As a psychology student, the movie trailer “split” makes me so angry. It definitely puts a stigma on people with a dissociative identity disorder. Plus I’ve seen the trailer and it looks like total garbage. Not a good representation of someone with dissociative identity disorder. I’m afraid people will put a bad label on people with this disorder. Because there are fucktards that don’t understand that this is just a movie and not reality. So this will harm people who have been diagnosed with DID.
What the F#CK was the writer of this movie thinking?!?!?!?

Don’t go to watch this movie. Mental illness isn’t for entertainment purpose or something to be mocked.

In my opinion.

  • Me: I'm fine.
  • me: Seungri is so precious like he deserves all the happiness and love. He's such a talented individual and it makes me angry that people only judge him by his stage personality rather than what he really is and what he is capable of. His hyungs really need to fucking stand up when Seungri says he's not talented, like you're his fucking hyungs. Fucking speak up and stop being silent. OT4 jokes can go kill themselves and I don't care if it's just "a joke". Let the boy be happy and not worry that he is still not good enough to be in the group like it's been fucking 10 years. Let him live a happy life without insecurities and lack of self-esteem. Look at that cute, fluffy, precious lil shit and tell me that you don't want to protect him-

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As someone who is a new vegan (had been vegetarian), and someone who still makes the occasional mistake/misses an occasional non-vegan ingredient, I don't want to be hypocritical, but I'm already getting so angry at meat eaters that I talk to. I don't want to be angry and turn them away, but when I was faced with the facts of the meat/dairy industry, I changed. People that are knowledgeable but don't change their ways are pissing me off big time. How do I learn to... just calm down about it all?

Honestly I don’t even think we should have to calm down; there is absolutely a place for angry activism. Billions of animals are being exploited and killed, the environment is being destroyed, the rainforest is being cut down while our tax money subsidises it and we’re expected to be sunshine and rainbows to the people who support it? I think that if someone approaches the topic with respect and seriousness, it’s only right that you should help them out any way that you can, but if someone is just blatantly unwilling to listen there is no reason you should waste your time on them.

My advice would be to pick your battles, you can’t convert everyone or even most people and some people will just never be willing to listen. If you spend your time banging your head against the wall with then you’ll burn yourself out and you’ll be angry all the time. Instead keep enough energy to be able to effectively deal with the people who may actually be open to listening to you. It never gets easier, but you will get less and less surprised by people’s apathy, which does help with the anger.

how the fuck are u gonna have an artist and promote the clubs he’s gonna be at and not give him solid protection? like i’m glad liam and everyone else at that club is safe but this has just made me realize all the AWFUL ways 1DHQ has failed in protecting their artists (louis especially in this case) and people still wanna act like we make everything up about how horrible they are like screw off. there are very real problems in america and if you’re gonna have them out there doin work, you need to damn fucking well protect them

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I think you've just said what a lot of people are saying. And as someone who has been in an emotionally abusive relationship (and I absolutely do not take that word lightly), those are the same signs I displayed in the relationship. You're not in the wrong, they are, and they're vile people who seem to think lying is a-okay, when it's not. They gaslighted you, and it's going to be hard to accept but they never cared about any of us. It's true. It's hard for me to say, but it's true.

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I think I don't love my bf anymore...he changed and he take drugs and he is so aggressive and I don't want that anymore but he said that he love me but I think he dont show me his love and he makes me just sad and sometimes angry too

Dump his ass girl

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im actually thinking a lot about the reunion scene tbh and it makes me so emotional?????? like just wanting to yell at him for disappearing again but he just. runs and snuggles while trying to hold his tears but really he is angry but so glad and living again??? like all the stress is going away?? so he just. let go of all the stress in shiros arms. Bonus for Lotor in the background being all "what about me guys, can i join"

lotor stop ruining the moment

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you do realise that if taylor went to any of the marches there would have been a stampede right? she has police cars on stand in la when shes there plus her own security cos her presence causes so much chaos. what makes you think shed be able to go to something like this? this isnt meant to be an angry message im just curious as to why you think she could attend something like this without jeopardising herself?

so you’re telling me people like fucking Cher and Madonna and whoopi and all these other equally famous women can go without any issues and walk among their fellow women but Taylor Swift can’t? Because everyone thinks everything’s constantly about Taylor but you didn’t see anyone chasing down Cher and shit? Y'all using Taylor Swift as a “major celebrity who can’t go anywhere” is getting so old. Taylor CAN go places and events like this she just DOESN’T. If Taylor came out in public for once and rallied for everything she’s been running her mouth in interviews about since 2014, she could do these things people WILL adjust and it’s also sad that none of you think that her walking or even ATTENDING would’ve made a huge difference. It’s even more sad that you think that something so vast and so empowering among women every age, size and gender all over the country and the world who came together and fought and protest, that suddenly all that attention would change because Taylor showed up? I think the fuck not. Because it didn’t happen to any other major celeb that was there. Yesterday wasn’t about the status of anyone’s fame or who came to support each other. It was about fucking powerful, badass women across this beautiful world to fight for our rights and Taylor Swift can only fight for hers when Apple Music doesn’t want to pay their already million dollar net worth artist for three free months of streaming. Pathetic. As if Taylor doesn’t make 5 cents per second for simply fucking breathing. This is getting ridiculous with y'all. Unbelievable. You will all stan her right till the very end, huh? And god forbid any of her other fans be upset with her for talking up her feminist game from here to satans ass and back, but not do shit about it. A tweet isn’t the answer to a real, crucial issue. So there’s your answer, YES. I do think Taylor could’ve gone and you’re not going to change my mind at all. I’m not a child nor an idiot, I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since 2006, I’ve been on board with all of her other dumb shit and antics and I refuse to not call out an artist when they’re being ridiculous.

Just so fucking sad to me that you actually think an empowering event, movement, would all be taken away because Taylor Swift showed up. So sad, tragic tbh.

There’s so much atrocious shit Obama has done, and yet liberals tell me that he was such a great president. That is a load of shit and it makes me nauseous to think that people will actually hear about these things and respond to it with “nobody is perfect” or “he was just doing what he thought was best for America”.

Obama has ordered drone strikes which have killed thousands of people in the middle east. 

Obama silently deported millions of immigrants - more than any other president has.

Didn’t they see how fucking mildly he reacted to Black Lives Matter bringing police brutality against Black people front-and-center, telling them that their rioting over violations of human rights by law enforcement was “unacceptable”? 

How about how he was so lukewarm in his response to NoDAPL? How he didn’t speak out against the militarized police terrorizing the people of Standing Rock?

He’s done nothing to help protect whistleblowers, especially Chelsea Manning, who is still locked away and suffering inhumane treatment at the hands of the state.

How can someone say that kind of shit, knowing what Obama has done, without feeling sick?

People who come to a restaurant 1min before closing or come through the closed door AFTER closing and demand service are the worst people, and if you do this I just want you to know that it’s so unbelievably, extremely rude and you are probably making the servers and cooks cry because they can’t start cleaning and they can’t go home to their families and loved ones because of you so I hope you are happy about that


#FBF to eight years ago in case you need a reminder of this feeling. I sure did. Just look how at how our former President makes people FEEL. What a difference from today’s events. No matter the changes to the state today, we have come so far and are still capable of great things. 

Thank you to President Obama for doing so much good for our country and for making me truly proud to be an American. I hope that one day we will once again have a President that invokes inspiration, hope, and progress instead of disgust, fear, and hatred. 

If today’s inauguration has you feeling hopeless, angry, betrayed, resentful, scared, disappointed, livid, just know that you are not alone and that you are in good company! I for one plan to work as hard as I can and do everything I can to disrupt the current presidency from undermining the rights and protections we’ve worked so hard for. 

We can help as individuals by raising awareness, donating, starting conversations, and educating others, but the BEST thing is to work in collaboration with others. Reach out to your networks, friends, and family members. Don’t let yourself be overcome by the classic divide and conquer method that oppressors turn to. We are the majority. Trump and his awful administration work for us, after all. Yes, they have an overwhelming amount of power. But if history is any indication, our most shining moments as a country have been when we have stood up for ourselves against oppression with dignity and ferocity. Let’s be vigilant, vocal, visible, and let’s make history again.

Performed by: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

Number: “At Last”

Choreographers: Improvised by: Barack and Michelle Obama

Style: Slow Dance

From: The Neighborhood Inaugural Ball 2009

So, tonight...

Whatever happens tonight, keep it cool. If the fourth episode theory doesn’t happen, it’s fine. No need to get angry, it was just one big theory.

Personally I had so much fun this week, discusing with people, making theories myself or just reblogging somebody else’s one. There were all interesting and fun to read. It was like an investigation, searching the clues, the evidences. I loved it. Mofftiss gave me that and I’m so greatfull.

It was heartwarming to see that people still believed in Sherlock Holmes, and I totally get that people didn’t after TFP

But you know what ? We love the same thing and that’s all that count. We are still one big community, all around the world, from different cultures or countries, reunited over the love of one tv-series. I’m so impressed of what Mark, Steven and Sue succeeded to achieve, and I’m proud to have been part of this era.

To all the people that got involved in the show: I LOVE YOU ALL.