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Didn’t Peridot say “Imagine. Appearance modifiers that aren’t melded to your body!” It sounded like the very concept is alien to homeworld gems.

…So what does this mean about Jasper’s cape?

Was it actually apart of her body? Did Pearl and Amethyst actually manage to poof her or something? If it’s not for appearance than what is it for? Or maybe Jasper is just such a high-ranking gem she gets it as a military symbol?

anonymous asked:

My friend is a really picky eater, Im not bc Ive been reared not to waste food. Im healthy & fit, dont have an ED. But going for lunch/dinner with her make a me self conscious bc shes always finished 1st. I feel fat if I keep eating. Its distressing.

Hey lovely,

The important thing to remember is that every body is different. Every body has different requirements, and those requirements aren’t based off of other people’s bodies. Whenever you feel bad, remind yourself.

1.)    You need the nourishment in order to have a strong, healthy body.

2.)    If you are hungry, you need to eat, your body know what you need, listen to it.

3.)    You’re beautiful the way you are, weight does not change that, eating habits don’t change that.

I’m in the same boat as you, my dad was in the military, so not only did we never waste, we ate fast. So for the longest time I would just inhale my food. And I felt like everyone was judging me. What helped me was to realize that people don’t pay as much attention as you think they do. Most people are so wrapped up in their own world to notice other people.

Maybe when you’re eating with people, try focusing on the conversation, like, distract yourself so you don’t focus on your plate, or other peoples, and you just enjoy their company. I promise you, nobody cares what’s on your plate, and if they do, they’re not somebody that needs to be in your life. Take care of your body, whatever that means for you, you’re totally unique, and that’s okay!

Much love,