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Do you ever get the feeling that Jonghyun is more emotionally invested in Key than vice versa? I know all we see from their relationship is public things but I'm still curious what you think.

My beliefs on Jongkey is never static. I always change how I feel about them including all the aspects of their relationship. I suppose thats why I continue to ship them. At times I do feel like Jjong seeks out Key more and longs to be closer to him and then at times I feel the opposite. Im not sure what I feel more. Like for me, jongkey from years ago (debut-2011) I felt like there wasn’t much angsty emotions roaming around (maybe a little in 2010) it was like a crush like stage for them during those years, but I think their relationship dynamic changed a lot in 2012 and so on. 2012 being the prime year in my opinion simply cause they were playful, carefree to an extent but more so completely willing and conscious of what they were doing. They went back into it kinda like adults who were fully aware of where they stood in their relationship/more mature about their relationship then before. Like they were willing to take risks, have fun and just be themselves. Like, “fuck who cares what others think” kind of thing. But then 2013-now the relationship between the two seemed to be full of angsty emotions. Up and down and really all over. They would be really happy at one moment and then next they would be ignoring each other but not really. You see more of them seeking out each others attention and most of the time not getting one in response. They are more conscious now. wayyy more then ever. I think they display their emotions in different ways. I’ve always seen Key was more private with his feelings. Sure hes an extrovert and gives off a friendly feel but for me Kibum has always been protective towards his feelings and emotions so it may seem like jjong seems more emotionally invested but thats cause key is more reserved with his emotions. We all know how emotional jjong can get and I think its more like he simply can’t control a lot of what he feels. 


This is what happens when you’re left with your muse combined with insomnia with a dash of turtles on the brains. I was at first just going to try out the designs I saw awhile back for season 3. Then I noticed the little text at the bottom of each turtle design… And before ya know it I made this. o-o" 

Sorry I can’t draw strait boxes or April for the life of me! Happy belated Mutation Day, please don’t kills me! 


I loved that after Episode Operation: Break Out in SE1, Raph quit sarcasm towards Donnie since then. He amended himself when he’d realized what he did was wrong, and at the end it strengthened their bond.

PS. The preview of Dark Raph arc was released in about the time when I finished draft of this post, omg feels.

At the start of Series 4, Mary is in a place of trapped grief,” Froggatt said. “She can’t bring herself back into the present. She’s just very closed off in her own pain. And so Anna is walking a bit of a tightrope with Mary to start off, because she sees that but, for the sake of her son George, she needs to come back into the present and start interacting with her child and not closing herself off from the world. She has to start to move forward in a way. It’s very difficult for Anna because she can only really hint at that to Lady Mary; she’s still within the constraints of being her servant and not allowed to overstep the mark.

“Tris was not born a superhero, but what I love about her is that you can watch her progression into a strong young woman. Whenever I go back to playing Tris, I feel like, yes, I’m going back to Tris, but I am also going back to Shai and who Shai was in 2012, and who she was in 2014. If I hadn’t changed, it would be easier…but the last two years have been very powerful for me. I’m starting to empower myself.”

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i think it's pretty obvious that 'phan' is mostly fanservice atm. if we all step back an look at it, we literally know nothing about them/what their life looks like atm and i feel that especially dan has become less genuine over the last year.

i get what you’re saying because, yeah to some extent, what they say/do now [esp. things they do together/say about each other] is what we [phan shippers] want, but at the same time I really doubt they are intentionally doing the phan stuff [what we interpret as romantic i mean] because they know we like it???

They obviously know how we feel about their relationship but they’re sort of still doing what they’ve always done regardless of how people react - doing it anyway! I guess the only thing i think they’ve had to force is a change in how they view phan and how they react to it. Dan was very aggressive towards anything phan related back in 2012 but now he’s pretty chill/finds it funny/uses it against us because he’s a trollin’ meme fuck.
Phil’s always been reserved about it though tbh. My guess is his thoughts towards phan are the same to his thoughts towards dealing with hate - ignoring it to avoid it from growing. Although now I’d say he finds it funnier than he did. Or he’s still indifferent. Idk Phil’s an enigma jfc.

Anyway soz got a bit off topic I can’t see them interacting the way they do now as something they have to force due to deceitful intentions - which is the opposite to what is usually the case with fanservice (which is forced due to lazy/greedy intentions).

I think we need to remember is that even outside of youtube/the internet they are just genuinely close friends [or more] and you don’t have to know them/what their life looks like atm to notice that genuine and natural bond the two have with each other.

I actually have to disagree with your point about Dan. I’ve watched him since the beginning and his genuineness really links with his confidence in himself and how he presents himself in videos which has improved so much in so many different ways.  His earlier videos are scripted/acted out differently and he kind of exaggerated who he was which is the least genuine thing he could’ve done. Whereas now, the speech in his videos flow a lot more naturally and he doesn’t seem to be afraid to share what he’s passionate about either (i.e. #nicerinternet, the book/tour and amount of work/thought he put into that, Phil etc.). If anything I think Dan’s gotten more genuine and I’m really happy to see him that way :)

okay sorry for the late reply and rambling. might edit in the morning as i finished this rly tired. imma sleep now.

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Do you have a favourite Marilyn quote?

“Maybe I’ll never be able to do what I hope to, but at least I have hope.” 

- From Marilyn’s personal papers, said in Love Marilyn (2012)

“I will be as sensitive as I am without being ashamed of it.”

- From Fragments

“People who aren’t fit to open the door for him sneer at his homosexuality. What do they know about it? Labels – people love putting labels on each other. Then they feel safe. People tried to make me into a lesbian. I laughed. No sex is wrong if there’s love in it.“

- Marilyn to Journalist W.J. Weatherby on friend and co-star Montgomery Clift  in 1960 recorded in Conversations With Marilyn.

“I think you’ve got to love people, all kinds of people, to be able to have an opinion about them that’s worth anything. The whole idea of judging people is crazy. We do what we have to do, and we pay for it. We’re no better than we have to be. We can try to be better, and part of trying is not to condemn other people.”  

- Marilyn to Journalist W.J. Weatherby in 1960 recorded in Conversations With Marilyn.

“I believe in myself, even my most delicate, intangible feelings.”

- From Fragments


gonna post these again in a photoset this time, because looking at it this way makes me feel really good. and it’s not about the right drawing being perfect or the left one being shit. when I finished these, in august 2012 and november 2014 respectively, I was happy with them. the point is that they’re based off the same reference photo(s) and I came out with such different results. I can see what I knew in 2012 and how I tried to use those skills as best I could. I can see how I still used some of those skills in 2014; how my eye for shadows and highlights has improved, how I’ve learned to be patient with myself and let “mistakes” be and just keep going, keep going, keep going.

I see how the left drawing took me maybe a couple of hours and how the right one took me almost 15 - but the right one also took me almost two and a half years. and that’s what I see above all. I practiced, I worked hard, I kept going, and I learned. and what keeps me going is that in two years I’ll be able to post a third drawing (maybe of jared again? who knows. he has a pretty face XD) and I’ll be able to see my progress.

I have a lot of people to thank for being my supports and my inspirations over the years - but I especially want to thank all those of you who have ever spent time in one of my livestreams. it might seem like a small thing, but for me they have really helped me focus on drawing - to give it those long hours I might not otherwise have been able to on my own. you also helped boost my confidence by being really nice and encouraging and just by making me laugh when I was having a hard time finding things to laugh about. I owe that, and I will pay it forward.

this turned out very long and sappy! sorry. but yeah. art? it’s very important to me and it isn’t about being the best or selling the most - it’s about what it means to me, to my own wellbeing and even my own sanity. I forgot that today for a bit, but I remeber now. :)

(pls don’t delete this text if you reblog this post, I’d like my words to stay with these pictures)

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Allow me to tell you a story.

In 2005 I started a diary at the ripe old age of seven years old, and filled it out slowly. Throughout my years in middle school, I filled it out meticulously and went into every emotion I felt. The constant entries writing tapered off in 2012, and then in 2014 (when I was sixteen) I made one final entry talking about what my life was like then.

In 2009, when I was eleven and starting middle school, I wrote, “Things are new and a little bit scary but I know I’ll get used to them eventually.”

In 2010, I wrote, “I’m not even excited anymore. I feel like energy is slowly dripping out of me. Everything is painful… And I want what I had back. I just get sad sometimes.”

In 2011, I wrote, “I’m just annoying. Sometimes I feel that way. Even when I’m with some of my closest friends, I know I’m just that girl everyone is nice to but don’t have it in their hearts to tell her how annoying and unwanted she is. Why am I so obnoxious? Throw ugly in there. I just hurt everyone I love. Ugh!… Why is everything so frustrating? I just wish I felt loved. Not by my family, I mean. I know I’m lucky to have a family that loves me and I should just be happy but sometimes I wish I knew others cared about me too.”

In 2012, at the age of fourteen and nearing the end of my consistent writing days, I wrote “I’m so exhausted. I think I’m going insane at this point… I just wish I was naturally pretty, like almost every single one of my friends. There’s not a whole lot I like about the way I look anymore… All in all, I’m alone. Nobody cares, and I think that’s an idea I need to start getting used to. I know that’s a bleak thought and I shouldn’t be so pessimistic, but it’s how I feel sometimes… I know I should be happy and I don’t have a right to feel so bad all the time, but why do I? I’m just so tired.”

In 2014 I found the book and saw that it had a few blank pages in the end so I updated it with one final entry to leave it off with a note from my sixteen-year-old self. In that entry, I wrote, “To the person I’ve become, who’s reading this in a future world: I hope you’re happy, because I’m happy now. I know this book has been self-pitying and dark and depressing and quite honestly, cringe-worthy, but I’m happy now. I know I’ve learned enough from all those strange dark times in my life to propel me forward into an even happier life. Not everything is perfect, and I know nothing will ever be entirely perfect, but I have friends and people who care about me, and wow, I care about them. And that’s enough. It’s all I’ll ever need.”

If there’s one thing I learned in life is that things really do clear up. I look back to frequent entries about how upset and sad I was all the time, and I came back (only a couple years later) to write how amazing my life is and how I’m happy to be alive and how I’ve found friends who love me and whom I love. I know everyone says it, but it’s true: things do get better. I didn’t think they would, but now I’m a firm believer in the notion that life is an onslaught of emotions in their rawest form and while sometimes they’re bad, it’s the good that deserve to be focused on and it’s the good that blow the bad right out of the water.

TL;DR: it gets better.

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what scenes with the dwarves from the book do you feel were crucial but left out of the battle of the five armies the movie?

well… the last time i read the book was in 2012 so i can’t say i remember many details from it, but there were some that stuck to me that i wish were in the movies 

like fili and kili playing with the golden instruments or just being adorable little shits in the pile of gold, dwarves trying to keep the mood cheerful in the mountain, someone bitching about cram… more dwarf camaraderie in general would’ve been nice

that adorable scene between bilbo and bombur when bilbo sneaks out with the arkenstone. i kept hoping we’d hear bombur speak (maybe in the EE) 

more thorin with the ravens !!! (i’d have LOVED to have seen him actually speak to one) 

ofc fili and kili defending thorin in the battle (forever sore about that one) !!!

the funeral (better be in the EE!)

the rest was pretty much the same if i remember well.. a few adjustments aside.. :)

Dark Raph Speculation

I can’t see this only being 1 episode because Shredder’s big plan is to use the mind serum on everyone but I have a feeling it won’t turn out as planned because if Shredder has Tiger Claw, Baxter, Raph, Slash and Dr Rockwell on his side, where are Fishface, Rahzar, Hun, Bebop and Rocksteady.

Also what about Karai, will she still be captive or will she escape, could she be under the Mind Serum too or could she be back with Splinter or join another group.

I’m wondering they they either had a fight among each other and broke away from Shredder to have ther own groups and maybe using the mind serum on other people and mutants for there groups and this will end up a City at War story in the season final.

So i’m guessing that Raph (Slash and Dr Rockwell) will go under the mind control after the Mondo Gecko episode (episode 17) which could be episode 18 so this arc could last until the season final.

When I first heard about the Dark Raph story, I speculated that Mikey will help Raph snap him out of it because I find that Mikey and Raph are really close and I reckon Mikey will be devistated seeing Raph turn to the dark side and I bet Mikey will do anything to get Raph back, maybe even risking his own life.

I just glad Leatherhead isn’t there in that picture with Shredder that would really make Mikey depressed.

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LLLLLLETS Stop! Ray as an achievement hunter 2012-2015 Ray as a full time streamer 2015- I'm very happy for him

I am so, so very proud of him, I have never been more so, the fact his pursuing his passion, his dream, his happiness, is what makes me feel much better about him and the fact he’s leaving AH. Cause in the end, Ray loves streaming, and everything around that, He loves AH too! But it was all on a weight scale and he chose what his mind and heart told him too. And I support and respect Ray for doing so. 

Do what you want to do, and what makes you feel better, somebody once told me (that the world is gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool in the ted) that if you love doing what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. And that is Ray Narvaez Jr. I’ll miss him, yes, we all will, but he’s not gone forever, he just perfected all the Achievements in Multiplayer, that’s all. Now he’s onto perfecting a new game in Singleplayer! :)

Send me one or more of your favorite Ray moments!


“What’s so cool about SI is the cool places you get to travel to, but I feel like I have a lot of traveling, still, in my life, so maybe when all the traveling stops, I’ll miss being in the issue.”  Kate Upton

my honest-to-god biggest fear on this entire hell planet aside from like, “what if i go to a zoo and someone pushes me into the whale tank and also it’s at night and also the tank is cracked and i get trapped in there and is this the plot of free willy?” is that soon my sense of humor will have eroded so far that i don’t find anything funny anymore. as it is the only thing that makes me laugh is clickhole. i giggled through reading this but haven’t genuinely enjoyed comedy since 2012. date me, i won’t laugh at your jokes and you’ll always feel weird about it.

January 2012 - Now
It has been a journey. One I definitely will keep pushing towards. Be the best and healthiest me I can be. Be an influence & role model for Rye👸🏻💕
She is the most precious thing in my life! I want her to always feel beautiful about herself. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you are beautiful!
Weight loss takes time. It’s a slow process for some or if you want to be dedicated and really put that work in and see results fast you have to keep at it. I have stumbled MANY times. But it’s a journey. With fitness you learn there is no destination, you just have to keep going, keep staying active and eating healthy.
Like I’ve said before its okay to indulge every once in a while.
Just never give up. 😊


My two brothers weigh 1305 and 1330 grams.

I have a ways to go to catch up.

I’ve been told that Bones, who weighs 1305 grams now, weighed less than I do when he came to live here in March 2012, and he was  six years old! His previous owner had been a 16 year old boy that fed him live mice, and when he got sick and became too weak to constrict and kill the mice, his owner thought it meant he “wasn’t hungry” so he just stopped feeding him!

I saw old pictures of Bones, and I don’t feel so ‘skinny’ anymore.

You can read about Bones and his recovery here.

This is what Bones looks like now, though. I hope I’ll eventually be that big!

Carry On My Wayward Son came on the radio when blackwithough and i were getting burritos this week and on some level ur fandoms never really leave you do they…