Hoo boy have I got a story for you. 

So - playing Friday the 13th and I come into lobby to find six random guys harassing a silent player (Mary0hhh). They assume that said player is a female and are getting on the player’s case about not readying up. They make all the usual gender slurs: “Too busy sucking cock to play with us? Why don’t you get out of the kitchen and into the game? etc.” After about five minutes of this, Mary leaves, presumably exasperated. All of the guys remark on how she must not have been able to handle the sass…

And then Mary0hhh returns.

And in the moment of silence that follows “she” (a young boy) says - in the most commanding voice I’ve ever heard from a middle-schooler - “Are you going to ready the fuck up bitches or do I need to meet you in the parking lot and teach you the manners your momma didn’t?”


But it gets better.

So we go into match. Mary0hhh is on the counselors’ side. I die a minute or so in trying to distract Jason while my teammates get the 4-seater car ready. They have the gas. They have the battery. And then I hear over the walkies: “We’re good to go. Everyone meet at the car. I think Mary’s got the keys.” So that’s just what they do.

Only, when they get there, Mary just stands there. 


After a minute, someone says, “….Shit. Maybe they don’t have the keys after all??” to which there’s some confused agreement, but eventually off the assembled go to look for missing keys to complete their getaway….only, as they do, Mary puts the keys “she’s” had the whole time in the car and fucking drives the four-seater off solo, leaving the entire rest of the team to die just as Jason appears on the scene.

It was priceless.

Needless to say, our Jason went 6/7 kills.

But Mary0hhh? “She” lived to teach them boys another day.


Hey guys! I’m SO sorry for the long absence! Things are looking brighter and I feel like my life is evening out a bit! I thought I’d try to come back with a bang and give you this long block of fluff.

So here’s some fluff for those having a hard time like I am. Hopefully it helps. Or those who don’t watch/read BNHA can just scratch their heads as to why a skeleton dude is talking to a green haired kid.


sooo my sister just sent this to me and I am pissed tf off 

as someone who is Native American, I would be thrilled to walk into the Disney store and see Pocahontas merch. she was one of my favourites as a kid, still is my hero - for being brave, strong, wonderous, selfless, and teaching a lesson that most adults today can even begin to grasp (love is more important than hate). I have 2 Disney stores within driving distance of me and neither of them ever carry merch from this movie (if they do, it’s the rare, rare Meeko plushie) but if I saw some, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

the real point I’m trying to make here: it’s Disney. it’s for children. willing to bet the dress in the photo wouldn’t fit anyone over the age of 8, and if you’re going to hound them about cultural appropriation, then you’re just a childhood ruining asshole. 

when a child would put on that dress, it’s likely after seeing the movie - after seeing a beautiful, strong, wonder-seeking woman on screen and wanting to emulate that themselves. they don’t do it with the malice intentions of making fun of all Native American people 

I understand there’s a lot of bigger stuff at play here, but please, let kids be kids, let adults enjoy stuff from their childhood when they want to, and all you fucking bitter adults please stop projecting your inner depressions and political agendas onto harmless children’s cartoons 


based on @riessene‘s post! i love these kids already,,

anonymous asked:

This young mom today at Barstucks left her straw wrapper on the counter instead of throwing it in the trash less than a foot away (a huge pet peeve of mine). Before she could walk away, her daughter, who was probably like 5 or 6, grabs her hand and YELLS, "Mom, don't be rude!!! Throw your straw wrapper in the trash can!" I've never seen someone more embarrassed than that mom was. That kid is my hero.


Honestly???? Kaminari has such a strong quirk??? like he can paralyse or BURN SOMEONE WITH IT??? 

I’m sorry but I had to take this out of my system. I mean, I like how they portray him as the funny, kind of dorky guy of the class who charges the phones of his classmates. That’s super cute and all, but I want to see him being all serious, and more in control of his powers!!! because thERE ARE SO M A N Y POSSIBILITIES!

Like, c’mon!! He could cause a brownout on the WHOLE CITY if he gets to train his body to resist the charge. He can cut out the power of technology used by villains if he ever gets to fight them, he could cut out their communication system even, depending on how the villains are doing it. His power can be used long distance for so MANY THINGS !! Being a walking battery on this world full of technology that uses that kind of power it’s a FUCKING BIG DEAL MY DUDES.


There is so much more he can do with that kind of power!! FOR REAL, HE’S SUPER POWERFUL AND I NEED TO SEE THIS ON THE MANGA!!

Sorry for all this and for my bad grammar (English isn’t my first language) but I had to say this, I need the world to know he’s more than the funny kid of the class.