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5. Into Shadows We Fall?

5: What part was hardest to write? // Into Shadows We Fall

This is actually easy to answer.

Chapter 4 - the sexual assault scene. It was crushingly hard to write, and for a long time, I couldn’t reread it. I couldn’t even reread it to refer back to it while answering comments for a while.

It was a mixture of the challenges of the scene itself (I worried a lot that people wouldn’t find Augus’ change of tack and his using comfort as a form of abuse valid - and honestly I did get like two or three comments/asks to that effect, though thankfully most people saw what I was trying to do and felt the impact), and also real life concerns about making the story that dark. I wanted to do it for myself, but I knew there would be some readers who wouldn’t stay through an event like that, and I questioned myself and second-guessed myself and grilled myself over it for ages.

For a long time I also went back and forth over how far things would go, too. I was pretty blocked on how much Jack should actually experience. I had to ask questions like: ‘what do I realistically think he can recover from in the length of the story? What am I trying to do/achieve? What will his PTSD look like? How will that intersect with Pitch?’ Idk, I angsted a lot over that scene, which meant I’d write two paragraphs and then have to walk away and grit my teeth over it for hours before coming back and writing another two paragraphs etc.

I reread it recently and I actually like the chapter. I mean I don’t like what happens, I just like how I executed it.

scifrey replied to your post “Y'know, its a shame Lost in Austen’s Darcy isn’t much appreciated, he…”

I adore this series. About two years before it started airing, I began researching for a novel that had pretty much the exact premise. The day I posted the first chapter for critiques, someone said to me “This sounds like the show that aired this weekend.” I had to ditch the novel - even though it was mostly done by then - but that’s okay. This version is so much better than mine was!

I’m kind of terrified of checking out any time-travel-based books because of this. I’ve had my original fiction baby I’ve been nurturing for years now and it would freak me out and break my heart if I came across something that had a too-similar concept.

  • dan stevens: -appears-
  • me: nice
  • dan stevens: speaks, sings, growls, makes a noise of any kind
  • me: WoAaaaH, Man! stop for a hot second there !!!!!! i'm not diddly dang okay with you parading in here all /!!!!!!/ like this. be considerate, there are other people in this world? no one will ever sound like that again adn do you know how DEVASTATINGG that is? check your privilege and maybe think about other peoples feelings? don't make people's lives peak like that, it's unfair to the moments people will live w/ out your voice jsyk
Still Remembering - Smut

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,917
AN: So this was a song fic request that @writing-obrien​ got but she wasn’t familiar with the band. Since I am pop punk trash, I love me some As It Is (Patty Walters can fucking get it, let me tell you) so I was really excited about it and I asked her if I could write it instead. Please be aware it’s super angsty and sad and then kinda fluffy and idk what I was doing. And I know the song is kind of a goodbye but I couldn’t leave Stiles like that lol.

Based on the song Still Remembering by As It Is. Listen HERE.

Thunder boomed loudly outside, shaking the window panes, the sharp sound of rain pelting on the roof doing nothing to comfort me. I sighed, burying my face in my pillow, my arms limply at my sides. I couldn’t stop thinking of her, even though she’d left me. She’d gone one day without a word, a note left in her place, explaining that she needed time, that she was afraid. She loved me too much, needed me too much, wanted to find herself on her own. I was pretty sure it was bullshit, an excuse to make herself feel better about leaving me alone.

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guys I am so serious but I have no idea what just happened and I am having real, physical difficulty typing rn because my whole body is shaking? like, okay, so this thing flew over head that woke me up, I guess it just sounded like a regular aircraft but kind of low, and then there was this burning heavy pressure and it made the back of my eyelids go white (even though I was in a dark room with my eyes shut hang on of course I had my eyes shut oh well) but I am not making this up and it felt like I was, idk, being microwaved or fucking something and I was like ‘well this is how I die’ but it went but I felt…. just awful, after, and I still do but the main thing is my hands? are shaking so badly I cannot describe how much I am kinda of not okay

also this is like, 7:17am in the uk it just happened in like the last half hour? anyone else?

EDIT: okay so my friend on skype is an angel and talked to me about normal shit and now I have stopped shaking and feel better, I really hope it was aliens because dude that would be sweet but I’ll talk to my two-doctors-who-are-also-my-parents about it and see if I need to see an actual GP, sorry for wigging you out but I literally kinda felt like I was? dying? for a bit there. oops

Edit edit: sooo I might have had a seizure, going to see the doctor later today, whelp. Really sorry for scaring you but bloody hell I never want that again.

I know you’re not a language and yet I fluently dream in you…
And although you’re not a color – I adore your every shade and hue…
I know you’re not a sound yet you’re a calling that draws me close…
And though you’re not a drug – I still get high from every dose…
I know you’re not a work of art but you’re a view that I admire…
And you may not be a flame but I feel warmth from you like fire…
I may not know quite what you are – but I know what you are not…
You are not the kind who leaves my mind and is easily forgot…
—  Ranata Suzuki | An Indescribable Attraction

[21:08-24:42] bts kkul fm 3rd bts birthday]: when it’s taehyung’s turn to read the letters directed to jimin talking about how he’s always wanting to be at the center therefore ruining their formation, jimin is obviously getting sad/pissed by the minute from all the attention on him because everyone agreed to it (even though he was smiling along with them). jimin goes like “why are you only telling me this now?” to taehyung, sounding lowkey angry (kind of) but yoongi was so quick to swerve the topic to his friend who thinks jimin has an amazing stage presence, etc. 

how is this an intimate thing? for one, they were all doing it for fun, but jimin was becoming really sensitive (his body language tells it for him) and nobody was trying to salvage the situation. yoongi even joined in, saying jimin was dancing in front of him during a cypher stage that he wasn’t even supposed to be in. but yoongi noticed jimin’s really subtle behavior, the possible problem of jimin beating himself up for it later on, so he seamlessly saves the situation with what jimin likes the most–praise. and just like that, everyone else joins the ‘diss jimin then love him afterwards because he deserves it’ thing they had going on. yoongi quietly stares on. and proceeds to tease jimin about his beetle hair :-)

I finally got a solid draft of the next chapter of WS written, which means I should have the final version posted in a few days (after some serious editing). Look for it before the weekend.

Sorry about the delay, guys. I haven’t wanted to whine too much on this blog, but work has absolutely been killing me since January. When I come home mentally drained, even if I have plenty of time to write, all I want to do is rest my brain. The problem is once my brain is finally rested, it’s time to go back to work and drain it all over again.

I do think part of my struggle with this particular WS chapter is that the beginning is meta-heavy. (Which … kind of sounds like a musical genre.) The end, however, is very light and happy. It made me happy when I wrote it, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

The beginning, though. I kind of hate the beginning.

I think future chapters will be easier for me to write because of the levity of the content, so hopefully the updates will come more frequently! I’m really excited to write the last two chapters in particular. I’ve been looking forward to them for months. JUST YOU WAIT.

Jaal Ama Darav (accent)

So it was pretty clear right off the bat that the angara have at least 3 notable accents, and that Jaal’s really stands out from the rest.

When Ryder asks an angara about it they say it’s because the species lived sepparated from each other on different planets for so long.

So I started to wonder if I could figure out what planet Jaal was from based on his accent, which to me sounds much more distincive than any of the others (is it like some kind of african maybe? I’ve heard people from africa talk and the accent is beautiful). Anyway I figured he was from havarl based on it.

Turns out yes. He is from Havarl. The Aya… was she a governor? Anyway the Aya leader says so much and I think also says that the resistance leader is from Voeld.

But I was kinda proud of myself for getting it right before characters in the game confirmed it for me.

Seriously, though. His voice is fucking devastating. I could listen to it all day.

for the @upperclassmennet‘s valentines exchange; for u, u big ol gay @kickfoxing <3

Laila Dermott chose California because of the sunshine. She’s never been a fan of the cold, and a school with a Class I Exy team renowned for their kindness and a mild climate sounded perfect.

She didn’t only find sunshine in the sky, though. She finds it in a backliner’s smile. She finds it pressed against her skin in a bed that’s too small for two athletes. She finds it in a bashful grin, behind wilting daisies presented as a whimsical gift. She finds it in a girl who’s too tall and likes to be called by her surname.

(“What mysteries are you hiding from me?” Laila whispers; any sound too loud would ruin the perfect morning, with its sea breeze and warm legs tangled together.

“Multiple homicide,” Alvarez whispers back, breath tickling the tip of Laila’s nose. “No, just cruel parents,” which Laila knows isn’t true. Her parents are almost as welcoming as their daughter.)

Laila had hoped USC would be accepting. Their exy team seemed like a good chance. And if not, she could easily take her aggression out on anyone stupid enough to annoy her. But better than acceptance, she found the love of her life.

“Aww, you look so small when you’re sleeping,” Alvarez says, returning from her early class and opening the curtains. Maybe Laila doesn’t love her that much, actually. “No, I forgot, you’re always small.”

Laila throws a pillow at her girlfriend. “Go away. I don’t love you.”

“Yes, you do,” Alvarez says, smoothly catching the pillow. “And now you don’t have something to sleep on.”

Laila realises the errors of her ways, but playing a male-dominated sport has given her years to practice covering up her panic, and she nestles down into her duvets like it’s okay. “Don’t need it,” she mutters, though she does.

“Yes, you do, princess,” Alvarez laughs.

“Not fair,” Laila says to her blanket. “One time I complain about a thin mattress. Once. And I’m labelled a princess.”

“And because you’re as pretty as one.”

“Flattery won’t get me out of bed.”

“I know,” Alvarez sighs, and she’s still not giving the pillow back.

A genius idea strikes. “I’ll get out of bed if you let me nap on you,” Laila says.

“Hmm,” Alvarez says, as though she’s considering it. “Not the point. You promised you’d get up early to help me with my assignment.”

“Yeah, but that’s boring,” Laila replies.

“You know what’s more boring? Arguing about going back to sleep or not.”

“Talking to you could never be boring, darling,” Laila says in an affected accent.




“Maybe,” Laila concedes, finally forcing her eyes properly open. Alvarez is still stood by the window, and the light makes her appear as heavenly as Laila knows she is. She smiles. “The light suits you.”

“Good thing we’re in California,” Alvarez says, deadpan. “Get out of bed.”

Laila groans. “Can’t we do the assignment from here?”

“If I thought you had any chance of actually helping instead of falling asleep? Sure.”

“You’re mean,” Laila says.

“We can go to the beach. It’s not that crowded today, and there’s not much wind either,” Alvarez replies, a calculated move.

“I take it back, you’re the best person I’ve ever met.”

“I know,” Alvarez says.

“But bed is better.”

Alvarez steps forward to grab Laila’s arm, which is (unwisely) hanging over the side of the bed. And she pulls.

“I fell for you again,” Laila mutters to Alvarez’s feet, to the gratifying sound of a snort.

Alvarez helps her up, presses a quick, soft kiss to Laila’s cheek. “Get dressed, babe.”

“Yes, mom.”

Alvarez’s smile is worth any number of early mornings.

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i miss old su so much. i associate it with meeting loved ones for the first time and falling in love with the characters for the first time back in 2014.... now that same person i met bc of su?? i complain about su with them. it makes me so sad that i can't enjoy the show like that again. it sounds weird but it was kind of like a summer love?? the whole aesthetic like the scenery style and town by the sea seems like a fond memory even though i can go watch those early episodes whenever :^ (

i feel like a lot of us feel the same way. there’s a reason why there’s an entire su criticism community. because we DID love the show. it started off with so much promise. it really did bring a lot of people together and was downright INSPIRING! if su was just another bad animated show from the start, it wouldn’t be getting nearly this much backlash. but now it has disappointed so many people. and when people try to voice their legitimate issues with the show, both writers and die hard fans can react in very hostile ways. which reflects horribly on the show more than anything else. that’s why there’s an entire group of people finally voicing their frustrations.

we all miss old su, anon. :c

- mod b

I look like a minor. I have a face that looks like 12 even though I’m 21. My coworkers thought I was 16 when I started (the youngest you can be to work there)

Despite my youthful appearance, an old man probably in his mid to late 50’s kept calling me “dear” and “deary”. It was very off-putting for me.
He was kind though, like not inherently creepy, i think it just felt awkward to me because I am very aware of how young I look and sound.

When he got his order, he had to pass by my register to go back to his table. He waited for me to finish handing change back to the customer I was helping (it was just a second or two) and then he leaned towards me and said “Thank you so much for talking with me, dear.” I guess bc while I was taking his order, I asked him about his day (the usual customer service stuff)

Idk I just don’t really understand it. Idk why he called me dear. Maybe I’m just too aware of how I don’t look my age, and maybe I just immediately thought the worst. But it just weirds me out in general when customers/strangers much older than me call me anything but “Miss”.

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if MC were a music composer for video games and made like really hardcore electronic n trap musics for games Cytus

YES RHYTHM GAMES ARE GREAT. i remember when tap tap revolution was a thing ;-; i’m currently loving VOEZ though, that’s such great animation and quality in terms of rhythm games


  • he listens to his fill of electronic music when he’s playing LOLOL and not voice-calling with other teammates 
  • but he’d have no idea you liked that kind of music, much less created music for applications and games!
  • would admire you having the skills to even do something like that
  • “can you make one for me? like a LOLOL themed one?!”
  • “what would a LOLOL themed song sound like??”
  • “i don’t know, like really exciting and serious! for when we’re fighting a secret boss or doing a raid!”
  • loves when you stop by and let him listen to your works in progress
  • something about seeing a song come to completion with his occasional opinions really excites him
  • he also goes and downloads the music app and plays the songs that you say that you made
  • will also proudly go to you whenever he sets the top score for any of your songs
  • “we’re like a power duo!!”


  • he doesn’t really listen to hardcore music because he likes music that calms him down or destresses him
  • but he’s immediately interested when he learns that you create music for a popular rhythm app
  • like wow who knew his babe could get that much more fascinating
  • when he’s not practicing or working, he’ll lay in bed with you and watch you piece together little bits of instrumentals for a beat
  • stares so much you can’t even properly concentrate
  • “zen…”
  • “hm?”
  • “stop staring so much! you’re like a statue!”
  • “a beautiful statue ;) i like watching you work, though. it’s like magic”
  • you tell him whenever you finish a piece, and he gives you a kiss on the head before warmly congratulating you
  • “looks like we’re both masters in the entertainment industry, babe~”


  • she’s more of a classical and zen-related music kind of girl, but that doesn’t mean she’s not open to other genres
  • surprised when she hears some chaotic sounding music coming from your room and sees you working on a practice piece
  • she’s curious and does a bit of research on the game you work with
  • and is surprised at how popular it is with the public
  • dang her girl is doing some work
  • so she gives one of your songs a listen when you offer
  • “it’s very… loud”
  • “that’s the point, jaehee”
  • “i can see why it would get younger adults excited about the game”
  • the music isn’t her cup of tea but she nonetheless admires how well you work on the music


  • he hears one of your songs from the game playing at home one day and is lowkey shook when he realizes he kinda digs it
  • if he’s not busy, he just plops into your room and listen to you work 
  • occasionally asks something about how you made that beat or how you pieced that together
  • like jaehee, he’s impressed at how well-received the game is by consumers
  • “this seems like it could be a valuable investment…”
  • “investing in the game i’m working with? :D” 
  • “how about a rhythm game… for cats?”
  • “-_____-” 
  • “i should mention it to assistant kang”
  • “for her sake, please don’t”
  • one time he made a private donation to the game developers to help with production and was pleased af when you gave him a huge hug
  • actually gets into electronic/trap music
  • he sent the chat a link to one of the more hardcore songs saying he recommended it and zen was like “wtf who are you”


  • tbh he already knew you worked as a music composer when he did your background check but he never had the time to actually listen to the music you created
  • until one day he hears you blasting one of your songs in your room
  • opens your door and excitedly yells at how he loves this kind of music
  • “who wrote this?!”
  • “…me?”
  • cue glasses shattering 2.0
  • goes and downloads the game too and easily beats all the top scores
  • comes by later saying he made his own electronic song and asks for your divine expert opinion
  • “…seven… what am i listening to?”
  • “listen carefully! i made a dubstep song using only variations of Elly’s meows!”
  • “oh god sEVEN turn this OFF”
  • “WAIT you need to hear the drop! i compiled every sound i recorded of Elly and mashed it into one!”
  • nonetheless that song was tucked away never to see the sunlight again
  • but now he’ll never stop going to you and shouting “COLLAB????” whenever he sees you working it’s okay it’s cute

lgbt+ isn’t better than straight, poc isn’t better than white, jewish/muslim/anything else isn’t better than christian, trans isn’t better than cis, female isn’t better than male.

crazy concept to consider: no one demographic or group is inherently better than anyone else. we are all people and constantly seeing people saying boys are stupid or straight people are disgusting makes me kind of want to throw up.

can’t we please all drop it and just accept that no superiority complex is gonna fix things? and yeah, i might sound like some entitled brat right now (even though I am not straight, not christian, and not male), and i’m not saying you shouldn’t be proud of your race or gender or sexuality or what have you.

just don’t make it out to be better. better is what got us here in the first place. no one is better than anyone else. we’re all people. it’s that easy.

Just a little something no one asked for: Human!SugarPie...

Ok ok, before you shoot me for how stupid this may sound let me explain my though process for this…

I absolutely love how sometimes in movies and tv shows they show inventor/creation relationships depicted as parent child relationships, I just think its so cute! So I thought to myself, ‘You know, Robbie would totally have that kind of relationships with one of his inventions…’  And that reminded me of how in the episode, “LazyTown’s New Superhero” Robbie just loved his little Robo-pupper so much, and so I was thinking, ‘Robbie could have a relationship like that with SugarPie,  but it wouldn’t really work because he’s a dog…’ Then it hit me!

‘What if SugarPie was a human?!?!’ …Well..robot human…?

Let me explain….

What if after that episode Robbie discarded SugarPie then like, one or two years later found him in an old broom closet or something and thought to himself, ‘I bet I could make him better…’ and after drawing up blue print upon blueprint of different (dog) designs for him and finding he didn’t like any of them, then thinking, ‘What if I make him bigger, stronger, smarter! That’s it! I’ll make him Human!!’ Then using both SugarPie’s old parts and some new ones builds a 6 foot tall human robot-dog man!!<3

This is kinda how i imagined him to look like:

Full body.

From the waist up.

(Art done by me. Sorry the colors are a little off and the designs are slightly different but the top drawing is the official design. I also just realized that the paw patch is missing from the top drawing and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it Haha sorry I don’t draw so good. Just remember its supposed to be there.)

So yeah I liked this idea so much I just had to draw it! I would keep writing more about this idea but that would be too long so here have this:


  • Robbie is Half elf and his magic is linked to his emotions
  • Somehow, wheather accidental or intentional, some of Robbie’s magic (for lack of a better word) “gets into” SugarPie making him capable of human thought and emotion. 
  • He is just as, if not stronger than Sportacus
  • He looks like he’s about 20 years old.
  • Since he used to be a dog not he’s a dog catcher! Only his job is to catch the kids not stray dogs. (Robbie’s just clever that way.)
  • SugarPie loved his creator and calls him “Dad”, “Father”, “Pops”, and “Sir”
  • Robbie also loves his robotic son very much and thinks rebuilding him is one of the best decisions he’s ever made! 
  • Robbie calls him “Sugar” for short and you can too! :D
  • “Good boy~” 
  • “Look at this net that I just found!” (He always carries around a giant child-sized butterfly net for catching children)
  • Robbie reprogrammed him so instead of attacking when he hears the word “trouble”, he protects Robbie when ever he says “I’m in trouble!”
  • Because of this he’s less dangerous and is a happy smiley puppo. 
  • He likes the kids now and calls them “the pups” or “the puppies” 
  • He LOVES Sportacus!! 


  • Robbie designed him to have some of Sportacus’ features. (His nose, jaw shape, eyebrows, and body type.)
  • Sugar’s body type is a combination of both Robbie’s lean (and slightly feminine) physique and Sportacus’ muscular upper body.
  • “If I’m designed in his image, doesn’t that make him like my dad too?…”
  • “Hmm………….I guess it does….”
  • YES SPORT IS HIS OTHER DAD!! (He just doesn’t know that…)
  • Sugar doesn’t understand Robbie and sportacus’ hero/villain relationship.
  • “Pop?…Aren’t parents supposed to live together?…Why does Pabi live all alone in that airship?”
  • “Because we aren’t married.”
  • “why not?… You love him don’t you?”
  • “But he doesn’t love me back…”
  • SugarPie “accidentally” calling Sportacus “Dad” or “Pabi” to his face and Sportacus slowly catching on to what’s going on.
  • “Hello honey! How are my husband and my son doing today?~ ;}3”
  • “!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!??”
  • Sportacus and Robbie ending up together and raising their robotic son together.
  • The End  

Castaway, 5 Seconds of Summer ~ first chorus

I have synesthesia - a condition causing my senses to get mixed up - resulting in my ability to see sounds. A lot of people ask me what it looks like, so I thought I’d share parts of some of my favourite songs so other people can experience it too

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I feel dumb but (and yes, I know no one knows but you seem to have more business sense and I very much don't!) Is it at all possible that something's keeping H & his team from doing real promo and so they had it seed instead? Kind if like how there is lack of promo for L? Idk, I just want to be excited and I am, but it makes me nervous. I'd rather have no clue at all over this. Sorry though, if I sound stupid. Have a super weekend! 💮

You don’t sound stupid at all, I think that’s what everyone is wondering right now.

And yes, it does rather appear that there are some constraints around him (and Louis and possibly Liam) promoting their own music in certain ways. That Niall doesn’t seem to have those same limits just makes it all that much more bizarre.

But there’s just no way of knowing unless someone from their team(s) spills the beans or we hear something from an “unnamed source” in a reputable publication. 

Which is why I don’t bitch much about any of it except to occasionally give Rusty shit. Why Rusty if Louis is under contractual constraints? Because Rusty works for Syco, and Syco would clearly be the source of those constraints. 

And I can only be nice for so long before I need to smack some heads and Rusty is extremely smackable.