anonymous asked:

Is it abuse if my dad used to lock me in his room with the lights off and pin me down on the bed to tickle me/touch me? I know it seems dumb and innocent because it's "only" tickling but i would yell for him to stop and him+my mom+my siblings would just laugh about it. He did it so many times i can't count and now i'm afraid of him getting near me. when i flinch from his presence he tells me that he hopes i won't do the same when my bf will want to touch me but??? What kind of fucked up argument


Tbh that kind of sounds like abuse to me. idk though. You asked him to stop and he didn’t. That’s such a shitty thing to do.

adsagsona  asked:

“What do you mean you didn’t leave this message for me? Then who did?” (mun's choice :))

“I swear, it wasn’t me. Why would I threaten you?” Loki frowned slightly. “It did kind of sound like me, though…”