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Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be… perhaps better off.

List Of Episode Season 6:
Shameless Episode 1 : I Only Miss Her When I’m Breathing
Shameless Episode 2 : #Abortion Rules
Shameless Episode 3 : The F Word
Shameless Episode 4 : Going Once, Going Twice
Shameless Episode 5 : Refugees
Shameless Episode 6 : NSFW
Shameless Episode 7 : Pimp’s Paradise
Shameless Episode 8 : Be a Good Boy. Come for Grandma.
Shameless Episode 9 : A Yurt of One’s Own
Shameless Episode 10 : Paradise Lost
Shameless Episode 11 : Sleep No More

BEAKER:  The dog who will live forever in “The Cartoon”

Tomorrow night on Disney XD an episode of Wander that I boarded titled “The Cartoon” is going to air. I’m pretty proud of this episode and I’ll probably post a lot about it after it airs but I wanted to point out a special detail hidden in the backgrounds.

About a year ago when I was working on this episode Becca and I lost our dog Beaker. Beaker was incredibly special to us and his comedic jolly nature helped us through some particularly tough times when Becca’s MS was at it’s worst.

One other defining characteristic of Beaker was that he shed more hair than any dog of I’ve ever known. We played a game that on each trip we went on we would hide a strand of Beaker Hair so that now we can say that Beaker covered the world. He currently lives in Ireland, Scotland, England, China, Tahiti, Easter Island, Vancouver, Montreal, Greece, Neenah, Waukesha, Billings, and parts of his fluff cover most of the greater Los Angeles area!

The last place He made it into was one of the rough Background paintings I created for “The Cartoon”. I did some quick paintings to help sell the idea of a cartoon in a cartoon, (The episode has Hater watching an 80’s style cartoon of himself) and of course his hair made it into my paint. Craig, Dave, and Alex liked the storyboard I did so much that they decided to use it as the actual Cartoon that Hater watches and that meant the rough painting I did (with the Beaker hair in it) was gonna end up on screen!

The same BG is used throughout the episode so if you look closely you’ll have plenty of glimpses of a great dog, who’s now gonna live forever! Thanks Craig McCracken, David Thomas, and Alex Kirwan, I’ll always be in your debt.


Hey brother
There’s an endless road to rediscover.
They tell me I’m too young to understand
They say I’m caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes
Well that is fine by me.

Hey sister
Oh the water’s sweet, but blood is thicker
So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older

All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost.
Oh, if the sky comes falling down
For you, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do
I’ll try carrying the weight of the world
But I only have two hands

Wake Me Up/Hey Brother - Anthem Lights

Another fanart inspired by the ever amazing fanfic  Sansûkh

So, I mentioned drawing Frerin and Thorin in that last fanart I did, right?  Well, I heard this song and it turned into a whole siblings fest, whoops. I absolutely adore Frerin’s relationship with Thorin in this fic, hands down.  Frerin’s my precious cinnabun baby and I just want to hold him until he’s happy.

Next up on my To-Do list…some charr for a friend, and some fanart of my all-time favorite Mass Effect fanfic!

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I don't wuite get the banter between furuta and kaiko? Plus, where was it mentioned that he was part of garden?

As for Furuta being part of the Garden, it was mentioned in MS scans’ release of the chapter. o/

As for the banter with Kaiko and Furuta, it’s kinda uh, it’s something that got lost in translation. When Kaiko asks if Takatsuki is King, Arima replies saying that it’s highly likely and Furuta says ‘same’.

In Japanese, Furuta did say 'same’ but it’s like a unique word. I can’t really explain it but it’s like he said 'sem hir’ rather than same here. What he said was 右同 which is literally 'the right is the same’ as he was standing on the right of Arima, and Kaiko nitpicked on that since it’s not 'proper’.

lmao remember when the flash casted jay, jesse and wally and we or at least me actually thought that there would be other hero speedsters besides barry by the end of season 2 bUT TURNS OUT 

  • jay lost his speed before his introduction and it doesn’t look like he’s going to get it back any time soon. not only that, but he’s not even given much to do. they let him mentor barry for like an episode or two until harrison wells came in and got handed that role, so jay’s either completely absent or, when he is around, is there to complain about not being much help without his speed ajkfjkfjkfjkfj this is such an offensive way to write his character. he’s meant to be the original flash!! the grandfather of the flash family!! gdi 
  • jesse chambers is now jesse wells apparently, doesn’t have her speed yet and what’s royally pissing me off is that she’s been damseled since her introduction eight or so episodes ago. she’s literally not been given anything what-so-ever to do. she exists purely for harrison wells angst. what the fuck????? she’s a major speedster?? actually the most featured female speedster in dc comics?? been a part of the titans, jla and the jsa??? WHAT THE FUCK???? why do these writers continuously prioritize their oc over major comic canon characters  
  • wally west is amazing so far, but they’ve outright said that they currently have no plans of him becoming kid flash. it’ll probably happen eventually, but, like, season 3 or 4 eventually. 

even arrow had sara lance by now, at least?? I am so completely BORED with barry as the sole speedster hero on this show, honestly. so fucking BORED. I get taking your time with wally, but jesse and certainly jay should’ve been running around with barry by now 

16 Days of Outlander - Day #1 Sassenach

So excited to have an excuse to rewatch Season 1 all the way through (I realized that I’ve watched the first eight episodes way more times than the second eight, despite the fact that I only watched the first eight for the first time the day before the second half of Season 1 started airing). 

Fair warning: I’ve been trying my hand at screen caps to go with the posts for this 16 Days of Outlander. 

Anyway, onto my favorites for 01x01 Sassenach.

Favorite performance: Caitriona Balfe. From the beginning of the episode through the end, she has so much to do to carry and establish the story and not just for the episode, but for the series. What gets me every time is the scene below when she learns the war is over. Everyone else is celebrating and while I wouldn’t say she’s disappointed - she’s far too compassionate for that - she does immediately look lost. Having just come from that horrible leg injury, there’s clearly still work to be done but when her friend tells her “it’s over” I can’t help feeling that there’s a little bit of Claire that feels like her usefulness is already slipping away. To convey such depth right off the bat in the episode floors me every time. 

Favorite Claire and Frank Moment: Jumping on the bed. There are little glimpses of the marriage Claire and Frank used to have (few and far between, though they may be) but those glimpses show enough of what they’re both trying/hoping so hard to recapture - namely the levity they felt before five years of war - that I can’t help loving this little moment. It’s clearly going to take work if they are going to have any chance of succeeding - I mean, immediately after getting into their room, Frank just takes out a book and starts reading. It shows a little better the balance/dynamic they once had. Claire helping Frank not to be too serious all the time; Frank helping rein in some of Claire’s wilder tendencies. It isn’t as great a balance as she will have with Jamie but it probably worked better for Claire and Frank before the war changed them so much as individuals.

Favorite Location: Reverend Wakefield’s library/study. I mean just look at it! That fireplace, that window, how open and light it is. I would love to have a room like that to work and play in - it’s got plenty of room for both. Totally personal taste on my part but just… love it, want it, don’t care that we hardly spend any time there this episode (and can’t wait till we get another look at it later).

Favorite Minor Character: Mrs. Graham. In working on my Jamie through the stones fic, I’ve gotten very attached to Mrs. Graham as a character. I also love Claire’s surprise when she realizes that Mrs. Graham is one of the “druids” dancing at Craigh na Dun. She’s just one of those characters I really wish we could have more time with in the series as a whole. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation Moment: Frank’s encounter with Jamie’s ghost. One scene, two favorites. This is the scene I go back to and rewatch over and over and over. The lighting, the perspective, the sound mixing/editing… I just love everything about this scene. And it’s a scene I’ve enjoyed analyzing so much in the book. That you can see Frank watching Jamie watching Claire: Frank’s attention on Jamie and the fact that he is watching his [Frank’s] wife; Jamie’s complete absorption in watching Claire fighting with the curls he loves to much. The haunting way he just vanishes when Frank turns and the lightning illuminating Frank briefly before all the power in the square goes out just emphasizes the significance of that moment so subtly and so well.

Favorite Costume: Claire’s night gown. I’m not a huge fan of the 1940′s costumes - I find the 18th century costumes more impressive but we don’t see too many of them this episode. This costume is also one of the most “traditionally” feminine costumes Claire wears. A lot of her 1940′s dresses have sleek lines but this flows and billows. 

Favorite Music Moment: Claire gets shot at (Fallen Through Time on Volume 1 of the Outlander Soundtrack). I am addicted to television and film scores and the music for Outlander is definitely up there on my list of all time favorites (seriously, at least a third of my iPod is instrumentals from soundtracks - about 2 days worth of music). The transition in this scene as Claire stumbles around the woods trying to figure out what just happened to being shot at by the Red Coats is perfected by the shift in the music from quiet and innocuous to loud and raucous (courtesy of some amazing bagpipes and drums/bodhran). 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Cocknammon Rock. It’s after they’ve been riding for a while - Claire has already fixed his shoulder which has earned her a few points with Jamie - and when she mentions the Red Coats’ preference for Cocknammon Rock as an ambush point, Jamie doesn’t hesitate to believe and trust her word. He alerts Dougal immediately and when Dougal basically asks, “are you sure?” Jamie takes one look and Claire and asserts, “yeah, he’s sure.” Then Dougal gives the order and Jamie promptly dumps Claire off the horse and breaks free of the belt she used to bind his arm to his side. 

Favorite Line, Favorite “This wasn’t in the book” Part: “On your horse soldier.” Another two-fer. I love this line that wasn’t in the book, so much so, it’s my favorite in the episode. Seeing Claire in action at the beginning of the episode when the war ended balances nicely with this line (and scene of her healing in action) at the end. They’re scenes when her mask/facade drops completely - no polite smiles or wary/guarded looks, just Claire at her most competent. The scene passes from Claire cursing at Jamie in frustration through the more somber and serious hint from Jamie about just how dangerous BJR is and ending it with this more light-hearted, mildly affectionate, but respectful note adds to the understanding that has begun to develop between Jamie and Claire. 

Favorite Performance Honorable Mention: Sam Heughan. Claire may not be consciously aware of Jamie’s feelings for her for a while but his falling for her occurs hard and fast - both on the page and on the screen. The ability to capture in that one glance what I tend to think of as Jamie’s enlightenment about his feelings, could not have been easy but there it is, broadcast for all to see. Jamie is entirely hers in that single moment by the roadside as she curses him for being too stubborn to admit he was hurt and needed help (basically, Jamie in a nutshell). 

As a former athlete

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Y'all niggas are something else fr

Isaac- Because I’m An Idiot

Request-  hi! was wondering if you could do a request where Liam and Isaac both like y/n, and she’s Stiles cousin. Liam and y/n hang out a lot more after school and become good friends making Isaac jealous, and when Isaac and y/n get paired up at a pack meeting to train, he gets frustrated telling her she’d ‘probably rather be with her boyfriend’ making her laugh and ask who he’s talking about then she tells him how she’s really tutoring Liam and he was begging her not to tell anyone. xx

A/N- I originally planned on writing this yesterday, but my laptop decided to shut off and I lost the half I had written. Sorry for the delay! Next up is a Brett imagine.

You shoved open the faded blue doors of the high school, stepping out into the cold night air with your phone clutched tightly in your hand. You brought you hands up to your arms as Liam followed you out, cursing yourself for not bringing a jacket.
“Thank you,” Liam suddenly gushed as you came to a stop on the concrete. “I mean, not many people would do this for me.”
He stared at you with those adoring blue eyes, and you couldn’t help but smile. Liam was sweet and you knew he was struggling with balancing his responsibilities and his newfound powers at the same time. Helping him didn’t bother you, especially since you had been helping Scott and Stiles with all the supernatural crap since you had gone looking for that body in the woods two years ago.
You shrugged as you rubbed your hands up and down your arms, telling him “I don’t mind.”
“Oh!” Liam exclaimed as he saw your arms. “You’re cold. Here, take my hoodie.”
“I’m fine,” you told him. “They’re going to be here in a few minutes.”
“They?” Liam asked as he tugged his hoodie over his head. “Stiles and Scott?”
“Stiles and Isaac,” you corrected. “They needed to pick up something from Derek’s loft and Isaac is the only one with a key.”
“You sure he didn’t just come for you?” Liam asked as you pulled on his hoodie.
“For me?” you questioned with raised eyebrows. “Liam, Isaac and I are just friends.”
“Maybe you don’t see it,” Liam told you. “But I notice the way he looks at you.”
You blushed and opened your mouth to protest, just as a familiar blue jeep screeched into the parking lot. You blinked as you realized it was smoking, and you frowned as you comtemplated the fact that you would be riding in it. You loved Stiles, but the way he felt for that jeep bordered on some kind of parental love.
Liam made a pained face as the jeep slowed to a stop in front of you. “I think I’d rather walk.”
You frowned as the jeep screeched to a stop and Stiles immediately recognized the look. In seconds, he was leaning all the way from the driver’s seat and across Isaac to crank down the window.
“I know that look, Y/n,” he warned. “And it’s the look that says you’re going to insult my baby again. I swear to god, if you say one more awful thing about Roscoe you’re walking to Scott’s. I don’t care if you are my cousin.”
You narrowed your eyes, looking from the hood and back to Stiles’ warning eyes.
“Your jeep is smoking, Stiles,” you stated.
“That’s it!” he cried. “Do not let her in! Isaac, wait, what are you doing? Isaac!”
The blue eyed boy reached forward and opened the door, shooting you a michevious smile. You grinned as he moved into the backseat and you soon followed behind him. You slid into the backseat and placed your bag on the floor, sticking your tongue out at Stiles as Liam sat down in the passenger seat.
“You’re a horrible person,” Stiles told you as he put the jeep into gear. “And Roscoe hates you.”
“I’m sure,” you deadpanned as you turned to Isaac. “Thanks for letting me in.”
Isaac shrugged. “I’d never leave you out in the cold.”
“It was only for a few minutes,” you pointed out. “Besides, I had Liam to keep me company. It wasn’t so bad.”
“Oh,” Isaac said, but you were totally oblivious to the irritation in his voice.
Isaac looked over at the younger boy, who was looking over his shoulder at him with raised eyebrows. He fought the urge to growl at Liam, knowing that if he did his secret would definitely be out. As far as he was concerned, you and Liam spent way too much time together. He liked to tell himself that it was because Liam didn’t have full control of his powers yet and he didn’t want you to get hurt, but that wasn’t entirely true.
He knew Liam would never hurt you, but Isaac couldn’t help the crushing wave of jealousy he felt whenever you and Liam were together. You and Isaac had been closer than ever when Scott had bitten Liam, and the younger boy had wormed his way into Isaac’s spot, stealing you away from him. He knew he shouldn’t have been threatened by a boy who was two years younger than the both of you, but he couldn’t help it.
“So, uh, what exactly were you and Liam staying after for?” Isaac asked suspiciously.
Liam looked back and met your eyes, silently pleading for you not to reveal the secret the two of you had been carefully keeping for weeks.
“Oh,” you said simply as you looked towards Isaac. “Just hanging out, you know?”
“Hanging out?” Isaac asked with a frown.
The two of you had been close friends for years, ever since he was bitten. Isaac knew you a little too well, and he knew when you were lying. It also helped that he had super hearing, but he would never admit that he casually listened to your heartbeat from time to time.
Isaac opened his mouth and started to confront you about it, but then he caught sight of what you were wearing. “Is that his hoodie?”
His brow furrowed as he looked down and saw that you were wrapped up in a maroon hoodie, one that displayed a large number nine in white. The sleeves stretched all the way past your fingertips, and this only caused Isaac to be even more jealous.
“Yeah,” you said, just a little confused. “I was cold.”
“Right,” Isaac said with a sigh that was barely audible.
“Isaac?” you asked gently. “Is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” he lied. “It’s just…we never hang out like we used to.”
You blinked, totally caught off guard by what Isaac had just said. Sure, you had skipped out on a couple of plans, but Liam had needed your help. Now you weren’t sure that it had just been a couple, and you had obviously flat-out ditched Isaac a few times.
“I know,” you admitted regretfully. “And I’m sorry. I swear we’ll hang out this weekend okay?”
Isaac nodded, and he felt a smile forming on his face. For once, you would get to be his and not Liam’s. He was also confident that he would finally get to spend some time with you that night, but as they got to Scott’s he realized he wouldn’t be so lucky. “Alright,” Scott announced as he stood in front of his coffee table. “We’ll each be pairing off to take a stack of this research. We might be able to find out more about the dread doctors, but not if Stiles and Lydia have to go through everything by themselves.”
You gazed down as the huge stacks of paper covering the coffee table. It was normally clear glass, but now you couldn’t even see through it. You didn’t even want to think about how many trees Lydia and Stiles had killed printing all of this off, nor did you want to think about how long it would take to go through. Even with the whole pack, you were going to be up all weekened.
“Kira and Malia, you take the top stack,” Scott continued. “Stiles and Lydia, you take the next one. Y/n and Liam will take the third and Isaac and I will grab the last one.”
Isaac frowned as he looked over at you and Liam, only to have his frown turn into a full-on grimace. You were reaching up to ruffle the younger boy’s hair, grinning as he playfully shook you off. Liam got up and went to grab his stack of papers, meeting Isaac’s eyes in the process. The older boy glared at Liam, causing him to shoot Isaac a weird look.
“What?” he asked with raised eyebrows.
Liam knew you were friends with Isaac, but the guy was always glaring at him like he wanted to toss Liam off of a bridge. When Isaac didn’t answer him, Liam just turned away and went back to your spot on the couch. Isaac huffed as he watched him go, turning to find Scott raising his eyebrows at him.
“Is everything okay?” he asked him.
“Uh, not really,” Isaac muttered. “Do you…do you think I could work with Y/n on this one?”
Scott smiled. “Finally telling her how you feel, huh?”
“Wh-no!” Isaac exclaimed. “How do you know that?”
“Well, I am a true alpha,” Scott stated. “I’m also not legally blind.”
Isaac blushed, but Scott just continued to smile. His brown eyes moved over to the couch, where you were sandwiched together after Malia had taken up nearly the whole thing with her stretched out legs. You both held a file together and you were leaning down to get a closer look. Liam’s light brown hair just barely brushed yours, causing Isaac to frown again.
“Hey, Liam!” Scott called. “Can you come work with me on this one?”
Liam picked his head up from the file. His brow furrowed and he looked back to you for a second. “Is that okay?”
You shrugged, your eyes narrowing at Isaac. “Yeah, I guess.”
Liam rose from the couch and walked over to Scott, passing Isaac on the way there. He gave the older boy a look like he knew exactly what he was doing, but Isaac just smirked. He sat down on the couch next to you, leaning down to look at the file in your hands.
“So, what are we-”
“You didn’t have to do that, you know,” you told him testily.
“Do what?” Isaac asked innocently.
“Ask Scott to switch partners,” you said with a look that told him you were unamused. “You know you don’t have to be so jealous of Liam.”
“Oh yeah?” Isaac asked, quickly growing angry himself. “Well excuse me if my best friend wants to ditch me for some scrawny freshman!”
Liam blinked, looking up from the papers clutched in his hands. “Scrawny?!”
Scott swallowed as he looked from you to Isaac. Both of your faces were quickly going red, a sure sign that all hell was about to break loose. Liam was angry too, and that was never a good thing, especially not for Melissa McCall’s furniture.
The others definitely noticed too and they had no problem with listening intently to the argument. Malia, who had been sprawled out on the couch, was now watching with eager eyes. The coyote had missed out on eight years of television and she was quickly trying to gain it all back. It seemed like every week she had a different favorite, and right now she had her heart set on soap operas. At the moment, she had decided that the back and forth between you and Isaac was better than The Young and The Restless, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away.
Kira was sitting there politely, trying to figure out a possible way to difuse the situation. She shot an anxious glance towards Scott, but the alpha was now just as interested as the others. Stiles and Lydia were squeezed into an armchair on the other side of the room, watching intently and placing bets on who would win the fight.
“Ten bucks she’ll roast him alive,” he offered to Lydia, not even bothering to be quiet.
“I don’t know,” Lydia said with a hmm. “Isaac has a supernatural capacity to bitch.”
“But she knows all his secrets,” Stiles pointed out.
“And he knows hers,” Lydia fired back.
“Why do you hate Liam so much?!” you demanded as the two turned their attention back to you. “He hasn’t done anything to you!”
“Oh right, nothing,” Isaac told you, now rising to his feet. “Except for steal my best friend away from me every chance he gets!”
“Steal me away?” you cried as you got up yourself, just barely coming up to his chest. “Isaac, I don’t belong to you!”
“I know that!” he protested. “But I never see you anymore and then you act like you still care about me! If you’d rather be with your boyfriend you can just tell me the truth!”
“Boyfriend?” you nearly spat. “Liam is not my boyfriend!”
“Oh shit,” Stiles remarked loudly, causing you to glare at him.
He gulped and sank back into the chair, leaving you to glare back at Isaac. “Why do you think he’s my boyfriend?”
“Because you’re always together!” Isaac exclaimed. “You’re always ditching me for him. You stay after school for three hours with him when you could just be making at your house and-”
“Wh-making out with him?” you demanded. “Isaac that’s not what we were doing!”
“I heard you lie today,” he accused. “You said you were just hanging out but I know that isn’t true!”
“You were listening to my heartbeat?” you questioned.
Isaac froze. “I…well, I…”
You made a noise of frustration, bringing up a hand to run through your hair. “You know what? I’m not dating Liam, but if you’re not going to trust me, I guess I don’t have a best friend anymore either.”
You shook your head angrily and stalked over to the edge of the couch, grabbing the hoodie Liam had let you borrow. You knew what that looked like, but if you were going to walk home in the cold you were going to need the hoodie. In moments, you were throwing open Scott’s door and slamming it, leaving the house echoing with a resounding bang!
Stiles coughed several times, looking over at Isaac with a smirk. “Roasted,” he stated between coughs.
On a normal day Isaac might have growled at him or threatened to rip his eyes out of his head, but all he could do was stand there with a dumb look on his face. You had just walked out of Scott’s house, intending to walk home in the cold by yourself, and that was all because of him.
“Shit,” he muttered as he realized what had just happened. “What did I do? Scott, what the hell did I just do?”
“Uh…” the alpha said as Isaac’s voice began to grow hysterical. “You, uh…”
“Ruined every chance you ever could have had with her,” Malia finished bluntly. “But on the bright side, that was fun to watch.”
“What the hell do I do?” Isaac demanded, looking around the room. “I mean, I never meant to hurt her like that.”
“Go after her,” a voice answered and Isaac turned around to see Liam staring at him with crossed arms.
“What?” Isaac asked dumbly.
“Go after her,” Liam repeated with a roll of his eyes. “You’re an idiot, but Y/n is still in love with you. She blushes every time I bring you up, even though she swears you’re just friends. And dude, seriously, I’m not trying to steal her from you.”
Liam took a deep breath and looked around the room. “I’m failing three of my classes. Y/n was just trying to tutor me. She lied to you because I was too embarrassed to tell everyone.”
“Shit,” Isaac swore and then again, more forcefully. “Shit.”
In seconds, he was running across the living room and throwing open the door. His sneakers thumped on the steps as he ran down the porch and into the night, looking up and down the street for you. He was just barely able to see you, stalking away in the dim light of the streetlamps.
“Y/n!” Isaac cried, running faster.
You looked over your shoulder and recognized Isaac running towards you, but you only walked faster. You could hear his shoes thumping on the asphalt, and you broke into a run yourself. Tears fell from your eyes as you passed under a streetlight, your vision going blurry.
“Wait, Y/n!” Isaac cried as he gently reached for your arm.
“Don’t touch me!” you snapped, yanking your arm away and whirling around to face him. “What do you want?”
“To say I’m sorry for being jealous,” he breathed. “Liam told me that you’ve been tutoring him. I was wrong, okay? And I wasn’t just jealous because I thought he was taking you as my friend. I thought you were dating.”
“And?” you asked as you bitterly wiped your eyes. “Why would you be upset if I was?”
“Because I’m an idiot,” Isaac told you. “Because I never told you how I felt and I never thought you would feel the same way.”
“W-what?” you breathed, sniffling in the dim light.
“I love you,” Isaac told you. “I knew it from the minute you first showed up at Derek’s and smacked Stiles in the head when he called me an idiot. You were the first person who ever stood up for me, Y/n and I never meant to make you cry. I just wanna make you smile and make you laugh, and I…I want you to wear my hoodie.”
This caused you to laugh, and you dropped your hand from your now dry eyes, looking down at the maroon hoodie in your hands. You dropped it without a second thought and reached up to grab the collar of Isaac’s shirt. He had to duck down as he pressed his lips onto yours under the faded streetlight, but he didn’t mind.
He couldn’t believe he was finally getting to do this, finally getting to kiss you after two years of imagining it. You couldn’t believe it either, because after all that time of trying to fight how you felt, you had never noticed Isaac had felt the same. Now you were both realizing that you had been lying to yourselves, and as you kissed in the chilly night air, you had never been so happy to be wrong.

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Honestly I'm, personally, worried for both Nat and Wanda. Did you see how absolutely terrified Wanda was? She's lost her country and her brother and just when she thought she was starting to build a new family it's being ripped apart. The women in marvel just get royally screwed over tbh.

I’m worried for Wanda too.  She’s had too much happen too fast.  I know she’s a strong woman and all, but come on.

Friends With Benefits (Part 7) - Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook

Genre : FWB!AU, fluff, slight smut, angst (?)

Word Count : 3K (I’m sorry)

Description : Only when you had lost Jungkook, someone you never ever want to lose, you realize how irresponsible you had acted. You want him back. You want to call him as a friend again and not someone who used to be that. You want him back. But what if it is already too late for you two? Can you possible find comfort in the arms of your best friend Taehyung instead? But is he really the one you want to be with in the end? 

part I | part II | part III | part IV | part V | part VI 


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ok this is gonna sound really random but i'm genuinely just curious, i'm rewatching txf and i'm just kinda lost. basically. when the hell did scully and mulder start sleeping together ??? like ??? pls explain this to me ??? i get that it's indicated in 7x17 but like ??? wtf ??? we never even got to see how/if it happened ??? explain please ??? were they already sleeping together ??? i need opinions

it’s been confirmed in a number of places/by a number of people that they did sleep together in 7x17. we didn’t get to see it because Chris Carter hates us, probably. whether or not that was a one time thing depends on who you ask but I think most people subscribe to the idea that they started sleeping together pre-all things (imo, it was between millennium and rush) or were together consistently afterwards (I think Je souhaite and requiem imply that pretty heavily but that may just be me…) ummm basically they got together whenever you feel like they did? some people think they slept together first during cancer arc, some blacked out during all things and think they never did at all.

as frustrating as it is one of the things I find really cool about Txf is it allows so much room for fans to interpret the show, and that narrative grey area has allowed people to fill in mulder and Scully and the details of their relationship without being hugely hindered by canon. Anyways my season 7 (and a lot of people’s) involves them banging on the reg and it’s great. I still want my explicit sex scene tho.

me: when i was your age, There was a band called chumbawamba
great-grandson: no that cant be right. The old man has finally lost his mind. Hes dying

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so I found this fic when I was looking through the phanfiction tag earlier than I lost it and I can't find it anymore :c I think it was published today and it was like something like about dan being upset and then building a fort or something. I didn't get to read it yet and I really want to. help?

How to Build a Fort Dan feels upset. So, the best way to cheer him up, according to Phil, is to build a fort.


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nerd kagami (with cute ass glasses) is just strolling along lost in thought when he bumps into punk aomine and his punk (gom) friends and kagami's glasses fall off from the impact, and when he realized he bumped into someone apologizes profusely and aomine is like oh shit this guy is really cute and apparently so does all his friends and so aomine is like shit i gotta get this boy first and picks up his glasses and is like no problem i havent seen u before wanna hang out?

The chatter of the university grounds was a dim in Kagami’s mind, his thoughts straying to the contents of his fridge as he idly skimmed through the cooking magazine in his hand, pushing up his glasses with the other.

Hmm…I know I have garlic, but do I have onions? Do I even need onions to make pasta?

He was so deep in his culinary thinking he missed when a particular group of students ambled near him. He missed their playful squabbling and one of them happily shoving another, until he stumbled just in front of Kagami and the redhead rammed into him head on.

It was like hitting a telephone pole. Kagami stumbled back and landed hard on his ass, his glasses clattering to the ground and his magazine skittering away.

He blinked up to see the last person he was expecting to see. A man with sharp navy eyes looked down at him and a pierced eyebrow raised in surprise. His friends looked on curiously, their multi-coloured hair not very hard to miss.

Aomine Daiki. Only one of the most troublemaking students on campus. And Kagami had slammed right into him. Kagami swallowed, but it was his fault. He hadn’t been looking where he was going. He wasn’t going to cower though. He’d apologise, and be on his way. And hopefully not get beaten up. “Sorry, that was totally my bad-”

Aomine blinked, and to Kagami’s surprise, got down on his knees and picked up Kagami’s glasses. “…ah, no…s-sorry… I should’ve been looking too.”

Kagami wasn’t the only one shocked at the apology. Aomine’s blonde friend nudged a short boy with blue hair. “Did Aominecchi just…apologise?”

Aomine had, in fact, apologised. He couldn’t believe it himself. The moment he had laid eyes on that face, the moment he had seen those deep red eyes and smelt a faint trace of sandalwood soap, he knew something had happened.

And now he was looking right into those bewitching eyes, and those forked eyebrows raised in astonishment.

Ahh…he’s really cute…

Aomine spotted the cooking magazine and handed it over. “You cook?”

Kagami stared back, unsure what to make of the situation. “Um, yes…” Is he going to make fun of me?

“Cool,” Aomine stood up and held out his hand. Dark tattoos peeked out from the sleeve of his jacket. “I haven’t seen you around before. Wanna hang out?”

Kagami took the offered hand. The grip was warm, strong. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into, but he was pretty new to the area and although Aomine didn’t look like good company, he sure seemed like a nice and decent guy. “Uh, why not?”

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“It was then that that son-of-a-bitch Optimus Prime, he turned to me and his chest opened up and he shot me. With a circular buzzsaw. Sliced me right in half. Vertically. Like hot dog-style, not hamburger. Yeah, I survived somehow, but the entire right side of my body, it’s a robot. But I wasn’t sliced perfectly in half, Bug. No. See, in the heat of battle, my ample body was glazed in sweat. The sweat had plastered my nutsack to my right leg and when I got sliced in half, I lost ‘em. The only thing I got left, on account of it’s the left side of my body that survived, is my human heart. And now you know, Bug. I ain’t got no balls, but I’m all heart.”

- Commander Up, Starship, Act 2 Part 3