Happy New Year from New York City in 100 Languages

Earlier this week I had the fortune of opening a truly wonderful email in my inbox. Attached was this with a very sweet message, courtesy of @fondirritation. So let me just say thank you once again here!

The stunning artwork has been done by biencadeau (who does beautiful works - take a glimpse at her twitter). She has also generously allowed for this to be shared on tumblr.


Welcome Kristen Wiig! | Season 3 | THE LAST MAN ON EARTH

Sometimes people are just bad and they know they were bad. And they don’t want to deal that. So they avoid the ones they hurt so they are not reminded of the pain they inflicted.

It’s hard to tell what others are thinking. We are in our own worlds, we are at the center of our own universes. We do things that benefit our own needs. And maybe he needs to not be reminded of how shitty he was to you.

—  @spirit-babe and her wise words

Orisa looked across the massive waves of gibraltar, which had been turned back into an overwatch base. Efi sat next to her, tinkering with a small device. Suddenly, the small girl sits up, a look of glee on her face. “Orisa, I just made something for you!” Orisa looked down, her yellow eyes like streetlamps in the dim light. “Its an upgrade, which gives you the ability to scan people and feel the emotions they’re feeling!” Efi opened the upgrade module tray and slid the small chip into the slot. Orisa immediately started beeping, and got up. She looked at all the overwatch members around her. Jack morrison, feeling weary and tired after a mission, mrs zeigler frustrated at mei, because the chines scientist wouldn’t let the doctor treat her coldsores, and then, Orisa looked at bastion. A wave of crippling sadness washed over her. The confusion, the loneliness, the discrimination, all came together to make the single most horrific thing Orisa had ever experienced. Yet, bastion sat at his table, stroking ganymede and beeping to himself. Orisa wanted to help, but wasn’t yet programmed to deal with emotions. All she could do was watch.

anonymous asked:

Told my T that friend walked me to see her because I was afraid I would turn around and go home. Before our next apt she texted me 'Im gonna be 30 seconds late; dont bail on me'. Made me feel good because she knows and validates how hard it is for me

Dear Steven Crewniverse

Thank you for making the first children’s show same-sex identifying kiss that wasn’t a joke. 

I am so happy that this finally happened, thank you. 

active-mind-15  asked:

I dreamt that Akashi had to make ice cream and to see if the ice cream was good I would have to lick it and fireworks would go up in the sky telling me how good it is (dream logic). But every time he would give it to me, the fireworks would spell out the words 'no' or 'try again' and he got gradually frustrated to the point where he looked like he was gonna cry because he couldn't get it right. Murasakibara kissed him on the cheek to cheer him up. But I had never woken up so flustered before. 😳

I LOVE THIS DREAM LOGIC LOL!! So far your dream:

  • akashi made ice cream
  • akashi asked you to lick it! I’M-
  • the fireworks were #savage
  • please dont make him cry
  • muraaka NICE it’s so adorable!
  • you should’ve been the one to kiss him
  • i hope at some point you get to meet him again and be more flustered
  • from now on I’m gonna rate everything with fireworks, it’s either extra or nothin