I’m probably just stupid, to be honest.
But let’s be real, trying on and actually finding a purchasable item is an impossible task.

I just want pretty things to wear why it gotta be so hard

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Hello there!~ It looks like Sans gets along with the dog. How about you, Gaster and Papyrus? Do you find it... annoying? >w>

* yeah, we call it anny. short for annoying dog. papyrus idea…

* She is a nice pup. Real calm, knows lots of tricks (surprisingly taught by Sans), and sleeps a lot. Is nice company to have.


no real reason for this– it started as something completely different but it wasnt turning out well :/ its my oc vix but like as an anime school girl? idk but she looks cute so whatever (also i know the perspective its in no way supposed to look realistic i just wanted to add some sort of background with some interesting angles) i was thinking that maybe each of the volume covers could have a different style or theme? idk thats what this made me think

Haikyuu!!Racers AU: where Akaashi is a Motocycle racer and Bokuto is either a Drift or World Rally racer.

He frequently tries to pick Akaashi up with lines like “that motorbike looks spent, want to ride me instead?” to which Akaashi usually answers with a blank stare and a tiny involuntary blush because holy hell, is this guy for real?

Also, the first time they´d met, Bokuto tossed the line at him as soon as he took off his helmet, Akaashi almost fell on his ass because of his forwardness. 

I blame the UK top 20 videogames coz number 18 and 17 were racing games also sorry it´s so shabby I feel incredibly tired today


RIGHT SO I saw the new Wonder Woman movie poster - I am politely neutral to anything comics related, disclaimer - and the anatomy just… jumped out at me as really, really off. So I flipped it around and played with it a little in SAI to see what I could figure out what’s bothering me.

They made her neck super long and just. removed her left shoulder entirely? (EDIT NOTE: both shoulders, honestly, are not where they should be) and i’m not even gonna make a joke about Escher Girls in Comics making their way into the real world too, I’m just tired. As an artist, not just as a lady sick of being sexualized. This isn’t stylized art, this is a photograph of a person supposed to look like a person. You’re a massive company launching a worldwide movie. How do you miss something as anatomically off as this?

Untitled (2016)

Digital Art

Space Lesbians! Because I’m psyched about Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3.

I always liked the clothes that these two get to wear in the 90s anime and manga. I love how Michiru is described to be fashionable and elegant (but let’s be real, there’s a limit as to how fashionable one can really be in the 90s) so I’m looking forward to the outfits this season.

I drew Michiru in an Elie Saab dress and Haruka is pretty much just Tilda Swinton.

I hope that you immediately remember this melody when you first see this btw, even if I completely forgot the flower petals.

Ok I’ll stop talking about this show now. OR AT LEAST DIE TRYING!

Art improvement seems to be real… and my blog is going to look quite a bit different when I finally update it. Ahh?? I’m very excited right now, actually


THIS TOOK ME 200 HOURS TO FINISH! It’s supposed to be extremely simple but I was like what the heck let’s get out of my comfort zone, let’s add some details! I never drew a real looking tree~

I was using acrylic paint, I didn’t know I smudged the lower part with grean, so I tried fixing it with adding random leaves. XD

It doesn’t make sense but hey whatever it’s a drawing and I love the results!