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Hello my sun and stars, it is I, the hot wine of your life, here to spread some love. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE I think that they amount of work and effort that went into making these amazing shots for RTDs tour is highly underappreciated! It's been so awesome to see! Plus, the fact that you studied into and accurately wrote like 15 characters belonging to other people is fucking astounding (also miraculous? are you actually some sort of God?). You have so much talent! SO HERE. HAVE MY PRAISE!

Hot Wine! This is so wonderful! I woke up to see this and Harley had to lick the tears away! Thank you so much! It has been so much fun putting the entire thing together, mostly because writing so many different characters has been a challenge. And you guys giving me the opportunity to is just the best! I just hoped I wouldn’t mess anyone’s up beyond recognition. But this? You are the sweetest! I… can’t find words… Thank you… so… much… *crying* 

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P.S. No celestial ancestry. I may have sold my soul to the other guy, though. I never read those iTunes terms I’m agreeing to… :D