thoughts while reading Carmilla
  • book laura: *6 year old self sees carmilla*
  • book laura: i saw a solemn, but very pretty face
  • me: oh wow baby gay
  • book laura: *meets carmilla for the first time*
  • book laura: oh! papa, pray ask her to let her stay with us--it would be so delightful.
  • me: you just met her are you serious
  • book laura: *sees carmilla sad*
  • book laura: as soon as she is comfortably in bed, i will run up to her room and see her.
  • me: woah woah slow down there for a minute
  • book laura: *talking to carmilla for the first time*
  • book laura: i took her hand as I spoke
  • me: this book couldnt get any more gayer
  • book carmilla: press it hard-hard-harder
  • me: i was wrong
  • book laura: *sees portrait that looks exactly like carmilla"
  • book laura: will you let me hang this picture in my room, papa?
  • me: she isnt even trying to hide it anymore

S1E1 vs. S2E1


colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah

living with nct
  • lots of group hugs, in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • always having to clean up after the boys, since there are so many its almost impossible to keep the whole dorm clean
  • a lot of calls from johnny and ten when they’re at the studio asking if you’ve eaten yet/if you could drop off food
  • watching the dance line perform for hours upon hours to perfect their new choreo, sometimes you’d fall asleep just watching them and they wouldn’t even notice
  • having all of them fight over you i meAN ALL
  • “she’s sleeping in my room tonight.” “nO there isnt even enough room, she’s sleeping in mine.”
  • “wait where r u going?” “hanging out…” “wait she promised me we’d hang out today!!” 
  • never really having alone time unless they’re out of the country
  • a lot of cuddles from johnny, yuta and hansol
  • asking hansol, johnny and jaehyun to help you reach things that are too high up
  • having to learn several languages and trying to translate what the chinese line says to the korean line or japanese line and vice versa
  • china line and korean line wanting to get to know each other better so you help em out “i think he’s saying he wants to play a video game with you” “no no i think he means we should watch this movie” its honestly a mess
  • playing lots of video games w/the maknae line 
  • “jaemin’s cheating” “so is jeno” “gUYS stop cheating its not fair for me and jisung”
  • the younger boys looking up to you and hoping that in the future they can take care of you as well as you take care of them
  • taeyong asking you for fashion advice before the boys leave for the airport/photoshoot 
  • “do you think this jacket looks better or this one” and it would go on for hours uPON HOURS
  • taeil being shy around you but secretly, he was one of your favorites, being around him felt nice and comfortable and he always helped out or tamed the boys whenever they were too much for you to handle
  • late night cuddles w/ten when you two can’t sleep, and it’s just comfortable silence between you two or small talk, talking about your day
  • wearing their clothes, mixing up clothes and losing most of your clothing
  • “wait mark isn’t that my shirt” “wait then are u wearing my shirt???” 
  • visiting them while they’re at practice and they’re so relieved to see you
  • the kitchen and living room is always a mess, yuta is usually showing you how to improve your takoyaki and hansol participating as well while everyone else is in the living room sleeping or watching a movie
  • sHAring two bathrooms with several people can be such a pain 
  • “how long has winwin been in there??” “jaehyun its only been 15 minutes, he’s taking a shower i’m sure he’s almost done.” “but but i need to pee” “then use the other bathroom” “kun’s using that one”
  • there will be lots of stuffed animals as well, from the big teddy bear they always have to jisungs lil bears
  • when someone messes up, no one owns up to it so you don’t really have a choice but to fix the mess yourself, but when they start feeling guilty, and they always do, they help you out
  • doyoung and taeil singing around the house 24/7 but you didn’t mind, they had voices of angels..the others did though 
  • “hyung we’ve heard you sing that song 123432 times today already” “ahh its a good song though” 
  • them being super protective of you
  • “who’s this boy you’re always texting??” “he’s a friend” “well then do you like any of us in a special type of way?” “what” 
  • a lot of teasing when the boys find out that you like one of the members 
  • “i think he likes you too” “shut up” “no i’m being serious”
  • turns out he was being serious
  • when you do start dating one of the members they almost always third wheel
  • but in reality you’re the one third wheeling them
  • yuta waking you up at 7 am to play soccer with him bc he thinks the best way to start the day is when you get good exercise, he didnt think it was bad until you collapsed one day from exhaustion 
  • “yuta wtf did you do” “idk she just fell” “hansol we need ur help carry her” “to where?” “a hOSPITAL”
  • jaehyun and ten begging you to play basketball with them
  • “so are u feeling well again? when you do lets play basketball!” “ten i came back from the hospital an hour ago” taeil and hansol would push the two away from you, giving you time to rest 
  • johnny, jaehyun and mark speaking english non stop to confuse the members
  • birthdays are the best, since theres so many of you guys, birthday weren’t uncommon and it was like celebrating with a big family
  • when you are allowed to go on tour with them, they’re extremely protective and they have an eye on u at all times 
  • in the airport, they walk around you, forming this huge circle and in the foreign country, they make sure one of them is holding ur hand
  • during the winter, they’d make sure you were nice and warm before leaving the house to go run errands
  • “here take this you’ll be cold” “i’m fine” “this beanie will keep you warm :)))))” “thanks i gtg tho” “oh and this scarf too” 
  • when they’re having a rough day you’d know immediately and excuse you along with the sad group member for some alone time to talk or listen to whats troubling them
  • but when its you that having a rough day, they’d freak bc they are afraid that they won’t be able to comfort you
  • “hey hey are u ok” “yuta stop it you’re only making her situation worst” “how am i making it worst i made her takoyaki”
  • taeil and hansol being there for you no matter what and you go to them for advice
  • going grocery shopping with them consist of a lot of aegyo 
  • “can we buy this pls” “we still have some at home” *aegyo* “fine”
  • welcoming new rookies into the family warmly :3

ill be adding to this list as time goes on! :)


19/9/15 (6:54am)

I woke up at 5am (the time I usually get up because of school) and I wasn’t able to sleep anymore so I decided I might as well start re-writing some notes. It’s still dark outside and I love studying at this time of the day

My Soul Eater manga collection is complete. ;__;

A wonderful manga is finally over, this makes me kinda melancholic. 

this is very late #sorry 
sick edit tho right?? lmao

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i love u all so much <333 
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