It was a dark night, the time was 4:20 AM in Lazytown, Stingy was walking around, singing “This mail box is mine, and this triangular sign.” He was quietly singing because he didn’t want to wake anyone. Then he smelt a smell he knew…Dank. It was coming from a dark alleyway that was there suddenly, he entered and saw him, the dankest person he knew, Snoop Dogg, Stingy has always looked up to him because of how dank he was, he knew he needed to make Snoop Dogg his. Stingy ran over to Snoop Dogg but saw he was talking to something, it was him…Hal. Stingy turned back, he knew those two were better together then him and Snoop Dogg, but then he thought “what if I make both of them mine” he entered like the proud fuck he is and looked at the two. “Yo Stingy you want some dank weed?” Snoop dogg asked Stingy, Stingy’s puppet face somehow blushed “Of corse I do” He said hiding his embarrassment. Snoop dogg handed him a joint. Hal just kinda stood there confused. Snoop dogg looked at Stingy who was coughing because well…how old is he? Idfk! “Hey kid” Snoop dogg said “your pretty cool” Stingy quickly looked up “And your mine” Snoop dogg started to blush. “Oh Stingy” he said somehow knowing Stingy’s name “Don’t your making me blush, but my heart belongs to Hal” Snoop Dogg pointed at Hal, He was still standing there, I don’t even think he knows where he is at this point. Stingy grabbed Snoop Dogg’s hands “He can be mine too!” That made Snoop Dogg swoon on how much Stingy wanted this Dank man. Stingy walked over to Hal “Hal! You are mine!” He demanded “Dude what the actual fuck?” Hal said. “Shhh” Stingy said putting his finger to Hal’s mouth “Quite my love”. “Dude I don’t even know you!” Hal shouted, snoop dogg walked over “let the three of us have a dank weeding” he said “yes let’s” Stingy agreed “WHO ARE YOU TWO!?” Hal responded very confused. At the weeding snoop dogg had his best suit on, Stingy had his normal clothes on, and Hal had a dress. Shrek was up there waiting for them to walk up and said “Do you Snoop Dogg, take Stingy to be your husband?” “I do” he responded, “and do you Stingy take snoop Dogg as your husband” “I do because he’s mine” Stingy replied, Shrek then looked at Hal “and do you hal-” Hal interrupted “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!? WHY AM I IN A DRESS!?” And then they lived happily ever after…the end

ESFP: literally you’re so moody all the time that if I wasn’t used to it I would say you’re antisocial

INTJ: I am antisocial. I despise interaction with the human race at any level.

ESFP: no that’s not true. you don’t hate talking to me.

INTJ: I’ve been forced to for so long I don’t even have a choice in that matter anymore.