anonymous asked:

Hey so I got a gift card from sephora and I've never been there but your makeup is absolutely flawless so I was wondering if there are any products you recommend?? 💕

heyhey thank you so much!! any of the Nars matte lipsticks are amazing & stay on super well and Kat Von D liquid foundation will literally always be my fav foundation hands down. If you don’t already have something to contour with, i’d say above all else you need the Anastasia powder contour kit tho

srsly tho how much do you have to absolutely hate women to make a post literally saying “you’re all ugly, you’re so ugly, everyone thinks you’re ugly” and try to pass it off as ~radical feminism~ like it’s not woman-hating drivel that furthers the abuse and trauma of women and girls who have been abused, neglected and hurt because they have been labeled “ugly”?

how much do you have to hate women.

slippingandflipping asked:

hey there!! i just wanted to randomly message you bc your posts a few weeks back about needle felting has really piqued my interest, and in a few days i'm gonna get my first kit. even tho i haven't started yet, i can already feel that this is gonna be an awesome (and much needed) hobby, so thank you for talking and sharing your stuff!! i can't wait to do my first, small works :D

ahhh that’s so cool im glad i could get somebody into the hobby it’s really really fun :D if you don’t mind i’d really like to see what you make