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I am really proud of the Olicity Fandom this year, just looking back on everything we accomplished. All of the awards we won, including Televised Awards: MTV Ship of The Year, Hottie of the Week, EOnline Best Couple & Steamiest Moment, EW Finale Awards (Best Romantic Cliffhanger & Memorable Line), Green Arrow TV Awards (too many to list), along with the successful campaign to get a Felicity Smoak Pop Funko Doll. We have garnered a lot of media coverage for our ship and everyone should be proud.

Couldn’t have said it better, Anon.  The Olicity fandom are “do-ers.”  We pick a goal, we focus on it, we achieve it.  We do that because we’re invested, we care, and we work damn hard for it every day. 

We’ve accomplished a lot.  We should be massively proud of ourselves and of each other.  It’s easy to forget sometimes how far we’ve come from “Felicity Smoak?  Hi.  I’m Oliver Queen” to Oliver & Felicity driving off into the sunset.  We overcame a lot and we had to fight every inch of the way for it.  But, at the end of the day, it’s all about one thing: Having fun with Oliver & Felicity and our Shipdom.

It’s my hope that Olicity fans not only recognize what they do, the service of what they do to the network and show, but the value of what they do and that they:

A) Never take for granted what we have done, continue to do, and will continue to achieve by working together

B) Never apologize, explain, or feel guilty about being a shipper; and

C) Never allow anyone to to abuse, misappropriate, manipulate, or “ride the coattails of” the Olicity shipdom for their own agenda purposes (almost always counter-productive and counter-intuitive to the interests of Olicity & their fans).  We bust our butts for what we get.  They need to do the same. 

We’re an amazing fandom.  We know how we got this far.  We never blink, not in focus, not in support, not in goal.  That’s our superpower.  

We keep doing that?  There’s nothing we can’t do.

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So if they revisit KC do you think Julie will be the writer to promote them? I don't even know what she would say since the entire fanbase knows she doesn;t like KC.


SHE’D BE AAAAALL OVER IT. And not only would she be all over it, she won’t hesitate in attempting to make all of us look like the temper-tantrum throwing, unreasonable, dumbass fandom because Klaroline was ALWAAAAYS GOING TO BE REVISITED. THEY JUST HAD TO WAIT FOR THE “RIGHT MOMENT” AND KCERS ARE THE ONES WHO JUST COULDN’T WAIT AND WE’RE ALL SUPER UNGRATEFUL FOR NO REASON BC OUR SHIP WAS ALWAYS (MY ASS) THE PLAN.

Yeah, her ego is like half of why I’m so sure we’ll get at least Klaroline endgame. And lemme tell you, you best believe she’s gonna handle that entire promotion of it. She’ll play it off as her idea and she’s gonna take all the credit and peace tf out with it. There is no doubt in my mind of that.

Ffs phandom

Why does the fandom of such lovely, caring and genuinely the nicest people have to have such a bad reputation. Maybe if you stopped attacking their friends, stop blaming other youtubers that have nothing to do with the issue, stop creating hate pages for people that maybe said something problematic and just stop being horrible to other fandoms, we would have the best fandom ever. The phandom is very powerful and we love our dorks very much so why do some people misuse that to hate? The phandom should support them, not bring other people down thinking that that will help..

Ship Manifesto is open for business!

Some of you may remember (back in the old days of Livejournal) the practice of writing Ship Manifestos, fan essays to show why you think your ship is the best.  We aren’t affiliated with any of the older communities on LJ or other sites, but were inspired by them (in particular to create a new space for fans to write and submit formal meta for their favorite ships, across all fandoms.

That’s where you come in! If you would like to explain why your ship is tops, please read our about and guidelines  pages and send in your own. You can also browse the manifestos others have written and see what they’ve said to defend their own ships. 

This really is all about community participation and we cant do it without all of you! Please signal boost, and maybe take some time to gather up all your screenshots and quotes so you can join in too!

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I really loved your answer about Louis' character in fics, maybe you can do something like that with Harry, please?

Yeah sure. I think Harry is a sweet sweet boy! But not even close as innocent as this fandom thinks. That’s why I loved him in Into The Blue by zarah5, Wild And Unruly by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews and in Speaking of Marvels by navigator, quitter. I wanted to punch him in the face in the last one. 

I think he fucks up here and there and that he’s very stubborn in a relationship. He is so so so loving, but sometimes acts a bit selfish? And that’s why they go together with Louis so well. I personally loved Harry in those:

Empty Skies by green_feelings

Your Best Line Ever by green_feelings

I’m not calling you a liar (just don’t lie to me) by hazmesentir

We Are Honey And The Bee by soleilouis

Higher Than Before by starseas

Can I Make It Any More Obvious by slashter

I see him as a person who has this need to please people and take care of them, but at the same time, he needs and he wants to do himself too, if you know what I mean…

A lot of fic writers write him as a “good one” in fics, but I LOVE when it’s written the other way around. Harry is complex in real life! Very complex. And so far from an innocent little flower. I would do anything to see more of his naughty side. AND HE’S SO FUCKING WEIRD, read this  The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats by LoadedGunn.

I love when he lose some control  over himself and he’s a bit angry in fics: Reeling Through The Fall by zarah5.

There is this fic  All the diamonds You Have Here by vashtaneradas where he is so so so Harry I imagine him to be if Louis fucks up. I love both of them in this fic. I don’t know why, I just see them so clearly. READ THIS! 

I will be dragged for this, but the dominant streak in him comes out very nicely in  Know you got that thing (that i like) by lightseep. Go read it. I loved both of them here as well.

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Why are you so against NaLi?

This ship really, really, really pisses me off for many reasons, sometimes to the point of where I wanted to leave the fandom. 

One, all Natsu and Lisanna have for their relationship is their childhood. Yes, they had a cute friendship/relationship as children… but that’s the thing. They were children. And here you have people thinking that Natsu’s going to drop Lucy, his best friend, for Lisanna. Yes, Natsu and Lisanna were childhood best friends, I get that 100%. 


But oh, yeah lets make scenarios where Natsu’s so in love with Lucy and Lisanna comes back and Natsu doesn’t have the heart to break up with Lucy so he just cheats on Lucy with Lisanna. So Lucy ends up getting crushed and Natsu’s like “oh Lucy I only love you I didn’t mean it” LIKE NO, NATSU WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON LUCY, EVER.


Oh how can I forget Natsu ignoring Lucy for Lisanna and Lucy’s in inner turmoil but Natsu doesn’t care because he has Lisanna. Natsu would never forget or leave Lucy, Mashima has shown us throughout the manga about that. 

Also (thank you shadoouge for reminding me) is Lisanna and Natsu’s marriage promise thing as kids. Kids don’t know anything about love, hell they don’t even know where they came from. They don’t know the true meaning of marriage…. PLUS THEY WERE LIKE 7?!?! A LOT OF THINGS CHANGE IN 10 YEARS. Besides, Natsu didn’t even respond to her. He just got all flushed. But yeah, people say OH THEIR GONNA GET TOGETHER BECAUSE NATSU PROMISED LISANNA SHE WOULD BE HIS WIFE.


Long story short, its that people base their whole relationship off their childhood and create fucked up scenarios that hurt My Queen (Lucy) for no good reason. I love Lisanna, she’s my precious angel… but its obvious who Natsu’s chooses and its not her.

You might be wondering “oh, if you don’t want to read any scenarios like that why are you reading a NaLi story anyway?” Funny thing about that…



Seriously, I read NaLu fics for NaLu, not for NaLi. 

And this anon, is why I’m against NaLi.

Attention!: A hootowl project for all you hootowls

Okay so as we all know, theres been a whole ton of drama in the fandom from the daniel business to the release of MO and Adam not being around much lately and yeah, I guess you could say it’s perhaps not the best time for the hootowl fandom. We can’t let it go on like this.

So Here’s the part where I’m thinking we need to do something to bring us all back together as a fandom and remind Adam that well, we will all be here to support him through thick and thin. And this is how I think we can maybe do this.


Starting 1st september, complete the hashtag above to tell Adam why you love him and his music. Do it on tumblr, on twitter, on instagram, anywhere and everywhere. You can do voice notes, posts, drawings, covers, whole paragraphs…the more the better! 

I just want this to remind everyone why we’re hootowls in the first place. From the music, how Adam’s work inspired you, made you feel warm and fuzzy or all buzzed up and ready to dance. From all his silly puns to his da-da-da’s. His beautiful imagery and the ultimately deeper, underlying message of positivity in his music. Even as a person, Adam has always been lovely and supportive and he’s really cared about his fans all this time still. 

I mean essentially, we’re still here for the same reason: We’re hootowls because we love and support Owl City. 

And I don’t want Adam to forget that ever.

guys its okay to feel a little insecure or even annoyed by episode 27, dont feel like youre a shitty person just because ‘’ooh priya is so nice why do i feel annoyed?!?!?!’’ like, episode’s like these i love because they’re so relatable. i remember i used to like this guy and just seeing a girl talk to him was enough to rile me up, doesnt matter how old you are, insecurities are natural

and yada yada its just a game, the best part about games like mcl is that we can engross ourselves in it and feel like it’s almost real, ya get it? thats the fun part, hence why we literally have a fandom revolved around it!

“Yeah,” he nods. “And they wanted me to bring you along to my meeting at the start of the New Year.”

“What?” Louis asks, breath hitching against his will on the word. Harry’s grinning, looking smug and delighted and Louis’s still so confused. “So they can officially hire me on as your staff or what?”

“No, babe,” Harry chuckles. “No, as in, they want you to bring in a portfolio because they think you’re really talented, and they might want to give you an internship. At Lanvin.”

“Um,” Louis says, because he really can’t think of anything else to say right now. “A-at Lanvin?”

“Yes, baby, at Lanvin,” Harry says, his grin still wide and bright and proud. “You could be a make-up artist for real live catwalk models.”

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” Louis hiccups, hand curling in the front of Harry’s shirt. “Are you… is this… Harry Edward Styles, I swear to god…”

“I’m not kidding,” Harry giggles. He hasn’t stopped beaming, and maybe, just maybe, Louis thinks he might be as proud of him as he is of Harry, which makes him feel lighter and happier than he thought it would. “We have a couple of months to gather you together a portfolio, yeah – so you can practice on me as much as you need – and then you could be working for Lanvin.” He slides his hands up and shakes at Louis’s shoulders. “At Lanvin, Louis.”



Request - hi! i just recently found your writing but i already love it. i was hoping you could write one were dean is snappy at the reader and a downright dick for no reason? and he later finds her crying alone and he instantly feels terrible. it could end in fluff or smut. whatever you think is best. thanks (:

Request from winchesters-lyfe - hope you like :)

As requested - I decided on fluff. 

You didn’t know why he was acting like this, he’d been in a crappy mood for a few days. But this was the first time he’d snapped at you. All you’d asked was if he wanted a beer

“You can’t leave me alone for one minute? God just…go and follow someone else around!  You’re like a lost puppy sometimes!” He snarled at you, his eyes full of venom

You could feel the lump form in the back of you throat,  you bit you lip to keep it from trembling,  as you calmly turned and walked from the room. Ignoring Sam’s calls from behind you. You wouldn’t let him see you cry. 

“What the hell man?!” Sam demanded spinning around to face him brother. Dean rolled his eyes.

“I just want five minutes peace without her asking me for something” he answered tossing his book down on the kitchen table

“Dude! She asked if you wanted a beer!” Sam stalked from the room leaving his brother to think about what he’d done. 

You’d been with the Winchester’s for a few years now. You hadn’t meant to become a problem to them, which you obviously had, despite Sam’s objections. 

You saw them as your family. Sam was like the big brother you never had, but Dean. Dean was so much more. 

You’d harboured a crush for the oldest brother for a while now, but you hadn’t realised you’d be become a bother to him. 

The second you entered you room at the bunker, the tears and silent sobs started. Sam had come to check on you but you hadn’t answered the door, and you know he wouldn’t come in without you telling him to.

You just lay on your bed and cried, you cried for so long you didn’t think you had any tears left….then your eyes fall to your beside table and see the photos on, specifically the one of you and Dean. 

You were sat on his lap, laughing like crazy after a hunt and you’d both had too much to drink. Smiling and laughing.  The tears fall like a waterfall once more. 

Your chest ached, your eyes were sore and most importantly you very soul hurt. The person you cared about more than anyone else, didn’t want you around.  

You don’t know how long you lay there clinging to you pillow for dear life. But you heard a knock on the door again. Slightly heavier this time, you frowned but ignored it once more.

“Y/n?” The voice was gruff and deep, deeper than that of the younger Winchester, you look towards the door.

You see the doorknob turn,  you throw your head back in the pillow. You hear the door open then close. You think for a moment he may have left, until you hear the heavy footsteps of his damn boots. 

The bed dips next to you and you barely hear his voice as he says you name again.  You flinch as feel his hand touch your leg. 

Dean yanks his hand back like he’d been burnt. He’d really hurt you, he was an ass. He rubbed his hand over his face before shifting closer to you. 

“ Y/n I’m sorry sweetheart” he sees you turn you head slightly,  he can just see your red swollen eyes and his heart breaks. 

“Son of a bitch!” He shouts angry at himself,  you jump away from him. Your face now fully on display as you sit upright.

“No, sweetheart not you! Me! I’m a dick” you watch him as you pull your knees to your chest.

“I’ve just been so…After the last hunt I…you…I heard that shot and saw you fall to the floor and I thought….” his voice cracking

You hadn’t been shot, you just happened to get punched at the same moment the gun went off,  but you remembered Dean screaming for you as you hit the floor.

“I was scared, for the first time in a long time about someone other than Sammy and that scared the hell out of me” he looked over his shoulder at you, you see nothing but truth reflected in his green eyes, before he turned his back again. 

“I tried to pull away from you but I only ended up hurting you….Y/n sweetheart I’m sorry" His head dropped. 

You let go of your knees, pushing onto them. You crawl towards him, resting you forehead on his back.  You scoot closer, wrapping your arms around his waist.  You turn your head, resting the side of your face against his strong shoulder.

You feel him sigh beneath you,  pulling your hands away as he stood up. You looked up at him sadly, silently asking why he moved away. 

He looked down at you, reaching his hand to cup your cheek.  His thumb tracing the tear tracks on your face.

You closed your eyes leaning into his touch, when you open your eyes you gasp with surprise. His face is just centimetres from yours. 

He leans forward lightly pressing his lips to yours, you whimper lightly. He deepens the kiss, slipping his tongue passed your lips to caress yours, as he tilts your head back further. 

You both break apart needing air, resting your foreheads together breathing heavily. He sees your eyes flutter with tiredness. He presses his lips to your forehead. 

“It’s late, you should get some sleep Y/n, we’ll talk more tomorrow.  I promise” he whispers

He goes to pull away but you clamp you fingers around his wrist. 

“Stay…please?” You ask quietly as you shift yourself to lay down, pulling him with you.  He smiles down at you,  allowing you to pull him onto the bed, resting his arm behind his head as he lies on his back and pulls you to lie on his chest. You breath deeply, inhaling his scent.

“Always” he answers placing a kiss into your hair.

PLL fandom: Instagram vs. Tumblr
  • Instagram:The PLL finale was amazing!! I love that CeCe is 'A' it's so freaking smart and no one would have guessed the story why she was 'A'! Thank you Marlene for the best episode yet!!! <3
  • Tumblr:I am ENRAGED!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS EPISODE fUCK you Marlene and your bullshit plot holes you lied to us all!! I hate this fucking show I wasted 5 years of my life on this what the fuck
ode to sleep - clemmings one shot
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Rating: Explicit
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Relationship: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings
Word Count: 2,592

Summary: Luke is passed out next to a bowl of nachos. this is the best day of my life

And he’s also half naked with J-Pop girl groups playing on the TV.

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why you think they'd work consistently for so long to create a cast iron image of separation and aloofness if they're not preparing fandom for a solo career for harry? Whats the point if not that?

Why would they prepare a fandom where the majority of fans are drawn in by the band member’s dynamic with each other for Harry going solo by having him appear aloof and never interact with his bandmates? The best thing he could do to support his solo career launch would be to be extra friendly and happy and chatty with his bandmates, and then when he goes solo they would all publicly give him their blessing, and show up at his concerts. This would make 1D fans feel less “betrayed” so to speak, and still want to support 1D while also stanning for Harry. Having him so separated and launching a solo career would frankly make him seem like an asshole and like he thought he was better than 1D. They did that with Zayn, it caused a huge rift in the fandom and he lost a lot of support. However, the benefit there is that it increased fan loyalty to OT4. Where is the benefit in doing it again but keeping 1D together as a band? And I have already covered why I don’t think 1D is on the brink of breaking up.

Plus you need to add in Harry and Louis’ relationship. Once again, why would they want to portray Harry as thinking he’s better than Louis and the rest of 1D if Louis and Harry are going to come out (and I believe they are). The logic of Harry being distanced from OT3 means he will go solo is very faulty.