just another update on my end but i am doing okay right now y'all. really busying trying to make all my arrangements by friday but im safe, feeling positive, and getting things together…if you still wanna help me financially or help me with anything on my wish lists (my birthday is in march so if you were wanting to do it for that now is a great time too) or even just wanna send me a card or drawings or a letter or encouraging stuff that would be awesome too. i would love to be able to put that up on my board and see it everyday. but ily all and thank you for being so supportive of me….

a little thing because I LOve the little brother au from @climbstudio !!!!! he is a good uncle

i imagine that sunfrost is in on the whole “leafpool had kits so now squirrelflight is being their mom so leafpool doesnt get in trouble” thing. i think he would be upset with his sisters but keeps the secret because he knows its for the good of their clan

he still loves lion jay and holly like he would his own kits tho. they’re still his nephews and niece no matter who their father is.

(i gave him white ear tips just because leaf and squirrel have it to show they’re siblings bc they look nothing alike)


I get beat up a lot in this show…                                                                                                                           and I do not like it one bit"                                                                             

self care kit:

tiny sketchbook and bright pens
big sweaters and big socks
black soap and bath bombs
my red walkman with my current favorite cd inside
my cat, bella
crochet hook and a bunch of pretty yarn
magazines and paints for collages
embroidery hoop and floss
hair dye/chalk
calm jar/snow globe
my favorite music box
blankets (of the fuzzy variety)
happy adventurey movies