“The roads we walk have demons underneath”
Everyone has secrets

“and yours have been waiting a very long time”
Sherlock Holmes’ secret has been waiting for a very long time

“You know why I’m here.”
But we know Sherlock’s secret

“I’d like to hear you say it.”
We (Mofftiss) want to confirm it

“What is this, we can’t do this.” “Is this supposed to be a game?”
Gay Sherlock Holmes? We can’t do this. Is this a joke?


“I thought this was some kind of…” “What?” “Trick”
I though this was queerbaiting

“Course it’s not a trick, it’s a plan.”
Course it’s not queerbaiting, we’ve got a plan

“What’s the very worst thing you can do to your very best friends?”
What’s the worst thing you can do to the audience that pays for your show?

“Tell them your darkest secret.”
Tell them something they won’t accept

“I love you.”

Ok, imagine BTS Christmas

× Tae waking up as soon the sun is up and running to Jimin’s and Jungkook’s rooms to wake them up

× Them getting up as soon as they realise what’s happening and running downstairs to see what they got

× Namjoon and Jin following soon after because they were woken up my their cheers of excitement and see them unwrapping their presents and showing what they got to each other

× Hoseok woke up first but hide in the kitchen and ate the cookies that were for Santa and then joined the unwrapping party

× Namjoon and Jin taking their presents too and showing them to other members

× Yoongi leaning against the door are watching them with fondness before they pull him in too

× Them laughing and telling jokes while sitting in front of the tree (Namjoon maybe breaking one of the ornaments but shh nobody saw that)

× Jungkook taking pictures to have a memory of this

× Jin making a Christmas dinner and others complimenting it and eating every last bit of it

× Them singing and dancing to Christmas songs

× Them running outside to play in the snow that fell over night

× Jungkook pushing Jimin in it but only to end up in the same way

× Tae making a snow angel

× Snowball fight

× Yoongi complaining about the cold but joining the fight (and kicking their butts in it)

× Sipping hot chocolate to warm up after hours of playing outside

× Watching Christmas movies together that they saw a hundreds times before but that doesn’t really matter

× Imagine them falling asleep

× Namjoon and Jin leaning on each other one one side of the sofa

× Jimin, Jungkook and Tae squished together in the middle of the sofa (you choose who’s in the middle)

× Hoseok in other corner of the sofa with Yoongi in his lap and his head leaning on his neck

× Them sharing blankets and hugging in their sleep for even more warmth

× Imagine them spending time as a family

× Just imagine the most fluffiest, cutest and full of love Christmas

Tbh, if “her friends are her weakness” then why start with Bellamy Blake at all? Why not bring all of her friends to the top of the tower and torture them all at once? Surely seeing multiple people in danger at once is more likely to break Clarke than seeing just one.

Why start with Bellamy Blake unless Abby/ALIE was completely certain that he was the only victim she would need and therefore the effort exerted to bring everyone up the tower was unnecessary? Why even mention Bellamy’s name if not to see Clarke’s reaction and confirm her suspicions: that Bellamy Blake is possibly Clarke’s only weakness?

Looking down the tracks of the Myrtle Avenue Line.


Can this month, no year get any better for Jiho? His songs are getting more and more successful. He winning awards left and right. He got his first MAMA. There still award shows too like the one later this month and the ones that are at the beginning of next year for this year. I have a feeling he going be winning at these places too. I’m so proud! I always honestly thought and hoped for him to be this successful but it’s a totally different feeling once it’s real. I worry about his health a lot and I hope he will learn to slow down but I’m happy that his hard he has been giving hasn’t been going to waste. If only I knew Jiho personally I would be hugging him right now crying a bit most likely shouting all different kind of things to him. Be in public telling people how proud of him I am like a parent. *happy sigh* I’m genuinely proud of Woo Jiho and I’m so happy that I got and get the chance to see him grow not just as a BBC but as his stan.