Tbh I find red bell peppers kind of creepy. When you cut them open, those pale yellow seeds kind of look like a horrifying number of teeth in bloody gums. And sometimes they have those fleshy coiled tubules too that look a little like intestines. I know since peppers are a fruit, they’re like the reproductive structures, but tbh that doesn’t make them any less unnerving. I’m sorry for sharing these mental images with you.

Media's Growing Sexualization of Women


“A provocative new study tends to confirm that the portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even “pornified.”

University at Buffalo researchers said previous research has found sexualized images of women to have far-reaching negative consequences for both men and women.

The study will be published in the September issue of the journalSexuality & Culture.

The new study uses the covers of Rolling Stone magazine from 1967 to 2009 to measure changes in the sexualization of men and women in popular media over time.

“We chose Rolling Stone,” said sociology professor Erin Hatton, “because it is a well-established, pop-culture media outlet. It is not explicitly about sex or relationships; foremost it is about music. But it also covers politics, film, television and current events, and so offers a useful window into how women and men are portrayed generally in popular culture.”

After analyzing more than 1,000 images of men and women on Rolling Stone covers over the course of 43 years, the authors came to several conclusions.

First, representations of both women and men have indeed become more sexualized over time; and, second, women continue to be more frequently sexualized than men.

Their most striking finding, however, was the change in how intensely sexualized images of women — but not men — have become.

In the study, the authors developed a “scale of sexualization” to measure the intensity of sexualized representations of men and women.

An image was given “points” for being sexualized if, for example, the subject’s lips were parted or his/her tongue was showing, the subject was only partially clad or naked, or the text describing the subject used explicitly sexual language.

Three categories of images were identified: a) those that were, for the most part, not sexualized (i.e., scoring 0-4 points on the scale), b) those that were sexualized (5-10 points), and c) those that were so intensely sexualized that the authors labeled them “hypersexualized” (11-23 points).

Researchers then compared the covers of the magazine by decade.

In the 1960s they found that 11 percent of men and 44 percent of women on the covers of Rolling Stone were sexualized.

In the 2000s, 17 percent of men were sexualized (an increase of 55 percent from the 1960s), and 83 percent of women were sexualized (an increase of 89 percent).

Among those images that were sexualized, 2 percent of men and 61 percent of women were hypersexualized.

“In the 2000s,” Hatton says, “there were 10 times more hypersexualized images of women than men, and 11 times more non-sexualized images of men than of women.”

“What we conclude from this is that popular media outlets such as Rolling Stone are not depicting women as sexy musicians or actors; they are depicting women musicians and actors as ready and available for sex. This is problematic because it indicates a decisive narrowing of media representations of women.

“We don’t necessarily think it’s problematic for women to be portrayed as ‘sexy.’ But we do think it is problematic when nearly all images of women depict them not simply as ‘sexy women’ but as passive objects for someone else’s sexual pleasure.”

The review and analysis is important because an abundant research has shown similar images to have a range of negative consequences:

“Sexualized portrayals of women have been found to legitimize or exacerbate violence against women and girls, as well as sexual harassment and anti-women attitudes among men and boys,” Hatton said.

“Such images also have been shown to increase rates of body dissatisfaction and/or eating disorders among men, women and girls; and they have even been shown to decrease sexual satisfaction among both men and women.”

“For these reasons,” Hatton said, “we find the frequency of sexualized images of women in popular media, combined with the extreme intensity of their sexualization, to be cause for concern.”

Source: University at Buffalo

The angels’ society is one where they systematically used lies and torture to keep their own ranks obedient. They bred humans to serve as living tanks, without caring what the meatsuits wanted as long as they got their yes, regardless of whether it took manipulation or torture. 

But sure, Cas is mimicking Dean.

listen up my homies seems i see an essay length in-depth character analysis of Lupin or Hermione or Dumbledore or James Potter every third day on this website and that’s chill but i would like to draw your attention to the true MVP of the Harry Potter universe, 


u heard me, Fleur BAMF Delacour, a quarter veela, chosen for the Tri-Wizard tournament and one of the best witches to come out of Beauxbatons; Fleur Delacour, who is utterly beautiful and knows it, who is ruthless and pragmatic and 100% unapologetic for it, who fights her way through the Tri-Wizard challenges with cunning and intelligence, who invites Roger Davies to the Yule Ball and spends the entire time lecturing him on the flaws of the British education system. Fleur Delacour, who is also kind. who is horrified at the idea that Harry, as young as he is, would be allowed to participate in the tournament. who is loyal to Harry and everyone that Harry loves from the moment he saves her sister, who risks her life to help him and fight alongside him in the final battle. Fleur who is NOT MOTHERF*CKING HERE FOR YOUR INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY BULLSHIT, who falls in love with Bill Weasley completely and whole-heartedly, who goes to stay at the Burrow and despite her treatment at the hands of Molly and Ginny Weasley, smiles and is steadfast.

Fleur Delacour, who flies into a righteous fury at the very IDEA that she is vain and self-absorbed simply because she is beautiful, who fucking takes the Weasley women to TOWN at the notion that what she feels for Bill is purely physical, that her love for him would disappear at the sight of the scars on his face. Fleur who marries Bill, scars and all, in the middle of an all out wizarding war, who holds her head high and dances with her husband and does not let the darkness touch her. Fleur who does not hesitate to answer Neville’s call to arms at the battle of Hogwarts, who is awarded medals by both the French AND the British ministries of magic for her bravery during said war. Fleur who is beautiful and brave and cold and kind and apologizes to NO ONE AT ALL for being all these things at once.

Fleur. Motherfr*cking. Delacour.

Confession: I just recently joined my school’s black organization club because I wanted to finally make black girl friends. My best friend is a guy and my other one is mixed. I’m mixed but it’s not like I’m white! I talk different or “whitewashed” as some would call it. I’ve always have a diverse group of friends, with the black ones being mixed mostly. So I wanted to join a club where there were other black people. The first meeting, I felt kind of horrified when I was sitting alone eating my food. Everyone was standing in groups talking to each other. No one was approaching me at all. I started talking to one girl who had gotten there late and that made me feel a little better. We had to put up our social media names on a list and the members said they would follow everyone on it and it’s been almost three days and I haven’t had anyone follow me yet. It’s making me feel even worst because I don’t want to be shunned. I don’t want to have to quit because I can’t even make friends with my own people. It’s made me feel like I’m not black enough for these girls. But I really want this club to be a way to make friends who look like me but I feel like a lot of the girls just write me off. And it makes me depressed because all I want are other black girls who get me and I can relate to. 

I’ll Blow Your House Down//Megs and Luca

Luca could hear rustling outside still, but less now as if only one or two people were still shuffling through the hall. If pressed, he had no reason for being there; after all, Megs hadn’t asked him to come. In fact, from her texts, she sounded kind of horrified that he was there in the first place. But, she had sounded so fragile, so sad in her texts that he couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Something had gotten to her and he wouldn’t rest until he figured out what it was. He was forcing her hand, he knew it, but he also knew that he couldn’t just stand outside and watch as they built the walls higher around her. Finally, there was absolute quiet in the hall and then the soft padding of feet. He knew that gait before she even opened the door, knew the quiet worry of her breathing and the soft flowery sent that perfumed her though he knew she didn’t spray herself with anything. The door opened and there she was, softly pale like a little sprite. “Hello little bird,” he whispered.

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I don't know what your laboratory experience has been, but do you have any good stories about things you or someone else did?

I had plenty of lab experience in school, but I haven’t had any in my professional life (which is conducted entirely at a computer).

If you’re looking for stories about a time that I did some amazing chemical tricks or something, sorry to disappoint. That kind of shit doesn’t generally go down in grad labs. We’re too busy running our experiments thirty times in a row to engage in lab shenanigans.

I have one kind of horrifying story, actually. So there’s a pretty common reaction run in labs called an ozonolysis. Ozone, as you may know, is three oxygens in a row, as opposed to atmospheric oxygen, which is two. Ozone is very toxic and has a distinctive smell - if you’ve ever been outside in a lightning storm or walked near a power plant you’ve probably smelled it, it’s a sharp, acrid smell (and you make it by running electricity through oxygen). Anyway ozone is useful in a lab because it does this reaction where it can cleave a double bond right the hell in two and create two carbonyls, thusly:

This reaction happens under a hood, in a cooled bath (usually acetone and dry ice). Ozone is produced by a generator and bubbled through the reaction vessel containing the alkene. It’s kinda fun. Most labs have a designated room where they keep the ozone generator and there’s a fume hood next to it for you to run your procedure (and it’s not an experiment, it’s just one step in a many-step synthesis you’re doing).

But here’s the thing. Those intermediates? The molozonides and ozonides? They’re unstable. You usually don’t do ANYTHING with them until you’ve added that last set of reagents and generated the stable end products. Because those intermediates? Can DETONATE.

So this yahoo down the hall took his solution containing these intermediates and decided to…guess what…distill them. That means he was BOILING them. Aaaaaand the reaction blew up. Blew right the hell up in his face. He was wearing safety goggles, thank god, or else he’d have lost an eye for sure. As it was, his arms and face were sliced all to hell by the pieces of his reaction vessel. The ceramic top of the heating/stirring plate he was using was shattered into bits. It was a mess.

Take home lesson, kids: follow established reaction procedures. Don’t try to purify explosive reaction intermediates. 

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Do we know which author first wrote about a vampire baby/child? The first I heard about was Claudia in Interview with a Vampire. Was she the first one?

I think they have appeared in other works before Claudia but not as in-depth. I remember a few children-turned-vampires in Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot, which was published a year or two before Interview with a Vampire, but that was still a story where the vampires were the threat/bad guys so they weren’t painted as sympathetic or anti-heroes so much and the plight of the vampire child wasn’t explored, they just existed to be scary/creepy. 

Claudia is the first one, as far as I can recall, that really kind explored the tragedy and horror of it from the vampire’s point of view. Unlike Twilight vampires, her mind still matured and “aged” and she ended up having the mind of an adult woman trapped in the body of a little girl, which has all kinds of horrifying and sad implications. 

The idea of hybrids (or dhampirs) is ancient and goes back to folklore, but they’re nothing like Renesmee. Generally it was thought that a vampire would come back to his family after his ‘undeath’ and visit his wife or sweetheart (or girl he just happened to like), and might impregnate her. There are actually stories of widows who become pregnant blaming it on their dead-turned-vampire husband, or men pretending to be vampires to try and get with a girl who wasn’t that interested. lol

The features of the half-vampire children vary from region to region, but some common traits are having untamed hair (usually black), a tail, larger than average nose, ears or teeth. Weirder legends say they didn’t have a shadow, or bones, and lived only briefly because they existed as this soft, jelly-like entity. It was common in these folkloric stories for the dhampir to hate their vampire father and many of them became vampire hunters, because they could sense the presence of vampires whereas normal humans could not because of their ancestry. 

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You have a comic? where can one read it?

I do :)  I’m kind of horrified to say how long it’s been going on now but it’s been my project for a while– here is a little intro/disclaimer with a link to part 1.  All of the installments are in my sidebar menu under Comic (ongoing): The Seduction of Mairon.  My deviantart has them in a bit larger size if the text is too small.  Have fun!

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hi! just in case you start feeling sort of discouraged in finding a reborn that looks exactly like the one she was holding, my parents had creepily bought ones that look exactly like me and my brother when we were newborns! some people will accept pictures of an exact baby and make the reborn out of that from one of the pre-existing doll heads :-p

… that is kind of horrifying of your parents. Like on one hand I can get why they’d want one of you, but ugh, those things are creepy! And the name makes it sounds like they’re zombie babies.

But yes, I’m still 👀 at the idea that rhe Briana half of the baby pics might be just as plastic a baby as the one Louis threw of the stage!

I’ve decided to write down the overview of a passage to a #Kylux FF idea that has come to my mind yesterday. I recently watched the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in which Master Yoda used a scary force trick to turn a droid against its comrades. He used the force to turn the shooting droid around and let him shoot the other droids while it asked itself what was happening and shouted that it would act against its will and were still on the droids’ side (Yoda wasn’t able to control its mind at least because droids don’t have minds in a force kind of way). The controlled droid was clearly horrified and I was thinking:
What if the dark side used this kind of force trick against someone to hurt somebody else. Not necessarily in a setting of war or personal fight against the good side because in such a setting any trick probably is justified as neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because war and surviving against the opposite force have their own rules and create a lot of circumstanced decisions. What if one day Supreme Leader Snoke actually gets tired of Kylo and tries to get rid of him. We all believed Han when he was warning Kylo about the dark side and about Snoke wiping him off his plans as soon as Kylo is no longer necessary for them. I imagine Snoke also wouldn’t be the kind of Sith to simply kill Kylo in a throw-him-into-the-trash-compactor kind of style, if he actually would try to kill him at all and not just threaten to kill him in a manipulative act to devote him further to the dark side by fear or stress.
So what if one day Snoke senses Kylo getting closer to General Hux and therefore closer to his own feelings, to becoming independent, and would use Yoda’s force trick to destroy Kylo completely, not only in body but primarily in mind and therefore in absolut devotion and manipulating dependence to the dark side?
I imagine that one day, probably after Hux and Kylo finally no longer share their deep aversion against each other but kind of grew together by circumstance and similar pain of duty, Snoke using his power to force Hux into attacking Kylo in an (maybe not even serious) attempt to take his life.
Imagine Kylo’s shock and helplessness in the first moments of orientation after the first serious wound, about if Hux actually is trying to kill him or if something else if working against them both. Imagine his conflict of heart and thought while trying to figure out if everything he believed to see in Hux has been a mere lie to control him, as the general had always wanted before they opened up to each other.
Then comes the realization of the force working on Hux, a hot and sharp command ringing in the air between Snoke and the general, and as soon as Kylo senses it he intervenes by using his own force, holding Hux back as good as he can.
By holding him back Hux is finally able to get himself free from Snokes influence long enough to send Kylo a warning expression, by looking at him in a certain way, an intimate way, that none of them thought would come up in a situation like this.
Snoke realizes the surprise is no longer veiled and starts to talk to Kylo in an attempt to weaken him and make him question his position in their master and apprentice relationship. He tries to make Kylo feel alone and useless and not worth the action of being killed by his own hands while Hux is caged between the force of both of them. Snoke is powerful and Kylo isn’t able to shield himself from Snoke’s words, from the soft addictions he let himself get into when thinking about Hux and the damage Snoke creates by telling him that except for the general nobody else was left in the entire galaxy who could probably love him after killing his father.
Snoke is fighting Kylo’s force and with horror Kylo realizes that Hux is slowly coming closer, that he is too weak to hold Hux back from aiming at him with his blaster. That is when Hux himself fights back for a short time and finally is able to say what has to be said before the pain of resisting almost tears him out of his consciousness: “Kill…me.”
And Kylo feels lightning crashing down his spine seeing Hux’s eyes while speaking the words, stern and rigorous, knowing Hux did not plead or threaten him but simply gave him a command to get them both out of this mess.
Imagine Snoke being amused by the heaviness of the situation, like a child winning the game of gods and mortals by burning an ant with a piece of glass.
And Kylo knows he has to. He knows that even if he would let go of Hux, that if he would let Snoke kill him, nothing would ever be like it was before with either of them. There had been a time they shared, in which the reality of what they got into didn’t matter too much for a precious while, but all of it is lost now and forever and he feels the good side wind itself around his bones and boiling him alive by turning dark the second it reaches his heart. The dark side in him snaps and the force is shrieking while Kylo defeats Snoke’s power and forces Hux’s body to aim the blaster to his head and pull the trigger.

Snoke is not really surprised (even if he were he wouldn’t show) and now after loosing in this battle congratulates Kylo for his will and strength, making it all seem a mere test to promote his apprentice up into the rank of a Sith Lord, showering him with ideas about a glorious future without the command of an unimportant entity standing in their way.
But Kylo does not listen.
Everything is clouded, Snoke’s voice a faint whisper as the new kind of power cools down Kylo’s burning body. He isn’t able to take his eyes from Hux’s corpse, his mind a tingling chaos of white noise. He feels the dark side digging a new home underneath his skin, his muscles sore by the unnatural strength glowing in his cells. His body is transforming into a living scar, a vessel for the dark side and all the pain that comes along with it. Burned, crippled and truly alone he feels a lot closer to finishing what his grandfather started after all.


Well okay that was a long 'overview’ to what I had in mind but I needed to write down something to clear my mind of the thought.

au where sari didn’t upgrade herself until after omega supreme showed up and everything is 10000000x more awful

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sex swings

I’m imagining like, wings made of genitals. It kind of looks more horrifying than anything. turn off.

OMG I’M STUPID. I thought it said sex wings… my bad anon. I’m doing many things right now, so I misread.

but yea, turn on, sure.

i was rereading the 36 Lessons of Vivec

i just realized something

in sermon 33:

The citizenry of Vivec screamed as they saw a shooting star come down out of the sky hole like a toll-road of hell. But Vivec merely raised his hand and froze Lie Rock just above the city and then he pierced the monster with Muatra.(The practice of piercing the Second Aperture is now forbidden.)

ok so some context here: 

“lie rock” is Baar Dau, that floating meteor-prison above Vivec’s patron city. Muatra is Vivec’s spear and it’s often times used as a euphemism for Vivec’s dick. Now consider what the phrase “piercing the Second Aperture” means, and what it would mean for it to be forbidden.

if you take all of this together you realize something kind of horrifying and amazing.

froze baar dau
fucked the meteor’s ass
and then vivec banned anal sex

morrowind never ceases to shock and amaze me