She reached into the pocket of her riding leathers and extended the Amulet of Orynth and a sliver of black stone to Dorian. He balked.

“Elena said Mala’s bloodline can stop this. It runs in both your houses.

The golden eyes were weary–heavy.
He realized what Manon was asking.

just gonna… leave this here…

Dear Parents:

You may think that “My house; my rules” is an entirely fair position for your children to be in. After all, you bought the house, you pay the bills, you provide them with their food; it’s only reasonable if they abide by your rules in return.

However, please consider that this is not a trade. A trade can only happen when both parties choose to engage in it. Your child cannot freely choose to live with you because, if they ever leave, the police can hunt them down and return them. If they ever try to get a job to support themself - buy their own food, pay their own bills - the State can arrest the employer.

And the child never entered this arrangement freely in the very beginning. They appeared with the contract giving away their rights already signed. If you had a child by choice, you basically kidnapped a human being from the formless void and put them in your care. If you’re going to do that, you’d better hold yourself to some standards in caring for your inmate.

And, if you had a child by accident, then please have some compassion for your fellow cell-mate. They aren’t here any more willingly than you are.

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Can you draw evan and del but have the song be make you feel by Alina Baraz but have it be in a sexual way so del seducing Evan with the song idk if this makes sense but yeah ps I FUCKING LOVE YOUR ART!!!! :))

—————-Breathe, breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind
———–I will take you far, far away
——I’ll make you feel alright

Make You Feel by Alina Baraz & Galimatias

This actually made me really curious like really who would win

Cuz like ok Zen (pros):
-is always working out and jogging so he must have stamina.
-knows action moves from his plays and stuff so he must know something about fighting
-used to be in a gang i think (?) So he must have experience fighting
- Pure Spite ™

But Zen (cons):
-is an emotional and reckless person when he’s angry so he might slide into reckless attacks
-(wouldn’t wanna ruin his looks lolololol)
-Is easily provoked especially by Jumin

Yet Jumin (pros):
-is super good at keeping a level head and is good at analyzing
-practically an expert at taunting Zen
-Prob always smells like cat and is full of cat fur that would give Zen allergies
-is taller than Zen

But Jumin (cons):
-has a sheltered rich kid background has probably never fist fought anyone in his life
-works out only like 30 minutes everyday because he has no time
-does he know anything about fighting like come on

So i’m inclined to say that Zen would win if only because he knows more about fighting but i don’t know

(Though I know they’re nerds that wouldn’t actually fistfight because they dont hate each other nearly as much as they say lolololol)

You know, my leading speculation for Bellarke is romantic development of their relationship throughout the entirety of season 4, with a kiss in the finale which leads to canon romantic Bellarke in season 5

But sometimes I like to picture it happening sooner, like a kiss at the mid-season finale instead

Or perhaps even earlier than that, when they’re both overwhelmed by everything and Bellamy is hurting and Clarke kisses him impulsively, and then they both decide that they’re not ready for that yet but it hangs in the air between them, unspoken

“Check their teeth! No, wait, x-ray their bones! No, wait, check their DNA! No, wait, suspend their human rights! Oh to hell with it, just burn them! BURN THEM!”

Amdkksksn I told someone this and left them on a cliffhanger and now I want to finish it

 Alright so, remember how in the teaser for S4 of sherlock his lip trembled when someone was rolled in? Well, what if that was Mary’s body after she fell off of Niagara Falls? The reason his lip trembled wasn’t for her, but for John. To his understanding: Mary is the love of John’s life and he doesn’t want to see him suffer through heartbreak. As you could see, just thinking about it breaks him. Of course, as soon as he sees him he has to tell him. Surprisingly though. John is in nothing but mild shock. Sherlock turns furious then. After all, he thinks John should be heartbroken and devastated for his ‘beloved wife’

 “For God’s sakes, John! This is your wife and you-you feel nothing?!? You’re nothing but I’m shock that she’s dead??? Aren’t you supposed to be heartbroken!?! Hell, you should be furious!!!”

 'Course Sherlock’s yelling gets John a bit irritated.

 “Oh am I?? Look, you know what happened right? You remember everything that has happened these last few months! She lied to me since the day we met!! Even about the child, it’s not even mine and you expect me to give a shit about her?! No, I’ve given up on her and couldn’t care less at this point! That’s how done I am with this. Besides, why should I even be heartbroken is she wasn’t the one I actually lo-”

 That’s when everything freezes. Sherlock’s mind spinning over this and calming down while John is breathing heavier by the minute.

 “She wasn’t the one you actually what, John?” Sherlock waited patiently for John’s reply. Waiting for John to compose himself.

 “She um. Hm. She wasn’t, um. Ah, she wasn’t the one I actually…loved. Heh, she never was.” “Then who is the one you actually love?” “Can’t you just, I dunno, deduce it? That’s what you do.” “No. Tell me, who is the one you actually love, John?” Doing that little smirk he usually does, John finally said it. “You. It’s always you. I’m surprised you didn’t realize sooner though.” “Say it.” “Hm? Say, say what?” “That you love me.” 

 Oh now John’s in actual shock. Now being able to say it is Wild for him. After a bit though. He actually looks at Sherlock, really looks. Then he says it. The honest to god words that should have been said long time ago.

 “I. Love. You. Only you. I’ve never loved anyone else since that first day we met I couldn’t stop the way I felt. God help me, I’m in love with you, Sherlock Holmes.”

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*Roll credits for Sherlock S4*
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Enjolras looks around at the group, everyone gaping at him and sitting in stunned silence.

“What?” he asks defensively, a touch rude. “What are you all looking at?”

They don’t say anything, but everyone saw it. They saw his thread.

Soulmate AU where soul mates have a red thread tied to each others pinkies that can be seen by everyone but themselves.

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Am I the only one who thinks Dany isn't a badass? She's just intimidating and cool because of her dragons, but without them, she's just a normal girl(I don't think she even knows how to use a sword), it was always her dragons that would save her in dire situations. And if there was a badass girl who doesn't wield a sword in GOT, I believe it's Sansa, like come on, how can you survive living with pyschos and pedophiles without swords, magic and dragons?




Please tell me you haven’t read the books. Pleasepleaseplease, tell me so I can understand where this misunderstanding is coming from.

Like, I don’t talk about Dany a lot because Sansa is my queen and things, and I just love the Starks a lot (and historical Targaryens, who I also don’t talk about as much, unfortunately), but yes she is a badass. 

Using a sword does not, as you explain, make someone a badass. Badass-ness is defined by your attitude, the way you hold yourself. I’d even argue that Sansa is more a badass-in-training at the moment- while she has these internal thoughts about killing Joffrey, she rarely brings them up (”maybe my brother will bring me your head”). But it’s not full throttle yet. While Brienne is a super cool woman, I would not describe her as a badass, personally, because she lacks this attitude. Even Arya, with her sword and her sass, is lacking in being fully a boss ass bitch, yet.

You know who isn’t. Dany.

There’s so much more to Dany than dragons- she’s a fierce leader with a kind heart, who understands military tactics and how men work. And the show doesn’t show this at all, which is one of my main grievances.

Show Dany’s plot is literally “wanders, makes sassy comments, flirts, burns cities, goes to Westeros.” But book!Dany is the coolest.

Just like Sansa, I think she’s a very internalized character, which often leads to some people misunderstanding her.

She has to deal with the pressures of being a ruler:

Do all gods feel so lonely?


She manipulates and plays tricks on people, playing the game of thrones despite never being taught and being a young girl:

Ser Jorah Mormont scowled. “You told the sellswords—”

“—that I wanted their answers on the morrow. I made no promises about tonight. The Stormcrows will be arguing about my offer. The Second Sons will be drunk on the wine I gave Mero. And the Yunkai'i believe they have three days. We will take them under cover of this darkness.”


She has this huge heart and people flock to it: her upset when Drogon kills the young girl, the flock of people that follow her after she frees Astapor, her protection and love of her khalasar.

I’m not saying as much as there is since this is an ask and there’s so much on the facets of her identity, but Dany has a lot of defining qualities that actually make her really, really cool.

And then she’s going to end up being super “Fire & Blood” in the next book, especially after the last chapter in A Dance with Dragons. She plans and she struggles and she is actually pretty multi-faceted in some forms of her character (i.e. not the show).