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I give you two words: Thank you. Thank you for beign one of the few who actually noticed that some shows have flaws, one who noticed that there are some good qualities in shows that are not that good, one who doesn't get blinded to what others say, and one who wants to give the best experience possible for fans. I go to your blog because of this and because you are a good person and a great fan, Because sadly, some people just watch a show in order to criticize about it. It's so toxic it hurts!?

You’re welcome, Anonymous.  When I first read this message, I smiled from ear to ear and got a little teary eyed.  I needed this.  

I always try to stay positive but when I see a problem with something, I will mention it.  I do not believe in the uncritical consumption of media.  You can love something and still recognize the flaws in it without suddenly becoming a “hater”. Conversely, you can notice good things in something that is otherwise flawed and objectively not good.  This is why no matter my initial reactions to a show from the pre-release designs and concepts, I give every tokusatsu series 5 episodes before I pass judgement.  I am oftentimes pleasantly surprised as in the case of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Yes, sometimes I get caught up in the pre-premiere negative hype but I am willing to admit when I am wrong and eat a little crow when something turns out to be better than it looked.

Messages like these make me feel good inside and keep me going.  Thank you for following me and thank you for this message.  It means the world to me to get feedback like this! 


Kristen Wiig Joins The Gang As A Guest Star | Season 3 Ep. 10 | THE LAST MAN ON EARTH


Lady Boss

The star of the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” takes on workplace inequality with an original performance for Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair.

Earlier this week I had the fortune of opening a truly wonderful email in my inbox. Attached was this with a very sweet message, courtesy of @fondirritation. So let me just say thank you once again here!

The stunning artwork has been done by biencadeau (who does beautiful works - take a glimpse at her twitter). She has also generously allowed for this to be shared on tumblr.

hello all, my name is sebastian stan, you can call me sebby. you may know me from that one marvel movie as captain america’s love interest, or from the dan humphrey gossip girl show. i enjoy long walks on the beach with rude people, but only on short piers. hmu at (insert gho here, or wait, it’s on your description - wvlkingmeme) if you want to talk about memes, cats, or mockumentaries. i’m down for all of the above.

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I read often in some comments (on facebook :/) that Margaret rulled through her son Henry VII. Is there any evidence of that I am curious? She was powerful and respected but do we know if she influenced any political decisions taken by her son? Or was Henry just like Bacon wrote: 'His mother he reverenced much, heard little.' ?

// I don’t think it’s accurate to say that she ruled through him. Henry was very much in charge of his own policy (as far as international events would allow) and his working practices, particularly towards the end of his reign, do seem to show that he wanted to be in full control.

Margaret never had a great influence on the actual ruling of the country, but it would be wrong to dismiss the impact she had on, say, the royal household, and the actual establishment of Henry’s reign. She was around for much of the post-Bosworth decision-making, and was responsible for organising the household and its protocols etc.

I think what’s important, though, is that Margaret was very much her own person. She didn’t just cling to Henry VII and pull strings at Court. She still spent a lot of time elsewhere. Particularly in the early 1490s, she spent a lot of time up in Lancashire, much like she did before Henry became King. Henry’s becoming King didn’t so much give her authority as independence. She could now come and go as she pleased, and could own property in her own right.

After 1499 (but even more so after 1504), Margaret was largely dedicated to her charities and foundations. She started founding all her Oxford and Cambridge colleges, and teamed up with her stepson to do it after 1506. So she clearly had loads of wealth and influence, but she didn’t cling to royal power like a limpet.

Henry clearly revered her, and I do think he took her advice on board, particularly in domestic matters. She seems to have been an indispensable help to him, particularly when the death of the Queen left an obvious gap. She was named chief executor of Henry’s will, which again shows how esteemed and organised she was.

But no, she never ruled through Henry. She just helped out an awful lot when she wasn’t elsewhere doing her own thing.

Sometimes people are just bad and they know they were bad. And they don’t want to deal that. So they avoid the ones they hurt so they are not reminded of the pain they inflicted.

It’s hard to tell what others are thinking. We are in our own worlds, we are at the center of our own universes. We do things that benefit our own needs. And maybe he needs to not be reminded of how shitty he was to you.

—  @spirit-babe and her wise words

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but imagine levi going on a date(idk hanji prob set him up on one bc "he needs to get out more") and he realizes he doesn't know how to kiss(u decide why) and eren is there(bc they're friends") and he's like "here, let me teach u" and he does and it isn't until levi is out of the car that he realizes how soft/warm the kiss was and how much he actually likes eren.(q flashbacks of all the sweet things eren has done for him) so he leaves bc u know...he wants eren and i just