Why Her Stans Love Her: As an artist, Rihanna’s stans love her because she is essentially a Tumblr account with a record contract. All that is great about her (photos, singles, videos, and Tweets) can be enjoyed on your mobile device and her concert tickets cost less than price of personal pan pizza. This means that being a Rihanna stan requires no big imposition on your wallet, attention span or brain cells. As an overall personality, Rihanna stans love her because she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. Unlike Gaga stans, Rihanna stans aren’t looking for mothering and mentoring, but like Gaga stans, Rihanna stans are looking for someone to tell the it’s okay. It is okay to not be good at anything as long as you’re overstyled and have no gag reflex. Rihanna and her stans may not have it all together, but so what? Most people in their teens and 20’s don’t know their bussies from a hole in a tree, but that’s okay. They still have time to figure it out and even if they don’t they still had fun along the way.

This is the biggest piece of evidence  we have of them becoming canon. This show seems to feature lot of anime crap. The trope where someone seems harsh to others but opens up to one (Peridot/Lapis), The anime animation with Stevonnie/Kevin, Steven’s manga eyes, and now this.

They are obviously trying to make it anime. This is the trope where someone saves their love interest and lands on top of them.

If she landed next to her, it would’ve been nothing. But no, she landed on top of her, with close-ups of their faces. Why would they put so much effort into this and call it nothing? This is mainly why, I believe Amedot will become canon.

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The Paladins + Allura and Coran's reactions to their s/o baking them a cake?

This is so pure and I’m so happy to have Allura and Coran included


  • She wouldn’t be sure what to say. She’s not completely familiar with Earth and what goes on there, so she doesn’t know how often this is done or why, but she’s very grateful.
  • She loves it very much and thinks that it’s cute that you decorated it. There were little frosting flowers on it. 
  • She asked what they were, and her s/o told her roses and explained to her that, on Earth, roses are the flower you give to the person you love.


  • He, also, doesn’t know very much about what giving someone a cake would mean for someone on earth. However, he is very grateful and thinks that something that tastes that good can only come from a place of pure intentions.
  • You two relax with some cake and tea or coffee (whichever you prefer), and have a nice, long conversation about everything.


  • He likes it and thinks that it’s really nice of you to have spent your time making him something.
  • He does not like, however, the huge mess you made in the kitchen. He helps you clean it up, anyway.


  • He loves it, even if it’s bad. You thought of him and made him something, and that’s pretty sweet.
  • Doesn’t know why you gave it to him, though.
  • He feels really bad the next day when he realizes that the day before was your anniversary.


  • Tries to play it cool, but almost cries because no one has ever done that for him before.
  • Absolutely cries if it’s on/near his birthday and you & all his friends throw him a little surprise party. He’s so happy.


  • “What’s the occasion? Do you need something from me?”
  • They hardly believe it’s a “just ‘cause you love them” thing.
  • They appreciate it, though, and you two eat some cake and relax.


  • He doesn’t care if it tastes like sand, he’ll love it because you made it with love.
  • You two would eat the cake together and listen to calm music.

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To get myself pumped more for S6, I'm making up a playlist for Regina and a separate one for the Evil Queen. I know you've blogged a playlist before, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind reblogging it again if it wasn't too much trouble? Or maybe recc a couple of songs? Thank you :)

Here is my current Regina Mills playlist.  It’s roughly in the order of her life so the quality of the music changes over the course of the list.

I have a lot of music on this list I love a lot but here are some specific ones and why…. links to youtube for the songs under the titles and links to fanvids for those songs at the end.

Not the Villain, a song so perfect for Regina it’s a wonder it wasn’t written for her. (x, x)

Destoryed, young Regina.

Slow Fade, the Queen of Nothing Period.

Does Anyone Hear Her, the Queen of Nothing Period.

Stand in the Rain, the Queen of Nothing Period, the fall to darkness.

A Demon’s Fate, the Evil Queen period.

Lost, the Evil Queen period.

Firestorm, Dragon Queen.

My Own Happy Ending, literally a song about Regina and the classic Snow White story.

Dangerous, the Evil Queen period.

Murder, the Evil Queen period.

How to Save a Life, Snow Queen during the Evil Queen period. (x)

Say Something, Snow Queen during the Evil Queen period. (x)

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, the curse period.

Bad Blood, Snow Queen during the Evil Queen period.

Smoke and Mirrors, the curse period.

Monster, the curse period, bits of Regal Believer, potential for Split Queen Regal Believer.

Demons, the curse period, Regal Believer, potential for Split Queen Regal Believer.

Light, Regal Believer. (x)

Don’t Deserve You, Regal Believer. 

Steady, Regal Believer. 

No Light, No Light, early season 2 Regina, Regal Believer.

Fix You, Regal Believer.

I’ll Be Good, redemptive Regina.

Bleeding Out, redemptive Regina. (x, x)

Ceasefire, Snow Queen. (x)

Carry You Home, Evil Snowing the Missing Year. (x)

Same Mistake, redemptive Regina. (x, x)

Nothing Without Love, Classically seen in fandom as a Swan Queen, but I think a general family song.

Stand My Ground, redemptive Regina.

Shots, redemptive Regina.

Trouble, redemptive Regina.

Bet My Life, redemptive Regina, Snow Queen. (x)

The Cave, redemptive Regina. (x)

Priceless, redemptive Regina, self loathing, hero Regina.

I’m So Sorry, redemptive Regina.

Whole Hearted, redemptive Regina, Swan Queen. (x)

Lovers’ Eyes, redemptive Regina, Outlaw Queen.

Easy Silence, redemptive Regina, Outlaw Queen.

Matter, redemptive Regina, family. (x)

Already Home, redemptive Regina, family

One of the Brightest Stars, redemptive Regina, Outlaw Queen.

Let the Sun Fall Down, redemptive Regina, Outlaw Queen.

Unsteady, redemptive Regina, Outlaw Queen, Missing Archer.

You Learn to Live Without, redemptive Regina, Outlaw Queen, Missing Archer.

Fix My Eyes, hero Regina.

Always Starting Over, redemptive Regina post Missing Archer.

No Turning Back, hero Regina post Missing Archer.

It’s Not Over Yet, hero Regina post Missing Archer.

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Artie! I had this really cool dream that there was a two parter about jasper returning and that she turned out to be really nice! Instead of staying at the barn with peri and lapis the gems built her this wooden fort on the beach! She even had a little cat she found and then later saved it from a gem monster later in the episode. The best part about this was her attitude! She was like an over excited kid about everything new she saw/learned (which is why she loved the cat so much I guess lol)

ah, that sounds like a really neat dream!


A sketch collab with the SUPER MEGA ULTRA AMAZING @blueflowervalley  I’m so happy to have met this precious person and I’m simply in love with her style and ideas and OMG GIRL YOU’RE AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for doing those *cries and hugs forever*
Few more sketches of this collab here on dA: 

The sketches were done on Oekaki chat ( a very pixelated way to collab with your friends live.. try it out!)

Also if you love Deathshipping, be sure to check out our 2nd sketch collab on her account tomorrow AND GO WATCH HER IF YOU ARENT ALREADY! SHE’S AWESOME!!!!

I’ll go back into my corner to cry over how awesome those are..ok..

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So you legitimately are romantically attracted to Katie? Or is it like a platonic relationship?

Okay. We wanted to see how much attention that would get. (her idea… *coughs*) People before, have thought we were dating, and we denied, but this time we said we were.

We aren’t dating. I’m still a lonely, baby. Hey, thats fine. I have Netflix. :)

But so we’re in a platonic relationship, and really close. She’s my wifey, so…yeep.

But I love her a lot, and I hope she loves me too.

That ask where I mentioned Darry though omg that was hilarious. XDD

So there you go. Why did you wanna know so bad though? :l

Stay Gold.

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Morgiana didn't deserve this. Honestly, this alimor crap actually makes me nauseous, because it seems like almost incestous, with how the main three were portrayed as being as close as siblings. Another loss for interesting narratives everywhere...

uhmm I agree that I wanted the main trio to remain platonic but I mainly feel disgusted with @l!m0r because it seemed one-sided mostly and ohtaka had to bullshit her way to make Alibaba somehow return Morgiana’s feelings.

I do not understand why she was so cruel to tease alikou/hakumor so much

heck Haku and Morg looking at each other in that one chapter looks more romantic than ‘Alibaba holds Morgiana’ in this new chapter. btw I knew that 314 it’d be the most of them being a couple just look at that only sholder grabbing in 315, wow so in love and morgiana is just there


Top 100 favorite female characters.

#87:Evelyn Ryan from the prize winner of Defiance, Ohio

Why:she supported her family both financially and emotionally,  She sacrificed so much for her family and loved her children so much. she was an amazing person.

Quote:”I don’t need you to make me happy. I just need you to leave me alone when I am.”

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I was together with the girl I'm in love with for a week and she went back to her ex because she felt like there was "unfinished business" (they broke up a week before we got together). She says she loves me and is in love with me but she needs time and isn't ready to be with me now.. I'm absolutely heartbroken but I also want to give her time and space and I do understand. It's just so difficult to see them together. I love her so much... What do you think?

Ahh this does seem like a tricky situation and I’m sorry you’re so hurt by this but I understand why you would be xx I think it’s sometimes hard to know when to wait for someone and when to move on. You should always consider your own feelings when deciding between these two options. You should ask yourself questions like: has she shown me that she would be willing to wait for me? Is she going to be a long term commitment? Is this love hurting me more than it is giving me happiness? Once you’ve come up with these answers, you should hopefully have a clearer idea of what’s going to be healthiest for you xx you deserve a love that brings you happiness and you deserve to be the first choice. I would say to give yourself a week to think about your own feelings, think about what you need and what you want from her then tell her and if she isn’t able to give that to you within a period of time which you are comfortable with, maybe it’s time to move on xx I hope this helps you, sending love and support

This is a call out post for


• Actually a very mean cat
• Just told me, “You’re grumpy. Go have a cigarette and then we’ll talk.”
• Sass for days
• Sends embarrassing pictures of me to my boyfriend. Why do you do that? Where do you find these?
• Seems cold and aloof but actually has a lot of love in that frigid little heart and always gives me the best advice because she is wise beyond her years
• Loves girls so much she gets teary eyed talking about them
• Sent me this text message: “I had a dream that you and your boyfriend got married without telling me so I threw paintbrushes at both of you. That was it. That was the entire dream.
Me throwing an endless supply of paintbrushes at two gay men.” (Literally sent this text while we were two rooms away. Stop texting me and come downstairs and help me clean my room)
• Refuses to help me clean. What kind of jerk!!!!

call out post for reanna

-is the Light of my Life
-has th prettiest hair ever :(
-is my fave lesbian (besides erin)
-loves good music
-so gorgeous???? and pure?????
-deserves a beautiful and loving gf
-why is she still single?????
-is Funny as Hell
-tells me she loves me a lot nd it makes me smile
-makes rly good music????? seriously im her #1 Stan
-is just……she’s so beautiful i love reanna

Setsuna’s Dose of Happiness

“Um… hi. I’m Setsuna. I’m not sure why Judd threw me out here but she said to do a… What was it she said? A message of possibility?”

Judd: “Positivity, Setsuna! Positivity!”

“Ah… right.”

“Anyways, so yeah. I don’t really need her telling me to tell you that. Because I already know you’re wonderful. You work really hard regardless of the circumstances, and to me that’s really amazing. I could never work as hard as you do. You inspire me to do better, even though I may still fall in traps. I admire your hard work and determination… it’s definitely not something I could do. So keep it up and I’m sure that you’ll reach farther than you ever have…

Stay cool ok?”

So I’m going to be a freshman in college this fall, and I’m on campus early because I got into a research program. I was heading to Star Trek Beyond with another girl in the program, and I mentioned how much I love Tumblr because I have found other fans of my favorite book series here.

Her: What’s your favorite series?

Me: Stravaganza by Mary Hoffman (expecting her to not know it)

Her: *gasps*

Me: don’t mess with me. this is serious.

Her: I read the first two books and I really liked them, but I could never find the third!


why do i love jasper so damn much???? like dont get me wrong I KNOW WHY but like what in me makes it so that my love for her burns like 100000000 suns srsly like wtf ME 

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Sora just made a small noise - it wasn’t anything that he hadn’t dealt with before, he was confused as of why she was worrying so much. He pursed his lips, and furrowed his brows a bit, this was stupid. But there was no use in arguing with her.

‘ It’s not anything I haven’t dealt with before - but alright. ‘
he murmured and held his bleeding arm towards her.

i am so Tired of bad things happening to good people. today so much shit happened to a lovely, incredibly sweet friend of mine and i just can’t wrap my head around why. i can’t do anything to help her, but damn it i wish i could. damn it