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S1, I thought SB might be possible. However, after that Hannibal Bates episode, I suspected it wouldn't happen and then Patty got brought in for S2, and I knew. S3 we're getting lots of future Barry and Iris foreshadowing. I don't see how people still think it's possible or have hope? I like WA together, they bring out the best in each other and are always so supportive. I don't know why or how people see SB as anything except friendship, and lately, not really that!

Honestly at this point, I truly think that majority of SBs just ship it because they know how much it pisses the WA fandom off, you know? Like the drama amongst both fandom has been so intensely stupid that it’s personal so people really only ship it because they don’t want to support WA.

Why Otabek is the best.

Wasn’t there a saying that the people who are the most quiet notice the most/has the loudest thoughts?

Well in this case, meet Otabek.

Otabek is a character genuinely misunderstood by a lot of characters but adored by the fandom. 

Here, we have this:

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He takes off his sunglasses when he is talking to people, even when that person is JJ (who no character really likes all that much tbh). This is so respectful. He removes his glasses and makes eye contact when he is spoken to, even if he is just declining a simple offer. He’s badass, but he’s very, very polite. 

At 18 years old and being the NATIONAL HERO of his country, he’s still very, very humble.

He positions his medal so that the media can get an easy shot of him. He’s making their lives easier. He’s looking out for them! And even though he just won gold, he doesn’t show any signs of being cocky. He simply, once again, makes solid eye contact with the camera, showing respect/care. 

We have him here again, giving the photographers a clear shot of him; looking straight into the camera. He’s standing upright, being very, very proper. Furthermore, I find it so sweet that he’d rather cover up his medal and show his country’s flag instead! He truly puts his country’s pride above his own and I find that beautiful. 

However, sometimes his elegant etiquette is misinterpreted as being perhaps too archaic for this generation of bubbly, emotional, and loud skating talents. 

(Notice that his entire body is facing towards the person speaking to him, even though he later verbally expressed no interest in hanging around JJ.)

And even after JJ mocks him, he doesn’t reply or shoot back some snarky remark. 

Instead, he politely declines JJ’s request in the most fucking formal way possible. Not breaking eye contact. What even.

Anyways, let’s move onto his adorable interest in Yuri. After meeting perhaps his inspiration ever, he gets called an asshole. BY HIS MUSE. BY HIS INSPIRATION. PROBABLY HIS ROLE MODEL.

What does he do? Otabae remains silent and simply walks away. He’s unconfrontational, unlike Yuri, but his silence is demanding.

And guess what, it immediately piques Yurio’s interest.

In the video, Yurio’s eyes trail after Otabek. Now Yurio’s curious about him.

Yurio has a weird tendency to look at Otabek this way. It’s almost as if Yurio somehwat reveres his presence. It makes sense because I’ve done a past meta on why Otabek is probably everything Yurio wants to be/likes (physically at least).

I think someone’s mentioned this before but Otabek arrives WAY TO COINCIDENTALLY FOR IT TO BE AN ACCIDENT. Like it or not, Otabek has always planned to talk to Yurio. Hell, he was probably driving around to try and find him…and of course, saves him instead.


And guess what? This cutie pie tosses YURIO a helmet. Because safety is cool kids.

TDLR: Otabek is fucking bomb.

liking gay things is fun and all like yes i love representation but it’s such a pain to get involved in the fandom bc you always have a ton of straights obsessed with anything gay and its sooooo uncomfortable trying to figure out who is lgbt and who just enjoys the show and who treats us grossly and should be avoided at all costs

so i know everyones screaming over ep10. like. we got canon gay engagement. we got yurio making friends. we got yuuri poledancing.

but i wanna talk a second about the writing of yoi - and why that poledancing is the best plot twist ive ever seen executed in anime history

plot twists are fun. the yoi fandom so far has called p much every single major plot event (makkachin, the engagement, etc), and its still fun! foreshadowing is amazing!! but what gets me about yuuris drunken fiasco is that no one saw it coming, but it still fits perfectly into the narrative, and that, my friends, is how you do a plot twist

no one saw it coming, but it doesnt make the rest of the narrative confusing. if anything, it explains a ton - why viktor offered to coach yuuri, why chris was so friendly w yuuri, why no one seemed shocked yuuri was doing an eros routine. and im just so stunned bc yuri on ice actually did a plot twist that wasnt easy to see coming, one that no one couldve called, and one that doesnt make us question any other prior part of the narrative. this isnt a last minute addition - this is something planned, something hilarious, and something i ADORE in a literary sense

take note, writers. this is how its fuckin done 

Everything I Know About The Stormlight Archive Based On ~The Internet~

And by “Know” I mean am half-guessing/completely making up because I’ve seen about 10 posts on my dash but I’m reading this thing today so


-One of them is Shallon Davar and she’s a ginger

-But her left hand is always covered????? What happened there.

-Also Pattern. I’m not even gonna guess on that one; looks weird.

-And then there’s Kaladin. He seems to have a blue color pallet.

-He has weird markings on his forehead, and probably other places. No idea what that’s about, but they look cool.

-Kaladin looks cool. I am interested in Kaladin.

-He also has a Navi. Named Syl? Idk but she looks smol and blue and I like her.

-There’s also someone named Dalinar Kholin.

-I know literally nothing about Dalinar.

-Roshar. Is what the world is called. Probably.

-I’m sure the magic stuff has a name too but I’m forgetting it. There is magic right? I’m pretty sure there is.

-I am a stick.

-But you could be fire.

-Do they use “Storms” as a swear word? 

The books are long af. I think I will enjoy this.

Why I love Lapis/Peri in the new episode

1) Everyone leaves, so Peridot’s first course of action is to take Lapis to a toilet. Lapis agrees. They shut the door for privacy. Peridot is halfway in the water when Connie gets there. Like, seriously, wtf was the plan there? LOL

2) They both think they are Steven’s best friends, over all the others.

3) They are “retired” in the country. I just find that funny, I dunno’.

4) They are nice, and overall good, but they both also have a mean and grumpy streak to them. They have no issues showing this to Connie, or each other.

“You are very bossy.”… “Thank you!”

5) Even if she doesn’t exactly get Peridot’s plans, Lapis goes along with them and attempts to participate.

(Sidenote: Peridot’s metal powers are getting better, huh?)

6) Lapis calls out Peridot when she starts getting TOO egotistical. The other CGs kind of just let her run out of steam, but Lapis actually attempts to release some of that hot air. They squabble, but in the end, they’re still buds. Grumpy buds.

7) They are still collaborating on meep-morps/sign making.

8) Lapis goes along with Peridot wanting to make a victory pose.

9) They are still taking care of Pumpkin, who is adorable.


Kpop fan: politely says that they don’t stan bts anymore because of the fandom. 

army: Why do you hate bts???x 1000 

army: That is such a stupid and immature reason to not like a group. 

army: You obviously hate them because they got popular, and your faves will never 

army: You’re clearly just jealous. Bts IS the best. Stop being bitter 

army: You’re such a hater. Go get a life or something 

army: we’re not even that bad of a fandom. There are other fandoms waaaaaay worse than us. Exo l’s- 

Army: Every popular fandom has horrible fans, so stop attacking us all the time! 

Why the Harry Potter fandom is important

Last night after walking down Regent Street and marvelling at the Christmas lights and how very much I love London(which happens anytime I walk around central London), I sat waiting in Leicester Sq. Me and my Hufflepuff fellow @andyouknowitis were off to see the midnight showing of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

After a little while, the scarves began to emerge. A girl sat down next to me wearing a Slytherin scarf. Later replaced by a girl in a Ravenclaw scarf. Two Gryffindors came up to me and went ‘Would you mind taking a picture of us? We saw you and thought ‘She’s wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, we’ll ask her’. Me and the two girls got chatting about fandom and the excitement for the movie and they wandered off. I sat back down and then two girls in robes walked by and grinned at me. 

A guy dressed as Newt walked by and jokingly cursed a group of people, more friends in scarves began to appear, wands came out, hugs were had. The cinema was crowded, full of posters and people squealing over them. In the very long queue for food, one guy found out how long the adverts were and I asked whether he was a Ravenclaw, turned out he was. 

Eventually we all found our seats, shuffling around in the dark trying to place drinks and popcorn, balancing the IMAX glasses and jostling for space. The lights dimmed, the Warner Bros logo appeared on screen and we all cheered. Here we were, one big nerdy family in the middle of the night about to experience new wizarding world material. 

The movie was brilliant, we all laughed a lot, we cheered and clapped and gasped. We marvelled at the beauty on screen and were so very aware of how much we just really bloody love magic. 

It’s been nine years since the last book came out, back when most of us were in our teens and  early twenties. And yet he we still are, smiling at the people in scarves and laughing in a movie theatre, nearly ten years on. Older and adulter but still very much in love with this fandom. 

After the movie, we wandered off to House of Minalima, a place in Soho run by the people behind the art of Harry Potter. We got to talk to them and look at all the amazing things surrounded us. The creaky, wobbly old house imbued with magic whilst the drunken Muggles cavorted outside. It felt like the Leaky Cauldron, hidden away in London at 3am. We chatted to Potterheads, it’s London, you don’t talk to random people but with this, how could you not? 

The world has been a bit rubbish of late, it’s terrifying and scary and a lot of unkind people seem to be winning. But we still have Harry Potter, we still have kindness and joy and excitement  and magic. We need that, we revel in it and thankfully this fandom ain’t going anywhere. In ten years time I’d still like to be grinning at people in fandom scarves like we’re part of a secret society. We got this Potterheads, we ain’t going nowhere. 

Imo, one of the best things about Rainbow’s books is that they are so easy to read because she writes so conversationally. I feel like I know Simon and Baz, I feel like they know me back. They are comfortable dropping the f-bomb and talking about wanking off (um..Baz..why…) to me and it’s amazing because I really do feel like I’m with them. I really do feel like a creepy third wheeler all the damn time and it’s awesome. I love being the Snowbaz third wheeler

In Defense of Logan Huntzberger

AKA this is gonna bug me if I don’t say it.

I understand why ASP didn’t pay attention to season 7. But just because she ignored it, and because the fandom 9myself included) jokes about it being the worst season, it did happen and it can’t be outright ignored.

I am not a big fan of season 7 but one of the best things about season 7 was the character development of Logan.

When they first started dating, he was an immature jerky rich boy, but in season 6, he matured (yes, he had some backsliding, but no one is perfect) and then in season 7, he struck out on his own, left the family business, and he started planning a future with Rory. He became successful in his own right, and he had a very stable future planned for himself and Rory. He grew up. Lorelai even said it herself.

Logan was devastated when Rory refused his proposal. (And I don’t blame her for it.) But it is canon that Logan was ready to commit and build a future with Rory. He loved her that much, and he changed for the better while he was with her, and by his own personal motivations.

I love ASP, but to ignore season 7 almost entirely, gave the revival a disconnect. She ignored it, but the majority of the fan base didn’t ignore it.

ASP could have handled the Logan story line in a more in character way. Rory and Logan could have been friends with benefits instead of recycling this blasé cheating story line. Rory could have ended things with Logan and still have been uncertain about being a single mother. That would have been fine and it would have had the same affect.

Both Rory and Logan cheated in relationships, but that was in season 5/6, and they grew from that, and they both learned from their mistakes. So to recycle this story line was just out of character.

Also, to the people saying that Logan is just Christopher 2.0 let me sit down and explain a thing.

In season 7 Richard had a heart attack. One of the major points of that story line was drawing and anti parallel not only between Chris and Luke, but also between Chris and Logan.

Christopher and Lorelai were married, and yet Chris didn’t even bother to go to the hospital until the last minute.  He wasn’t there for his wife when she needed him most.

Meanwhile, Logan flew in a chopper to be with for Rory, his work phone was practically exploding from all of the work he was ignoring, and he would have stayed longer if Rory hadn’t encouraged him to get back to his business. They were just dating. 

Logan is not Christopher 2.0.

And there is a huge difference between their circumstances. They are in different places in their lives, and I do not doubt for one second that Logan would drop everything and leave the family business and break off his engagement if Rory asked him to. I have no doubt that he would want to be a father to his child.

So criticize the way the story was handled, and wish that Rory had a romantic story with Jess all you want, that is absolutely fine. But don’t say that Logan is Rory’s Christopher. Don’t assume that he wouldn’t want to be there for Rory and their child.

You can love Jess without actively bashing Logan.

Hamilton Watching from the Afterlife
  • *Hamilton first comes out*: Yes. Finally something that's not about me fucking Maria.
  • *the fandom kicks in*: Okay, so that's 2638 fics of me fucking Eliza, 1493 fics of me fucking Angelica, 4592 fics of me fucking John, and... Why are there 3932 of me fucking Burr?
  • fo4 fandom: *treats preston garvey, a bisexual black man, like absolute shit and continuously reduces him to a settlement joke*
  • fo4 fandom: *erases every companions bisexuality on the regular because 'it's not hurting anyone' and 'it's not realistic for so many bi people to be in one group'*
  • fo4 fandom: *reduces piper wright, a bisexual WoC, to the role of 'sassy best friend' or 'manic pixie dream girl' destroying half her character*
  • fo4 fandom: *writes hundreds of pages of sympathetic romance material for elder maxson, resident mediocre white guy and literal genocidal dictator*
  • fo4 fandom: *mutilates hancocks character and makes multiple mods to make him more attractive and appealing which ignores his backstory and character arc entirely*
  • fo4 fandom: *mocks and berates people for having feminine female protagonists*
  • fo4 fandom: *treats cait as nothing more than a slutty drug addict*
  • fo4 fandom: we're so understanding and open :)! why are you criticizing us we're not sexist or racist! it's called having preferences!
  • me, wearing a 'the fallout 4 fandom is why i drink' tshirt: yeah this missed me a little
I don’t know why

SW fandom has its collective panties in a wad now about the “possibility” that Luke Skywalker will die.


He’s already dead, people.  He’s been dead since Darth Abrams forced Han Solo to utter the words “he just walked away.”

It’s called “character assassination.”  Look it up if you don’t understand the term.

I love and adore Mark Hamill, and I’m sure he did the best with the shit deal he got.  But whatever appears on-screen in Ep8?

Is not Luke Skywalker.