Castaway, 5 Seconds of Summer ~ first chorus

I have synesthesia - a condition causing my senses to get mixed up - resulting in my ability to see sounds. A lot of people ask me what it looks like, so I thought I’d share parts of some of my favourite songs so other people can experience it too


All of the confessions about old Evanescence songs/drama are… kind of amusing, actually. So you think Bring Me To Life Was overplayed? You’re twelve years too late. You think they sound like a Lacuna Coil rip off? Even though both bands have a more straight forward rock sound to their most/more recent albums, you’re still ten years too late for that comparison. It kind of smacked of “We need someone to hate besides Ash Costello, and Amy is relevant right now since she released a new song, guess she’s a good target!” Here’s my opinion on Bring Me To Life/Evanescence: I wish that people would sing other Evanescence songs at karaoke (and preferably not My Immortal, either). Variety is the spice of life.

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Oh, I'm so, so glad Harry and Sherlock got on. I kind of thought they might, but I didn't say so in case they didn't. Sounds like there were dangerous amounts of sass between the two of them.

they’re both ridiculous.  I guess that’s my type of person, I dunno.

I could have happily done without all the commentary about my height and about how much I like billy, though.  harry thinks it’s hilarious how much I love the cat and kept telling sherlock how I was with gran’s cat, how I let him sleep on me and yelled at harry when she bothered him.

So I’m reading Dirty Laundry

and I’m actually crying because this is really hitting home with me. Chapter 4 and 5 so far are actually wrecking me because they are what I’m actually afraid of. I love this fic and I’m going to continue reading it but it is kind of hitting me hard… I had a feeling that this would happen given that Lance is bi and mentioned his family being not 100% accepting but hey I’ll just suck it up bc even though this is giving me anxiety about my own life, Keith telling Lance never to change just to accommodate his family has really helped me a lot and even though this sounds really cheesy I felt like Keith was talking directly to me in that moment and that is really helping me out right now.

i still haven’t heard back from the agent w a lease agreement but perhaps tonight. i got my insurance figured out & tomorrow i’m going to get my health certificate so my last real worry is getting my diploma legalized - my old hs isn’t working with me very well, rip. i can’t wait to sign the agreement though, i feel like its my last real obstacle. it kind of is. i’m glad i’m getting this place though, its right next to a park that used to be forest land & there’s a pond where fire-bellied toads live. it sounds absolutely perfect, everything better go right.

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While I find that gif of Harry stepping away from that girl quite "funny" and telling (since there's a notable gap between what you're supposed to see and what really goes on) every time I see it it kind of pains me if that makes sense because he couldn't know yet that they had it already all planned out for him and that things would pretty much escalate from there. I know it sounds like I'm making a big deal out of a stupid video clip but it's kind of symbolic for the whole situation.

I think it helps to remember that they were a new band and most new bands fail. Nobody knew the future. Things absolutely did escalate, though.

Starco: a pretty nice ship

Now let me clear something before I start this, I’m not a shipper of any kind, I’ll go into more detail, but for now, just remember I’m not a person who usually ships two characters ( trust me though this post is really going to make me sound like a shipper especially towards the end, this post is either going to be liked or people are going to hate me for this to have a valid criticism of me being a dumb shipper with a dumb face  )

Ok, so why Starco? out of every ship why did I want to focus on these two characters, when I could do an old school ship or a different ship that isn’t Star like Steven and Connie (if that’s a ship?), and are you obsess with Star? 

Well my dear reader, yeah I’m obsess with Star and maybe I’ll look into another ship like Steven and Connie? (is that a ship?) another day, but honestly the reason I wanted to talk about this ship is because, well to put it frankly I don’t ship much and yet this is one of the only ships I might actually like, now don’t get upset reader I’m not saying I hate ships or anything, but for me it’s difficult to like any ships speaking mainly for me of course.

look at all this starco cuteness come on something this sweet can’t be hated right? right?? well let’s move on shall we

i’ll get back to Starco, but let me explain why I’m not the usual type to like ships, as a kid I’ve never thought much about love or relationships which is fine you know, you’re a kid once, you’re bound to not know as much and do something stupid, I remember being scared of the Grinch for almost two years, (yes the live action Grinch movie, the Jim Carrey one) I was literally four, and no one read me the book so I assumed that the big green guy was a monster that ate kids, through cereal boxes. Yeah as much as I want to relive my memories of being terrified of the Grinch let me move on. ( be on the look out for the reason I was scared of the Grinch in my future post, Grinch: that green bastard) So yeah as I got older and learn more about the internet, trust me though I didn’t learn about the internet until like 2013 so i was freaking late, and I found out about the number one important things for cartoon shows… Fandoms, you know it’s true without us Star wouldn’t have gotten season 3 already, but along with Fandoms, I found out about shipping, ah the term we’re looking for, so my first thoughts were just “ok,” I didn’t have much for shipping i just knew it was there and existed, I wasn’t a shipper until, my unfortunate past

(Oh boy we get to learn about starthebutterfly’s past and see the things they liked before, hey wait this isn’t a starco picture!)

you really wouldn’t wanna see my past reader, but yet I gotta talk about this, now I didn’t knew Tumblr existed until maybe 2014 or 2015? So how did I join a fandom, Twitter of course and the fandom I was most associated with was Phineas and Ferb, from what I’ve heard the fandom here was much different than the twitter one, honestly i knew a group of fans and they were good people, I still follow them even though now I’m not a fan of the show anymore, and why? that’s because of this ship, Phinabella is the main reason I quit the Phineas and Ferb fandom, it still bothers me to talk about this, but long story short, I was a small shipper for these two, and no not in any way like “oh they should kiss or something” more or less I just wanted to see Phineas figure out, or just notice that Isabella likes him, you know? just by the end of the series, Phineas knows that Isabella likes him, or Isabella just tells him (without their memories getting erased again!) trust me watching the later episodes you well get mad on how they make Phineas “dumb,” it just gets kinda sad, especially for Isabella, I could go on an entire rant on how much this ship just ruined the show for me, but maybe another time, so I was bitter towards ships and thought ships were just dumb romantic things that were forced upon, until I saw something that changed it, (yes it was Starco)

(Yes finally another Starco picture!) 

yes reader and this picture is by @firesuperstar go follow this talented girl and send her lots of love, she’s the best, trust me you want more Star stuff follow her lovely blog also thanks @firesuperstar allowing me to use your beautiful art

I joined Tumblr around July of 2015, by then I was a huge Star fan and even before I joined Tumblr I knew about this ship, my opinions on it wasn’t as harsh though, for one reason being that I saw the show before it aired on Disney XD, yeah through the power of the internet, (don’t worry I did watch the first episode when it premiered I support my shows) I saw the intro and later the first episode, even from the YouTube comments I saw people shipping Marco and Star and honestly I didn’t get mad, I was interested in watching the show and when I did boy I freaking loved the first episode, and I saw already why people shipped Star and Marco and a part of me, actually did the same thing.

It’s funny because, I didn’t intend to ship these two at all, I still don’t really, but I would be lying if I didn’t notice how cute these two are especially with the new episodes  having these two be so adorable together, literally in the past three episodes, Star said she didn’t care about being locked up as long as she saw Marco again, Marco wanting to show Star something amazing because of all the amazing things Star has shown him, and them becoming parents like come on, these two were buff parents last episode, and I think it works really well because these two have the best chemistry on the show, even in the first episode, you notice how these two are from two different worlds and they become friends just like that, sure they had to fight monsters, but still they worked together and kick the monsters back to Mewni

Thanks again @firesuperstar, sorry i couldn’t separate these two drawings they’re just so perfect together *cough* like Starco *cough*

In the end, this post isn’t about me saying Starco is the best ship, I didn’t even focus on the ship much itself, but it’s my opinion on why I kinda like this ship the most, I can’t really say I like any other ship like this because, frankly this ship works really well, Marco is totally the down to earth guy and Star is literally name after a flaming ball of gas so of course she’s going to be full of a sun’s energy, (yeah say suns and stars are different, they’re not but correct if I am wrong because I could be) they balance each other out so well and it’s precious, I’ll always have some problems with certain ships, not every ship is good (Phinabella), but then you find ships like these that make you kinda appreciate what the creators wanted to do with these characters, I kinda did wish the creators did focus on the other characters like Jackie or Janna, because I want they’re characters to be shown off and also maybe why Marco likes Jackie, whether or not Janna does have a crush on Marco, or just seeing Jackie outside of her being a “skater girl #1″, just for people that might disagree with this ship or just want a different ship, because I see the argument with them staying just friends because I kinda would like that, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind Starco being canon. Being a person that doesn’t ship a whole lot, I think Starco is a great ship, another person can probably do more justice in the matter of why the ship works and why you should love it, but as i mention, this wasn’t me saying why Starco is the best, this is just me talking about my views of shipping and how Starco changed my views, whatever ship you like the most I hope you share them here or send me an ask I would love to see the different ones, anyway I hope everyone enjoyed this thank you for reading 

And really again a huge thanks for @firesuperstar for letting me use her work, she really didn’t have too, and I appreciate it a lot, follow her blog and send her some support

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What would Hanzo, McCree, and Junkrat do if their S/O was having such a bad day to the point of them punching a hole in the wall? I love this blog btw :D

oooh, kind of sounds like me whenever i’m in a very bad mood. X’D
and thank you hon~ much appreciated <333


  • He’d definitely notice their anger rippling off of them, also with their creased eyebrows and just their very grumpy mood in general. Wouldn’t be super surprised if his S/O punched a hole in the wall, honestly he would too if he was that angry with his day.

  • The archer would also attempt to make their day better, by asking if they’d like for him to give them a massage, not just that though, he’d ask if there’s anything that he could possibly do to ease their mood.

  • Hanzo would also fetch some tea for both of them, if his S/O doesn’t like tea then he’d get something else for them to drink to ease their mood.

  • He would also tell them that today was just one bad day, and that tomorrow would be a better day for them. He’ll count on it.


  • “Woah there darlin’. You’re not in the highest spirits, eh?” He’d tease after flinching back at the sudden punch in the wall. Though his demeanor will change from his teasing tone to a more serious one, he knows that when his S/O’s upset, he’s gotta do his job and make ‘em feel better.

  • Jesse would suggest taking them out for a bit on horseback, how does he have a horse you may ask? Hey he’s a cowboy, no cowboy is complete without his horse.

  • After a while with them out on the range on his horse, he’d ask them why they’re so upset. Getting knowledge of their day, he’d say that he’s sorry that their day didn’t go as planned, along with a kiss on the top of their head and forehead.

  • They’d return back home and he’d cuddle up with them, telling his S/O that tomorrow would be a better day, and to not get pent up just because of the current day’s misfortunes.


  • Poor trash baby would freak out just a bit when they punch a hole through the wall, though he’ll regain composure and ask his S/O if they’re feeling alright. Well obviously not Junkie.

  • On knowing why they’re so upset, he’d then understand. He knows the way to get them all better, by causing some mayhem.

  • His S/O would say that it wouldn’t help, which makes his excitement falter for a bit. Though he’ll then suggest on going out for milk tea while they rant to him. He’s actually a very good listener~

  • While they’re sipping on their milk tea, Jamie listens to his S/O’s day, also agreeing that it was a crap day for them. As they rant to him, he’d also throw in his own thoughts, and an occasional joke that would make his S/O laugh. He’s happy that his S/O’s mood is a bit better now.
BTS’s reaction to you saying we need to talk only to you saying we need a new cat.

Okay but me with dogs

-Admin Lex


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We need to talk are some of the scariest words you can hear in a relationship.hes caught off guard and kind of shaken up, he wouldn’t say anything, he would just nod and sit down. when you finally dropped the cat question hed groan and push his palms into his eyes before softly laughing and agreeing that your little fur baby needed a new friend. 

“oh my god jagi dont stress me out like that. ill call the shelter in the morning”


Originally posted by yoonmin

Yoongi would definitely be able to pick out the excitement in your voice even though you tried to sound serious. He saw that you were looking up larger cat houses on amazon when he went to go try to order new headphones last night. hed let you play your little game but wouldn’t seem so surprised when you ask for a new cat.

“you dont seem shocked.”

“im not, but yeah another cat would be nice, fluffy needs a new friend.”


This boy would be freaking out, he would rethink everything hes ever done in your relationship wondering what he might have done wrong. You have to calm him down and apologize for freaking him out.

“Babe its okay i just want another cat”

“you cant do things like this to me, you know how i get”


Originally posted by baebsaes

This guy kind of sucks at reading emotions,he doesn’t realize that your saying this playfully and hes scared with a capital s. He immediately tries to ask whats wrong, and when you explain that its a crime that Fluffy is alone at home all day. He cant stop laughing and its hard to tell if those are tears from laughing or fear.

“oh my god babe calm down.”

“ No, really im fine. Can i name this one though.”


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Hes all tense when you ask if you can talk,he hunches over the coffee table and asks whats up. he tries to act cute to hopefully diffuse some of the tension. When you explain that you want another cat he picks up fluffy whose sitting next to him and turns him to you. Two can play at this game.

“i think i need to talk to mommy, i was actually thinking about sending you to live with namjoonie hyung so appa can get a dog.”

“you wouldn’t dare”

“try me”

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Tae wouldnt think anything of you saying the words we need to talk he’s just listen. When you say you want a new cat this boy would be all excited, hed probably run right up to fluffy and explain that hes getting a new friend. oh that poor cat.

“Hear that baby? mommy wants to get you a new sibbling!”

“Stop shaking him tae, you're gonna break him”


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i could imagine night time cuddles when you bring up this question. Jungkook shyly raises the blanket over his head and makes a little noise encouraging you to go on. when he hears the words babe i want another cat he just smiles into the blanket.

“babe are you sure fluffy wont be jealous, cats are a lot of work. are you sure you want two.”


“okay, whatever you want jagi”

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This was my first reaction, hope you enjoy it !

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Screenshots from GLITCHY GIRLFRIEND | Vee Is Calling! :)

This was a nice little game where you basically go on a date with a computer named Vee who’s also is trying to take over your computer. xD 
I was super happy Jack said she was like Giffanny from Gravity Falls because that’s actually one of my top favorite episodes of Gravity Falls ever. :)

Originally posted by mermaid-sundae

But he is right though Vee kind of is like Giffanny. xD 

Actually it’s kind of weird that the character in this game is named Vee. This is probably going to sound stupid but the reason why it’s weird to me is because my first name starts with the letter V. So it’s kind of like hearing the start of my name, if that makes any sense? Even though nobody has ever called me V before it’s still kind of weird for me. Jack has said my name in a video before so I have no idea why just hearing him say V is weird for me. I guess I’m just being dumb about that but whatever it’s not a big deal. xD 

honestly few things are better than finding a new song or book or piece of art that nonetheless feels familiar to you. like, even though you’ve never encountered it before, it’s immediately as recognizable and comforting as if it had been a part of your life since childhood. it’s such a rare feeling but it’s incredible when it happens.

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stop taking pride in being an asshole you are so boring

If you are telling me not to take pride in being an asshole then you are either (in descending order of likelihood):

  • A kind person who is proud of being a kind person.
  • An asshole who is ashamed of being an asshole.

So you’re either suggesting that you are a kind person and that I should model myself after you, or you are suggesting that I should be ashamed of myself. 

First of all, those both seem pretty egocentric to me. It seems arrogant to tell someone to model themselves after you just because you don’t like them. It also sounds very conformist, which is ironic because the tumblr community generally prides themselves on being non-conformists (even though most actually aren’t). 

Second of all, I am an asshole. Whether or not I mask that with some sort of thin veneer of kindness doesn’t matter; I’m still going to think asshole thoughts, I’m still going to do asshole things. I will still be an asshole; I just won’t look like one at first. 

The idea that people should mask their true selves in order to make others feel better is repulsive to me. There are plenty of ways of avoiding people you don’t like; exercise these methods. Don’t try to change people because they don’t appeal to you. 

It’s essentially the same thing as when people don’t like certain elements of a movie, so they encourage a boycott; why wouldn’t you just not see the movie? Why do you need the movie to stop being shown in theaters? If there is content you don’t like, don’t see the movie. 

The idea that all people (and content) should be modeled around the lowest common denominator of individuals in a society is ridiculous. Yes, some people have experienced rape and those people might be very upset if they see a rape scene in a movie. Does that mean we should ban all rape scenes from movies? Or does it mean the people who are upset by rape scenes shouldn’t see it? Let me try something else: some people are allergic to peanuts. Should we ban all peanuts from the world? Of course not! If you’re allergic to peanuts then don’t eat any peanuts!

So in conclusion, I’m going to keep being an asshole. And I’m going to keep liking myself. And if you don’t like me, then you can unfollow me, block me, block my posts, do whatever you need to do to make sure you never have to interact with me or my content again. I support and encourage anyone who wants to do so. What I do not support is people who try to change others to fit into their world view, as if you are the only person with a say in that matter. 

Feeling lost

Kinda low key trying to figure out if I’m heteroflexible or maybe heterosexual but biromantic.

Basically I’ve always dated guys and I have a sexual attraction towards men, but I find myself thinking some women to be attractive and that I would consider dating them, maybe like holding hands and kissing, but not having sex with them. And though I don’t picture myself waking up next to a woman when I’m married, like 98% sure, I won’t rule it out because life is crazy and you never know. But anyway, dating a woman sounds so nice. It sounds so peaceful and kind. I’ve never done that and it scares me a little.
I’m also worried because I don’t want it to seem like I’m choosing my sexuality or my romantic orientation, but I’d rather say I’m looking for a term that fits what I’m feeling. Ah well. If anyone has any advice please let me know :/

-Heteroflexible: Heteroflexibility is a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by minimal homosexual activity in an otherwise primarily heterosexual orientation that is considered to distinguish it from bisexuality. It has been characterized as “mostly straight”

-Heterosexual/Biromantic: Being sexually attracted to the opposite sex. / A person who is romantically attracted to two sexes or genders.

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I haven't read Imprudence yet because I was frankly appalled by the whitewashing of India in Prudence. The discussion in-book about the morals of British colonialism doesn't even include an Indian character speaking for themselves.

I reread the novel over my short vacation and you’re right, this was part of the thing which was bugging me which I couldn’t quite put my finger on but you’ve hit squarely on the head.

It’s in a similar vein to the way I balked at the use of Fenian in Poison and Protect, though accurate for the time period, it’s uhm, it’s a problematic word to use in certain parts of the UK and seeing it used so casually by an American author who also likes to make some *makes uneasy creaking sound in the back of her throat* shall we say, unfavorable, stereotypes about Scottish people, it hit me as being rather ignorant. But I chalked it up to Americans being American and the kind of people who also name cocktails “Irish Car Bomb” but lose their absolute shit if you so much as mention 9/11 in the wrong tone of voice.

Kind of disappointing

I worked for like a year on Mariokart Wii to get the character Birdo, cause she’s my second favorite.

Yoshi is my all-time favorite, so I always play as him. I’ve seen him make all his sounds, moves, tricks, you name it.

So when I finally unlocked Birdo today, I was really happy. Cause I was gonna get to play as one of my favorite characters.

Though it didn’t take me long to realize that Birdo made all the sounds that Yoshi made, except in her voice. And she did all the exact tricks and moves that Yoshi did as well. 

It’s basically just Yoshi with a different voice and model.

Yeah, kind of disappointing.

Today it kind of hit me that I’m not going to get better.

Not all the way, at least.

I’m never going to know what it feels like not to be depressed or mentally ill. I’ll never have the relief I’m seeking and I’ll never be happy without wondering how long it will last.

It kind of hit me late but suddenly I get this gap on tumblr between neurotypical people and neuro-atypical people.

Although I still doubt neurotypical is even a thing and I don’t like or support the negative energy on this site between the two. But I understand it a little more now.

And this sounds corny but the fact that cures or curses for an entire human can fit in the palm of your hand…it’s more than unnerving. 

But on the brighter side, though it’s little consolation when you’re feeling low, and I’m not trying to romanticize it or anything…I do believe that mental illness helps you become a deeper person.

To develop yourself more intimately than if you didn’t have to worry about keeping yourself alive against your own mind.

Like through art, music, writing, often creative pursuits. 

Artists are often mentally ill and I think there’s a reason. 

You’re more likely to pursue an outlet, even if it’s subconscious. Something to help you straighten out the muck of your head. Something to invest your being into and anchor your existence, even when your mind and body are against all hope. 

Back~~ Sorry for that super impromptu hiatus! Whew all I can say is that I got terrible spontaneous SSO burnout. I was just playing the one night and then all of a sudden I just hated the game. Like with ever fiber of my being. It was actually a pretty negative emotional response which kind of freaked me out the next day O.o I knew I needed to keep my happy place happy and that it was break time. So, I set up my queue, decided to delete my Tumblr app, and dedicate myself only to daily horse care. Sounds like some crazy SSO purge pffft now. I’ve missed everyone so much though!! ;-; I’ve been having SSO dreams every night since Sunday also, so I guess break time is over xD 

I share so that everyone knows that too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s better to take a break and there’s no reason to feel bad for taking one. It’s better than hating SSO forever, in my opinion

Some much adulting was done ohh boy. Got everything finalized for Fall semester, turned in some job applications, got my fair check, and decided that being able to drive yourself is the most wonderful thing in the world. You go drivers licence. I want to catch up on blogging though now! I’m not going through my dash again though that took 3 hours xD So if something good happened message it to me!! I’ll be on SSO in a while also!!~~

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would believe that if you ever answered your messagse.

[l ol

Okay if we’re gonna have this talk let’s have this talk. 
I’m polite and level-headed by nature… unless I’m angry. If I’m angry it’s best to get the hell out of the way. Anyway, what I’m saying is that people like to mistake my politeness for me being friendly. 

I’m not.

I can’t have conversations about nothing. Small talk is utterly boring to me and I rarely engage in it. If I don’t feel connected to someone, it’s reeeeal hard for me to get around this whole… apathy autopilot thing I do. So I’m kind of sorry but also not. 

I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to write what interests me, though I will say– the friends I’ve made are incredibly important to me. This probably sounds harsh and. Look. I am. I am a harsh person. I am sharp edges. And for most people, getting past that just isn’t a thing they can do. 

I try to answer my messages when I’m able. But one-on-one conversation is really hard for me (unless I’m already comfortable with you). I have a lot of issues with it. I apologize for that much, anyway. And I’m sorry I’m hard to talk to or get close to. I don’t mean to be, but it’s who I am. 

Si g hs sometimes you just have to. drop down and start talking about stuff at me. Sorry. I can’t make any promises. I’m too much. Too intense for most people to handle and it’s really hard for me to push myself to try sometimes. Idk if that helps or hurts or if you care or. Whatever. ]

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ur the only other lesbian cherik fan I know so I come to you will all the stuff on my mind. last night I had a nightmare they were rebooting the x-men, AGAIN, but they had cast benedict cumberbatch to play magneto and I felt like I was gonna die

AHHH, my sweet fluffed pillow anon, 1) please, come to me with whatever!!! <333333333!!!, and 2) that nightmare sounds dreadful. DDD:

I think B.C. is an extraordinary actor and I’ve enjoyed him in everything I’ve seen him in and I loved him as Sherlock in what I’ve seen of Sherlock, but I am waaaay past the point of Cumberbatch fatigue. I really can’t see him as Magneto, though I think it would be interesting to watch a bit of. Now I’m kind of curious how he would approach it, though I am committed to and rather protective of Fassbender and McKellen in the role.

AND!! There is another sapphic Cheriker amongst us. Let me summon @geertruis.