Supercorp: “The Spiderman Kiss” 

Amazing commission from the wonderful @zackdoesart <3 y’all should check his work out, it’s sooo good!

Lena hadn’t experienced a lot of things in her life but she would never get used to the rush she felt when she kissed Kara. Falling in love with Kara was so effortless and she cherished each moment they shared together but one thing that she loved more than anything; was how much of a dork her girlfriend is. How she insisted on carrying Lena bridal style to the bedroom, how she makes Lena sandwiches to take to the office or how excited she’d get every time the word ‘potstickers’ was mentioned. As their relationship had developed Lena had also opened up, showing Kara her nerdy side - it made her so happy to finally be able to share her love of sci-fi and comics to her equally enthusiastic girlfriend. The two had managed to have many movie marathons in between Supergirl saves and Lena’s demanding work schedule, after they’d watched the original Spiderman Trilogy (ranting about Spiderman 3 of course!) Kara had joked about reenacting the famous upside down kiss scene.

Which is how Lena walked into their apartment shrugging her coat off and carelessly pulling her hair free. The smell of takeaway lingered in the air and there was a plate of steaming hot fried rice on the counter but strangely her girlfriend was nowhere to be found. She looked around in search for the Kryptonian, calling her name softly only to be met with silence. Sighing she moved towards the kitchen which is when she heard a soft giggle followed by a muffled “oops!”. Smiling she looked around, raising her eyebrow as another giggle erupted - this one was louder and it only made her smile more.

“I guess Kara isn’t here…” Lena speaks in a teasing voice, biting her lip when she hears some shuffling, more giggling and then she sees Kara, floating at the top of the ceiling, upside down. 

Lena can’t help but laugh when Kara flashes her a proud grin. Kara beckons her over with an excited wave, smiling wider when Lena makes her way towards her. Kara easily floats down, still hung upside down like the deo bat - stopping when she’s mere inches from Lena’s lips. She waits, hovering there as her eyes drift to stare at Lena’s lips.

“Going to give me a kiss then Spidey?” 

Kara blushes at the nickname before nodding enthusiastically.

“Well, I can’t leave a beautiful woman hanging; can I?” 

Lena shakes her head rolling her eyes at the joke. She steps closer tilting her chin slightly as Kara’s hand cups the back of her head gently tugging her closer and effectively closing the gap. The moment their lips meet Lena melts, reaching forward to chase Kara’s lips. Kara keeps her hand tangled in Lena’s hair as they continue to kiss softly and she can taste the hint of wine lingering on Lena’s lips, drinking every bit of her in. Lena smiling breaks their kiss but neither can bring themselves to care - not when Kara is bringing their lips back together and kissing with such softness that Lena never wants to pull away.


Welcome Kristen Wiig! | Season 3 | THE LAST MAN ON EARTH

littleredrxbinhood  asked:

jason's a cuddler. he doesn't seem like it, but he is. he absolutely denies being one but as soon as he knocks out, he's clutching onto the nearest human being, or pillow, or animal, and cuddling it. it's usually tim, and the first time it happened, tim was incredibly confused, because was this really the same guy that was insulting him five minutes ago, who is now nuzzling into his neck, with his arm around tim's waist, and his leg sort of draped across tim's. tim's incredibly confused at this.

Oh my gosh this is really weird because I have a half finished WIP just titled “Jason Cuddles” and it’s about him being a secret snuggler and it switches between the batfams POV as they each realize how much he enjoys cuddling them.

But yes, JayTim surprise snuggles is something I’m all about. And like, we both know how THICK Jay is, so he’d completely cocoon smol Timmy with his body.

And I doubt Tim has been cuddled much before because his parents were too busy and now Bruce is his father figure and we all know how bad he is with that stuff. So he isn’t used to it and maybe with anyone else he’d hate it but Jason is so comfy he’d just fall asleep with Jay.

And then they’d both wake up and be embarrassed but realize they actually kinda like each other and they’d live gayly ever after asjhdnajsk.

Orisa looked across the massive waves of gibraltar, which had been turned back into an overwatch base. Efi sat next to her, tinkering with a small device. Suddenly, the small girl sits up, a look of glee on her face. “Orisa, I just made something for you!” Orisa looked down, her yellow eyes like streetlamps in the dim light. “Its an upgrade, which gives you the ability to scan people and feel the emotions they’re feeling!” Efi opened the upgrade module tray and slid the small chip into the slot. Orisa immediately started beeping, and got up. She looked at all the overwatch members around her. Jack morrison, feeling weary and tired after a mission, mrs zeigler frustrated at mei, because the chines scientist wouldn’t let the doctor treat her coldsores, and then, Orisa looked at bastion. A wave of crippling sadness washed over her. The confusion, the loneliness, the discrimination, all came together to make the single most horrific thing Orisa had ever experienced. Yet, bastion sat at his table, stroking ganymede and beeping to himself. Orisa wanted to help, but wasn’t yet programmed to deal with emotions. All she could do was watch.

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I was one of the ones that was writing rooting for ace alex (im ace and we need more characters to love) and also for the sex and that last anon explained so good what I want and even how I feel myself!!! Having sex because you want to see your partner loose themselves so much just by having you close!!!!!!!!!!!*_*