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So, your dark!edmund falls for a regular girl hcs are adorable. Can we have some hcs where regular Edmund starts falling for a dark!girl?

  • in narnia he randomly met this girl who tried to stole from him during a trip to archenland
  • she’s from calormen and she ran awar from her house a long time ago
  • now she’s the leader of a group of thieves (they are wolves and bears and squirrels and dryads and there are some humans too)
  • they steal everything from everyone
  • of course edmund has heard of them because king lune had so much trouble with them
  • she’s fast and smart and edmund tried to stop her
  • but she fights back and gaves him a black eye
  • (this story will later makes peter laugh his ass off)
  • he chases her all over the country and he’s always this close to catch her but she’s better
  • she actually starts to like this game
  • and he starts to like her
  • she’s harsh and ruthless
  • she makes snarky comments that kinda makes him smile
  • and she’s pretty
  • one day she lets him caught her
  • and they just kiss
  • and it’s like he’s been waiting for this the whole time
  • they know they can’t be together he’s a king and she’s a thief
  • so he just let her go


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“@lilstinky replied to your post “why is worf my fandom bicycle. he…”

who do you like shipping him with?

well, my current rides on the fandom bicycle are 

  • worf/troi. eternal and the only good het ship. i will always love. why couldn’t they have been endgame for next gen.
  • worf/dax, but only in the context of being in a polyamorous vee with kira/dax, because what i actually want is for kira and worf to be basically married, because they’re emotionally compatible as people, but they would not be into each other. and they both love dax. actually that would be so stable. together, they’re ALL emotionally compatible with each other.
  • worf/data. i don’t know either. it’s just good. what a positive and pure ship. 

worf/dax (no kira) and worf/k’ehleyr are both good, but i don’t feel like either of them would be stable because k’ehleyr needs someone really too work on her needs and pull her out of her shell, and worf needs the same, and without that they would, like, shake themselves apart in three months. plus, their personalities are too different. they’re attracted to each other, but would basically have the fieriest affair in starfleet history, with a break up so bad one of them has to leave for the gamma quadrant.   

and dax… the thing about dax is that she and worf just want different things. and don’t communicate well enough to realize it. this is true of worf and k’ehleyr too, actually. dax and k’ehleyr have similar problems when dating worf, except the difference is that k’ehleyr does want someone to love genuinely and be loved by genuinely i think, and i would peg dax as more interested in sex. though dax is also more capable of weathering emotional turmoil than k’ehleyr. k’ehleyr is reasonably fragile.

i’ve realized something that made me very sad and it’s basically that, whenever i meet someone new that has things in common with me and they are just amazing in every way possible, i get obsessed (???)with them and it’s really sad because i admire them and maybe we have this cool mutual relationship where we really care about each other

but, then they meet someone new, someone else, and i get left behind. It’s not like they forget about me or they no longer care, they do, but it’s not the same and i get really jealous but i don’t say anything about it

and this always happens to me with girls tbh and it sucks bc i fall in love, and then they break my heart, they leave me crying and there’s nothing i can do bc it’s their life, if they’re not interested in me anymore i guess that’s my fault

what really got me was how Sardonyx literally put both Amethyst and Steven’s insecurities out in the open. On a TV show! Without realizing what she was doing, Sardonyx beings to understand what brought Steven and Amethyst to fuse in the first place.

It starts with Sardonyx trying to pry a “personality” out of Smoky but they’re new! It’s the firs time they’ve ever fused without needing to fight! And Sardonyx is not impressed with what they do know about themselves: they can do mad tricks with their yo-yo and ALSO they beat Jasper!

The first game, Smoky Quartz is trying to hard to do what Opal can do but they can’t do it. In fact, they’re kinda…really bad at shooting the bird accurately or even hitting the game (sorry!) And in return, Sardonyx completely dismisses Smoky’s joke about themselves, “I guess I’m a real…bow-zo.” and yet the laughter sounds after their joke!

And in the second game, Smoky does great but still isn’t able to reach the strength of Sugilite! (Even the game pokes fun at Smoky “You. Ain’t. Nothing!) Again, Sardonyx dismisses this, “Something isn’t quite hitting right.” and continues to pull Smoky along, wanting to see the ‘main event’.

Of course in the third act I think Smoky is starting to get a feel for themselves. This is when they start making more self depreciating jokes about themselves, and it actually makes Sardonyx uncomfortable. The canned laughter that was supposed to be encouraging and supportive (I mean when everyone laughs at your jokes, it feels good man!) were actually…helping Smoky put themselves down?

Imagine being Sardonyx in that moment. This beautiful fusion of two of her most precious gem family actually believe that they are good-for-nothings. In a game show she created to showcase the wonderful new qualities of a brand new, fabulous fusion, she accidentally made them feel bad? That they’re wrong?  And here, in the world of Sardonyx where everything is a production! a show! a performance! she highlights the things that brought Smoky Quartz into being in the first place! That’s when she realizes that Steven and Amethyst were able to bond over how terrible they thought they were.

We went from Smoky being, “Ayy I’m so cool! Look what I can do with my yo-yo!” to, “You’re right, I can’t do any of those things the other fusions can do. I’m wrong.” and I’m really happy Garnet and Pearl realized it. Instead of allowing Smoky to be themselves and impress them with who they are, Sardonyx got too caught up in what they were (wanting/hoping/excited for?) Smoky to be.

So I just thought I’d share how interested I was in this whole scene/episode. How Sardonyx acted with really good intentions but…it didn’t go quite as planned. I thought it was a lot of growth for everyone!


You can’t understand. You’ve never been a parent. You never love anything like you love your children.


Um. I’m awkward and shy and don’t have any idea what to say here and I was writing it so long ahaha

SMALL EDIT: Selfie’s still here, I’ve just put it under the cut :D Internet security and stuff

My name’s Daria, “Dasha” for short. I’m from Russia, I’m 19 and half. Industrial design student who finished first year. Wanna be a game designer/developer. 

I draw things, even write fanfiction sometimes.

I started to follow ToppDogg after their debut and soon got into ToppKlass fandom - I call myself TK since Cigarette MV. Even though it’s already almost three years I’m still struggling with bias-list, but my two ult biases are Pgoon and Kidoh.

ToppKlass fandom is the best fandom I even was in. Warm, cozy, funny, memeful (I dunno how to say it), just like the group we stan. Creative. Kind.

I think, it was some kind of fate. But it’s good kind of fate, because I’m so happy and proud being a ToppKlass. And I’m so amased to see how strong we became.

Let’s be friends! :D

Really, feel free to talk to me about everything, Toppdogg-related, kpop-related or even not >w< 

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“Fiction doesn’t effect reality” is such an awful quote that it makes me sick.

Have you guys ever met a cosplayer? Bought a shirt from your favorite movie? Saw that character eat some fucking ice cream and now you want some?

Fiction DOES impact reality, even the smallest (sometimes silliest ways) and it’s not always a bad thing! It can be wonderful and it’s what makes people happy they can have an escape.

Don’t ever tell someone who needs something to cope that you think they’re and idiot or mentally ill for wanting things to be different. Grow up, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as much as we want it to be, so let us have somewhere we can PRETEND it can be… If only for a little while.

Jokes and Jealousy

Part of the JiHope Bingo started by @portscutie!

Rating: Teens and Up Audiences

Genre: Fluff, Jealousy

Pairing: Jimin/J-Hope

Jimin and Taehyung have always been so close; they’re practically the best friends in the world. Too bad Jung Hoseok can’t stand the fact that his boyfriend is so close to another man beside him.

Or the fic in which Hoseok is the most jealous boyfriend ever, and Jimin finds it the most amusing thing ever.

On AO3 here.

If you have any prompts/requests, send them in here!

A/N: I’m on Team Jimin and this is week one’s ‘jealousy’ AU.

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sorting hat:

Albus Potter.

He puts his hat on Albus’s head — and this time he seems to take longer — almost as if he too is confused.


There’s a silence.
A perfect, profound silence.
One that sits low, twists a bit, and has damage within it.

it is not the media’s responsibility to raise kids/teens to have right values/goals/whatever. you know who’s responsibility it is? their parents. when people on tumblr freak out about a certain show or movie portraying a ‘bad’ example for teenage girls or whatever i’m just sitting here like…uh, you do know they have actual parents that should be telling them these types of things right? all of tumblr needs to take a big fat chill pill and a seat, because it’s not your responsibility to police what people watch or enjoy. 

    out.         when @pharahsmom tells u about the hookah setup on the anubis map and listen. listen. Ana made everyone smoke hookah with her once during the golden days.