It’s all about having fun, isn’t it? I personally love designing MCs and figuring out how relationships with each of them would work with the group. It’s part of the reason I like doing headcanons so much, since I’m basically exploring traits and how they interact with the other characters on the fly.

Sidhe was based off of the ‘eyeless MC’ I’d seen in fanart, and it made me think of someone who - due to embarrassment at their own appearance - insisted on covering their face. What spawned out of it was a very fun character to doodle lmao.

  • Sidhe is just the name she uses on the messenger. Her real name is very plain.
  • Her luck is horrifically bad, but somehow, things always seem to work out for her in the end. For example, if she’s mugged and sent to the hospital with a stab wound, she’ll recover with no problems and be gifted an exorbitant sum of money by the person she cheered up in the ER.
  • This leads her to take a very ‘eh, whatever’ view of life. When she’s lead to Rika’s apartment by a strange hacker, she figures it’s just her luck and everything will be fine in the end.
  • She’s very interesting and funny when you get her relaxed enough to talk, but she only really opens up when she’s on her own turf. (Read: she has to be at home and if you see her face, she will emotionally shut down.)
  • Despite her small stature, she is actually extremely strong. She likes lifting weights and doing physical activities, though when it’s summer, this can lead to some pretty embarrassing instances of heat exhaustion…
  • Other people assume she needs protection because of her small stature and meek demeanor, but if she puts her mind to it, she can actually kick a lot of ass. 
  • The ‘6′ on her hoodie is a reference to her strange claims about being under a cat’s spell. As she tells it, she was in a terrible fire as a child and almost burned to death. However, in the flames she met a cat who offered her a deal. He would offer her all of his nine lives to live out as she chose, as long as - at the end of her life - she gave it all back of him. Thusly, she considers herself a “reflection” of that cat - another form of it - and so wears a ‘6′ which is a reflected ‘9′… the 9 lives that were given to her by the cat.
  • this is all stupid confusing bullshit and everyone around her considers her a bit peculiar and eccentric for believing in it so strongly. (seriously she was probably just hallucinating due to oxygen deprivation or something)
  • she swears really cutely. ‘oh, crumbs!’ ‘fiddlesticks!’ ‘that just butters my parsnips right there…!’

Relationship Dynamics


  • they are two cute optimistic puppy children like seriously they’re both innocent, naive, easy to tease balls of sunshine and happiness. she legit believes in ‘pass out after drinking caffeine syndrome’ . she’s a moron.
  • Yoosung totally gets her into LOLOL and gives her the warm support of her guild. they are gaming bros. she probably roleplays and babbles to him about writing.
  • (i’m sorry yoosung but unless rika was also a severe burn victim i can promise u we look nothing alike.)


  • Sidhe really doesn’t know how to break it to Zen that she’s not pretty, and it causes her a profound amount of anxiety as this Greek god is super into her. like. how does she tell him. how does she break the news to him that she’s… uh….  really not a good looking lady
  • zen doesn’t give 2 shits. tells her that scars don’t mean she’s not pretty and damn does he want to pick her up and spin her around.
  • There’s actually a lot of interesting stuff with her weird cat thing and Zen, because he also has weird unexplained powers… he is suspicious as hell of this dubious demon sounding creature and really thinks she ought to not quasi-worship it…


  • Jaehee is perplexed by everything about her, and she continues to be perplexed even as she falls horribly in love with this weird shut-in’s bubbly optimism and genuinely good life advice. They do Tae Kwon Do together. Jaehee can’t help but think her messenger name is appropriate, because she feels like she’s fallen for a fairy.


  • hey y’know we could get surgery for your face i have tons of money
  • Jumin actually references reading black magic books in a phone call so he might secretly be interested in her weird bullshit? he is, at the very least, into the cat theme.
  • She is a very upbeat, optimistic, cheerful person with a great deal of empathy, which really helps Jumin with his emotional issues. He pushes her not to give a single flying fuck what other people think about her and her appearance and just live her life.


  • When they started talking on the messenger, he thought she was joking and played along. When he figured out she was serious, he found it hilarious, and he thinks she is absurdly fun to tease because she is gullible af. She has 0 fear of any of the danger surrounding his life, which he finds both charming and unbelievably frustrating.
  • she really freaks out about being constantly observed on the CCTV’s, and when Seven mentions doing background checks, she gets really anxious. This makes her seriously discuss her history with him much earlier than with everyone else…


  • look, V believes all of that weird ‘souls meeting in heaven and being reunited on earth’ crap, he would at least be moderately sympathetic to some bizarre chick who thinks she’s promised her soul to a cat. He actually helps her with her absurd anxiety, working her through social situations and helping her practice speaking. Him seeing her face isn’t a problem, but she eventually lets him touch her scars.


  • Saeran loves hearing her babble about witches and wizards and curses. They actually seriously discuss all this weird stuff. He is actually genuinely worried about the ramifications of her promise to ‘give the nine lives she was given back’, because she says that is exactly how it was worded to her. How, exactly, can you give a life back once you’ve lived it..?
  • This makes him real defensive of her. like he is totally ready to fight an imaginary cat spirit if he needs to.


  • Thinks she’s completely, absolutely bonkers, but they really can’t leave shy, timid people alone and she’s so sweet and supportive. They can’t help but start to believe in a little of her crazy occult bullshit after witnessing all of the absurd things that happen to her. She’s fun to tease, so they do it a lot to cover up their Feelings. She frequently hides behind them in social situations.

Well, I know this is an unusual post, but thank you for reading about one of my MCs! I know she’s bizarre, but that’s how a lot of my personal work is, lmao…