The beginnings of my bat costume. Papier mache, very liberal amounts of masking tape, and some home made paper clay since I have NO idea what happened to the package of celluclay we’ve had laying around for like 15 years. I swear I saw it just the other day… I’m pretty pleased with the little nose curls. Once this dries, I’ll adjust the shape, sand it, and then start on the helmet with the ears that I have no idea how to attach.

glider-knight said: ((Its okay charly! You can be incognito if you like!))

[If they can’t say something in person, as them, they feel like they might as well not say it. No incognito. The words don’t have the same context if they’re not from their mouth. You’re either honest and have the guts or you go home and  fuss over writing a letter (which is still inferior and telling of your nerves). I dunno why Charly is so picky about this. They make a very firm point of being them. (Even when I have tried to keep them anonymous.)]


[I KNEW IT. I thought that was you. Yes I have hunches on who my anons are, I don’t mean to my brain just clicks things idly. Still not sure who is the other person with a crush on me tho.]