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It took weeks. W E E K S.

[Also, I don’t like to be harsh but don’t even like it if you’re not going to reblog - I usually don’t care (well, I care, but it’s not like I can do anything about it), but this one took really A LOT of effort, time and bloody tears (especially time and bloody tears. AND frustration. Did I mention curses? I’ll spend a century in Hell for all the curses I said working on this.)]

And in the end
I’d do it all again
I think you’re my best friend
Don’t you know that the kids aren’t al-,
kids aren’t alright?

Of course when Fall Out Boy releases a new song the first thing I think of is to draw Homestuck fanart of it.


“My question is, we all know how the Doctor felt watching you leave, but what did Peter Capaldi- what was his reaction to your leaving the show?” (x)

anonymous asked:

carrie today is my birthday but it's been awful. i feel so alone and sad 'cause no one really cares its my birthday and so many people who are my friends forgot. can you please write me some fluffy sterek, maybe coffeshop or fake bf au, please? i need something to cheer me up and i already read most of the fics on your rec list :/

[happy birthday buttercup! i’m sorry you’re feeling sad, have some fluffy sterek college au with fake boyfriends in a restaurant.]

Stiles folds his napkin delicately in his lap, staring at the array of cutlery in front of him. Oh no, he’s not gonna be able to do this, this is way too fancy, and if he wasn’t on the final shortlist for this really prestigious scholarship, Stiles wouldn’t have cared less about impressing the Dean or any of the other judges (the event description had said they would be dining with alumni, but Stiles has a feeling these are the people deciding who gets the awards). But as is, he’s in a ridiculously fancy restaurant, and has no idea what he ordered. 

And he’s the only one who didn’t bring a date to the event. 

Stiles totally forgot about the “plus one” thing on his invitation card, and now there’s an empty chair next to him, blatantly obvious, and Stiles already can feel himself losing points with one of the elderly patrons, Judy Everheart. She had looked approvingly at the happy and adorable relationships of all the other students and clucked her tongue at Stiles’ empty seat. Being in a relationship is clearly not a requirement to win the scholarship but it apparently is making everyone look good— except for Stiles. 

A waiter dressed in an immaculate suit that looks tailored and more expensive than the one Stiles is wearing whisks his (clean) plate away (???), and sets down a dish in front of him.

Everyone is getting their food, and Stiles isn’t sure what he ordered, but it looks good. Some sort of fancy looking steak covered in a rich mushroomy sauce over a bed of wild rice. It’s delicious. 

Stiles is digging in as graciously as he can, but the meat is so tender and falls apart in his mouth.

“Excuse me, sir?” The waiter is back, and there’s an incredibly gorgeous guy behind him, whose annoyed expression disappears when he sees Stiles. 

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