself to a life of vigilante justice), but, thanks in large part to the grounded nature of the comics themselves, this show manages to tell Matt Murdock’s journey as an actual human story first. Sure, we find out how Matt went blind, lost a parent, and learned parkour. But only eventually, slowly, and over the span of 13 episodes. And for all his powers (he can tell if you’re lying by your heartbeat!), Matt Murdock is very much a mortal. In this show, when people fall off buildings, their bones break. By the second episode, Murdock has collapsed a lung. There is an entire character—Rosario Dawson’s fantastic nurse Claire Temple—devoted to patching our hero up when he falls apart. (Thank goodness, this being a nuanced show, that’s not all she does.) Here is a man breaking and battering his body over and over in the desperate attempt to protect those he loves.
EXO dorm, day 4.
  • Kris:This is it guys.
  • Lay:huh?
  • Kris:I’m leaving this lame-ass gay band. I’m going solo.
  • Everyone:????!??!
  • Kris:I’m just so done with y'all.
  • Kris:Suho’s always on his period, maknae line is literally killing me, The Beagles are fucking uncontrollable, XiuHan’s thirsty af, Yixing’s always high and Kyungsoo... he just scares the shit out of me.
  • Kris:How am I supposed to live this way?
  • Kris:Seriously. I’m leaving.
  • Chen:Boo you whore
  • Chen:You're always so dramatic~
  • Suho:Don’t you dare, Kris.
  • Kyungsoo:Yeah, you better listen to my momma…
  • Kris:No
  • Kyungsoo:…or I will stab you…
  • Kris:What
  • Kyungsoo:…37 times…
  • Kris:Wait~
  • Kyungsoo:…in the chest.
  • Suho:I don’t know what you're talking about, Kyungsoo’s so cute and squishy~
  • Baekhyun:Yes, he is.
  • Chanyeol:But HUH, guess what~
  • Chen:He’s basically satan.
  • Chanyeol:This isn't even funny anymore
  • Baekhyun:He literally hates us and wants us to burn in hell.
  • Kyungsoo:It’s not that I hate you...
  •’re just annoying as fuck
  • Baekhyun:...
  • Chanyeol:Yeah right
  • Chen:You’re just saying this to make us feel better~
  • Tao:Seriously~ you kids and your problems...
  • Sehun:And you're supposed to be our hyungs~
  • Tao:We should have yaja time all the time tbh
  • Chen:You rude little sh-
  • Suho:See? This is why Kris wants to leave us. Promise me you won't talk like this to your hyungs anymore!
  • Sehun:I will not make such promises.
  • Xiumin:Okay, y’all need to calm the fuck down. You need a distraction.
  • Xiumin:*rips off his shirt*
  • Luhan:oh dear lord
  • Luhan:are you seeing this
  • Lay:fucking unbelievable~
  • Lay:I think I found my life path~
  • Luhan:I know, right?
  • Luhan:...
  • Kai:Oooooh~ so I guess we’re having Shirtless Sunday~
  • Suho:No~ please Jongin, please don't do it
  • Kai:*rips off his shirt*
  • Suho:oh god
  • Kyungsoo:whAt iS AiR
  • Suho:Great. Now Kyungsoo’s hyperventilating. Good job, you guys~ Seriously Minseok, why did you even do that~
  • Xiumin:You make it sound like I had a choice
I have this envelope, I carry it with me all the time, it’s full of all the butterflies I felt the first time she relaxed the velcro on her lips and smiled in my direction. Most of them are still alive. I can still feel their wings through the paper. I suppose these belong to you, too.
—  Rudy Francisco

it comes on quickly.
it always does, every year.
one moment, everything is pale grey,
empty, and dead.

the next–
(and you aren’t even sure you b l i n k)
–the next, there is color, everywhere.
green and purple and
white and yellow and–

there is red, too.
you see it, always
just out of the corner of your eyes,
never straight-on.
you do not know if this is a good or a bad thing.

the corn-framed country roads and woodsy parks are so quiet.
the kind of silence where it is less that nothing is loud
and more that everything is muted
an absence of sound you cannot shake
even when you scream.

your friend bemoans their allergies, saying:
“these flowers are going to kill me.”
their eyes are swollen and red and watery–
you realize, (too late)
that the tears are not just because of the pollen.

there is a bird that sings outside your window
every morning.
it is the same bird
every morning
the same song
every morning.
every morning is the same.

you wake up to the same level of light
coming in through the blinds
and the same birdsong.
you wake up confused
every morning.
you do not know what day it is.

(you think that maybe
you have not known what day it is
for a very long time.)

—  midwestern spring gothic, Drea O.