Omg this is so cute and funny so far. 

“Li’l Lappy” and S.S Misery made me laugh so hard. And Greg is golden as always. It cracked me up when Lapis just stared at him instead of shaking his hand. 

And she snorts when she laughs how cUTE awww

What cracks me up is that the people rage hating on the new Ghostbusters movie are all building up the 1984 movie like it’s the Citizen Kane of the 80s when…. it’s obviously not.

Phonecall with Mom on Halloween
  • Mom:Nightmare on Elm Street is on, I've never seen this before.
  • Me:Ohooo, yeah?
  • Mom:I'm watching it right now, and... She’s in the bathtub and there’s something in the water!
  • Mom:OH NO. WHAT IS...ugghh, noooo.
  • Me:*laughing* Yeah, that scene's iconic.
  • Mom:Anyway, so I talked to [friend] yesterday and she said, "Why don't we do dinner sometime in the next couple of days?" and I had to say I wasn't sure because
  • Mom:Don’t fall asleep, Freddy Krueger’s in the water!
  • Me:*snickering*
  • Mom:Right, I wasn't sure because I didn't know if I'd be down in Columbus for that party and
  • Me:*snort*
  • Mom:But I didn't go, so I'm still in town and we haven't touched base since then, so I'm just sitting at home watching
  • Mom:...Oh, she’s okay, she’s alive.
  • Mom:Huh.

so i personally subscribe to the siren rhys theory

but it’s also been kind of implied that at least some of the siren’s tattoos need to be showing for their powers to work, and rhys is always in long sleeved shirts

so imagine rhys preparing to use his powers during a crisis by frantically untying his tie and scrambling to take off his shirt in front of everyone

he does get to blow everyone away with some badass siren magic, but first he has to deal jack’s mockery and fiona yelling at him to put his goddamn shirt back on

One thing that’s kind of great about the Overwatch fandom is that, out of all the 22 Heros, there are some drop dead beautiful and completely symmetrical and gorgeous faces and bodies

And ya’ll…. Looked in the corner… And saw the fcuin trash rat and said

Yea…. Right there that’s the prettiest boy….. Ye a


Thor n’ Loki by OneyNG

“I can’t quite seem to hit the low key”

what do you mean ‘they’re out’?

they’re deadass out of it, seungkwan.

they can’t be out of toothpaste. who else would buy it in bulk other than us?

they’re ou-

oh minghao! are you talking to my cutie??

yes, we’re talking to seungk-


…’re…. here?? at the store?? as in… you’ve been here the entire time??

[to the tune of “the take over, the break’s over”] DON’T PRETEND YOU EVER FORGOT ABOUT MEEE

then…. who’s on the phone…..?

no. who’s on first, what’s on second, i don’t know’s on third.

all right what in the hel-


…..okay then. right. what’s on second. but whoever i was talking to earlier about the toothpas-

oh my gosh!! guys, are you on the line with the8?!

oh god jun is that you

hello the8 with infinite potential omg i can’t believe i’m actually speaking to you

….yeah. okay. anyway, who the hell are you w-


lol i’m just hangin with mingyu and seungkwan and abbott and costello what about y-

are we gonna get toothpaste or not?!

minghao, just tell my other self they’re out

i already did….. why are there two of you………