Real characters are almost more important to me. If I was writing something called “Moonbase 67,” then the cook would be a main character and the man in charge of oiling the airlocks would be a very important character, rather than the bosses in their silver wigs.
—  Russell T Davies, Doctor Who: The Inside Story
Rose criticisms that are total garbage and you should stop making yesterday.

The Following are Real Life arguments I’ve seen agains Rose Tyler. Here, I intend to rebut them. Wish me luck:

“Rose is such a crappy character! I hate her”

Ok, why is that?

“Rose was reduced to a love interest in series 2 she didn’t do ANYTHING!!!”

Not really, I mean, in order of appearance:

In Tooth and Claw Rose helped to free the staff of the Torchwood Estate when the werewolf was about to kill them.

In School Reunion Rose was the first to discover something was wrong with the oil, when she noticed the lunch staff acting weird. Without her, the Doctor may never have figured out it was Krillitanes.

In Idiot’s Lantern Rose noticed the TV Aerials and figured out that the disappearing faces had to do with Mr. Magpie LONG before the Doctor.

In Impossible Planet/Satan Pit Rose pretty much took charge after the Doctor went into the pit. She encouraged the group to figure out how to overcome the Ood. She also figured out that Toby was still possessed and sent him into a black hole. 

In Love and Monsters, she’s the reason the Doctor ended up confronting the Abzorbaloff and saving Ursua

In Fear Her, Rose figured out that it was Chloe taking the kids, she also found the Isolus ship and sent it into the torch.

In Army of Ghosts/Doomsday Rose risks herself falling into the void in order to fix the lever.

“Well, Rose doesn’t have any more development in series 2!”

Actually, Rose is much more confident in her ability to act as the Doctor and face alien threats by the end of the series, mostly due to her having been put in the position to have to act as the Doctor more. (Her confrontation with the Sycorax vs her confrontation with the Cult of Skaro.)

“Ok, but in series 4, she’s EXACTLY THE SAME as when she left! She had no offscreen development”.

You’re telling me that someone who had no A-levels when she left at series 2 had no change when she came back as someone who helped to build a dimension-jumping machine AND figure out the TARDIS enough to help build a time machine? 

She was clearly more versed in military and scientific procedure. She’d been working for Torchwood, and it shows in the way she carried herself and spoke to people. She was clearly one of the best agents, as she was the one Torchwood sent over to deal with the collapse of the universe.

She was also at the peak of her confidence. She was much more composed on Bad Wolf Bay the second time.

“Well, she was awful to Mickey!”

Yes, and he was awful to her. She wanted him to wait around, he wanted to hold her back. They were both toxic to each other, but that’s realistic. She’s a three dimensional character, she needs flaws.

“She left Jackie! For a year”

The Doctor’s fault. She thought it would be 12 hours. 

“She could have called Jackie to let her know she would be at a friends overnight, so she at least wouldn’t blame Mickey!!”

She did call Jackie. At the only convenient time…when else was she supposed to call, when she was being attacked by Gelth??? Also, it’s implied that she stays out at friends without telling her mom all the time…why should this time be different?

“Ugh, ok….but then she totally ditched them for the Doctor! She left them in the parallel world for a GUY!”

She made a promise to the Doctor that she wouldn’t leave him, ever. Think about it, Jackie would have Pete, Mickey would have his Gran and Jake, who would the Doctor have? Her decision was completely unselfish. It was brave, she knew how lonely he was and decided to stay with him. She also, again, saved the entire world because of her decision. The Doctor clearly needed Rose’s help. It’s a blessing she stayed. 

“Yeah, but then she just MOPES over him”

No, she mopes over losing literally every person she’s ever known besides her mum and Mickey, losing her home, never being able to travel again (which she says she loves as much as the Doctor), and pretty much everything she owns except for the shirt on her back. 

Also, she doesn’t “just” mope. She joins Torchwood and defends the earth for years, and builds a fucking dimension travel machine. She simultaneously lives her life, AND actively tries to improve it. It’s not like she just sat around waiting for the Doctor to get her.

“Ok, fine. She was mean to other companions, like Sarah Jane!”

Yes, and Sarah Jane started it. And eventually, the two ended up as friends. They exchanged numbers. Rose even invited her traveling with them. In Journey’s End, they were more than happy to see each other again.

“Ok, what about Martha? Rose was SO RUDE with the "I was here first” Stop trying to be a special snowflake!“

Rose was angry that she couldn’t contact the Doctor, and seeing as she was the only one who knew anything about what was going on with the stars, she had a right to be. 

Later on, when Martha threatened the Daleks, Rose said “she’s good!”, and was actually very nice to Martha. Her and Martha had a good relationship beyond that, however brief.

"Ugh! Whatever… WAIT! What about how Rose almost destroyed the universe to get back to the Doctor!!!”

Do you even watch this show? The universe started to collapse WAY before Rose used the Dimension Cannon. It was the Reality Bomb that was going to collapse the universe. The universe collapsing is what allowed Rose to even jump in the first place. She didn’t threaten anything. The machine was useless unless the universe was already in danger.

“Yeah, but she didn’t care about the universe! Remember, the Doctor said "two universes would be destroyed”, and she said “so?”!!!!“

Ok, that was obviously a joke. She was clearly joking, hence the little laugh she gave. She was trying to reduce the tension. She didn’t actually expect the Doctor to destroy the universe over her. She didn’t think that her love for the Doctor was more valuable than the universe, unlike some people….(hello sweetie).

"Yeah, but her and the Doctor’s relationship was so toxic!”


“Because he kept stuff from her!!!”

First of all, that’s not her fault, but I’ll bite. What “stuff”?

“Previous companions!”

Yeah, and she calls him out on it. They fix that problem.

“Um…other stuff”

ok. yeah, right.

“Like, I bet she had to BEG to hear about the Time War”

…he literally said it on screen. He voluntarily told her. What the hell are you watching?

“Ok fine but like, his age? 900 years?? He’s WAY older than that!”

Ok, I don’t think that’s a lie. I think that’s a continuity fuck up. It stays like that consistently through NuWho.

“Ugh…whatever. Oh! He’s creepy though. "Red bike when you were twelve”.“

Yeah, that was Moffat. We don’t count that, it’s out of character. Also, again, not her fault??? 

"Well, the Doctor couldn’t see past his special snowflake Rose with Martha!!!”

AGAIN, NOT HER FAULT. The Doctor’s actions are his own problem. Also, the narrative framed that as a bad thing…it was intentional, hence Martha telling him that she needed to “get out” at the end of series three.

“Well, someone as amazing as the Doctor wouldn’t love a low-class shopgirl that much!!!”

DING DING DING there it is! Rose hater’s being classist assholes!

“I’m not classist! It’s just that he’s so genius and she doesn’t even have A-levels! He’s not as smart, she’s not his equal!”

And there’s the ableism! Shall we go for the trifecta!

“What? No, wait! She’s just annoying and clingy! He shouldn’t be hung up on her and her girly emotions! Why should he feel emotions, he’s a MANLY MAN!”

And there it is, folks, the sexism has landed. WELL, I suppose it landed back when you started to hate on Rose for leaving Nice Guy ™ Mickey Smith, but thanks for making it obvious.

And there you have it folks! If I link you to this, it means you’re Rose Hate is trash! Tune in next week for “Actual Garbage from the Mouths of Martha Haters”, the thrilling sequel!.

Bye Now!!

RTD was in general horrible with characters he doesn’t like. Rose was his prize creation an therefore she got everything, she got her dead father back, a clone of David Tennant to shag, hell, in a deleted scene she got her own TARDIS. Martha got mistreated and left, Donna got all her development deleted. Jack got a shitty spin off. 

i can’t omfg

you only have to see him talk about his characters to see that he adores them all a huge amount, why would you dislike your own creations when it’s your job to make millions love them

and like, RTD didn’t sit down and say ‘I want to write a SHITTY spin off for jack because i HATE HIM!’ he wanted it to be a huge success?