Apparently my sister was driving my car when it started to smoke a little and I just do not need this in my life at the moment. I really, truly don’t.


"Take me to Minnesota."
(for deathscertainlifesnot)


Asami + Transportation


April days in Henrietta were quite often fair, tender things, coaxing sleeping trees to bud and love-mad ladybugs to beat against windowpanes. - Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys

“Eyes on the Road”

The night is so pretty; deep, dark, and vast
And Alfredo remembers all the times in the past
That he spent in the backseat on long family drives
Just a kid watching the sky and dreaming of other people’s lives.

Now that he’s the dad, with his own kids asleep in the back
It’s his job to drive longer than he can keep track
The night is still pretty, but he doesn’t want to crash and explode
So he ignores the stars, and keeps his eyes on the road.

(Starring the great Alfredo Martínez de la Pedraja)

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I’ve been working on this for 14 hours straight but it’s so official looking it was worth it. I feel like some of the designs could’ve been better but I’m really happy with it. This looks so legit it’s scary.

Here’s the recolored car by itself because I think it’s rad.

Road trip please.

isn’t it interesting that naomi went with “you came off the line with a crack in your chassis” to describe cas’ rebellious nature? she could’ve picked any other analogy, but she chose to compare castiel to a car.

isn’t it interesting that the most important object in the universe, the main object of dean winchester’s affection, the very souls of the winchesters themselves–is a car.