“its over isnt it” and pearl making her romantic feelings towards rose actually canon instead of implied was the best thing that has happened to me, the best steven universe scene so far and actually the best song in an animation i’ve heard, yes, even better than prince of egypt, that means this is serious business. i dont know why but i’m just, relating to it so much? it really drove home the amount of pain pearl has been in all these fucking years, i used to hate her but i now know she’s shitty and salty and annoying cause she hasn’t been able to forgive and move on and its killing her and wow fuck i know what its like to hold onto hurtful things for years and years, god bless the whole steven universe staff for breaking my heart in such a beautiful way


now i’ve got to be there for her son

oh my god this episod e
i was so touched by this- pearl’s beautiful singing just made it even better
so i wanted to do a screenshot redraw of a certain scene, but sadly i’m not good at adding colours, clean outlines and stuf f sweats
i really recommend watching steven universe, seems like a quirky show the first episodes but it gets real deep- probably the best written cartoon show i’ve ever seen on cn

dA link


It’s over, isn’t it?

aaaaaaaaaa God, I have never been more fired up to draw something. Miraculously, this didn’t even take 24 hours.
This is probably one of the best pieces I’ve ever made so far. (goin in the portfolio, woooo) At least, it’s a lot better than the last time i painted a city. I’m amazed at how I’ve grown as an artist, as I am amazed with how Pearl grew as a person.

(I have no idea why the process has such bad quality, i don’t know what happened!)


i was tagged by @nineplusone to do the best friends mb (idk what i’m doing). being best friends with me would include

  1. drinking bubble tea and crying over the aesthetic
  2. putting on makeup together 
  3. me saying i can handle tequila when we all know it makes me cry (bonus: me doing five double shots not realizing it’s ten regular ones)
  4. never asking me where I want to eat bc it’s always chipotle
  5. watching the exo concerts in Japan (and only Japan for some reason) on my laptop 
  6. me sending a million snapchats bc i think i’m hilarious (and you never tell me otherwise)
  7. me never answering texts (gtg !!)
  8. me always slipping kyungsoo into the conversation 
  9. the last pic is y’all when i’m being funny (which is all the time)

i’m tagging the people who can back all of that up: @jinwoosmile @baeksoo-kills @fxcksehun @maggie6997 @phantasmagoricwyverns @onetruemamoo

Libraries are the fucking best I’m playing Pokemon Go today and I forgot to bring my charger and didn’t realize till I was halfway to the city but the tiny city library is letting me use a micro USB cable to charge the thing and isn’t even making me check it out (which is good bc I haven’t been to this library system in 2 years and I’ve lost the keychain card)

Day 23: Your best friend, and why?

Currently Procrastinating

Character: Alvarez (TFC)


The first day that Jean Moreau showed up to summer practices, Alvarez decided that she hated him.

It was hard to say what triggered it, really – it could have been a lot of things. Maybe it was the Raven gear bag that he carried in with him, clutched close in tight fingers. Or it might have been the way he looked around at all of them, like he didn’t trust them. It could have been the fact that Jeremy had given him a special pass to show up three days later than everyone else, or that he didn’t use it. Maybe it was just the number three on his face.

Whatever it was, Alvarez had decided very early on that she was not going to like Jean Moreau, and that was final. Or, it would have been final if she didn’t a girlfriend who was determined to be civil, and a team captain / friend who was determined to be inclusive.

So, that was how Alvarez wound up trapped in her dorm room with Jean, playing Mario Kart. “Trapped,” of course, was a loose term – “threatened into staying” was more accurate. She hadn’t thought that this activity would bring them any closer together, especially since both of them seemed determined not to talk.

Unfortunately, Alvarez was beginning to find, it was really quite difficult to despise someone with those cheery Mario Kart noises filling the room. Also, it was really hard to despise someone who was so incredibly awful at Mario Kart. That, actually, was what Alvarez chose to break the silence with: “You’re terrible at this game.”

Jean glanced at her as his kart crashed into another wall. “I’ve never played before,” he said. “Jeremy told me how to work the controls, I mean, but – I don’t know what I’m doing.”

It was incredibly hard to hate someone once you remember that they hadn’t had any time for fun for the past… ten years? “You’ll get better once you get the hang of it,” Alvarez informed him. “It, uh, takes practice…”

“Anything does,” Jean replied, which Alvarez found to be an exceedingly insightful answer. It was impossible to completely hate someone when you realize that they haven’t had much choice in what they’ve been able to practice.

And that was how Alvarez and Jean ended up with a regular Tuesday afternoon appointment for Mario Kart, and eventually other video games. That was how, one Tuesday on the couch, Jean talked Alvarez out of and then back into getting a pet snake. That was how Jeremy’s toothpaste ended up being mysteriously replaced with icing (but not if he asked – then it was UCLA or the yeti, depending on the mood). That was how Laila’s entire bag got filled with confetti, and how the entire room got filled with balloons.

And, in the end, that was how Jeremy was incredibly dismayed when someone asked Alvarez who her best friend was.