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Enjoy chapter 2! Wink! -Unoutan

Pairing: BakuDeku with Toshinori x Inko

Summary: Stressed out Bakugou Katsuki, single father and professional hero, learns how to deal with having Deku back in his everyday life so suddenly, while Midoriya Izuku, daycare teacher of Kokoroiya Daycare (We accept all families! Ages 5 and under!), learns how to deal with Kacchan all over again…along with his two kids!!

A Bakudeku kid-fic, fix-it fic romantic comedy with a crap ton of drama, smut and more drama.

Tags: Daycare Teacher!Midoriya, Daycare Teacher!Shinsou, Papa Bakugou Katsuki, Platonic Soulmates Shinsou & Midoriya & Hatsune, All Might is okay and not hurt, Fix-It of Sorts, Bakugou Katsuki Swears A Lot, Bakugou Katsuki is Sexually Frustrated and Doesn’t Know It, BAMF Midoriya Izuku, Quirkless Midoriya Izuku, Adorable Midoriya Izuku, Fluff and Smut, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Canon Universe, Power Bottom Deku, Porn With Plot, Slow Burn, Kid Fic

Mini Excerpt Chapter 2:

Whenever Midoriya Izuku is excited about heroes, he pulls out his analysis notebook and begins to write as much as he can of the thoughts flying through his head. Shinsou and Mei push or carry him to appropriate locations incase he gets too into it, but Izuku is never entirely lost within his writing to be unable to avoid trouble. However, when Midoriya Izuku is nervous about something that has nothing to do with fighting, he would either start stuttering like crazy or go on frenzy.

Today, the day before Izuku has to spend the weekend in Bakugou Katsuki’s place, Midoriya Izuku is on frenzy now.

“And Hitoshi-kun, please remember to eat the left over rice,” Izuku said this as he fast-talked out of the kitchen into his room with Shinsou casually following behind him, both of them already showered and in their pajamas. “That’s been there for four days and it may go bad soon.”

“Yuth monggy (Yes Mommy),” Shinsou answered around a bite of his curry bread that is half shoved in his mouth. He tore a bite off and chewed, watching from the entrance of Izuku’s room where he watched his friend neatly fold another shirt into his big backpack. Finishing up the last bit of his food, Shinsou added with a hand held up, “Anything else dear?”

“Well Daddy,” Izuku wiggled his eyebrows at Shinsou, making his friend snicker at the oddness of their normal friendship dynamic. Sitting back on his heels, Izuku took off the towel on his head to free his damp hair to air dry and turned to look to Shinsou. Izuku then picked up his current hero analysis notebook and continued, “There is half a box of curry roux in the cupboard somewhere.”

“Is it medium hot?” Shinsou threw the plastic of his curry bread and landed it on top of Izuku’s destroyed dress shirt inside the trashcan.

“I think so.” Izuku put his notebook safely into his bag, so that it would be flat against his back and not bend inside. He then held out his towel to Shinsou and politely asked, “Can you put this over there please?”

Walking into Izuku’s room Shinsou took the wet towel from Izuku and hung it on a hanger by the closet door, while saying, “I’ll be sure to make that for us when you return Sunday night. Beef, chicken or pork?”

“Chicken please!” Izuku happily replied, stuffing his small pencil case in his bag.

“Okay.” Shinsou walked over to the chair by Izuku’s desk on the right side of the room and leaned back with his arms folded behind his head. Looking up at the white ceiling, Shinsou thought aloud, “Did you remember to pack your toothbrush with you?”

“Umm, let me see,” Deku ruffled through his backpack’s small inner mesh pock that did have his toothbrush, cellphone charger and painkillers in case Katsuki gives him a headache, which the chances of that happening are at %ninty-nine definite yes. “I think I have everything I need. I got my pajama clothes, I have clothes for Sunday and another set of clothes just in case.”

“You got swim trunks?” Shinsou gave Izuku a dull look, not moving from his leaned position, but he did cross one ankle over another. “I bet he has a private pool.”

“I-I…Hitoshi-kun, I highly doubt Kacchan has a pool.”

“But he is a rich pro hero, so I wouldn’t put it past him having a private anything.”

“Umm…” Izuku awkwardly placed a hand on his cheek in thought. “W-well…”

“…” Shinsou said nothing.

“Okay fine, I’ll bring that and sunscreen just incase he does or we all do something involving water. I know Izukoji loves swimming.”

“Always good to be ready, Izukun, especially for private pool owning, gold plated bathroom owning-”

“Hitoshi-kun,” Izuku laughed a little and then said, “I still don’t think he has a pool or gold covered bathrooms.”

“But still…” Izuku stood up to look through his dresser for his swim shorts and other possible pool day requirements, but tripped on the way over when Shinsou Hitoshi calmly asked him another question, “What about condoms?”

“HITOSHI-KUN!!” Izuku screamed as he scrambled to stand up off the floor. He shot Shinsou an accusatory look that was met with an unfazed and utterly perfect poker face, revealing nothing.

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Ok, you've talked about how dirk would feel about jade/john and how much he would love them (i wouldn't mind hearing more about that too tbh) But! how do you think he would feel about rose/dave (like, wow, are those really my kids? the hero dave strider is my son? everything good about them must have come from roxy no doubt) so, yeah, headcanons about dirk interacting with others, please?

You nailed a good part of it. I think Dirk and Dave are pretty well-charted by the canon, but basically I think Dirk would be inclined to look for Roxy in both Dave and Rose, which would be easy with Dave because he takes after Roxy hard anyway. So there’d be a lot of hangouts and the degree to which Dirk can satisfy Dave’s need for emotional openness probably relies on how much Dirk’s issues with the Alphas are sorted out, because Dirk uh…really really hates himself. Especially by canon endgame. Which brings us to Karkat.

I feel it somewhere in my heart that Karkat catches wind of the Alphas’ emotional turmoils through Dirk and immediately sets about fixing all of it because nu uh, fuck no, fuck that shit Karkat has dealt with ENOUGH romantic turmoil and he’s not having any of this bullshit teen drama in his ultimate reward. As a result Dirk immediately would die for Karkat on command even if he wasn’t already inclined to do so for Karkat being The One Dave Loves anyway. This is cool because Dirk and Karkat have a fucking lot in common! 

There’s the being subjugated by the Condesce, the intense self-loathing and being convinced they destroyed relationships by the sheer nature of their beings, the intense and vicious arguments with versions of themselves…there’s a lot to bond over. It’s cute. I want more of that. All of this has the added bonus of making Dave basically the happiest fucker alive in the multiverse on top of Karkat and Dirk just being…really good influences on each other. Karkat can help Dirk out with relationships! Having the approval of physically hypercompetent Dirk could do a lot to reduce whatever angst about his own battle skill Karkat has left! There’s so much there ;_: I love them. 

Where things get a lot MORE interesting is with Rose, almost entirely because seeing Roxy in her is…

going to be a lot harder. 

On top of that, Rose is curious and inquisitive, like Dirk is. And she’s particularly interested in Dirk’s oddities. Traits she could really question and dig into:

Rose hasn’t really lost her interest in psychotherapy, I think–but Dave has definitely chilled out a lot and stopped trying so hard after he started dating Karkat.
Like Terezi, Rose enjoys the hell out of a dude trying to be cool who has something to hide. Which makes Dirk “perfectly stoic, taciturn to the max about everything” Strider pretty much the perfect fucking target.

So early on there’s definitely a lot of Rose teasing Dirk and doing her psychoanalysis thing at him, which could make for some absolutely stunning dialogue. Probably a lot of calling him “Dad” or “Father”, too, god I love Rose Lalonde. And Dirk like, he sees himself in Rose a lot and that might make him more defensive and critical of her than most…but I think it’s more likely that what he sees of Roxy in her and what he knows from Rose’s history (she was effectively the closest thing he had to a Mother figure, too–it’s just not a legacy he chose to lay claim to) would force him to reckon with the fact that someone can have a lot of Dirk-like traits and still be fundamentally…you know. Good. 

I think over the long haul Dirk and Dave would end up feeling like twin brothers to each other, balancing out the weird dad-son feels into something wholly unique. Same goes for Dirk and Rose, but Dirk would uniquely value Rose’s insight and he’d probably be likeliest to go to Rose for advice or counsel out of anybody…especially if they ever get to know each other well enough to figure out they share a proclivity for self-loathing and assuming outsize responsibility without relying on their friends. 

Jake can make Dirk FEEL good about himself, but Rose could probably put into words exactly why he is objectively good, and Dirk would appreciate that. Rose, meanwhile, would appreciate someone who can keep her grounded in herself and her own strengths and flaws when she gets too wrapped in her own head to talk to people…even if I also think Dirk doing so would piss her off. 

They’d be good for each other basically. And Dirk would get ripped on hard enough to actually break his stoic facade, which I think is a marvel we all wish to see. 

Goodbye, my love | Pt. 2

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 864

Author’s Note: Thank you so much guys! I’m still very insecure about my writing but I’m really happy that you guys liked the first part of ‘Goodbye, my love’ so much. I hope you like the second part too. And let me know what you think about it. Love you guys. <3

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Part 1

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Shocked, you turned your head toward the door. Oh no..


“What are you doing here?”

He run toward you and engulfed you in a bone crashing hug.

“Thank god you’re ok.” He kissed your temple and stroke your hair. “Do you know how worried I was! I thought something bad happened to you.”

You chuckled and held his hand. "Everything is okay, Tae. I’m okay.“

Sitting on the bench at the park where you two met for the first time when you were little kids, you looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked.

You closed your eyes. For some reason you felt very sleepy and weak.

“I’m thinking about the time we first met.”

He chuckled. “You fell, and I carried you home because your knee was bleeding and you couldn’t walk.”

You giggled and looked him in the eyes.



“I have something for you but you’re not allowed to read it before I fall asleep.”

Shocked he looked at you. “You want to sleep? Here?”  

You nodded and took out the letter from your pocket.

“Wait, you wrote a letter? For me? Yah, did you do something wrong?”

You rolled your eyes and put your head on his shoulder.

“Tae, shut up. I will hold it. And when you realize that I’m asleep you can take it and read it. Okay?”


Nuzzling your head in the crook of his neck, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes.

Few minutes passed and you could already feel how curious he was.

He reached out for the letter but you slapped his hand.

“I’m still awake, Tae.”

“But I want to read it!”

“Wait a little bit.”

You closed your eyes again.


“Shh! Tae, I’m really going to punch you in the face if you don’t stay silent.”




“Can I hold your hand?”

Confused, he asked. “Why?”

“Can I?”

He nodded. You reached out for his hand and intertwined your fingers.

“Thank you.” You whispered and everything went black.


When he realized that you were asleep he took the letter and opened it.

Annyeong, best friend!

If you are reading this letter, it means my time has come.. After you read this letter you might cry, be angry or even hate me. But I had no other choice. Tae, forgive me for not being able to keep my promise to be there for you whenever you need me.
And.. forgive me for loving you..
Tae, I’m in love with you. I was in love with you since we met for the first time at the park when we were little kids. You were my hero. Throughout my life, I always wanted someone to love me. Then I met you. You were sparkling like a little star. You dazzled my eyes. Not mine alone, you dazzled all eyes which were staring at you. And you chose me through all of them to be your best friend. I was so happy..but also scared. I was really scared that that sparkling little star might be taken away from me. And my biggest fear became reality. She took you away from me, Tae. She took my little sparkling star away from me. But I don’t blame her. Because you love her too… That’s why I’m going, my little star. I’m leaving you and this world..
I’m sick, Tae… I’m really sick. I have a weak heart and I’m going to die.. I don’t care if I go or stay. The only thing that I know is that I’m suffering. I’m exhausted, Tae. I’m really exhausted. I can’t handle it anymore.
And that’s why I need to go.
You’re the most beautiful thing that happened to me. And I’m thankful for that..
Thank you for being my best friend, Tae.
Be happy with her and love her like I loved you. Because the only thing a girl desires is that someone loves her like no one has ever been loved before. There is nothing else a girl wants from life..
Take care of yourself. Because I failed in it..
I’ll love you all my life, till the last breath of my life.. and even after that..

Goodbye, my love..

He was sobbing now. Turning his head to you, he kissed your forehead and whispered the words “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Y/N…”

He tried to wake you up, shook you and called for you. Only when your hand fell loosely out of his hand did he realize that you were gone. That you left him and this world.

“No, please don’t leave me Y/N! Please! You can’t do this to me! You can’t leave me! I need you! I need you, please..”

Kissing you for the last time while sobbing, he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and whispered his last words.

“Goodbye to you too, my first love..”


So I had an idea last night and you know its a good one because I rarely have ideas.

From the title of this post, you can see that I wanna call it “ Fandom Exchange”.

Basically, you have two people of different fandoms. Person A wants to know more about Person B’s fandom and vice versa. The fandoms don’t even have to be related in any way, it’d just be a simple learning experience.

Example: Person A is a huge Fire Emblem fan, but wants to get into (hmm idk) uhm….The Legend of Zelda series. Person B is the opposite, like the Zelda series, wants to know more about Fire Emblem, yada yada.

So both of you spend your time teaching each other about each other’s fandom. This could be used as a way to make new friends without having to find anything in common with each other first.

And once the two of you are done learning about the other’s fandom, you both now have two things in common and can now geek out about.

So what do you guys think? I don’t ever ask for reblogs, but I feel this could be a good thing if it gets spread around. Feel free to expand upon it too! :)

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playmoss is still having issues with youtube so i’ll be putting most of my playlists on spotify now as well

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Dad I have a story!! There's a really popular guy at my school and he happened to be extremely rich and he bought (and 3D printed some) fidget spinners and everyone just assumed he was gonna sell them but he actually gave them to the kids with autism/ADHD/etc. who wanted one to help with focusing in school but couldn't afford to buy one and this kid is my new hero because this thing has helped me so much i stg.

omg that’s so cool !!! I wish someone would give me a fidget spinner idk where to buy good ones