SO i just hit a little over 1000 followers, and omg i freaked out when i hit 300!! I know it may not seem like much to most people, but i just barley started this account so it really means a lot! Thank you all SO SO SO much for following me, hell just even bothering to read my oh so shitty stories (especially the first ones LOL) I still cringe reading them. I actually started writing this new fic(One shot?) Last night because an idea for a story hi the at work, and i have about 1000 words on it so far, but I’m not even done writing it and since i hit over a 1000 followers today, I’m going to try to get it up tonight, edited and all ;)

Now i really wanted to give a shout out to @torn-and-frayed Because she was actually the reason i made this account, she probably doesn’t know that, so this going to sound stalkerish SORRY, I read her pics from the beginning and it really inspired me to try to start writing them myself, even the really shitty ones in the beginning LOL but mostly the good ones, so thank you for that :) 


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Not Like The Others part 3

Request: “Can you mix asshole reader, manupilation powers!reader, bff pietro!reader, jealous!bucky, bucky being sooo in love, reader mayyybe loves him back but she is soo good at hiding that, idk summary of all this is reader is an asshole and such a smartass (tony vibes) bucky loves her cause she is different than all other girls. she is the only person makes him laugh and he just fells for her aand the avengers finds out about that and tease him and her yayy! multiple parts would be amazing as fuck”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing (by now you should know there will be a lot of swearing in my fics lmao)

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading my work and giving me feedback, it really means a lot to me. With that being said, here’s part 3 :)

Bucky sat on the couch with all the guys (actually just Steve, Clint, Sam and Tony) while you were in your room, chatting it up with Natasha and the twins. Bucky sighed and rubbed his face with his hands when the topic of you came up in their conversation.

“So, anything interesting happen with Y/N yet?” Clint questioned and Bucky’s cheeks heat up at the thought of what happened in the gym the other day.

“No.” he simply responds and Tony’s eyebrow quirks up.

“Really? Because the camera footage from the gym says otherwise.” Tony spoke and Bucky’s cheeks got redder, if possible.

“Ooo what kind of scandalous act did you get into?” Sam questioned with a smirk, interested in what he had to say.

“Nothing, it was nothing.” Bucky brushes it aside.

“Steve was still in the room when it happened.” Tony says and Bucky hides his face in his hands.

“Oh, now I really want to know what happened.” Sam laughed.

“I second that.” Clint briefly puts his hand in the air like he was in elementary school again.

“Come on, what’d you two do, Barnes?” Sam nudges his leg with his own and Bucky continues to hide his blush. Sam turns to Steve and nods his head. “What’d they do?”

Steve shakes his head, a smirk evident on his face. “It’s not my place to tell.”

“It’s not my place either but I’ll say it.” Tony spoke, grabbing Sam and Clint’s attention. “Bucky and Y/N were dry humping on the bench press.”

Both Clint and Sam’s mouths shoot open and Bucky picks his head up quickly. “That’s not what happened!”

“Really? Then please tell us what did happen.” Clint responds.

“She just - I was like - we didn’t-” Bucky sighed, obviously stumbling over what to say.

“So it’s true.” Sam laughed. “Oh man, I didn’t take you for a kinky guy, Barnes.”

“Shut up.” he groans. “She was just trying to get a rise outta me.”

“And she did. The camera got clear footage of your soldier standing at attention when you got up.” Tony joked, causing the others to laugh.

“Fuck you Tony.” Bucky murmured, leaning back in the couch.

“I’m pretty sure you’d rather have Y/N do that.” Clint added and they laughed harder.

Bucky shook his head, hiding his face in his hands when you walked in. “Hey guys, whatcha laughing at?”

They all turned to you, even Bucky picked his head up, the deep blush still evident on his cheeks.

“Bucky.” Sam responds as you open the fridge, gathering four water bottles in your arms to take back to your room.

“What’s it about? I wanna laugh too.” you say, turning to them. “Is it about how he pissed himself before he could make it to the bathroom because that was golden.”

The boys erupt in laughter yet again, pointing at Bucky in a mocking way. “You what!?”

Bucky glared at you but it was more playful than anything. “You were taking too long and wouldn’t get out of the bathroom.”

“I had a perfectly good reason for taking long.” you reply. “I was bleeding from my vagina. It’s a monthly thing.”

“Alright, we didn’t need to know that.” Tony makes a face and you roll your eyes.

“Man up, Stark, stop being a pussy.” you say. “One day you’re gonna get married and guess what? Your wife is going to bleed monthly and she’s going to be cranky and moody and want cuddles then hate you and you’re gonna have to go to the store for her and buy her tampons and-”

“What the fuck are tampons?” Tony interrupts you and Clint gives him an ‘are you serious’ look.

You smirk. “Tampons are something women stick up their vag to soak up all the blood.”

Tony makes another face. “Oh, gross.”

“You’re such a baby.” you roll your eyes again, turning away from the boys. You suddenly stop, remembering how Pietro and Wanda suggested you just ask Bucky out for coffee so that you two could talk.

You turn back to them and look directly at Bucky. You didn’t want to put him on the spot, knowing how embarrassed he’d get so you gesture for him to come to you. “Bucky come here.”

He perked up, standing on his feet immediately. The others watched as he made his way over to you and Tony smirked. “They’re probably gonna dry hump each other like they did in the gym.”

Bucky stood in front of you, blushing at his words as his gaze dropped to the floor. You look over Bucky’s shoulder at Tony and glared hard. Your eyes flashed yellow and Tony groaned, knowing you were about to use your powers on him yet again, before you made him grab the pillow beside him and forced him to hit himself with it. Clint, Steve and Sam laughed, watching Tony hit himself with the pillow while you turned back to Bucky.

“Hey.” you say, causing Bucky to look at you.

“H-Hi.” he stuttered and you smile, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“So, I was wondering if you’d maybe wanna get coffee tomorrow morning? With me? If you don’t that’s completely fine, I get it. It was just an idea in my head, nothing too serious.” you try playing it off and Bucky smiles.

“Like a.. date?” he questioned.

You smirk. “Call it whatever you want, Buck. Just wanna spend time with you.”

Your words make him smile even more and he nods. “Yeah, I’d love to get coffee with you, doll.”

“Great. I’ll come around your room say.. eight o’ clock?” you suggest and Bucky nods, his head still not wrapping itself around the fact that you basically asked him out on a date.

“Yeah, o-okay. See you then.” he responds. You smile at him, arm stretched out as you snap your fingers causing Tony to stop hitting himself. You throw a wink Bucky’s way before turning around and heading back to your room with a huge smile on your face.

Bucky’s cheeks were hurting from him smiling too much. He turned back to the guys, a smile so bright it could outshine the sun, and sat back down. Tony was patting his face softly, mumbling on about how he hated when you used your powers on him but Bucky paid no attention to him. You had asked him out on a date.

“What’s got you smiling, Buck?” Steve asked his friend and Bucky smiled even more, if possible.

“Y/N asked me out on a date.” he beamed, suddenly feeling his stomach feel weird. “My stomach feels like it’s going to throw up a new stomach inside of me. What’s happening.”

Clint and Sam snickered across from him. “You’ve got butterflies, my friend.”

“Typical reaction when a girl does anything that involves her crush.” Sam adds.

“But I’m not a girl.” Bucky states.

“You sure about that?” Sam questioned and Steve hits his shoulder.

“Leave him alone guys, he’s in love.”

A/N: Tell me what ya think :) I hope you liked this part


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Siel: Part Fifteen


Authors Note: This is the first time I’ve EVER written anything like this so please be kind!

Finding living quarters in the mountains, they decided to camp in the caves for the night, leaving for ornyth in the morning.

When they were finally alone, Sam confronted Ciel, “Why didn’t you tell me that we were mates?”

“What was I supposed to do? Just go up to you and say “oh hey, I know we’re only twenty-two and nineteen but how about we just share our immortality for the rest of our lives?’ No. I wanted you to live life however you wanted. Without the pressure of a mating bond weighing down on your heart. I wanted you to want to be with me because you chose it.  But about the bond, what do you want to do?”
He looked into Ciel’s eyes. He was radiating heat. Of want. Of something deeper. But he knew he wouldn’t do anything if Sam didn’t want to. He’d wait. Decades. Centuries. He knew it.
Sam had his answer, You.”

And that was all it took.


Ciel shredded Sam’s clothes and he shredded his. Raking his gaze down the length of him, Sam grinned. He was pure warrior.   He gently, gently grazed his canines up Ciel’s neck, biting his earlobe. Goosebumps lined Ciel’s arms as he arched his back, breathing, “dick.”

Sam chuckled darkly.

Ciel pushed Sam back onto a bed, and mounted  him. His claws cutting into Sam’s chest, drawing blood, marking him as his, “You’re mine,” He kissed down along the marks, working his way down. Sam’s skin started to radiate heat, his magic making his skin glow. He arched his back, I’m yours.

Keeping his eyes on his, Ciel slowly trailed his tongue down the length of him and took it into his mouth. Sam let out a curse.


Sam reached around Ciel, grabbing his cock, his canies narrowly biting into the v of his neck, “Your mine,” he murmured

“I’m yours.”

Ceil turned around and Sam wrapped his arms around Ciel’s legs, hoisting him up and pressed him up into the wall. Ciel wrapped his arms around Sam’s neck clawing his back.

Thier lips connected, he tasted blood, as he entered. Ciel groaned into Sam’s mouth. The mountains around them quaked as he released.

Day 7

“You look tired, Sam,” Castiel told Sam one morning, as he held the hunter as he had every morning for some years. His fingers tangled amongst the chestnut and silver tresses, smoothing over Sam’s scalp, as he awoke.

Sam always looked tired nowadays.

Sam wrinkled his nose, glancing up with his big doe eyes.
“Are you calling me old, you ancient wavelength?” he muttered, a rueful grin quirking on his face. Castiel tugged a little on a tuft of hair.
“Never, beloved; nonetheless, you do look tired.” A concerned wrinkle creased his forehead when Sam only sighed in reply.
“You’re right; I am tired, that hunt took a lot outta me,” he conceded, brushing a cautious hand against the handprints on his throat. “We need a vacation,” he griped noncommittally, puzzled at Castiel’s hum of agreement.
“Then we will go. You and your brother have been mentioning the sea quite often lately. Perhaps it will provide the rest you are in need of, Sam.”
“Cas, I was just-.”
“Being facetious? Yes, I am aware, but I believe we do need this. Though you are far from old yet, beloved, you do not grow younger. You need a rest, both of you, as I need a rest from the constant anxiety my fragile family gives me.”

Sam offered up a hopeful smile.
“So, we’re really going?”
The corners of Castiel’s lips twitched.

They did get to the ocean, on the East Coast for a change. They’d managed to find a beachside shack for rent in South Carolina; they fit a bit snuck in the small dwelling, but they all reasoned that they wouldn’t stay there for too long. They were only half right.

It happened gradually, the putting down of their roots.

Dean became a good-natured regular at the local bar first, then Castiel became known by name at the local farmers market, while Sam developed a regular order at a little seafood diner by the second pier. Then Sam took up a job at the local antique store, putting in the heavy lifting for the elderly couple that owned it. Castiel was asked to be security at the pier after he’d glared a rowdy teen away from a seagull with a broken wing. Dean had resisted the longest, insisting that he be free to take cases in the event anything showed up; after a year, he gave in and took a lifeguard job that summer, then one at an ice cream parlor during the winter.

People noticed Sam and Cas kissing under the fireworks on the Fourth of July, most with fond sentiments. The pair of elderly wives Sam worked for liked to shoo him out of work early on Tuesdays, encouraging him to “get himself home to that sweetheart of his.” Castiel’s coworkers didn’t speak much, but Sam was always included in the invitations for work parties.

It was lovely, setting up roots in that no-name town by the water; it felt right, ever since that first moment they’d kissed in the ocean and woken to the sounds of the waves. They were happy.

oriona75  asked:

Re-read Sam's Fallen Angel today. I wonder if Cas ever told her Sam came back? Did she go back to Heaven? Did they accept her? Would she leave Heaven again for Sam? Would Sam take her back??

You ask the hard hitting questions, don’t you, Ori?

I left that one open to interpretation. That way, YOU can decide how it ends. :-)

Sam’s Fallen Angel 
Sam’s Fallen Angel Part 2  
Sam’s Fallen Angel Part 3  

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(Q) i'm sorry i don't know why im sending this dumb babbling i just need to get this off my chest but my ex abused me and hurt me and treated me awful and when i stood up against them they turned everyone against me they made me look like the abuser they made me the demon and it's tearing me apart and i'm so tired i'm so drained it's been months and i still feel so empty i'm afraid to get close to anyone again i'm afraid of loving and being loved again

Its okay to babble, thats what this blog is here for. It’s not dumb, its your emotions. It’s very important. I know the feeling, and there are recovery resources on this blog and others like it, especially ptsdsuggestions. But most of all you can always vent here & if you ask for advice we’re glad to give as much as we can, too.

Diana Mary Meade

A/N: This was supposed to be part of my 600 followers personalized stories but it got lost in my messages. So my bad @marygracewinchester sorry that it took so long!

Request: If you would be so kind as to take another request? A sister!fic a name request, though. The reader’s 16 and it’s when Dean goes to get Sam from Stanford. The name is Diana Mary Meade. She’s angry at Sam for leaving her, and in the end ends up comforting him at the Jess’ death.

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

You were mad that Dean was going to get Sam, but you were beyond mad mad that Dean was forcing you to go along with him. You tried to get him to leave you behind at a motel and have him swing by and get you when Sam refused to come but Dean wouldn’t have it. “Something’s already happened to dad, I don’t want anything happening to you.” Stupid protective big brother logic.

You knew Sam wasn’t going to come anyways, he ditched you guys to go be normal, why would he bother coming to help you. Dean might have been able to drag you to get Sam but he sure as hell wasn’t going to get you to go into Sam’s apartment. You weren’t going to see him, “I’ll be waiting right here ready to hug you when he refuses.” You said to Dean as he disappeared on to the fire escape.

You sat outside of the impala for about ten minutes thanks to Dean locking the car and taking the keys before you heard voices coming from the door of the apartment complex. Sam and Dean emerged from it, in the middle of what seemed like an argument just waiting to escalate. Sam stopped when he saw you standing there but Dean kept walking.

“Diana?” Sam asked, a smile growing on his face.

You continued to scowl at him as Dean gave you a look, “Be. Nice.” He angry whispered at you, knowing just how badly you wanted to rip into Sam.

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Aesthetic: Sabriel and Orange

Link to Fic: HERE

Tags: Sabriel, Destiel, Halloween, Loki!Gabriel

Summary: “So!” Gabriel smacks his hands together, pulling Sam’s attention back to him. “What do you think of my costume party? Fantastic, right?” He raises his arms and turns in a circle, and Sam looks up.

There’s a second story balcony that’s open to this room, and it’s filled with people. Well, maybe they’re people, or a few of them, but most are exotic beings and creatures that Sam never knew were real. He should probably be hunting, some of these things–

Author’s Note: This was written as part of the Sabriel in Color series, as well as the @gabriel-monthly-challenge.

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at Loki!Gabriel for awhile, and while I didn’t delve into him deeply here this was fun to write. The prompts for October are fantastic to work with, I had so many ideas for them, I can’t praise @waterkiss37 enough for coming up with these. She also wrote the invitation rhyme for this fic and it’s so clever, I love it! (I’m so proud that she’s my beta ya’ll, she’s amazing.)

Don’t kill me if the mythology isn’t exact, I played around with it a little, hopefully it works!

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me & my love have been together for almost 4 years & we still haven't had sex but we live together and the only reason why I haven't is bc of my religion and sometimes he gets mad do you think I should give it up so he can stop getting mad i feel bad

I asked my baby @sampreme to help me with this and he and I both applaud you guys for being together 4 years AND live together and not having sex??? Like props to you. Also Sam is right. He said that you need a genuine reason to give it up, not just because he gets mad and I 100% agree. If there’s no genuine reason you keep waiting

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Hey Liza, random question. When there's a guest star on a show I always assumed the show put them up in a hotel while they're there. What's happens with a recurring guest, like Sean? If he's in say 3 episodes he'll be around for at least a month, is he put in a hotel too? Is that actually even true about the show paying for accommodations? Random I know!!! Just started thinking about it.

Guest stars are put in a hotel. So my ass-u-mption is that a recurring like Sean would be in a hotel. Yes, ABC pays for accommodation for Guest Stars. (putting a fine point on that designation.) It’s one of the costs of filming in Vancouver. (offset by the many financial benefits) 

You can see with recurring guest stars like Karen David and Sam Witwer that they go back and forth to Vancouver as needed for filming. They don’t stay in town when they’re not needed on set. 

I’ve stayed at the Four Seasons in Vancouver for business and there were quite a few actors staying there at the time…


and you call yourself a spy Natasha