Drew this yesterday out of boredom and since I’m still a bit excited about being able to play Old Republic again. So have some jedi babies. I’m playing a bit fast and loose with canon, because even though I am way more Jedi than anything else, I have serious issues with literally everything after ROTJ (at least as far as Mr. Lucas’s crap is concerned. WE ALL KNOW YOU’RE STILL SUPER BITTER ABOUT YOUR DIVORCE, GEORGE, THERE’S NO NEED TO TAKE IT OUT ON THE JEDI LIKE THIS. MARCIA WOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SORRY EMOTIONLESS BUTT. THAT IS 1000000% THE REASON FOR THE WHOLE “NO ATTACHMENTS” THING. I WOULD LAY ACTUAL MONEY.) I have feelings about Star Wars.

So, Jedi babies. I was kinda aiming for a canon more like Jeffrey Brown’s “Jedi Academy” books which are so cute and amazing and I still need to actually own the first one.

Eos (or Eosphorous in The Old Republic) is actually human in this universe- she was rescued by John (a Jedi) from the slavers that killed her family and since she’s force-sensitive, he ended up raising her. She’s on the path to being a Jedi Consular (the ones who focus more on force powers).

I can’t actually create Fermat in game (since a: I checked and the name is taken on my server, and b: I have plans for all six slots and I can’t take two Jedi Knights at once) but he’s on the path to being a Jedi Sentinel- the dual-wielding ones (who in the KotOR games are sort of the Jack-of-all-trades class). I made him a Miraluka because I just couldn’t help myself. Miraluka are a near-human (read: genetically compatible w/ humans) race that come from a world that has very low light, so over time they ended up being born without eyes entirely. However, they’re all force-sensitive, so they actually see through the force. They tend to wear masks to hide their vestigial eye sockets.

Last but not least my Jedi Guardian Arkyatior, who isn’t TaG related, but part of their padawan group. And I really wanted to draw her b/c she’s gorgeous.

My new apartment is beyond fantastic. Mostly cuz of the people.

I was kinda terrified that when I moved in I’d find out they’re a bunch of really cliquey snobs or something and I’d have to hide my Dalek ice mold tray. But the first thing I see when I walk in is a wall full of movie and game posters (Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Assassin’s Creed, etc), a wall full of character pictures (Captain America, Spider Man, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, etc), and a plaque stating “Apartment 9 and 3/4″ (we’re technically apartment #9).

I’ve been here since Monday and learned that 3 of the 5 of us have issues with wheat/gluten, so our apartment is virtually 100% free of wheat; 3 of us love to cook and so the kitchen stays immaculate; and we have a terrarium full of cute plants and one tiny dragon figurine named Toothless. This place is, in a word, AMAZING.

The only downside is that it’s a decent walk from campus and apparently my ankle didn’t agree with that (or else I injured it but blocked the memory) because now I’ve got tenosynovitis of my Achille’s tendon and I’m on crutches until the inflammation goes down enough that it stops grinding, and even then on limited walking. So I guess I’m not starting work until next next week.

C’est la vie. Also, c’est la tendonitis.

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it's the same for me and my friends, but with height. I'm 5''11 and basically my legs are super long and the top of my body is regular sized (lmao) so I have to spend 80$+ on jeans so they are long enough. (I don't have the money for that so I basically wear skirts even in winter fml. They always complain bc ''the jeans aren't cute enough'' -.- I totally get you... it can be annoying af

i get that no one is exempt from body issues, because i’ve personally seen 5′11″ people break down in the school bathroom because they were so upset about their jeans not fitting right, and i’ve seen petite 4′8″ people sob because they were tired of looking like little kids since that’s all that would fit them.

but like, when someone is telling you about their weight problems, and how absolutely devastating it is to search for hours to find good enough clothes, only to realize that they look horrid on them or they don’t hide their gut or the jeans make their thighs look massive, you don’t quip in with “yeah ugh i’m a size 0!!! i have such a hard time finding clothes!! i get you!!!” because that literally does not make the other person feel better in the slightest. it makes them feel even worse. you get me?


I had a baby the other day, lol.

Baby Gavin. :)
Got induced Sunday morning. Had a little boy juuuuuuust before 6:00pm! Good weight, length, and a ton of dark hair!
He’s so stinking cute.

The babies love Gavintoo, but Lindi is totally having some jealousy type issues. Dean was too young and calm when she was born so I didn’t have to find ways to mellow him out. She just side eyes and tantrums over weird stuff, but she’s doing really well considering.

Famous Dean line: “I love him!! Can I pet him?”



It’s another big week for the old pull list. A lot I’m excited for, including one or two BRAND NEW titles!

  • WE(L)COME BACK 1 - A very exciting, brand new series, WE(L)COME BACK is about reincarnated assassins who find themselves eternally drawn to each other. It’s also about a young woman in her 20s trying to put her life back together. It’s also about so much more! There are layers upon layers to this book and it’s just GREAT!
  • ARCHIE 2 - Mark Waid and Fiona Staples’ ARCHIE continues and I continue to be super excited. Issue 2 promises to reveal “the lipstick incident.”
  • POWER UP 2 - POWER UP!!! Our newly powerful heroes meet for the first time and sparks sparkles fly! It’s so gosh darn cute and fun!
  • BLACK CANARY 3 - Fighting, fishnets, and rock and roll! The band keeps touring, the mystery keeps unfolding, Dinah keeps being rad as heck, and Annie Wu continues to knock the art out of the park.
  • RUNAWAYS 3 - The kids have uncovered the deadly secret of Victor Von Doom Institute For Gifted Youths and have run away. Now what?
  • SECRET WARS SECRET LOVE 1 - You guys, this is gonna be CUTE! It’s basically a shipper’s dream in print. Kamala and Robbie!
  • SILK 6 - Cindy is such a great character and I’m so invested in her mission and Black Cat is kind of a jerk.
  • RAVEN: THE PIRATE PRINCESS 2 - Raven’s back and she’s putting together a crew of scallywags. This comic! It gets me in all my queer, fantasy nerd, pirate loving feelings!
  • RAT QUEENS 11 - IT’S HERE!!!!!! My girls are back (Violet’s BEARD is back) and I love them so much! Plus it’s the first issue with fantastic new series artist Tess Fowler and colorist Tamra Bonvillain. The creative team is doing SUCH a great job telling this story. You guys, I just LOVE RAT QUEENS SO MUCH!!!

There it is. My pull list for the week. Comics!

So, today I found out that there are more A-Babies vs X-Babies out in the world than just the 2012 oneshot, so I went looking for it because, I mean, look at it! How could I not? The cute factor is too much to handle. Thus, I figured I’d put up a masterpost for these issues, seeing as I haven’t seen one around. Enjoy!

AvX ONESHOT (2012)



Trade paperback including A-Babies vs. X-Babies (2012), Wolverine (1988) #102.5, Pint-Sized X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn and Uncanny X-Men (1963) #461.



#01 | #02 | #03

If you have any questions or there’s something wrong with any of the links, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible!

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you. come. snuggle. NOW - with Bucky please:) I just think that would be so cute

((A/N: That is so cute omfg I am going to cry. I love Bucky so much thank you for this lovely request. Enjoy!))

You were laying in bed staring at the ceiling. You couldn’t sleep and didn’t know how to make yourself fall asleep. It wasn’t because you had a nightmare or anything, it was simply because your brain wouldn’t shut up about a certain someone. This someone was always on your mind. His name was Bucky Barnes and he was utter perfection to you. Anyways, enough about him, and back to your sleeping issue. You tried everything, counting sheep, listening to music, and so on. Actually, there was something you didn’t try, texting your friends. ‘It’s not that late,’ you thought as you grabbed your phone.

The first person you thought to text was Pietro, everything about him was super fast, so you figured his brain was the same and that he’d have sleeping issues, too. You were proud of yourself for the fact that the first person you decided to text wasn’t your crush, Bucky.

“Hey Pie. Sorry to bother you, but do you have any ways to fall asleep?” Was the text you decided on. To your surprise, he answered almost immediately. His text read, “Hey Y/N. Yeah I usually go for a run ;).“ You laughed a little, then decided on a response. “I’ll pass, thanks anyways, goodnight,” is what you sent. You heard your text tone go off and saw his answer, “That’s what I thought. Goodnight :).”

‘Alright, on to the next one,’ you thought to yourself with an audible sigh. The next person you decided on was Steve. “Hiya Steve. I can’t sleep, do you have any tips on sleeping? I mean you were asleep for 70 years…” is what you sent. You felt slightly bad for that joke…slightly. You waited about 10 minutes for Steve to reply until you moved on.

This time you decided on your crush Bucky. Even if he didn’t have any tips it would still be nice to talk to him. You sent, “Hey Buck. I can’t fall asleep…are you still awake? Do you know how I can get to sleep?” He didn’t respond as fast as Pietro, but did, nonetheless. His answer said, “Hi, yes and yes. Come to my room and I will tell you, I hate texting.” You chuckled lightly, knowing that he would say that he hates texting. He also said he wanted you to go to his room, and as much as you wanted to go, you didn’t want to get out of bed. You wrote your reply, “ugh come on Buck, I don’t want to get out of my bed!” You hit send. He responded right away this time, “come on doll, you won’t regret it, trust me.” You melted when you saw that he called you ‘doll,’ and gave in. “Fine. Be there in a sec,” you sent quickly. You put a bra back on and a less sloppy shirt and made your way to his room quietly.

You knocked lightly on the door, waiting for it to open. When he opened the door, you couldn’t help but stare. He was shirtless and a pair of pajama pants hung loosely at his waist. He spoke up, interrupting the thoughts that rose to your head, “come in,” he said. You entered the room as he climbed back into his bed. “So, what was your tip? I’m kind of tired and-” he cut you off, “come snuggle with me.” “What?” You questioned, confused. “You. Come. Snuggle. NOW,” he repeated himself. “Yes sir,” you responded, climbing into his bed.

After a bunch of awkward shuffling, and confessing “I love you’s” you fell asleep on Bucky’s chest. He smiled wide as he tried to hold you as close as possible. He kissed you on the head and whispered “I love you more than you could ever know, doll.”

((A/N: Hope you liked it! I always love feedback, so feel free to give some. ))

For my birthday this past July, all I wanted besides clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and a Caribbean vacation was a new cell phone. My galaxy 4 was 2 years old and giving me some issues with over heating and restarting.
Since I love everything bigger and better it made sense that I switched to the Note.
Can I just say that I love my new gigantic massive phone??
Because I totally do. I’m so in love with it that I haven’t even used my laptop since I got it because why the fuck should I, since now my phone is essentially a giant touch tablet!!
Anyway, the point of this post is that even though I love my phone, trying to find cute cases and covers for it is like near impossible.
So, I’m turning to you bitches…where can I get a case for my Note 4?

28  Little Things I love about Kwon Jiyong

There are so many reasons to love our smol babe Jiyong. The real issue is figuring out which one should be first.

  1. He’s Talented
  2. He works hard
  3. The way his bottom lip seems to be always pouting like why tf is this so cute idk but it is.
  4. His hands. They’re so important to me I can’t explain and apparently nobody else feels the same so yeah.
  5. His relationship with the other members. Like, they’re all such great friends, it’s great to watch. #SquadGoals.
  6. His fashion sense. Yes it’s questionable 89% of the time but at least it’s unique. He’s always thinking outside of the box, I love that.
  7. The whole Crayon era, that beat drop brings tears to my eyes. And his hair was the best then.
  8. His cute adorable face without makeup
  9. How smol he looks next to TOP. And like, anyone who’s not in BIGBANG.
  10. He loves his fans. Literally fight me if you disagree I will shove ‘Until Whenever’ down your throat.
  11. He’s always supporting the other members, showing up for Seungri fanmeetings, producing songs for Daesung and Youngbae like seriously he’s a great leader guys.
  12. One word: Skinship!
  13. He’s literally so adorable, sometimes I wanna slap the gummy smile off his face for real.
  14. He’s kinda a bitch. But it’s okay cuz he’s our bitch.
  15. His passion for art. Cute that it was inspired by TOP. I always think a guy that’s into art is sexy
  16. Speaking of sexy, JIYONG WITH RED HAIR. (It didn’t last long enough tbh)
  17. While we’re still talking about sexy I might as well mention Jiyong dancing. Because yes.
  18. Tattoos
  19. *cough* bulge *cough*
  20. He’s literally so flexible when it comes to making different styles of music, every song has a different feel it’s great.
  21. That magical transformation from the stage persona to who he is offstage. Like he’s Hannah Montana or something.
  22. Sometimes, he’s really deep and it really seems like he understands a lot about life, how it works, he’s so wise, even though he’s still young.
  23. Sometimes, he’s just really dumb.
  24. How he is with Seungri. He clearly loves his boyfriend so much it’s sweet.
  25. How he speaks English. Adorable.
  26. The way he speaks in general. His voice is soft sometimes. It’s like a warm blanket on a cold day.
  27. He’s so good at what he does.
  28. He’s an inspiration. Jiyong gets so much shit thrown at him. He always is being put down. And I don’t doubt for a second that it actually does get to him. Because he’s really sensitive. But despite all the scandals and rumors and threats and pure hate he still hasn’t given up. He still spends hours upon hours in the studio perfecting super small details that nobody would’ve even noticed. He’s still performing shows to the best of ability, no matter how tired he is. He makes songs that are automatic hits and yet still gets teary eyed when he hears an entire crowd singing Haru Haru. Despite being put down, he always rises up to slay once again. If that’s not badass I don’t know what is.

And That’s why I love our Kwon Jiyong. He really means a lot to me.

Lol sorry this was so long.

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Sapphire upon meeting Ruby in the Homeworld gets visions of them being together! but she has intimacy issues and it's So Unnatural for gems to be close! so she tries to stir away from that fate path! but it's not working and she's all holy shit inside


(I think this is the first time I’ve had an anon throw me something like this, hahaha, awesome.)

guys i think im gonna save up for a snake.

this kind of snake:

it’s called a western hognose bc its little snoot is upturned for ease of burrowing in substrate!

and if i get a male it would only get to be about 14-24 inches long!

but female would be cute too! they only get to be 3 ft long!

the only downside is that they are mildly poisonous, but i dont think thats a big issue as long as i dont provoke it.

guys i really want a snek.

esp for the wintertime doldrums that i will certainly get so that i can have a cute little burrowing fellow to crawl around my hands!

i wish i could get a ball python :( but they are really expensive compared to these little guys. plus they need a lot more room to hang out in. but they’re so cute!!! so many decisions!

i will keep you updated! :D

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okay so I just suddenly pictured Lexa having to do a photoshoot from that one photo you reblogged about soccer au lexa nd can this pls be a thing?? like its a p revealing photoshoot nd lexa, bless her, is a lil cutie so clarke finds it hilarious that she's doing this photoshoot but when clarke sees the pictures she has A Situation bc her dork of girlfriend who gets enjoyment from maths is hot af nd even octavia & raven are like @ clarke rip u

ok so u know the photoshoot of nude female athletes doin their sports in the latest espn body issue? like it’s so beautiful??? so lexa does smth like that w all of her cool tattoos & shes just gorgeous & muscular & in incredible shape & just like so bangin but also like shes so Cute she wears hoodies a lot & shuffles around when shes sleepy & has glasses & rubs her eyes w her fists when shes tired & she reads a ton & shes just Cute & clarke knows this absolutely

but then she sees the pictures & shes like jeSUS these arent even rly photoshopped im gonna die???? like shes seen lexa naked many many times but its still such A Situation honestly

yes raven & octavia are like good luck we’ll see u in a week when u can walk again

dendritic-trees replied to your photo : My parents just took in a deaf Aussie shepherd…

Is the little fluff’s name actually Pancake. He’s so cute and lovely.

Pancake is indeed his name! Here’s a shot Mom sent of him being carried up to the house in what I guess is a big handwoven purse:

Just a happy little pup in a great big world enjoying a second chance at life.

A little more backstory: Pancake’s breeder tries to be very very careful not to breed double merles. His parents are single merle x non-merle so this shouldn’t have been an issue, but Pancake – a double merle, totally deaf and 30% likely to go blind at some point – happened anyway. The breeder was advised to put him down but couldn’t bring himself to do it; he would have kept the pup himself as a companion dog, but he lives in rural Colorado where bears, coyotes, and pumas are a serious concern even for pets who can hear. So through some family connections, he sent Pancake to my parents.

In most cases they’d foster him, give him basic training & socialisation, and adopt him out, but considering his special needs the breeder’s asked my parents to keep him with them. This was met with exactly zero protest.