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Hey! Lately I've been experiencing a different kind of synesthesia. Usually I just experience sound->color, but lately I've been associating sounds with smells? For example, I'll hear a song and to me it smells like mint. Or sometimes I hear a certain note and it smells like nail polish. Weird, right? What is that?

Definitely sounds like you’ve developed sound-smell! Either it was too mild to notice before and it’s just become more noticeable, or it developed later than your sound-color. Pretty cool, hopefully too many sounds don’t smell bad though haha.

~ Natie

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*sees post about kiss memes on other pairings* Can I still go with Miyusawa? Lol I'm so sorry, please ignore this if you want to go with other pairings hahaha, number 11 for miyusawa please!

Haha, nah, it’s fine xD I love Miyusawa. Just wanted let readers know that I’m willing to write other pairings and not just those two ;)

(also requested by avianlacie​. Sorry, this isn’t what you suggested though ^^’)

Miyusawa + 11/‘I Almost Lost You’ Kiss (Part 1)


the Hercules AU no one wanted (hayaku14, avianlacie - if you hate this kind of thing, shoot me another ask and I can do a do-over)

Whoever said that love is all happiness and roses is the biggest liar.

Because what is this, what Eijun feels, this tight feeling in his chest? Why does his heart feel like it’s contracting and tearing itself apart? Why does its beat sound too loud in his ears, why can he hear himself breathe but his lungs are suffocating?

What is it that Eijun feels when he looks at Kazuya, limp and broken on the ground for him, to protect him, if not love?

The realisation couldn’t have come at a worse point.

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On Fanfiction

I think when it comes to fandom, fanfiction is something that’s very much taken for granted. There are lots of text posts that talk about reading fanfic in general but while my dashboard is dominated by fanart, I rarely see fanfics unless I go into the ship tag or if one of the writing blogs that I follow posts something. I’m not saying fanart doesn’t deserve the attention it gets - I admire artists because it would take me ages to get good at drawing/lining/colouring/etc and it would require a lot of dedication on my part. It’s something people have put a lot of work into to get to the level they are at now and they still are striving to get better and/or produce more artwork. It can take several hours or more to produce a piece of artwork and there are always obstacles such as art block or lack of motivation. 

I love seeing fanart of things I like.

Writing is something that should also be celebrated. In most cases, a single picture can be looked at in less time than it takes to read a piece of writing. Fanart can usually be enjoyed quicker than a fanfic, and sometimes people don’t have much time or patience to spare. That’s understandable but it does lead to writers often questioning why they don’t seem to have many readers/fans. Like… is it because what I write isn’t good? Do people not enjoy it? Does hardly anyone care? It’s disheartening, as you can imagine, when you spend a long time creating something that ends up getting little response. People write for a variety of different reasons, whether it be because they want attention or they enjoy writing or they want to entertain people or something else. It can be any or all of these reasons and none of those reasons are bad, but writers are united in that they like knowing that people enjoy what they do.

For example, several people have spoken to me about one of my recent fics and how they liked it (even if it made a few people cry), which made me extremely happy to hear, but on AO3 it has received 11 kudos. That’s not a big number. To leave kudos on AO3, and show the author appreciation for a fic, you just need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the kudos button. No sign up is required. To leave a comment, you don’t need to be a user either. And of course, when it comes to tumblr, you can like or reblog a post or send an ask to the blog to show you enjoyed it. These all mean a whole lot to writers. When I see that something I have written has a lot of notes or kudos, I get incredibly happy. I love getting feedback so, so much. Comments on my things are great to see and read.

But this isn’t just about me, though others might share my views. It’s about fanfiction in general. A small post like this won’t make much of a difference but I think if more of us supported writers, or supported other writers, then it would make a number of people happy.

[on a more personal note, I’m aware that some people are hesitant to show support for fics that are about unpopular ships. As a writer of a ship that the fandom gives a lot of flack, I think in this situation with this particular ship that the hate says more about the person hating than the person being hated on. However, on AO3, you can leave kudos and comments as anonymous, so that’s always an option.]

My trans

This has been bugging me for awhile but I wasn’t sure if I should address it or not (because I’m very non-confrontational lol). I’ve been seeing a lot of people use my translations from my videos which make me really happy because I’m glad to help people out! And I’m also very thankful to those who put a link back to my video or credit me by tagging me. It’s really nice of them :) But I’ve also noticed (and other people have mentioned it to me) that there are a couple of people who use my translations, they kind of alter the wording a little and claim them as their own (usually in gif sets). o_o. while i’m grateful that they use my subs at all, i don’t really like the fact that they pretend it’s their work. I can recognize my subs because of the wording and this just makes me kind of sad? Obviously I can’t control everything about my subs and I want to share, which is why I sub videos in the first place. But it would be nice if people didn’t take my trans and claim them as theirs? And not to complain but hour long shows take a really long time to sub…  :(

Wait For You (c.d. & n.m.)

| Requested by food-llama: Hey I was wondering if I could have one where Cam helps set yn up with Nate (her crush) but secretly likes her. And in his pov when he watches their date go on. Thank you xx


“So, you guys are having dinner at…” Cameron waited for me to finish his sentence.

“Don’t know how it’s called, but it’s some kind of sushi restaurant.” I said as I applied my mascara.

Tonight was the night. Nate and I were going on a date! I sound really stupid right now, but I had been wanting this night for over ages now. And it was finally going to happen.


“I’ve never had sushi, though.” Nate said as we walked to our cars.

“Never? You should try it!”

He shrugged. “Sushi sounds like living fish sticked on a chopstick.”

“That makes no sense at all.” I chuckled.

“That’s what I think of when someone says sushi?” I shook my head and we continued walking. “So if it’s that as good you say it is…”

“Hey, hey. Personal preference.”

“Whatever.” He playfully said. “But you didn’t let me finish, so bring me to a sushi restaurant one time.”

“Sure, when?” Was he asking me on a date? How am I so cool about this? Why am I not freaking out?

“Tomorrow night.”

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” We reached out cars who were parked and we got in.

“Tomorrow at 7?”

“See you then.” I smiled.

He winked before he turned his car off and left. Oh my God.

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Hey, you know what’s getting really fucking old? I mean, besides people bitching endlessly about Natasha in AOU. Besides that. You know what else is getting really fucking old? People bitching about the Agents of SHIELD season 2 finale because of all the deaths. 

Yes, there was a body count. Yes, three women of color were killed. Though, in addition to this, a bunch of caucasian people were killed, maimed and tortured as well, so it seemed like an equal opportunity murder storm to me. But apparently not everyone feels this way.  

I don’t want to sound like an ass here, I really don’t, but when I see people still making furious blogs about this all these weeks later like the writers committed some kind of reprehensible crime that has ruined the whole show, it really gets under my skin. 

I saw a post the other day that irritated me to no end. I’m not going to reblog it because I don’t want to draw any more attention to this person, but basically, they’re complaining on and on about how awful the finale was and how much the show sucks because Raina, Kara and Jaiying were killed, as if there weren’t perfectly logical reasons for these things to happen. 

Their first complaint: Jaiying was made a villain and wasn’t given a chance to be redeemed before she was killed. Really? The woman who was talking about committing genocide on the human race not getting a shot at redemption offends you? Forgive me, but once she was so far gone that she was ready to murder her own daughter just because Skye had the gall to stop her plans for mass murder, I’m pretty sure Jaiying wouldn’t have been interested in being redeemed even if the chance had presented itself; they made that pretty clear. And it’s rather atypical for villains to have redemption arcs in the first place; (plus, they were already doing one with Cal) that’s why they’re villains. In this case, Jaiying’s arc was about her starting out good and tragically becoming a villain. If you’re taking offense to the tragedy part, then I’m afraid you’ve missed the point.   

The next thing they were going off about was that Raina deserved redemption after everything that had happened to her and she shouldn’t have died. Um… I don’t know what show you were watching, but redemption is exactly what Raina got. She accepted herself for what she’d become, accepted her new role as a protector of her people and received a fitting sendoff with a purely altruistic act that gave her character closure. She knew that seeing Jaiying kill her would be what showed Skye that her mother needed to be stopped. She knew she would die and she did it anyway. Raina went out like a fucking hero after she’d spent the last two seasons being motivated entirely by self-interest. If that’s not redemption, I don’t know what is. 


Oh, and let’s not forget their third self-righteous diatribe about how Kara only died to give Ward more “manpain,” how the writing was terrible because May’s trick was stupid and Ward would never have fallen for it and blah blah blah. Look, you may not have noticed this, but Ward has become quite unhinged over the last season and a half. He’s not exactly the most level-headed character these days. He also thinks an awful lot of himself and has a habit of underestimating people when he probably shouldn’t. I really don’t think him falling for May’s trick was that farfetched. And he’s clearly wanted to even the score with May for a long time, so Ward being so eager to put a few bullets in her that he didn’t take a moment to consider that it might be Kara he was shooting seemed in character for him at that point IMO.  

And as for Kara dying to motivate Ward, okay, fine. Kara was killed so Ward could be pushed into becoming the Big Bad of season 3. She was brainwashed by a terrorist organization, kind of lost her marbles, then devoted herself to the guy who tried to help her pick up the pieces and wound up dead because of it. It happened. You can argue that she never got her agency back if you want to, but she was given a chance to be redeemed when Ward left her with SHIELD and she chose to betray them anyway because she wanted to take revenge on Bobbi even though it seems that Bobbi was in an impossible situation and chose the lesser of two evils – the only call she could make really. Yes, Kara got screwed over as a result of that, but like Bobbi said, they both knew what they signed up for. It sucks that she couldn’t handle the consequences, but, hey, that’s life. Shit happens and you have to deal with it. 

I felt sympathy for Kara, but as fucked up as her situation was, she still made some really bad choices. Once she decided that she was down for torturing Bobbi and using her as bait to get a fellow agent killed, I didn’t feel so sympathetic toward her after that. Was there more they could have done with Kara? Yeah. But it’s not like her death didn’t serve a purpose. 

And don’t bother playing the fridging card because I simply don’t buy it. That argument may hold water in some cases, but it doesn’t apply to everything. Just about every character death on TV ever has been done to motivate other still-living characters. This is how story-telling tends to work. 

You can’t complain about fridging every single time a character who happens to be a woman dies to motivate a character who happens to be a man. That’s taking an overly simplistic view of the situation and you just limit potential storylines if you do that. Yes, this practice can lead to unnecessary, inappropriate female character deaths when it’s done cheaply or carelessly, but I don’t feel like that’s what happened here. There were major storyline ramifications for Kara dying.   

Plenty of caucasian characters have been killed on AOS too, you know. If you’re suggesting that all ethnic and/or female characters should be exempt from the chopping block simply because they’re ethnic and/or female… well, I’m afraid that’s not how this works. 

I know this is a place where a lot of us like to feel like keyboard warriors by ranting and raving about anything we think warrants even a sideways glance, but can we all please step off our soapboxes long enough to get it through our heads that not everything on TV and in movies that bothers us is some kind of egregious insult with malicious intent behind it that deserves all the venom we can dish out? 

Not every female or ethnic character death that happens on a TV show is meant to be some hugely significant statement about gender and racial equality in the media or lack thereof. Sometimes they’re just logical deaths that the story calls for because said character has served the purpose they were introduced for and it’s time for them to go. 

Yes, three female characters of color were killed off in the season finale. It doesn’t automatically mean that the writers are racist or were trying to make some kind of veiled point about the ethnic and gender status quo in television today, especially since (1) a woman of color co-wrote the episode this happened in, and (2) we’re talking about a show that just built the entire second half of the season around its multi-ethnic female lead. It was a fucking coincidence. That’s all.     

I get really annoyed when people act or treat me like I’m young just because I don’t really like to talk or hear about sexual things.

y’aaaalllll my date went so well tonight, omg

we spent a few hours at the bar and then we walked to Rittenhouse Square where this guy was playing the guitar kind of like how you’d play the cello so it sounded really beautiful 

we held hands, he stroked my arm, we cuddled, then he asked me if I’d like to kiss him and even though I hesitated because fuckboys have sort of ruined kissing for me (because basic dudes are fucking awful at kissing) I finally turned and looked at him and then went for it. y’aaaalllll it was magical. he is such a good kisser and I couldn’t help but smile and I felt my heart just swelling up because it was so lovely. 

our date lasted about 5 hours and we held hands on our way to the subway where we parted to go to our respective trains. we kissed one last time and then he asked me out again for a second date. then he texted me and I believe we’re going out on Tuesday. 

holy shit, you guys. I’m just, I can’t even begin to describe how good this all feels.

More Noblesse Babblings

This place sure is a fine platform for me to ramble on about this stuff and actually get responses. :3 I would join the conversations on LINE Webtoon but I read the comics with the iOS app and it always gives me grief about needing to log in to post when I do so I never really get to talk to other fans. T____T

Anyway, I’m re-reading older chapters and some things just occurred to me (for some reason. I have no idea why I never thought of these. ^^):

1) Regis always referred to Seira by her name even though she’s a clan leader. I mean, he’s not on the same level as her. ^^ From what it sounds, Gechutel kind of acted like a mentor (and maybe even a guardian) to Seira after her father(?) died so I guess she’s almost like an honorary family member. ^^

2) The mystery about how Rai ended up in South Korea has been thrown out the door. I don’t mean during these older chapters but in recent ones, where we’re essentially getting Elder(s) of the Story Arc (like monster of the week in cartoons). I was honestly getting rather tired and bored of the formula. I kind of wish the Union would just blow up once and for all and new villains appear. At least now there are werewolves and those evil looking Nobles involved.

3) I definitely liked the colouring from the early chapters more. ^^ Some of the artwork was better then too. :/

Oh, I read all the synopses of Noblesse S at the message forum that was linked by darkicedragon in a reply to my previous post, and they totally read like they could be plot summaries of comics chapters. I so loved the idea of the M-21 naturally getting along and communicating with the puppy. ^O^

Rai giving the doggy a tour of the house absolutely killed me though.

I wish these stories were illustrated. They are incredibly fun. ^__^

I’m getting this hair cut and it makes me happy. I know it sounds stupid, but I’m happy because my mom is very against short haircuts. She says they look too masculine (which, in my case, is the point since I’m a transguy but I think they look awesome on girls too). She said she liked this cut, though.

I know the cut is kind of feminine, but short hair is a step closer to me passing because let me tell you, my current hair length is not doing me any favours at all.

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Your blog is fantastic! I have a question though: Marble Madness was the first arcade game to use the Yamaha YM2151, and it got some amazing sounds out of it. Not knowing too much about synth, is there a name or particular type of waveform used to get the sound used in the practice race? I feel like similar sounds were really common in old synth records and movies but I have no idea how to replicate it. I love that kind of sound and associate it with a benign, positive otherworldliness. Thanks!


In fact, if my research has not mislead me, Marble Madness is the first commercially released video game to use FM synthesis, period. I have more info on this, but I guess I’ll save that for my Marble Madness post!

The YM2151 can only generate sine waves, like the majority of Yamaha’s FM chips. There aren’t a lot of helpful, descriptive words in the world of synthesis, and sounds are either compared to other instruments or given abstract names like “pad”. The closest I can match it to is “muted brass”, which is not entirely accurate. Here’s what the X68000 version of the patch looks like:

As you can see (maybe), these sorts of patches are actually very easy to make, which isn’t surprising considering how young the technology was commercially. Medium fast attack on all operators with a decay of comparable length on the carrier is the key to this sound. Almost a triangular sort of shape to the envelope, or trapezoidal in this case. The same principle applies with a subtractive synth, only you’ll want a medium fast attack and decay on the filter envelope with the filter closed about halfway for a classic muted brass. Try with a saw or pulse wave as you fancy. Once you understand the basics, all you have to do is adjust the parameters by ear to hit the “sweet spot” you’re looking for. Synths may seem complicated at first, but getting hands-on and experimenting is the best way to learn. Hope this helps!

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Okay but do you think there's ANY chance at all that Cora-san is alive?? Like maybe he just passed out and his devil fruit powers stopped (like when Sugar is knocked out)?

You never really know for sure with Oda sometimes.. So I guess there is always a small sliver of hope!! There have definitely been instances where a character should have been sooooo beyond dead, but then came back later! But ((and this might sound kinda weird…)) part of me actually– doesn’t want him to be alive??

As an writer/story maker, I look at everything from that kind of perspective. That whole flashback and scene with Cora was so unbelievably beautiful and so well done, it brought me to legitimate tears ((the first time a manga has ever made me cry)). I sat and cried for like 10 solid minutes! I was so upset, and even though I had actually been spoiled for that a long time ago, it was still incredibly powerful and sad! 

So in a way- I feel like bringing Cora back would almost take away from what that scene meant for Law and the arc in general…….. Buuuuuut I also won’t complain if he does come back hehe ;P

Untitled Chapter 2 (Pearlet Fan Fiction)

So sorry for the wait! I didn’t expect it to take months lol. There will be a third chapter, and I promise it won’t take as long as this one took me. 

You’ll notice I changed a large chunk of it. I ran into problems with the original version of Chapter 2, so I took the liberty of re-writing it in a way that suited my style a little better. I hope you like it! 

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Hey, ear-tumor person from last month checking in. I'M FINE. I'm not going to lose my hearing or the Foo Fighters. Your kind words kept me calm through some of the worst weeks of my life, though, and I can't thank you enough.

That is fantastic news and i’m so happy you came out of it with no great trouble! Sounds like it was the best possible outcome for you. If I helped in any way, shape, or form, it’s a pleasure and a privilege. High fives all around.

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You've got really cute mother art!! They should have many more notes!!

(ajdksf;jkjkajfkdjf Sobbing hysterically on the floor)

Thank you so much! You know, I’ve never gotten actual recognition like this for my Mother fanart before. So you have the honor of being the first ^//////^

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything, but I do agree, I feel I do need a few more notes on my Mother stuff.. Since I left the Fairy Tail fandom and all, I kind of miss waking up and seeing all of the likes and reblogs on my art… Only getting like 10 notes on any of my art anymore sob
It makes me really happy knowing you feel this way, though ♥

The best way to support any artist here is to simply like and maybe even reblog our stuff♥ It really means a lot. ^^ ♥ *Gives you all mah love*

what’s the name of that song about writing a song? lol. i know it sounds crazy, but it’s a song about like how to write a hit song, and it was kind of like meant to make fun of pop songs. it’s from the 90′s i think. or maybe late 80′s? or early 200′s? most likely it’s from the 90′s though. lol please help.. someone. it’s driving me crazy and i need to know.


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this guy I had a kind-of-thing with last summer is back in town this summer and we've hung out a few times but I'm getting a lot of mixed signals from him. he sends me these sweet messages and tells me that he cares a lot about me, that he believes in me, which is a lot like last summer. in person, he barely looks at me when others are around...... any ideas what this could mean?

Maybe (but you know him better) he is shy and introverted so he can speak more through things than in person.  It sounds pretty positive though!

- Admin Justin

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Hmm... Debating choice of mediguns or wrenches? Or knives?

Hmmm. Well I always feel like this is stuff that always gets covered but if anybody really wants to hear it I could pull something together? I’m not as long into TF2 as other players so I’ll probs have to do some research but it would sound like fun. 

But hey I might as well say what I use cus I’m a scrubbish poo. This is no where near a real debate though this is just what I use guys xD

MEDIGUNS: I’m hard for Stock and Kritzkrieg. Stock can be situational / when you’re attacking. Kritz for defense or just kind of all around. It’s nice having Kritz. Always Kritz for mvm.

WRENCHES: I don’t play Engie enough honestly but I almost always use Jag. The damage reduction doesn’t affect me because I don’t melee anything and build speed is ace.

KNIVES: I love me some Big Earner B) that or stock tbh. After the nerf, spycicle means nothing to me. I haven’t worked much with the kunai so :/ but yeah Big Earner is my child. 

FEEDBACK ON THIS AS A TOPIC WOULD BE COOL :D I’d love debating something weekly if at all possible.