“You just have so many younger players that are coming in and getting their first professional playing experience and doing well with it, so I feel like they’re only going to continue to get better,” Morgan said. “I’ve already seen them grow so much this season that I’m really excited to see what next season has to offer for them.”

Being a rookie in the NWSL hasn’t just been about the on-field action, though. For rookie midfielder Dani Weatherholt, Morgan’s been a role model for her because of the impact she has off the pitch.

“She’s been a role model to me because you can see how she influences little girls, and I think that’s definitely been one of my goals coming in is the influence I get to have on little girls and be a role model to them,” Weatherholt said. “That’s why I feel lucky to be [with] the Pride is because of [co-founder] Kay and [founder] Phil [Rawlins]. They really value [community].”


G-Dragon: a respectful, humble musical genius who’s got unmatched talent and succeeded by years of hard work; leader, writer, and producer of supergroup BIGBANG

That’s maybe the main reason why even he’s not your bias; he kinda is a little bit. But above all, I stan him because of his huge, huge heart which is overshadowed so often by his G-Dragon persona. He’s got so much love for everyone. 9 years in the industry, through so many ups and downs, he is still him. People tend to forget that he is Kwon Jiyong and that he’s GD only when he’s on stage. But lately I think he is showing bits of Jiyong more and more often and little moments like this I need to capture. 

I wish nothing but happiness for you, Kwon Jiyong. We all know just how hard you have it preparing for MADE, but so far 2015 is looking so, so bright. I couldn’t be more grateful for this era. Like you believe in us, we also got your back. Until Whenever. 


Since Levi never actually had a positive male figure to look up to his whole life (and the only one who ever came close to that abandoned him before any real attachment formed,) I like to think that Levi sees Erwin as that strong, authoritative male figure he’s always yearned for in life. Deep down Levi thrives to be just like Erwin because Erwin is his ideal on what a real man should be like.

At the age of three, I kept doodling a teacher in front of a class. I was so sure I’d become a teacher. Even halfway through college, I thought I was going to become a teacher. Being out of college, currently working a full-time job, I still have that drive in me though it’s not my direct path. I am able to clearly see why I was interested in the occupation to begin with. To educate. To be creative always. To always be a student and continue learning. To inspire–to positively impact the future of the world & inspire change. To be a great problem-solver. To be a superb role model. Teachers rarely get enough appreciation or recognition for their efforts and dedication. Thank you. Thank you GOOD teachers and educators around the world. To those who actually enjoy teaching (and do a good job in teaching–not just thinking you are always correct and having students regurgitate chapters worth of information), to you passionate folks who leave deep imprints–motivating students to be the change they want to see and having sincere interest in seeing them succeed. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! You shouldn’t only be thanked today, but hey, don’t get discouraged, and keep it up! 



Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kind of falls into place.

swear to god she looks amazing no matter what

Dancing Grace = awkwardly perfect


tyler Oakley grace = oddly perfect


killing-everyone-by-smiling- Grace = obviously perftect

getting-makeup-done-Grace = adorably perfect

sassy grace = just perfect omg

brunnette grace = ovary exploding amounts of perfect just omfg

What Felicity Smoak has taught me, and why she's the best female role model I've seen on TV

- You are not where you came from. You do have the power to make a difference in your own life, just by deciding that you can

- You don’t have to physically kick ass to be powerful. Your brain is just as valuable as your body

- And additionally, wearing a pink dress and killer heels doesn’t make you less tough

- Don’t give up. You just have to find another way (and there always is one)

- If someone is disrespecting you, stand up to them. Even if it’s a hot, 6 foot vigilante, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them that they’re out of line

- Compassion and sensitivity doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger, you have something worth fighting for

- Relationships require trust. Always have a conversation when needed, even if its difficult. Like dropping a paternity bomb difficult.

- Never give up. Never give up on pushing your partners to make up. Never give up on your partners, even if they’ve given up on themselves. That’s when they need you most.

- It’s okay to be insecure sometimes, you’re only human

- Take risks. Step outside your comfort zone. That insane decision (like maybe joining a vigilante team) may lead to the greatest adventure of your life, so don’t be afraid to step out of that cubicle, even if you’re uncertain about where that adventure may take you

- Don’t let others make decisions for you. It’s YOUR life, and YOUR choice.

- Inspire people with your inner light. Everyone has it, it’s just a matter of harnessing it instead of giving into darkness, even if that’s the easy way out.

- Just be you, because YOU are remarkable.

I know people aren’t thrilled with Felicity’s wheelchair storyline. I know that a lot of you watched tonight’s episode and came away with how important of a role model she is for women in science and women in general, and that’s amazing - I did too! Felicity is an icon for young girls everywhere, she’s been an icon as a woman for every single one of us fans who watch Arrow every week and adore her. But I’m making this post to explain something. Do you know who she’s specifically an icon for now? Me. 

I’m in a wheelchair. I don’t really discuss online why I’m in a wheelchair, but it’s a fairly recent development. I dealt with fairly suddenly being wheelchair bound, and I deal with it every single day. There are days that I wheel myself and manage to accidentally bump into everything and everyone in my path, like Felicity did at the beginning of 4x12. There are days that I sit here and miserably wish I could stand. But you know what? Like Felicity, I’m pretty badass too.  

When Felicity Smoak sat up there to give her presentation, I saw my favorite character showing the world that women in wheelchairs are badass. In these last two episodes, I’ve watched Felicity struggle through what I’ve struggled through, and continue to help save her city and her company. For the first time, I’ve really seen me in my favorite character, and I’ve seen the potential that I have as a woman in a wheelchair. Emily Bett Rickards’ portrayal has blown me away, and this story means a lot to me. 



This was an assignment where we made a booklet about what we “heart”. I chose VidCon. On every spread we had to use 3 photos (those three photos were the same on every page but could be cropped or altered), 300 words of text, and a timeline of your subject.

I really loved this project and I’m submitting it with my portfolio in a couple of weeks- FINGERS CROSSED THAT I CONTINUE ON TO THE NEXT COUPLE YEARS OF DESIGN SCHOOL.

Also, some of you might wonder why Emily Graslie is on the cover instead of Hank. This is a good question. The answer is because Emily is rad. The Brain Scoop Panel and her signing were two of the many highlights of VidCon for me. She’s been a great role model and source of inspiration for me, especially within the past year. I thought I’d kind of acknowledge that by putting her on the cover.

Hey, you want to know who Scorpius Malfoy reminds me of? 

Luna Lovegood. 

And I don’t just mean in the sense of blond, dead mum, dad’s trying his best, bullied, unpopular, odd. 

I mean that Luna Lovegood is a beautiful character because despite the hardship she faces, despite the ridicule she endures, she’s wise, and gentle, and thoughtful, and kind, and she never changes who she really is. 

Scorpius? He’s very much the same. Scorpius is unbearably sunny and nerdy and wonderful, even when he has no reason to be.

And it really makes me happy. You know why? Because Luna Lovegood was one of the most important characters in the series. She became the perfect role model for children everywhere in that she showed how important it was to be yourself, how valuable the smallest of actions could be, and that you could keep smiling and keep giving to others and keep being the kindest and most beautiful of souls even when the world was determined to beat you down. 

And the world could always do with more characters like that. 

hey taylorswift ! i know you may not get to read this but if you do i just wanted to tell that i love you you so so much and im so incredibly proud of you. your so beautiful and your voice is too. so many people judge you, which sucks but your just so human. i think its so inspiring how your the biggest popstar in the world and you have never let the stardom get to your head and change your cute, awkward self which i think is the coolest thing ever. i havent found anyone with a bright personality like you and that is why i am so thankful to have you in my life as my role model. i know that when ive had a bad day, i can just curl up in a blanket and listen to clean. i love watching your interviews, especially the one where ellen scared you in the bathroom. i think i almost died watching graham norton (rip me) my sister wanted to tell you that she loves dancing to shake it off so i said i would say this when i write to you. im really really exited for your tour this year, im coming to london!! if you see a girl being carried away in an ambulance because she is in a critical condition and may be dying its most likely me. i love your new perfume, its purrfect! (OH MARTHA YOU DIDNT) just to say, meridith and olivia (dibbles) are the cutest cats i have EVER seen. i love the video of olivia when shes sleeping and when you stop petting meridith she meows. a huge shoutout to your beautiful mum, i love her, and to your dad for being the best photobomber he can be. sorry this is long, i hope one day i can say it all again to you in person and give you the biggest hug ever but thank you thank you for everything, i will always support you and be there for you, i love you so so much, i see you as the big sister i never had.
lots of love,

ps: i had an amazing experience the other day when shake it off was playing in kfc and all the people that were working there were singing to themselves while me snd my sister were dancing. sorry about the picture, i had nothing else to post but i hope you dont mind this one its me and my little sister

51 years later and every day I wonder what the world would be like if you had the opportunity to continue to influence the world I live in. People always ask me why JFK is my role model, and I can never put it into words - it’s because he radiated a generation with the hope and confidence that America was born on, and is all about. A man of the sea, a politician, and an icon, and lastly, my role model. Rest in peace Jack ⚓️ #JFK #Fitz

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Let me tell you all why Frozen is possibly the best Disney film to date:

(This will contain spoilers!)

1. The focus is on two different princesses who are completely different yet both credible and both great role models for young girls!

2. Disney sends the message that you can jump on the furniture, be clumsy and stuff yourself with chocolate yet still be a princess

3. The fact that they are already princesses means that they don’t need men to give them power and status (just like in Tangled).

4. Disney makes fun of themselves by making a point that it’s crazy to marry a man you just met.

5. The relationship between Anna and Kristoff develops slowly and is based on more real feelings. He falls for her personality and even though the love is mutual it is clear that he is chasing her not the other way round (also like in Tangled).

6. Let I Go - do I even need to say any more? Disney songs now are more like epic showtunes than the cutesy little songs they used to have!

7. Olaf’s advice to Anna that true love is when you someone puts your needs above their own - everybody needs to know that, it’s a fantastic message about self respect and knowing what a relationship is about!

8. Anna tells Kristoff that she won’t judge him if he cries which is great for any guys who are watching.

9. (And I think this is the most important) The act of true love was between the sisters, not between Anna and Kristoff which is not only really unique for Disney, but they emphasise the importance of family relations which is just beautiful!


they may think it’s endearing to call you “mom” and “queen,” but it actually puts so much pressure on you to, like, stay perfect and to be someone that like they can look up to. And like that’s not why I make music. I don’t care to be anybody’s role model. It’s just something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I really wanted to express how hurt I was because someone had taken something so personal to me. I mean, that’s so illegal, too.”  

NOT IN THE PLANS II Lydia Martin was going to be Beacon Hills High School’s Queen Bee, to win the Fields Medal, and to possibly become every teenage girl’s role model. She could handle the werewolves, the druids and any other kind of supernatural monster. But falling in love with Stiles Stilinski was definitely not in her plans. II a stydia mix by stiilees

001. Let Him Go - Birdy ( And you see him as you close your eyes, maybe one day you’ll understand why ) 002. I Can’t Make You Love Me - Bon Iver ( Turn down these voices inside my head, lay down with me ) 003. Crazy In Love - Sea OleenaSuch a funny thing for me to try to explain how I’m feeling, and my pride is the one to blame ) 004. Pieces - Andrew BelleYou and me got ourselves a problem; I can see this better than I solve them ) 005. Turning Page - Sleeping At LastWe’re tethered to the story we must tell ) 006. Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle AplinDoesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that ) 007. Wolf - Now, Now (I would kill to be the cold tracing your body and shaking your bones ) 008. Fall - Ed SheeranAnd if I fall for you, would you fall too? ) 009. Latch - KodalineHow did you do it? You got me losing all my breath )

Literal Dialogue from the Latest EP
  • Uncle Ford:Hey Dipper so I know you and Mabel have been worried about history repeating itself and you two ending up like Stan and I but why don't you just igNORE ALL THAT SHIT AND ABANDON YOUR SISTER TO JOIN ME IN MY STUDIES THAT FUCKIN RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY BROTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE
  • Dipper:wtf why not