Nothing pisses me off more than Black boys talking hair.

They want a girl with Natural hair,

But it has to be big, long, and wavy.

It can’t be that kinky, coily, curly stuff that grows from most of our heads.

Ya know what,
I just don’t like hearing about black boys talking about black girls period. We aren’t good enough. Gotta be mixed or light skin to be pretty, and if you are, you can almost pretty much have any body type and still be fine. But let yo ass be brown skin…
Bitch betta be a ghatdamn coke bottle to be fine.

I’m not really salty about this because I know that absolutely no one is looking at me and criticizing and critiquing my appearance, because it’s just that bad.

But I still hear the shit y’all say and watch these pretty ass girls feel like they aren’t enough or like they aren’t pretty because of the pressure y’all— y’all being black guys— put on them.

It just makes me mad. Shut the fuck up and be happy with the beautiful brown goddess that chooses yo dusty, undeserving ass.

How to kiss a girl:

  •  Rest your palm on her cheek
  •  Stare lovingly into her eyes
  •  Slowly lean forward