little futurama things that everyone forgets about

  • leela and amy are best friends
  • in the timeline where fry never disappeared, yancy still names his son after him. 
  • if you look at it in a certain way, hermes is bender’s mother.
  • kif and leela have children together
  • amy wong has a phd
  • bender and amy were going to get married at one point.
  • philip j fry is the person who made turanga leela happiest. turanga leela is the person who made philip j fry happiest
  • the professor and mom have a son together
  • zoiberg and the professor’s bodies have had sex
  • fry and amy have an amazing friendship. the animated phoebe buffay/joey tribbiani 
  • seymour’s tragic ending is technically erased
  • the universe wouldn’t exist without fry. it also would not exist without leela as fry chooses her existence over his own happiness. 
  • nibbler could probably leave and go back to his own planet at some point, but he chooses to stay with leela.
  • there is an alternate timeline where leela marries cubert
  • hermes conrad is a good man, a good husband, a good father and a good friend. we should all aspire to find someone like him.
  • fry is the only person who doesn’t pick on zoidberg
  • everyone got a happy ending. when will other tv shows ever?