Harry Potter College AU: 

It isn’t fair that Potter isn’t just insufferable in their dorm, but he is also annoying in class. In their first English lesson, he interrupts the professor because one little insignificant thing is wrong and the professor doesn’t even throw him out. He thinks it’s a “good initiative”. Draco can’t but stare at the back of Potter’s head, he’s so frustrated. Bloody hell. The only thing he finds comfort in is that at least he’s not going to have a boring year.

Harry realises too late that he should probably not speak up in class without getting permission first. This is college after all. But when he starts, it is no use to shut up. There are only a few turns of heads when he says his name, being the child of two geniuses that was murdered in their early twenties usually turns more though. He does pointedly not wonder whether Malfoy know who he is.

Is it clear that Draco is thinking the text that is transparent? And if there is any other way to do it better, please tell me!

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