Part of the story is this really epic romance between The Joker and Harley Quinn. It’s a fascinating love story because is it love-love? Is it love-hate? There’s a lot of ways to argue what that relationship is and what it means.

Why is The Joker obsessed with her? Does he love her? If he did, could he admit that? I think those are some of the mysteries that are going to be left up to the people watching this film to make those decisions themselves.

—  David Ayer on Joker and Harley (x)
BTS Reaction To You Fangirling Over EXO

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! None of the gifs belong to me and all credit goes to the original owners! :3 -Admin Germane

Jin: “So you bias D.O? Ah, I can see why, he’s a very talented singer jagi. I’m glad that you bias people that are similar to me. Handsome, talented, you have very good taste in men.” *not effected at all*

Suga: “Why do you keep screaming about EXO’s new comeback? Don’t you know that we just came back too? Y/N, come here and listen to our new album, I made most of the songs on here so I know you’re bound to fall in love with one of them.”

J-Hope: “Yah, Y/N, why do you keep trying to dance like Kai? Don’t you know that I can teach you how to dance? See jagiya, look, I can dance too! Don’t you wanna dance with me?”

Rap Monster: “Who? Chanyeol? A better rapper than me? Y/N, he may be good, but he isn’t great like me. You need proof? C’mon over here and let me show you how a real rapper uses his tongue.” *pervert Joonie activated*

Jimin: “Xiumin-hyung? You really bias him? Yeah, I guess he’s cute and all but he’s not as cute as me right Y/N? Oh, you’re just gonna keep squealing about how adorable he is? Okay jagiya, you keep doing that then.”

V: “Baekhyun is your bias? Ew, that’s weird having you bias my mom like that. Maybe you should pay more attention to me instead Y/N, then everything can be less weird okay?”

Jungkook: “So Sehun’s your bias huh? You must have a thing for maknaes, huh Y/N? But really who can blame you, I mean look at me for example. You can not, not find this face attractive right jagiya? Jagiya? Oh you’re fangirling over Sehun again, that’s cool I guess…”

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Hello! Your last post about The Discourse was really good and I approve 100% of it. My ignorant ass does have a question about it though, specifically about the language part. Idk how to word this, but why is it offensive to google translate languages? Are there other resources people can use for, say, Korean, without being offensive? (None of this is in a sexual manner btw, just people trying to speak Korean in a fic or something.) You're not obligated to answer obvs and thank u for your time

Heyo, good question! I love sharing my opinion, so this provides me a great opportunity lol.

Google translate is just… Klunky. It’s not good. It’s great at translating individual words, but once you start plugging in sentences it all just goes straight to hell.

It’s SUPER OBVIOUS when a fic writer uses google translate as well. Tbfh, using GT just makes you look like you’re super lazy. It sends out the message that you don’t really care about the foreign language you’re trying to write in, because you can’t even bother to get it right. It makes it look like you’re just using someone’s culture as a prop for your fic… And let’s be honest, chances are- that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Friendly reminder that people who are Latinx/Korean/Japanese/Chinese are like… Actually out there lol. I know for a fact they’re on tumblr. Just hit someone up?? I’m not fluent in Mandarin, but I love talking about it. Chances are that someone out there will be flattered you care enough to actually get their language correct, and therefore be willing to help.

For the most part… I avoid online translators. Like I said earlier, google translate gets the word-to-word translation right but it’s… It’s soulless. You don’t get the dialect, the slang, the life that buoys up a culture. Google translate is clinical, detached, and chances are the grammar is fucking awful.


The fact that Matt Daddario is gorgeous and makes my knees weak on the daily aside:
- he is so good? He loves animals so much? Like when was the last time that you saw a man dedicate so much time and attention to cows and dogs and even slugs? Like I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t an actor, he would work at the animal shelter or have his own farm
- he loves his girlfriend so much??? He and Esther are goals. They are so cute and they are clearly so comfy with each other and so supportive of each other?
- he loves making food for other people? So pure
- he understands alec and took the time to analyse his motivations and personality? He gets why he is the way he is and he is so protective of him and his decisions? HE LOVES ALEC SO MUCH TBH?
- let’s not forget his malec kiss commentary, because that shit is golden
- his dark humour and snark and sarcasm? I’m??? I love it so much??
- THE WAY HE IS SO CURIOUS and wants to understand stuff and learn?

Pls appreciate Matt Daddario for more than his looks.

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Is funny that when Riley says "I solve our whole love triangle when Lucas falls for Jexica", then Maya says "Not a thing". Because is basically what we have been saying ab the "Maya bacame riley" or "Maya only liked Lucas to protect riley" nonsense

Yep. So you gotta ask yourself:

Who’s right about the Jexica “solution”? The people saying it’s not a thing (Maya)? Or the people who believe it (Riley)?

Who is more aware of reality vs the dream? Alice or Dorothy?


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Dirty laundry is like a fandom itself.. don't be surprised if there's suddenly popping up fanfictions on your fanfiction.. love you btw!!

*whispers* I cry so many tears every day why. Why. Why. Go to sleep people you need rest why is this fanfiction a thing


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Sometimes I wish bighit wouldn't photoshop the boys so pale. Cus I forget how hot their natural skin tone is. I love both but let them be #BangTANBoys 👀

did you see this ?? someone edited jungkooks skin and im just trying to figure out why people do this?? like why???

why would you want to take away his melanin?? look how beautiful he is unedited. he is golden!!



-Admin M

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I think it's Louis' team that doesn't want TMZ to talk about it partly because they don't want to tie him to that trashy family more than necessary but the biggest reason is if they started talking about the plastic surgery it'd call the pregnancy into question. like from the GP's perspective "baby mama spends child support on new face" is way more juicy than this "custody battle" story, but that would lead to a lot of people googling "briana jungwirth nose job" and finding all the sketchiness

I think that’s also why the UK tabs are still covering her like they did with the solo set up pics but aren’t touching her image. Both TMZ and the UK tabs could easily write up some speculation about it and that’s the type of tabloidy stuff that people love to click on, but they’re not touching it, and that seems quite deliberate on both sides but possibly for the same reason. It very well could call into question the pregnancy, and both sides would be following the same timeline.

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Dating Draco Malfoy would be like?

Oh man this request is why I am alive right now. I love that blonde asshole so much, dude.

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include:

- he’s so so so so protective of you
- like crazy protective
- you are not going NEAR his family (or vice versa) until he thinks you’re ready
- there’s a whole family tree to learn
- if you aren’t in Slytherin, it doesn’t matter because he will lend you clothes and they will all be green and you might as well be
- you constantly having to get onto him about how he treats people
- Snape is confused how you suddenly got so good in potions class
- sex in the room of requirement
- sex in the dungeons
- sex in empty classrooms
- he’s a biter
- “Who do you belong to?” & “You’re mine.”
- supporting him through EVERYTHING even when he’s positive you could never love him after the things he’s done
- the one time he almost got himself killed because Voldemort threatened you
- helping him reconcile with his classmates after the war
- kissing the dark mark on his arm because every time he sees it, he’s ashamed
- holding him when he has nightmares
- being the first person he’s ever watched stand up to his father
- his mother adoring you
- his father finally coming around to respecting you
- eventually living in the manor with Draco and having the freedom to be yourselves
- he doesn’t ever slick back his hair again
- such a fiery, passionate love because that is the only way Draco knows how to feel any emotion



Of Cloth and Paper

Vegan Books! They’re a thing! And rightly so. A lot of people would love to have a gorgeous book but cannot ethically justify owning one because of the use of leather or other animal products. I fully respect that, which is why I am happy to make books without any animal products when requested!

First off you need some free range paper (caged is perfectly fine, I just happened to drop mine on the floor). It needs to be roughly the right size, folded, and stacked.

To orientate your newly sawn signatures you need to brand it with some kind of pigment transferring device. I used Angel Bile extracted humanely from fallen angels sickened by humanity; but in reality, any pen, pencil or permanent marker is fine to use.
This is done so if the signatures make a bid for freedom you can realign them in their correct order. Disorderly conduct is not the best thing to have in your book guts.

Whack your stack on your sewing rack! Align the spine with the sewing lines!

“Why are you using such a cruel method of making holes, you sick bastard?! Saw cut?! You make me want to PUKE!” I quite often hear from just behind me as I’m sewing. The voice comes from just behind my right shoulder, so I assume it’s from the sins crawling on my back. They’re usually good company, its just when I do sewing it riles them up.
ANYWAY! The reason I saw cut instead of punch holes with an awl (or with the splinters of exploded unicorn horns) is because when I do the stitches on the top and bottom of the book they are inset into the book and sit perfectly flat. With punched holes the stitching is raised up on the spine.

Colours! With this the requested colours for the end pages were the glorious hues of the sky 28 minutes after sunrise at 46* elevation. I did the best I could.

Okay, I got into a bit of a sticky situation when I did this, mainly because it was a situation where I was using glue and glue is sticky. The end pages were glued onto the book guts and then I smeared the spine of the book with it’s first coating of glorious glue.
 If you put a piece of baking paper around the glued areas you can then tamp the spine onto the table to ensure the signatures are perfectly level.

Nothing really to say about this, only that freshly cut book guts while they’re still trapped screaming in the guillotine is a wonderful thing to behold.

Enjoy the screaming while it lasts because you’ll only need to trim the book guts 3 times. I do the long front edge first, then the top and bottom.

Then it’s time to bring the spine ‘round to your way of thinking! Sit it down with a nice meal and a delicious beverage. Start off slow by complimenting it on it’s freshly squared edges and then when it’s starting to feel comfortable with the situation you GET OUT A HAMMER AND SMASH IT IN THE SPINE UNTIL IT COMPLIES WITH YOUR SICK DEMANDS!
Or you can do the gentle folding and pressing on the spine with your supple masseurs fingers. Whatever gets the job done.

Now this is where I get to draw the indignation and condemnation from the bookbinding community (I’m looking at you here, @butlerbookbinding and @gatzbookbinding! (I can’t remember if you were against it, @thebumblebeebindery, but I’m keeping a close eye on you anyway…)).
Throw me your ire, tumblr, because I will catch it in butterfly nets and brew it into bitter ales! 
I couldn’t use leather for the headband cores, but I still needed something firm and yet smooth. I’ve used just waxed shoelaces in the past but I needed something more aglet-y and less lumpy. Here I introduce you to tape wrapped waxed shoelaces! 

Anyway, making the hinges! I took some inspiration from the kitchen for this and sandwiched the taped between some cardboard and the spine lining. This gets trimmed into a more appealing shape after the glue has dried.

You want half-bound? I totally have this covered! 

Since cloth is notoriously hard to pare, I had to approach this somewhat differently. Normally you have the corners and spine covered with leather first and then the main cover covering goes over the top of that, making all the edges and lines neat.
I mean, SURE! I could have left ragged cloth edges flapping in the breeze and that would have been a perfect description of my dignity if I had done that…

But enough of that now, lets skip several steps ahead because I forgot to take some photographs.
What we see here is the main cover covering covering the cover, but I’m not covering the cover covering now.
Also if you train your eagle eyes onto the spine of the book you’ll notice it’s turned a sickly shade of kraft brown. You should feel sorry for it. It is feeling…. hollow.

Now the spine covering is here it’s feeling a little… blue…

Honestly this is a step I could have kinda skipped. I wasn’t entirely sure how the fabric would mould around false raised bands so I decided to do it on the flat and then glue the cloth and spine decorations onto the spine once it had dried. I could have just put the bands on the spine without doing it on the flat.

MOAR TAPE! This is only a temporary thing though, seeing as it is just to hold the piece of card in place as I glue the cloth over it. Spacing is important. Screw doing things conventionally.

See? glue goes on the cardboard and then the cloth goes into the cardboard. (I had some baking paper going from under the board and over the wine cloth. No getting glue on that!) 

After le glue had dried I could safely lift up the cardboard flap and remove the tape. Pesky overhanging cloth pieces could then be trimmed like flaming branches from a dying magnolia tree.

I forgot to put the ribbon in before putting on the hollow and spine, etc. All good. I got it covered.
Oh yeah, and the spine covering is now turned in. See? Everything works out okay.

Can you follow that? Cardboard corners go get glued onto the paper to create 1x white side and 1x cardboard side. Btw, whatever the white corner is pointing to is going to cause your own personal Ragnarok. Whatever the cardboard corner is pointing to probably wont be there in 4089 years.

The corners then get glued to cloth that matches the spine.

Lastly I once again forget to take some photos and we’re left with this. The covered corners get glued onto the cover and then the whole interior gets trimmed all happy.

Thanks heaps for reading. I hope you had as much fun reading through this as I had making it (and the book). Also a shoutout to the commissioner of this book because it’s an art book and all artists deserve a shoutout when they buy a book from me with the intent to draw in it.

Also I really don’t think I’m going to get much hate for using tape cos you’re all cool people, but I want you all to know I do know that tape is terrible for conservation uses. Don’t stick pages back together or mend covers with tape. The way I used the tape, though, should be fine. It is on top of waxed cotton laces and then it has waxed embroidery floss over it. The ends are also glued shut. It shouldn’t get any moisture, light and, provided it’s not kept in direct sunlight, it shouldn’t degrade and discolour the endbands or the paper.

reason #216 why i love brendon urie

“-it’s fucked up. so i wanna say, it’s crazy to me that it’s 2016 and people can still tell you who the fuck you’re supposed to be. it’s kinda crazy. they can’t tell you that you’re not gay, you’re not bi, you’re not pan, you’re just confused. out of love i tell them, one thing- fuck you!

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@blackmojitos I cannot tell you how unprofessional it is to call people out like that and just start bashing on people. I barely have any followers, but I know damn well not to ever do anything like that. and to be honest, I wouldn't want to follow a cc creator that disrupts the peace of the sim community. and it erks me to see you have the audacity to comment some bullshit post. I love you Mac and respect what you have to say. keep doing what your doing. 😂

Lol exactly 😂 she just doesn’t get. Like why is she continuously instigating issues that don’t pertain to her. Its also very surprising to see that the people that have an issue and are commenting.. are black… (and I’m half black before anyone gets offended lol)


Hi, all! Because I am still getting questions about this I just wanted to make a post explaining the situation to those that didn’t know. If you already know please feel free to keep scrolling.

Yes, she deleted her blog. This was in response to a hateful comment about her OC, Yorick, and his role in her “Everybody Loves Goku” series. Even though I was the first to comment on that situation and she actually said very little about it, she received the brunt of the hate from it. I’m not sure why; I can only guess that because she was at the center of it, the people attacking her thought she had control over what other people were saying or that she had asked people to defend her. Both of those assumptions are wrong. However even after the incident had ended for her and testifiedprince, other people still felt the need to add their opinions and flood her ask box with anon hate both for her and Yorick.

This one incidence was not what made her leave tumblr. That had been a long time coming. She had been talking to me about leaving for months because of the toxic parts of the community. She had already deleted her work off because of hateful comments towards her OC. These people had already pushed her off posting on one site but apparently that wasn’t enough for them. There are other reasons she wanted to delete her blog but this was the final straw.

I have seen other people since her departure taking a break or leaving tumblr. I was tempted to as well but I know she will be back. We are still working on Kakavege Week together, she will still be writing, and once she recharges she’ll be back in one way or another. We have been looking at other community hubs to be active in and if we make a permanent decision to move from tumblr to a new site we will let those interested know. So while I encourage everyone to take a break and recover from the whirlwind of events, don’t think this is the end. She’s a strong lady, she just needs some downtime right now.

This is long already so I’m going to put my more personal notes under a cut.

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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 10

Here it iiis!

Desclaimer: So people, I am so sorry for not posting for so long, but I had the most important exams of my life and I also procrastinated a lot, but now it’s summer and I also remembered why I love writing so much so expect at least two updates from me every week! <3

Warning: More angst, more fluff, a long ramble from Sehun and how his life before marrying and more angst. enjoy <3

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(imagine this gif in the middle (you’ll know when) and it will become 100 times better believe me<3)

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9


“Have fake marriages become such a frequency that we don’t react even if it’s happening right in front of our eyes? Has it become a regular occurrence to be married because of money, fame, business? If not, then why is it that we decide to close our eyes, even if it’s obvious that CEO Oh Sehun didn’t marry by love? Or is it the other way around? Is the CEO’s wife being forced into this so called marriage?”

I closed my laptop with a loud thump, refusing to read any further. New articles were being released almost every day about my marriage and the subject was the same in every single one of them.

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You keep saying you love representation but hate on "the demon show" as you so disrespectfully call it. At least my favorite show has female characters that are queer while you stan a bunch of straight white girls. Instead of wishing the show was cancelled why don't you die.

Y’all love to call out blarkes for their bullshit but turn around and send death threats to people for their opinion on a show :) Not that I need to explain myself but my three favorite fictional characters are Peyton, Clara, and Lexa.

  • Peyton was, as far as we know, straight but she was quite open to people’s sexualities and had I believe two f/f kisses in the duration of the show. Sure they weren’t purely romantic but it wasn’t something she was grossed out by.
  • Clara Oswald, canonically bisexual who had a thing with Jane Austen and loved to talk about it:
  • Lexa, the thirtiest gayest gay to ever gay:

Originally posted by 100clexatrash

Yes, my faves are so straight. You’re absolutely right. How could I have missed it?

my marvel & dc opinions in one post

overall they’re both kinda shitty but enjoyable nonetheless i dont know why ppl are fighting about the superior comic universe


marvel - black panther has a nice lovely black cast, jessica jones, luke cage, basically all of their netflix series are good shit TM

dc - justice league and wonder woman look good


marvel - did that hail hydra bullshit in the comic universe, probably won’t be motivated to make Captain Marvel movie until Wonder Woman makes $$$$$, let’s cast white people 2k16

dc - did that bruce/barbara bullshit in the animated universe and also bvs sucked. suicide squad looks ok but i cant fucking stand jared leto & the 2edgy5me joker