Those disgusting abusers triggered my eating disorder , causing me to throw up on the one day I was eating well.

I felt like shit. Like I was worthless. Like I was fatter than anything and couldn’t lose weight no matter what.

But there’s so much support and love coming my way, I’ve come to realize that what shitty people say shouldn’t bother me because they’re obviously just insecure.

I’m no longer going to let it get to me. I’m going to smother myself with positivity. I won’t stop screenshotting or reblogging the abuse about me, though. I’d rather have the proof than not.

I know I’m loved. I know people adore me. And I know I’m not fat, nor do I look like a sack. I’m cute as fuck. I’m gorgeous. The fact that you have nothing better to do than make people feel like shit about themselves is honestly sad.

I pray that you realize your abusive personality and attempt to change it before the little boy you’re raising turns out the same way.


After seeing a screenshot where the Inquisitor gets his weapon split apart, I just morbidly imagined how much damage an exploding lightsaber might cause.

Let’s say in this AU one fragment directly hits him, scars his face and makes him go blind. He’d still be able to ‘see’ through the Force, but it’d be a frightening process where viewing his surroundings is mixed with brief visions and emotional distortions of reality.

OK, the Empire probably decides it doesn’t want a disabled alien in its ranks, so he’s maybe shipped off for a work camp, or prepared for execution, or merely abandoned somewhere… I don’t know what happens to him next, but I hope it’s a life-changing adventure.

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Can you please link me the tweet that Gerard calls a girl a cunt? Does this thing really exist?

Nope. Nobody has even a screenshot of it. We just have peoples word of mouth basically, and the people who say it happened admit it wasnt even on Gerards account. It was on a Party Poison account that is ASSUMED to have been run by Gerard. Which as I was discussing with a friend the other day, its amusing that people know so much about the person he tweeted this to (sometimes its “he tweeted it to a 14 year old girl!”, sometimes its “he tweeted to a 16 year old girl!”) when no one can even provide proof the tweet even happened lol. Some people even claim he apologized when he never did because it probably never freakin occurred! Whatever. 

Anyway, full details on the whole incident here:

Alright it’s been a while so lets jump back in with introducing our next suspect: Hal!

No, wait….Wrong Hal…

There we go. This is Hal Tanaka. Let’s see what he has to say:

I really do love the way Nancy only says one word with an overemphasis of the question aspect. It’s bloody hilarious! 

If you ask him too much about the murder he will just cut you off. Ahhh, the first in many times that Nancy does not ask questions tactfully and makes everyone uncomfortable.

does anyone know what im talking about when i say there was a post like 2yrs ago that was a screenshot from the anamanaguchi twitter where it was just them talking amongst themselves about cowboy bebop and ones like “what is cowboy beep bop even about” and then thrres a reply like “dude you should watch it its mad good” and then one of thrm says “its about a beepman” i cant find it ANYWHERE idk why i even care about it so much but i need it


I really don’t like when I see things like this. If your fitness program works so well why do you need to embellish and fabricate the results?

In all of these pictures the “client” is just standing differently which makes the results look better than they are. Bending one leg while having weight put on the other will make the butt from profile view look much bigger than it is. It’s how Jen Selter got her “fame.” Notice none of the results are from back view….

I even went back to screenshot some comments I saw earlier with people saying results like this wouldn’t been seen so soon, etc and the comments have been removed! Some girl also came for me with me sending for her, as they say 😳 lol.

I really don’t like this “self made fitness trainer” movement going on with Instagram because for the most part, they are using false advertisement to gain clients, ultimately earning more money from a very vulnerable audience.

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Funny because India & ol girl was cool at some point, before India cheated on her brother Dehjon, India's ex. That girl never came back and said she lied about all that stuff because if she did then those rumors would of been gone & someone would of screenshot her saying that. Face it India a hoe and will FOREVER be one. You just look dumb asl defending the bitch when she never denied opening up her legs to those dudes. & it's been how many years now? Cdfu SHE A HOE! I'm done with you thots

still trying to figure out why you’re spending your time here & seeing what she’s doing or saying, when you clearly dnt like her…spending so much time on someone you dnt like trying to prove something. Just let it go


I’m sure you guys are sick and tired of hearing about my Inquisitors by now, but I’ve yet to tire of talking about them so here are some more screenshots. From first to latest, we have Kade, Raina, Nathari, Damian, and Amara. Two rogues, a warrior, and two mages. And I’m not done making new Inquisitors yet…

I was going through and deleting my old photos today and I found an insane amount of screenshots of our old conversations that made me laugh so hard… It was the really good ones too… The ones where you said you loved me and we couldn’t be more perfect for each other and you’ve completely fallen for me… And I was laughing because I remembered how I felt at the time I got those messages little did I know you were saying the same exact thing to another girl and it’s all just so funny now how much I loved you and how much you hurt me and how little you thought about it and how little you cared

I use Multishot, which takes a screenshot for all achievements, level-ups, trades, etc, so I sometimes find things that I had no idea would be in my screenshot folder. This was the first time I had a bunch of tinctures to just randomly use one mid-raid and wait to see when my guildies would notice. The trade was a surprise, raid chat and /say not so much haha

Yes, silly paladin, throw hundreds of gold at me, I’ll give you a transmorphic tincture no problem lol