Talos hates his clerics

So little bit of context: 5e campaign where we were playing the tryanny of dragons published campaign. Our group had a urchin tiefling rogue, a human lord who was a wizard, and a blue dragonborn cleric with three little priest girls who worshipped her as a child of Talos, god of storms (me). We just started and discovered the burning town under attack by kobolds and decided to help. As a tempest cleric, i was doing my lightning retribution thing, smacking kobolds that attacked me, breathing lightning, all that. Two moments where I prayed to Talos where we lost our shit.

DM: Alright, the kobold falls dead on the street, having been blasted by lightning.
Me: Sweet, I want to sacrifice it to Talos.
Everyone else: What?
Me: You heard me, Talos is getting a Kobold as a sacrifice, I’m sure he will love torturing it!
DM: *Rolls dice behind screen, then pause.* Umm…
Me: What happens?
DM: So you pray to Talos to accept your offering… and a blast of lightning shocks you both. The corpse is gone and you feel like you’ve been smack across the face.
Teifling: Looks like daddy had to smack a bitch.

Other moment, where the human died after a fight with a dragon,

Me: CRAP! I Forgot to pick spare the dying as my cantrip!
DM: Wait, what? How did you forget about that!?
Human: Well, I guess I’m dead right?
Me: Well… I got a idea?
Tiefling: If you say pray to Talos-
Teifling: *Facepalm*
DM: So you want to pray to him to see if he will revive (human) for you?
Me: Pretty much, yea.
DM: … Roll Religion.
*Nat 1, then pause.*
DM: What the hell, I’m feeling nice. A bolt of lightning strikes down and strikes the two of you and while (Me) takes 2d6 divine damage, (Human) is brought back to life. You also get the a mental message telling you to stop asking him for shit… he is upset about the kobold.
Teifling and Human: PRAISE TALOS!
Me: Ouch… Praise Talos…

Supernatural writers: We don’t want you to get your hopes up with destiel, we don’t write them llike that.

Supernatural writers also:

“You have me confused with the other angel, the one in the trench coat who is in love with you”

“Ask him, he was your boyfriend first.”

“He’s in love… (long ass pause) with humanity.”

“We need you… I need you.”

“I rebeled and I did it, all of it, for you.”

“Dean and I do share a more profound bond.”

“Sorry but I rather have you, cursed or not.”

“I always come when you call.”

“Wheres the angel?!”

“I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead from them, to keep them away from you.”

“I’m not leaving without you.”

“I did everything to get you out, everything. I did not leave you.”

“Caaaas!!” -Dean every 5 minutes on season 11

Do I  need to keep going?


The day after you were at Sphere’s building, you receive a call from an unknown number. When you pick up, the woman on the other side introduces herself as a representative of the company. “Hello, Mijoo-ssi. I’m calling about your audition. We’d like to sit down with you once more before reaching a decision. Could you come by the office sometime this week?”

When you arrive, you’re led to a private room on the top floor, where Baek Jiyoung herself waits for you with a warm smile. “Hello. Please, come in.” She gestures towards a couch at one corner, and waits for you to sit down before taking a seat across from you. After offering something to drink and some of the cookies on the coffee table between you two, she pauses, and inhales deeply. “Mijoo-ssi, I called you here because I have a few questions for you, questions that I’m afraid cannot be put off until after you’re offered a contract.” She smiles again. “Your performance was lovely, and it’s clear that you have the potential we’re looking for. However… this wasn’t the first time you were here, was it?” Even though it sounds like a question, she doesn’t wait for an answer. “You were invited once last year, and you even made it into the building, but you did not go through with the audition.”

On Baek Jiyoung’s face there’s a fierce, yet almost apologetic expression. “Can you tell me why?”

it’s as if there exists yet another whole new world on the top floor of sphere building, mijoo notes, the moment she steps out of the elevator. she looks the same as she did a year ago when she entered the sphere building for the very first time– big, curious eyes looking around like an innocent child– following behind a staff member to a room.

when they hold the door open for her, she bows her head with gratitude and steps inside, where baek jiyoung waits for her with that motherly smile mijoo sees on the elder always. she bows deeply at the ceo before settling herself down in the chair she’s silently instructed to take, back straight, knees together, and hands sitting in her lap to show respect.

“hello,” she greets back, attempting to hide her nervousness by showing a bright smile. “thank you so very much for inviting me today.” her gaze instinctively falls to the drink and cookies the female ceo offers on the table, and she bows her head to acknowledge the hospitality, but doesn’t move to take either one of them in hand. instead, she lifts her gaze to look at baek jiyoung again, wetting her lips as she waits for the elder to say something.

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silksieve replied to your post “dai musings possibly solas critical and fandom critical maybe? just a…”

I see that scene not so much illustrating that Solas has the capacity/heart to kill (bc obviously he does!), but showing him in a moment when he’s lost control of himself. So, to me, the Inquisitor’s line breaks the moment, and he’s able to come back to himself–and let the mages be, for whatever their future might be. (Hope that makes sense!)

That’s how I see it too (as a moment where he lets his anger rule him, I had Vir stop him because she thinks he would regret it later), but all the pauses and things that aren’t said leave a lot of room for interpretation, both because the devs left places for headcanon and also because spoilers. 

I’ve been missing someone a lot recently. Several someones, really, having just left some dear friends behind. But in the middle of missing this particular person today, I remembered these lines:

I miss you and you
have no idea how
much I whisper that
into the silence.

I paused for a second to try and remember where they were from, if it was a song or a poem or…? But I was in the middle of working on several important articles for tomorrow’s paper so I shrugged it off and continued working. A few seconds ago it came to me. 

I wrote that. It’s an old poem of mine. Different line breaks and as part of a longer poem, but it’s my own words, floating back to me.

I honestly don’t know what point I’m trying to make but I just found it somewhat bewildering and amusing. 

at jared’s auto, i asked him how life’s been treating him. i was intending for it to be a nonchalant sort of question, but then there was this immediate, heavy pause where he looked like he was trying to choose his words carefully before taking a breath and finally settling on, “better than i deserve.”

when he tossed the question back to me, i was still reeling from his response, so all i could manage was a sad smile and tell him, “i’d say the same.”


Sterek Summer Spectacle - Week 4: Fix Canon

Editor/Writer: @ stilesbansheequeen

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“Hey, big guy.”

Derek frowns, pausing where he is in the doorway of the loft. He’s undeniably glad to see Stiles, but…

“What are you doing here?”

“I, um,” Stiles says, running a hand through his hair. “I wheedled it out of Deaton, when you would be coming back. I wanted to be here. I wanted to tell you, uh…” He barks out a sharp laugh, suddenly, sounding a little hysterical. “This is ridiculous. It so, so is. And I mean, it’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I swear.” He crosses the loft, so he’s standing right in front of Derek, and Derek makes a mental note to ask him later how he even got in. “But listen. I just… With all the shit going down lately, with kanimas and darachs and alpha packs, and just werewolves in general, I- Life is short, you know?”

Derek nods, not sure exactly where Stiles is going with this, and not daring to hope.

“I just wanted to say I love you,” Stiles continues finally. “I love you, and I know it’s crazy, and it’s bad timing, and there’s always so much shit going down, but I feel like-”

Derek cuts him off with a kiss, and Stiles practically melts against him, wrapping his arms around his neck. He wishes he didn’t have to pull away, didn’t ever have to pull away, but it’s worth it for the smile that lights up Stiles’ face when Derek murmurs, “It’s okay, Stiles. I love you, too.”

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Nina Zenik and Inej Ghafa → Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

“Nina Zenik, as soon as I figure out where you’ve put my knives, we’re going to have words.”

“The first ones had better be Thank you, oh great Nina, for dedicating every waking moment of this miserable journey to saving my sorry life.”

Jesper expected Inej to laugh and was startled when she took Nina’s face between her hands and said, “Thank you for keeping me in this world when fate seemed determined to drag me to the next. I owe you a life debt.” 

Nina blushed deeply. “I was teasing, Inej.” She paused. “I think we’ve both had enough of debts.”

“This is one I’m glad to bear.” 

My mental live tweeting or "what I was thinking as I watched Badass!Martin".



Scenes without Martin:

  • OK, people having sex.


Scenes without Martin:



Scenes without Martin:

  • MORE SEX. 
  • OK, THE END.

*Sorry for my bad english*

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Bts reaction to their s/o fell asleep while you two cuddle on the couch watching a movie.

sorry for the wait, i’ve been so slow w requests:(


Originally posted by tabwi

Jin would be the most considerate lil beb, he would immediately shut off the movie and make sure to write down where you got up to. Then he’d try and be super discrete and untangle his body which was wrapped around you. He’d lightly pick you up and carry you to your bed. Then he’d join you and probably fall asleep himself seen as he was tired himself.

A to the G to the U to the STD: 

Originally posted by bts-4lyfe

Yoongi <333 would pause the movie because he had probably been getting a bit bored and he had been waiting for you to fall asleep, because he can never seem to get sleep easy without you. He’d just lay there for a little bit still holding you close to him. As he started to feel sleepy he wouldn’t make any effort to go to the bedroom,he’d silently tell you he loves you and all of the other things he says to you just when you’ve fallen asleep, into light sleep. 


Originally posted by baebsaes

Would maybe try wake you up a little, by lightly shaking you but since you didn’t wake up he’d decide it’d be best if you both just went to bed, so before he carried you he’d go turn everything off and check all the locks but along the way he’d keep dropping shit, bc the hallway light was off, but he wouldn’t realize the noise he was making. So when he came back into the room and you were wide awake, that (gif) would be his reaction. Then you wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep and lately Namjoon had really bad insomnia, so you’d just stay up listening to some sweet music and telling good stories. In the morning, which for you guys on your lazy day off would be 1pm, you would probably try making breakfast together. And by breakfast I mean pancake mix.


Originally posted by huang-zitao

your hope would probably find it sooooo adorable with you nuzzled against his chest in deep sleep with your scarily still position and loud breaths/snores.  He’d probably take a few pics and cute vids of you, then he’d continue watching the movie until the end because he knew what a deep sleeper you were and there wasn’t that much left of it. Later on he’d carry you into bed and make sure all of the things that needed to be done were, he’d put your clothes in the wash, take out the trash, tidy up, do the dishes and set your alarm so tomorrow you wouldn’t have anything bothering you.


Originally posted by chimcheroo

Chim would shut down the movie, then just cuddle you for a bit longer in the silence. After he’d gently pick you up and take you to you guy’s bed and make sure you were all covered up nicely in blankets. Then he’d go about his business as quietly possible and once he got out of the shower he get into bed and join you. You’d go back to cuddling as he fell asleep too. In the morning he’d probably be up before you and would have made you breakfast already set on the table which he usually did when he knew you were really tired. You guys would just chill eating breakfast on the balcony, but also kind of lit because you guys would be jamming out to some drake and frank ocean.


Originally posted by jimins-bootae

taebae would turn off the movie because he didn’t want the noise to wake you. He’d try and wriggle away from you and go collect all of the cushions and blankets on the bed. Because he didn’t like sleeping without you and didn’t want to wake you by trying to carry you, tae would build a lil fort around you on the couch using the blankets and the other chair. He’d turn off the lights and tidy up before putting little lamps around so you guys weren’t in complete darkness. Then he’d fall asleep wrapped around you again.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Would really cherish these little types of moments so he’d pause the movie and pepper you with little kisses. He’d try to wake you up with kisses but you were a heavy sleeper sometimes and you were so tired. But jungkook is a bit of a savage so after that he’d get up, cover you in a blanket and do whatever he needed to do. He’d finish up some work and then go pick up some pizza, despite it being 2am, but it was your weekend off together. Once he’d come back he’d sit down and slide back in with your head resting on his lap. The movie would be playing again when you woke up after a tiny warm string of cheese fell on your face. When he realized he’d immediately get up, “oh my god, I’m so sorry baby!”, and wipe it off your face. By that point you were just hungry so you sat eating pizza watching the rest of the movie….

Hope you like it ;)))

“Do you remember?”

Hanamaki looks up with a small hum, eyebrow raising. He lifts his hand to pause the TV with the remote, turning to look at Matsukawa.

“Remember what?”

That crooked, lazy grin that Hanamaki loves filters across Matsukawa’s face as he leans against the door frame. His arms are crossed, eyes alight with happiness.

“Remember what, Issei?”

Matsukawa chuckles softly, the familiar sound a soothing lullaby. Hanamaki frowns, turning fully around on the couch. He places both hands on the cushions, frowning over at Matsukawa.

Matsukawa is shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of loose sweatpants, clinging desperately to his hips. His hair is slightly wet from the shower, causing Hanamaki to purse his lips. Mattsun was always bad at drying his hair properly.

“Do you remember,” Matsukawa says again, pushing himself off the door. He walks over to the couch, placing his hands over Hanamaki’s as he squats down so that they’re eye level. “When I fell in love with you?”

Hanamaki sputters in surprise, cheeks flaming red as he nervously looks away. He’s always caught off guard when Matsukawa gets into one of his sappy moods.

“No, you never told me when you actually did.”

Matsukawa smiles, leaning his head forward. He presses a kiss to Hanamaki’s cheek, smile widening as Hanamaki jerks his head to fully face Matsukawa again.

Matsukawa takes this as his chance. He lifts his hands from their resting place on Hanamaki’s own hands, lifting them to cup Hanamaki’s cheeks. He watches the blush spread across his boyfriends cheeks, down to his neck.

“It was in our first year, when you slid in front of me to take that volleyball to the face for me.”

Hanamaki snorts softly. “I’m your knight in shining armor.”

Matsukawa ignores him, and continues on. “I fell in love again, ya'know? The first time you shared your cream puffs with me. It happened again when you told me that you rejected that girl who confessed to you, because I realized only I wanted to confess to you-”

“Who knew you got jealous so easily?”

“-and it happened again when you tripped Iwaizumi, making him fall on Oikawa so they’d awkwardly get their shit together. It happened again when-”

“Where are you going with this?”

“-when you looked at me with that smile of yours. It happens every day, when you curl up on the bed with me. When you kiss me good morning and tease me over breakfast.”

Hanamaki frowns, searching Matsukawa’s eyes for any answers. “Issei, you know I love you as well-”

“I want to fall in love with you everyday, Takahiro.”

That’s when he leans back a little, reaching into the pocket of his sweatpants.

“So will you marry me?”

Hanamaki gapes in surprise, throwing himself over the back of the couch. With a loud yes, he launches himself at Matsukawa, pulling him into a tight hug.


Prompt: I had an idea, where Bruce and Batmom get caught like teenagers. It just wouldn’t leave my head.

Warnings: It implies some stuff, but it’s not explicit or anything close

Words: 1532

           You’re tired, and exhausted, something that goes hand in hand with a twenty-hour flight, a week living out of a suit case, food that only comes from fancy restaurants, and having to wear heels the entire time you were on a stupid business trip. You slip in through the front door, and pause to finally remove your heels.

           The cold marble floor feels amazing against your aching feet. You’re in the middle of taking off you second shoe, and trying to decide between food or sleep, when the sound of shoes hits your ears.

           A moment later your husband turns the corner, and you can’t help but stare. You smile at the sight of Bruce decked out in his finest tux, because it is an amazing sight. Very James Bond. You smile “What’s this? I know for a fact that we don’t have any functions this week, so what’s with the tux?”

           Bruce just smirks “You don’t like it?”

           You grin, at him “I love it, and you know that.”

           He nods “I do know that.” He winks at you before extending his hand. You walk to him, and take his hand, only to have him pull you in close, and kiss you. When he pulls back you whisper “I really missed that.”

           He just grins, before he kisses that place near your ear, that makes your knees go weak. “I bet I missed you more.”

           You wrap your arms around his neck and say “How about we argue about who missed who more, in private.”

           He smirks, “If we did that dinner would get cold.”

           Your brow knits together “Dinner, it’s nine o’clock. Alfred always serves dinner at 6.”

           He nods as he begins leading you through the house; his arm wrapped around you, with his hand resting on your hip. “Usually he does. However, he thought that you and I deserved a night to ourselves. So he packed up the boys and took them over to Dick’s apartment, and he and the boys will be staying there not only for patrol but all of tomorrow.”

           You stop, and turn to face Bruce “Bruce Wayne don’t you tease me, are you saying we have the house all to ourselves for an entire night?”

           He just grins “Exactly.”

           You can’t help but smile “We haven’t had the house to ourselves in years.”

           He laughs “I know, but Alfred thought we could use some time together, considering the fact that you’ve had to do a lot of traveling for the company, and I’ve been busy with League stuff. We haven’t really seen each other lately.”

           You nod, before bringing him in for another kiss “I know, we’ve been so buys we’ve missed date nights.”

           Bruce just grins and says “Well hopefully tonight will make up for that, because I ordered in food from your favorite Chinese place.”

           You moan in bliss, “Yes, we haven’t eaten there in months.”

           “I figured it would make you happy. Now come on.”

           Bruce leads you on to the back trellis, and you can’t help but smile. Fairy lights have been strung up, there are flowers everywhere, and candles scattered about, and in the middle of it all is a table set for two.

           Bruce comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you, “Do you like it?”

           You nod “I love it Bruce.”

           You turn around and kiss him again. He leads you to the table and pulls your chair out for you and the two of you eat the Chinese food straight from the cartons. And while you eat the two of you talk. You catch each other up on personal things like the latest books you’ve read, or some new television show. You don’t talk about work, or the league, or even the kids. For the first time in a long time it’s just the two of you, and that makes you happy.

           You love your job; you love the secret work your husband does. You love your kids, and you adore being a mother, but every once in a while it’s nice to let all that fade away in favor of just being you and Bruce again.

           Your relationship is what makes everything else work, it’s the glue that helps hold the family together, and every once in a while you and Bruce have to focus on that bond. Nurture it. Strengthen it. And during that process you find that even after all these years, and everything you’ve been through, you are still madly in love with him, and he you.

           Later that night the two of you lay out under the stars. Your clothes are strew all over the patio, and you’re fairly certain that part of Bruce’s very expensive tux have ended up in the dirt, but you really can’t bring yourself to care.

           You’re snuggled up next to your husband out on the grass, with only a throw blanket to cover you. You’re fairly certain that your hair is a mess, and that you have at least a little bit of dirt on you, but you don’t care because you’re happy, and content. You’ve nearly fallen asleep, with Bruce’s fingers drawing absent minded little patterns on your skin, and a kiss every so often pressed to your hair. One of your hands is lying over his heart, with his remaining free hand covering yours. And that’s how you fall asleep. Blissfully in love.

           Your wakeup call however, is not nearly as blissful. You have no warning before cold water showers both you and Bruce. You yelp as the two of you jump to your feet and make a wild dash for the house. You do your best to use the throw blanket to cover you, but it doesn’t work.

           The two of you are soaked by the time you step inside. And as you look at Bruce soaked to the bone, with blades of grass stuck to his skin, and dirt smeared on him you can’t help but laugh. You can only imagine what you look like, you’re certain that your mascara has to be running, and that you have to be just as filthy as Bruce. And all Bruce can say is “I forgot to turn off the sprinklers.” And that makes you laugh because, your husband truly is the world’s greatest detective.

           As the two of you spend the next several moments laughing before Bruce dashes away only to return a moment later with a table cloth draped around his waist. He offers you a spare table cloth, and you take it, wrapping it like you would a towel. That’s when the sound of a car door closing gets you attention.

           That stops your laughing cold. “They’re home early.” You whisper.

           Bruce shakes his head “No, we just slept in.”

           “We slept till noon?”

           “We were both exhausted it makes sense, we should also probably run now.” You nod, and the two of you make a mad dash for the stairs. You’ve just made it up the last stairs and onto your hallway when the door opens and the boy voices begin calling out for the two of you.

           You and Bruce quietly sneak into your bedroom, and lock the door. And as the two of you stand there, covered in dirt, dressed only in tablecloths all you can say is “I feel like a teenager again.”

           Bruce just smirks “You mean the sneaking around part or the hiding from Alfred part?”

           You grin and say “Both.”

           You stare at each other before you move forward and kiss him. When You pull back you say “Thank you for last night, it was a lot of fun.”

           Bruce kisses you again and says “We should do it again sometime. Preferably after I’ve sent the boys on a mission to another country, and Alfred on vacation.”

           You laugh “Sounds good Mr. Wayne.”

           He kisses you again before saying “Then it’s a plan Mrs. Wayne.”

           An hour later after the two of you had showered, and were getting dressed, there’s a knock on the door.

           Bruce moves to answer it while you finish pulling on your shirt. Alfred’s voice sounds clearly from the open door “Ah, Master Bruce, I was able to collect yours and Ms. Y/N clothing from the patio before the boys were able to see it.”

           That sentence has you blushing a bright red, and you’re fairly certain that you can see a hint of red sneaking up the back of Bruce’s neck. But you’re not a hundred percent sure, because his voice is as calm as always. “Thank you Alfred, and sorry about the mess.”

           “Not at all Master Bruce, I’m glad the two of you had fun. But in the future perhaps, wear something a bit easier to clean than a specifically handmade tux. Perhaps cotton?”

           You have to bite your lip to keep from laughing as Bruce simply says “Of course Alfred.”

           “Very good sir, lunch will be served shortly. I’ll see you and Ms. Wayne there, correct?”

           “Of course Alfred.”

And without another word Bruce closes the door, and turns to you, and all you can say is “Apparently we weren’t done being teenagers.”

SM64, Ocarina of Time, and Goldeneye at the same time

Dude beats all three in less than an hour.

It’s easy to get spoiled by some of the really crazy types of speedruns and alternate play methods highlighted on this blog, to the point where my first reaction upon watching this video was, “pff – he’s not even playing them at the same time on the same controller? He’s just SWITCHING between each game? How DULL. How SIMPLE.”

Until I realized how much mental agility it must take to suddenly jump between three utterly different games with utterly different speedrun techniques, while also memorizing the best time to pause and switch between each game.

This was sent in by Benjamin Lu!

Walked into gym really nervous to do a strength session for squats. The past month ive been stuck on 60kg50kg and couldn’t seem to get any strength going. Its been extra tough because when i was squatting only parallel i could do 80kg for a decent rep, whereas now that im breaking below parrallel, im back at 60kg for my max, which has felt like im back to where i was 2 years ago. But in reality, the deeper im going, the better outcome ill eventually get, regardless of the fact that im feeling weaker. Proper form > ego.
So tonight i got to the squat rack and pushed and easy 60kg for 3 reps. Sooo i got to add 2.5kg each side! Which means im getting stronger! 😊 so i ended up doing 65kg 3x3 and a fkn long pause rep drop set of 55kg 2x3 (dad decided to count 0, 1, 2, 3 really slowly, the khunt).
Hooray for progression 😎😎😎 #datfknbun #callmeforhairstyling #freelancehairstylist

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Gillian is the embodiment of “I was just making a joke to make myself laugh.” She says “schmoopie” about David on Twitter, then she says it again on Twitter, then she makes a tshirt of it for herself. She is a four-year-old holding a worm and sitting under the slide and giggling while everyone else obliviously plays tetherball. Is David even going to know what the fuck that shirt is about? I’m betting not. I love her.

“Tell me how you feel about me,” he whispered, his lips making a trail of kisses down your neck before pausing at your collarbone and pressing one last kiss to the spot where he had left a now pinkish- purplish bruise. 

His words had your body tensing and your already erratic heartbeat increasing.

“I feel the same about you as you feel about me,” you finally answered, your hands looping around his neck and drawing him in. “I don’t wanna talk lu, just kiss me.”

But he had already pulled away from you, a sigh falling from his plump lips as his hand went up to pull at his blonde roots.

“Why can’t you give me a fucking straight answer Y/N!”

“That was a straight answer Luke,” you blew out a breath and jumped off the counter that Luke had situated you when he had waned to use his lips for something other than useless talking.

“I did give you an answer Luke but clearly you don’t want to give me what I came here for so I’m just going to go.”

You didn’t bother on waiting for a reply but instead made you way out of the kitchen picking up your coat, scarf and purse from where he had been dumped on the ground upon your arrival.

You were almost to the door when he spoke, his voice a combination of fear, hope and anxiety. “If I love you does that mean you love me?”

His words once again caused your body to tense as you halt two steps away from the door. Your mind is left a jumbled mess, stopping mid thought to move on to the other even more confusing thought.

It’s several seconds or even a minute before you turn around. 

“If,” you think a step forward moving closer to him, “If you truly love me, then yes, I love you too.”

Luke’s lips are on yours two second later and then he finally- finally- gave you what you showed up for.

graymaven  asked:

Favorite unscripted moment; second play through, aggressive soldier fem-shep. One mission against the collectors there was a perfectly timed moment: "we are harbinger. We are your salvation and destruction. We-" *Grunt charges in and headbutts him to death while screaming* "I AM KROGAN!!!" I died laughing, I had to pause the game for ten minutes to catch my breath. To me that moment is absolutely 100% grunt and all krogans in a nutshell. How about you?

That is perfect timing holy shit. Those beautiful little things.

I can’t think of one of the top of my head, I just always like during cutscenes where it zooms in on Shepard and I have Miranda with me. Her resting face looks irritated so I imagine that she’s just silently rolling her eyes while Shepard says something stupid.

Pause for an important thought:

“You’re afraid cause you don’t know what to do with yourself… You’re all alone. You got no husband… No daughter”

 "Hey, you ain’t my problem! Sophia wasn’t mine!“ 

Let’s appreciate the fact that Daryl was putting himself in a place where he felt it was his responsibility to protect Carol and Sophia in a way a HUSBAND feels responsible for his wife and a FATHER feels responsible for his daughter.

I don’t know what the hell the writers are doing right now, when it comes to them both. But no one will ever convince me that Caryl wasn’t created to be a romantic pairing. 

I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 10/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 9

“I still can’t believe there’s a tiny little us in there,” Steve smiled, lying next to you with the tips of his fingers gently circling around the tiny bump of your belly.  “It’s so weird.”

“Our baby is weird?”

“Not ‘weird’ like that, come on,” he smirked, leaning over to kiss the skin where his hand had just been, “weird that there’s a person growing inside of you.”

“That’s not any better, babe,” you laughed, gently ruffling his hair with your fingers.  “Just quit while you’re still a little bit ahead.”

“Yeah, okay.  Hey, bug,” he smiled against you as he whispered, “I didn’t mean to call you weird. Let’s just forget that happened, okay? You’re not weird at all,” he paused, kissing you again, “you’re our little miracle.”

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