Good morning people of the earth! How about some toilet humour to start the day? :D

Ok that wasn’t even funny. I just woke up an half hour ago because the sun was (and is still is) being all like “Hey I’m gonna shine on your face be all obnoxious about it” so this pic was mostly done to cheer myself up and to cheer you people too. I don’t know how this will do that but….yeah…

u know whats annoying is terfs talking about trans girls invading “female only spaces” cause idk even what that means..what female space would i be invading? the bathroom? is that it cause i cant think of anything else. they make it sound like a total war of trans ideology against All Female Existence but i think they literally just mean the toilet. where we poop and pee

i asked liam where snakes poop from and they tried to show me by googling snake butt and it just showed a bunch of picture of solid snake’s ass 

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Your blog has convinced me to go watch RvB! I've heard that the early seasons are way different than the newer ones, so should I start at season 1?

Oh gosh, *absolutely* start with season one! It can be a bit of a chore since there are 13 seasons, but really, each season is only about the length of a movie, ranging anywhere to just over an hour, to over 2 ½ hours long (season 13 was a bear, gosh)

But as much as there is a noticeable tonal shift starting with season 6, it is definitely worth it to start from the beginning, if just to experience how the humor and characters and overall writing of the show evolve over the years! Plus there is a certain degree of continuity with the overall story concerning the Freelancers – and also quite a few things they sorta ret-conned to make the story work after the fact, hhaha

((There are also a couple of short, in-between mini seasons that are worth watching and add some substance to the story and especially the Freelancer arc; Out of Mind takes place between Seasons 4 and 5, and Recovery One takes place after Season 5, and is basically the kicking off point for Season 6 - Reconstruction))

But yes! A lot of the reasons the later seasons work so well is that anyone who’s watched from the beginning knows how far these characters have come, even if it starts a little slow. I got back into this show after years of not being caught up, and I can’t believe what I’d missed. I’m glad my over-obsessive spamming actually did some good for a change LMAO. 

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what is this about poop shoulders

i was constipated and there was an xray where i had poop blocked up to like my armpit, approaching my shoulders and ever since then “edwad poop/shit shoulders” has been an obscure meme

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have you ever post a bum photo and where can i find it? 😍


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hi where in London are you I live in London and nappies and pooping in public

I can’t reveal where in London I live. But it’s nice to know there’s other public messers in London!