During particularly long weeks (like this one wtf) it helps to think about the fact that Victor dislikes JJ for being rude to Yuuri, and that NEITHER JJ NOR YUURI KNOW THIS. JJ had no idea he was being dismissive, and Yuuri thinks it’s only natural to be dismissed.

Obviously JJ assumes that Victor is intimidated by his superior athleticism (poor dude) but Yuuri is totally lost. 

“He’s not that bad?” he whispers, once per competition.

“Hm?” Victor says, at normal volume. “James Joyce?”

“You know his name! I know you know his name!”

“Sweetheart,” Victor says. “Why wouldn’t I know LL Cool J.”

Eventually Victor’s dislike fades into mild-to-moderate irritation. That doesn’t stop him from leaning over, at the precise moment JJ is reciting his wedding vows, and murmuring “Who’s that.”

Yuuri snorts loud enough that he apologizes for half the reception.

shaking hands with Elder Price
  • what Mckinley says: Welcome, Elder Price. I am Elder McKinley, current district leader of the Ugandan mission
  • what McKinley means: I think he's holding it so tenderly, I'll probably faint. If so, I'd rather die in this position than remain the saint.

Kingsman 2 TV spot – Harry speaks!!