there was an 8 year old girl who came in to auditions today and we didn’t have any specific sides for her so we just wanted to improv lines and honestly she was the most brilliant improv 8 year old ever

her: “what would you like to eat?”

reader: “um do you have lettuce?”

her: “of course!”

reader: “is it organic?”

her: “yes, very much organic”

reader: “what farm do you get it from?”

her: “state farm. jake from state farm.”


her “well you’re fat”

reader: “that was rude, where is your manager?”

her: “my manager is dead.”

I have perfected
the poems about
The Boy That Leaves.

I am sure to memorize his body
and the shadow it sets from
the moment
he enters
to the kiss of the lips on the door frame
as he runs

I could try writing
about The Boy Who Stays,
The Boy Who Loves.

But there is no drama,
no dying breath, no burned lungs.

There is no shameful stale drink,
no pinkened veins,

no horror stories.

And there will always be boys
that leave;
there are so few that stay.

—  Michelle K., To The Boys That Left.


“Nothing shows patience more than working with flowers in their ephemeral states— waiting for them to open, celebrating their blossoms, and accepting their decay; everyday our hands are working with little births and deaths.” Take a virtual tour of Ampersand and discover how it’s shaping San Francisco’s community…

Photos by Melissa de Mata for The Style Line


When it comes to line art, I am at my weakest. So I decided to do these as practice. My OC Kael and @slugette‘s inquisitor Yvad Trevelyan. (I know you’ve been feeling disconnected to the OC storylines with him, but I really wanted to include him in this. I hope you don’t mind). The Inquisitor’s armor was based on a mixture of the concept art armors. 

Alone in the dark. Chained hands balled into fists to protest the arrival of a new shade of red around his bruised wrists, while eyes trembled beneath the weight of Ferelden’s winter, and the wind which assaulted him from every corner. The mornings were as cold as the night, and sleep found him with a restless prayer through a chill blistering the lungs with each breath. Sweat bathed his skin and bled into the dried scarlet from his gaping wounds. ‘Why am I here?’ the question which tormented him for two nights now, strumming a continuous beat inside his head. It seemed frivolous to call out for answers when no one had visited Kael since they’ve left him here to starve.  

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Mafumafu’s Official LINE & Homepage (020416)


Mafumafu: “Oh… Oh my oh my… ?  (๑´ლ`๑)”

Mafumafu: “Finally, a Mafumafu Official LINE account has been created! I will being uploading my own photos and even increase my amount of messages! Please jump to the account with this URL, or search “Mafumafu”! Please be my friendsーヾ(*´□`*)ノ”


Mafumafu: “In addition, Mafumafu’s homepage has been completed!!
The preparations took around 4 months www
Chachagoma-san’s art, which I had posted before, was drawn for this purpose! I will compile all of my information here!

My Official LINE has already reached 50 thousand people. I think I’ll upload a photograph sometime tomorrow~”


Looking up the White Plains Road Line.