ok yikes i made these the other day and i wish i drew them better but i still love them so LMFAO WHILE my bestie and I are chatting I wanted to see if anyone had some Klance or just Lance or Keith ideas or requests??

I wanna start drawing the two more and I really need practice (the sketches above are my first real attempt at themkelrej) but im not really sure what to do with them?? We’re gonna try and throw some HCs around but i’d love to hear from you guys! Just message me in my ask box or reply if it lets you??

Since I keep seeing No.6 and Yuri On Ice comparison, specially in regards of the kiss, and since I’m also avoiding doing my English Homework I would like to go in brief detail about what each kiss means. And Why they’re so different, and why it’s kind of insulting why you compare it. 

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Hold Me Tight //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: maxiverse

Plot: y/n teaches Draco, her new boyfriend, the proper way to cuddle

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Warnings: none

A/n: this is really cute :) hope you like it!!


It was Friday night and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle up in the warm blankets on my bed and fall asleep. The week had dragged on, stress piling up on my shoulders day after day as more homework was assigned for each class. It felt as if I was slowly sinking deeper and deeper into a pool of quicksand and by today, Friday, the sand was reaching my face and nose making it hard to breath.

Most of the other Slytherins were out, celebrating the end of the week with some stolen firewhiskey in the dungeons. I had no interest in that. I had never been a very social person and big social gatherings were usually something I tried to avoid. So, that’s what I was planning on doing tonight.

I walked into the Slytherin common room, lazily dragging my feet towards the stairs that led to the girls dorm room. I had just passed the green couch that faced the fireplace when a voice stopped me.

“Hey Y/n.” It said and I turned towards the couch to see my boyfriend of three days. Draco Malfoy. The Slytherin Prince.

I sighed happily before making my way over to the couch. Without a word, I collapsed onto the couch and pulled myself onto his chest, wrapping my arms around his torso and burying the side of my face into his shirt. I inhaled happily as the warmth of his body began to release some of the tension I had been hauling around all day.

A moment later and I realized something wasn’t right. I opened my eyes and looked up at Draco. His eyes were wide and his hands were raised near his head, a surprised look on his face.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked softly as I sat up.

Draco stared at me. “What do you mean?”

“Why didn’t you hold me?” I questioned as I stared right back at him.

“I-I-I didn’t know you wanted me to hold you…I-I…I’ve never done this before.” Draco looked down at his lap with defeat.

I chuckled lightly. “Why didn’t you just say so. I’ll teach you.” I smiled as I laid myself back down onto his chest, my arms wrapping around his torso once more and my eyes drifting shut as I laid my cheek on his chest.

“What do I do..” Draco asked quietly. I could tell he was freaking out mentally.

“Just put your arms around me. As if you were hugging me.”

You felt one of Draco’s arms glide past my shoulder and his hand landed on my back. The other snaked its way around my waist, his other hand finding its place near the small of my back.

“Good.” I smiled into his shirt. “This is cuddling.”

“Huh.” Draco huffed. “I like this. It feels good.”

“Mmhmm.” I hummed as I grew more and more tired.

“Is this all?” Draco asked, his voice low and quiet.

“Well,” I said as I opened my eyes. “It’s done a lot of different ways. Sometimes people like it when the other person rubs their back or shoulder or plays with their hair. Some like it when the other kisses them lightly on the head or forehead, it’s pretty much just do anything that feels appropriate.” I shrugged as my eyes drifted together once again. I inhaled deeply, the scent of his cologne traveling through my nose and into my lungs where it spread throughout my body making me feel warm and happy. A smile formed on my lips as I hugged Draco’s torso tightly.

“Hmm.” I heard Draco hum. His chest vibrated with each sound he made and for some reason I found it comforting. “What fits for this moment?”

“What ever you think fits best.” I mumbled back, sleep invading my mind and making my eyelids heavy.

“Hmm.” He hummed once again.

A second later and I felt Draco’s hand slowly run up and down my back soothingly. I inhaled deeply as I relaxed more and more. A small smile tugged on the corners of my lips as I snuggled deeper into Draco’s shirt, the scent of him once again making me feel warm and comfortable. The hand he was using to massage my back stopped at my waist before I felt his body lean to one side. Without opening me eyes, I knew he had leaned against the arm of the couch. He held onto me tightly, pulling me into his body. His arms wrapped around my torso tightly and I heard him inhale deeply as well.

I fell asleep minutes later in the arms of my boyfriend of three days. And nothing had ever felt more natural.

Finding Out - Tim Drake x Reader

Originally posted by reclhoods

Requested by Anon - a Tim x reader where the reader finds out Tim is robin and get pissed at him because they’re worried that he could be super hurt during combat  

“Tim, how did you get that bruise on your shoulder?” you asked as Tim’s shirt collar shifted to the side, revealing the huge purple and blue bruise on his shoulder. You both were sitting side by side at the dining room table in Wayne Manor, doing homework.

“What bruise?” Tim responded, adjusting his t-shirt. You glared at him. 

“This bruise,” you snapped back, standing up to pull his collar to the side to get a better look at the bruise. “Gosh, Tim. It looks like you dislocated your shoulder.”

Tim pursed his lips before shaking himself out of your grip. “I tripped and fell on my shoulder last night,” he explained, focusing on the homework in front of him to avoid your gaze. “Alfred checked it out.”

“Why are you lying to me?” you asked softly, sinking back into your chair. His eyes flew to meet yours before reaching out to grab your hand.

“I’m not lying, (Y/N),” Tim answered with the slight shake to his voice. You knew he just lied again.

“Yes, you are,” you stated, gazing at him sadly. His head dropped in shame while he let go of your hand. “What really happened to your shoulder, Tim?” He opened his mouth, but you stopped him. “And don’t you dare use the excuse that this only happened once, because you have these bruises all the time.”

Tim played with his pencil, trying to sort out his thoughts. “I…can’t tell you, (Y/N). I promised to keep it a secret,” Tim explained after a long moment. Your face softened at his words.

“Tim, are you being abused?” you whispered, gently laying a hand on his arm. His eyes widened as his eyes rose to meet yours. 

“No, no,” Tim said, staring you straight in the eye. “I’m not being abused, it’s just what I’m doing is a secret.” You looked unconvinced as Tim grabbed your hand. “I swear I’m not being abused.”

You sighed, knowing you shouldn’t let it go, but you knew you weren’t going to get anywhere with him right now. “Okay Tim,” you relented much to Tim’s obvious relief. “But you can’t keep this secret from me forever if you want us to continue this relationship.”

Tim frowned at the subtle threat in your words. You dated for almost six months now, and things had been going well. Tim loved you, even though he hadn’t told you that yet, he was sure you loved him. He didn’t want to let you go, which is why he went straight to Bruce the moment you went home for the night.

“Bruce, I need to talk to you,” Tim stated as he entered the Batcave. Bruce was in his batsuit without his cowl, typing rapidly on the batcomputer. 

“Can it wait? We have the results to the DNA test of the crime scene last night,” Bruce grumbled. “It appears the DNA matched the same sample we found at the double homicide two weeks ago. We might have a serial killer on our hands…”

“Bruce, it really can’t wait,” Tim interrupted, gulping at the look Bruce sent him. Tim knew Bruce didn’t think his love life was more important than the mission, but Tim couldn’t let this go on any longer with the threat of losing you hanging over his head.

Sighing heavily, Bruce turned away from the computer to face Tim. Tim found himself glad that Bruce didn’t have the cowl on at the moment. “What is it, Tim?”

“It’s about (Y/N),” Tim began, a blush burning to his cheeks. 

“If this is about sex, we already had this discussion, Tim,” Bruce replied uncomfortably. Tim’s face went completely red from the memory of Bruce’s ‘sex is a security risk’ talk.  

“No, it’s not about that,” Tim replied hurriedly. Bruce relaxed at his words. “I need to tell (Y/N) about Robin.”

Bruce tensed before turning back to the computer. “No,” he answered gruffly.

“But Bruce, I can’t keep this from them any longer,” Tim explained with a hint of desperation in his voice. “They thought I was being abused, and I reassured them I wasn’t, but then they said that I would need to tell them the truth eventually or they would break up with me.”

“It’s too dangerous to bring someone into this,” Bruce argued, still focusing on the computer. “You know that, Tim.”

Tim placed a hand on Bruce’s arm timidly to regain Bruce’s attention. “I love (Y/N), and to lose them over this secret-keeping will be the biggest mistake of my life. Please, Bruce.”

“No,” Bruce said firmly. “It’s a security risk.”

“Everything is a security risk, but I trust (Y/N),” Tim begged. Bruce turned his chair to face Tim again, making Tim step back. “They wouldn’t spill our secrets.”

Bruce studied Tim for a long moment. “What if they want to join our cause, Tim?”

“What?” Tim exclaimed, not understanding.

“If (Y/N) were to find out about our night life, would they feel the need to join us? You have to admit people who find out about what we do are always compelled to join our mission. Will you be willing to risk (Y/N)’s life if they do, in fact, want to become one of us?” Bruce explained as Tim’s face paled. The idea of you being out in the field terrified him, but he knew it was a chance he had to take. He would rather have you join his night life then lose you all together.

“I’m willing,” Tim answered sincerely. Bruce sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“Alright, you may tell (Y/N),” Bruce relented, turning back to the computer. A grin broke out on Tim’s face as Bruce continued. “But I don’t want the two of you hanging around the cave all the time.”

Tim did his best to hide his chuckle before responding, “Yes, sir.” Bruce sent him a no-nonsense glare.

“Get to work, we have to find out what this serial killer’s calling card is,” Bruce ordered as Tim quickly went to work. He had a slight bounce to his step for his heart was lighter with the fact you would know his biggest secret soon.

The next day, Tim and you were sitting at the dining room, working on your homework again. Though, Tim found it difficult to concentrate for you were giving him the silent treatment. He knew you were angry about yesterday, and he hoped you would forgive him once he finally found the nerve to tell you his secret.

“(Y/N), do you remember what pages we’re supposed to read?” Tim asked, tempting to start a conversation. You simply gave him a look before rolling your eyes. Grabbing your daily planner, you flipped it to today’s date before pointing at the page numbers you had written down. “Oh, thanks,” Tim said sadly as you went back to work.

You both remained in silence for a long time with you working and Tim fiddled with his pencil while taking glances at you. He couldn’t believe he was being undone by the silent treatment.  

“Okay, I can’t take it anymore,” Tim stated, standing up abruptly. You looked at him in mock surprise. He took your hand, pulling you out of your seat. “Come with me.” He dragged you out of the room, and through several hallways before you entered Bruce’s study.

You had never been in the room before, only knowing it’s location from Tim’s avoidance of it. Tim dragged you over to the grandfather clock. He fiddled with the clockface before a click echoed through the room. Your mouth dropped open when the grandfather clock slid to the side to reveal an opening behind it. Not stopping to see your reaction, Tim led you through the opening and down a stone staircase. 

His hand tightened around yours as you both turned a corner, allowing you to see the extent of the Batcave. Tim smiled when he heard you gasp. He hoped showing you would be the right way to tell you.

Keeping you moving, Tim brought you down the stairs and pushed you into the batcomputer’s chair. He disappeared into the changing room. You didn’t even notice Tim had left you as you were too busy taking in the cave. It wasn’t until your eyes rested on the rows of batsuits did you figure out where you were. You were about to call out to Tim when he stepped out of the changing room.

Dressed as Robin, Tim posed for you as your eyes took in the revelation. Your mouth dropped open with your heart skipping a beat.     

“You’re…Ro…Rob…Robin?” you stammered, rubbing your eyes to make sure you were seeing what you thought you were seeing.

“Yes,” Tim answered, biting his lip. “This is the secret I couldn’t tell you, but when you said that this might drive us apart, I knew I had to tell you.” You stood up, walking over to him. Tracing a finger along the edge of his mask, you absorbed in how his body looked in the costume. You never knew he had this much muscle.

“So, this is where the bruises come from?” you asked, eyeing his shoulder. 

Tim nodded, chuckling despite himself. “Yeah, the shoulder actually came from having to catch a woman who fell off the fifth floor of an apartment building. It really does hurt, even with the supports from the grapple gun itself…”

“I can’t believe you,” you stated, slapping him across the face as anger roared into your heart. “This isn’t something to laugh about.” Tim gasped at the strike, holding a hand to his cheek. It reddened from the impact. “You could have died out there, and I wouldn’t have known.”

“(Y/N)…,” Tim whimpered as you turned away from him. He tried to grab you hand, but you shook him off. 

“You could have been seriously injured, Tim. I seen on the news what kind of people you fight, and they could have killed you so easily,” you ranted, spinning around to face him. Tim struggled to come up with an response.

“(Y/N), I have been trained by Batman to handle those situations. Yes, I might get hurt, but that’s part of the job,” Tim argued, successfully taking your hand in his. You let him hold your hand, your heart ached from the fear of Tim getting seriously injured or killed.  

“But why do you have to do this, Tim? Don’t you know how much it would hurt me to lose you?” you whispered, your voice losing it’s edge. Tears stung your eyes, but you blinked them back.

Tim saw the distress on your face, his heart aching from being the cause of it. He squeezed your hand before guiding you back to the batcomputer’s chair. You collapsed into it while Tim knelt in front of you.  

“(Y/N), I know you fear losing me, but this is something I have to do. Gotham needs Batman and Batman needs Robin. Remember when you said you were too afraid to walk home.” You nodded as Tim took off his mask, allowing his blue eyes to meet yours. “I’m trying to change that, (Y/N). I want to make Gotham safe and the only way I can do that is by being Robin.”

You stared at him for a long moment, thinking about what he said. “Okay,” you said with a shaking breath. Tim sighed in relief as you took his face into your hands. “Just promise me you’ll stay safe.”

“I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure I come back to you,” Tim swore, escaping your hands to press a kiss to your lips. You kissed him back eagerly. After you both came up for air, Tim found himself saying the words he wanted to say for so long. “I love you.”

He froze when you looked at him with startled eyes. Time seemed to stop until a smile played upon your lips. “I love you too,” you confessed, laughing when Tim pulled you into another kiss. You could feel his relief and love through his lips.

Time passed, but the two of you didn’t notice as you were too taken with one another. You both would have stayed there forever except a rough, growling voice shook you back to reality. 

“I believe I said you were not to be hanging around in the Batcave, Robin,” Batman grumbled, suddenly appearing beside the two of you. You let out a little scream in surprise as Tim turned ten shades of red.

“Sorry, Batman,” Tim apologized before heading towards the changing room to get out of his costume. He left you with Batman, knowing if he brought you into the changing room with him, he would probably find himself sitting through another ‘sex is a security risk’ lecture.

Before he left your sight, you shared a smile with one another. Knowing that, despite the pressure his secret night life put on your relationship, everything was going to be alright.    

Morning Adventures (Rafe Adler)

This one was probably one of my personally favorites. It was a request and once I answered it, I got right to work on it. As I was nearing the end I was trying my best to keep it in a general audience range if you know what I mean… I can’t write smut to save my life and second, I get uncomfortable writing that because I would be considered too young for that stuff. Anyways I finished this request in one day, which I kind of regret, because I basically avoided my homework like it was the black plague from the 13th century… Sorry black plague is part of my AP World History work:) I hope you guys like this one, tell me what you think about it and feel free to read my other works and message me your ideas!:)

Request: Can you do a Rafexreader one? Where they like wake up in the morning and Rafe is all cuddly and stuff and they kiss and make out and then finally it leads to something else after all the teasing ;) thank you xx

Character: Rafe Adler

Word Count: 1442


The sun peaked through the beige curtains, trying to inform me that it was time to get up, but I just didn’t want to. I turned away from the window and pulled the covers over my head, trying to hide from the sun. I kept my eyes closed as I pulled the blanket tighter against my body, trying to trap in whatever heat was under the blanket. I was too tired to be getting up at all this morning; me and Rafe were out late last night, first going to a charity event and then to eat. We were really busy and by the time we got home, I was so tired I didn’t even finish making it up the stairs; I fell asleep on the eighteenth step in my even dress. Rafe had to carry me up the rest of the way and he basically had to undress me, because I couldn’t do it myself.

He was laying next to me, and when I thought he was sleeping soundly, he manages to prove me wrong. I felt his arms pull me close to him; my face was now buried in his chest as he rested his chin on the crown of my head. His right arm wrapped around my waist as I felt his body heat radiate off of him like a furnace. His heartbeat was comforting to hear; it was slowly lulling me back to sleep right when he spoke up.

“Good morning, my love.” His voice was groggy and rough, it sounded like heaven. He rubbed up and down my back through the covers as I just wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled myself closer towards him. I groaned in response, which made him lightly laugh. His laugh vibrated throughout his chest and I could feel it. “I guess you’re still tired?”

“Mmhmm.” I pulled the cover down from my face and still faintly smell the cologne he was wearing last night. I cracked open my eyes just a bit and pulled away to look at his face. His faded sea green eyes that had flecks of sienna were open and staring down at me while a small smile graced his lips. “What time is it?” I asked him as he turned arm to look at his alarm clock and then back at me.

“It’s only six forty-eight.” He said in a calm manner, “We have to get up soon, you know that? We have that other charity event we have to make an appearance at. You told my friend Emily we would be there and if we don’t show, we might piss off a couple of people.” He reminded me as groaned and rolled flat on my back staring up at the ceiling, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“It’s too early to get up, besides my feet hurt from those heels I wore yesterday.” I let out a yawn before continuing, “I know I told Emily we would be there, but my brain wasn’t thinking about how early it was.”


“Oh hush. Well, it starts at ten and I know we have to get ready and all that stuff beforehand, but I’m not getting up until eight forty-five, nine-ish. We told her we would be there, we didn’t did say we would be on time.” I turned to him and flashed him a small smile.

“You have a point, but wouldn’t you like to eat a nice breakfast before doing all that?” He said as he leaned his head on the palm of his hand while his elbow dug into the mattress.

“Yeah, but I’m too lazy to get up.” I pouted at him as he chuckled and leaned over to plant a gentle kiss on my lips. He pulled away and looked at me with mirth.

“I’m gonna get up, and so are you. I refuse to let you just lay in bed and waste away like a bed potato.” I laughed at the end of his sentence.

“A bed potato? What is that?”

“You know, similar to a couch potato, but instead of a couch, it’s a bed… I don’t know, I just made it up, now kiss me.” He said as I motioned him to lean over again. I cupped the side of his face as he kissed me; he took his free hand and did the same, pulling me closer to him to deepen the kiss. As things progressed, he climbed on top of me and straddled my hips and then it hit me to what he was trying to do.

“You think you’re clever, don’t you? I know what you’re exactly trying to do, and I’m gonna tell you that I’m not in the mood.” I couldn’t keep the smile on my face at bay as I stared up at Rafe, trying to look serious and intimidating.

“I’m not doing anything… I just want to get you out of bed.” He shrugged his shoulders as he leaned down kissed me once more. His kiss was sweet, but short. He made a trail of kisses down my jaw and down my neck and my breath hitched in my throat. I tilted my head away from his to give him better access, even though I wanted to stop him.

“Rafe..:” I said as my voiced shaked a bit as he sucked on my sweet spot. He smiled against my skin once he heard how my voice shook. He stopped for a bit and then continued his journey downward. He pulled back the covers to reveal my black undergarments that I wore last night. He looked up at me as he kissed down the center of my chest right between my breasts.

“Are you still gonna stay in bed?” He asked curiously as I tried to bring his lips up to mine, but he refused. “Alright, you asked for this.” He continued, but before he could get any farther, I had enough and quickly shoved him off of me and climbed on top him. I pressed my hands to his chest as he smirked up at me.

“Woah, I didn’t think you had that type of strength in you.” He smiled at me as I rolled my eyes. His hands rested on my behind as he squeezed it a bit. “Well, since you wanna stay in bed, I thought I would just give up. You win. I’ll stay in bed with you but I thought we could do some other things rather than sleep.” His voice was low, but his classic smile graced his lips.

“What did you have in mind?”

“It’s best if I just show you.” He trailed his hand up my spine to my neck and pulled me down to kiss him. In a matter of seconds we were making out and things were progressing fast. His hands were running up and down my back and gripping my butt every once in awhile while my hands tangled in his usually combed back hair. He brought one of his hands up to my bra and unclasped it. That’s when things really got out of hand. 

“Well, that was something…” I said as I held the bed sheet up to my chest the navy blue sheets covering the majority of my body except for my legs. Rafe laid next to me, his naked torso exposed to the cool air in the room. He was a bit out of breath, but the smile on his face told me that he enjoyed it.

“Yeah that was… that thing that you did with your legs…” He didn’t even finish his sentence as he turned to look at me. We made eye contact for a moment and we both started to laugh. “I mean, how come you never told me you were that flexible?”

“I guess you can thank the twelve years of gymnastics and ballet for that.” I rolled over on my stomach and looked at him before my eyes drifted to his clock.

“Oh shit. We completely forgot about the event. It’s almost over and there would be no point in going now.” I said as I rested my head in my hands.

“Don’t worry about it, they probably would’ve talked bad about even if we were there. Besides, it was definitely worth it.” He said in a satisfied tone as he pointed between us. I smiled at him and sat up. I still held the bedsheet to my chest but readjusted it when I climbed back on to of Rafe to straddle him. His hands automatically went to my hips as he smiled at me.

“What do you say? Round two?”

“You bet.”


Avoiding homework and feeling bored so I decided to edit some photos I had and do a little “what’s in my bag” tag…
Took these last year around Thanksgiving when I was packing to go on a weekend trip. Had a lot of school work so I was really just packing my school bag. Anyway, I labeled everything so I won’t bore you by explaining it all! :P

Other than the change in textbooks (now that it’s spring) and the updated ds system, this is basically what I travel with during the school semester. I bring a lot less around with me when I go to the library and stuff. And I usually work from home anyway.

I love how color coordinated everything is. <3 Took a long time to collect such cute stuff!
Message me if you wanna know where I got something. I don’t want to write it all out here.

Tag me if you do one of these! I love looking at them. :3

I was tagged by @lovebooks23

What is a book you’ve finished in one sitting?

um…Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I think.

Were you always into reading or did something spark your reading interest?

no, as long as I can remember, I was always into reading. 

Are there any songs you relate to a certain book?

not really. I dont think so. Honestly, I have never thought about it.

In which season do you get the most reading done?

definetely autumn. my aesthetic. also, i’m a bigger procrastinator than Dan Howell himsef so, I get the most reading done then so that i can avoid doing my homework.

Which book character do you relate to the most?

Sherlock Holmes cause I’m a heartless piece of shit. 

Do you have any reading goals for 2017?If yes,what are your goals?

not really but I definetely want to finish the Young Sherlock Holmes adventures by Andrew Lane during summer.

Are there any books that you feel like you need to read or else you will miss out on things at booklr?

i dont know???? XD

What is the most books you’ve read in a week/month/year?

literally no idea

Is there any character everyone else absolutely loved but you despised?

I will come out and say it. I hate Cedric Diggory.

Are there any books that remind you of a certain place?If yes,what books?

The original Sherlock Holmes books remind me of our local library mostly because I’ve read them all there.

How many books do you own?


i tag @weirdbookwormingthinker and @debnamdun

I see. As I said, I don’t really have any experience with them and none of my friends have them, so yeah. That’s why I kinda avoid the subject when I’m writing.

I guess it’s different for everyone. Before I wrote this I googled a lot on what to do to help just to kinda “do my homework” because I wanted to get it as “right! as possible, and then touching seemed fine, but now I know that it isn’t always, so thanks :)


I dont think I’ll go to the gym in the end. I wanted to go, especially today for a symbolic reason. But I had a test in the hospital this morning and when I came back home I was so tired and had a nap of 1,5 hours. Now it’s almost 4PM and I still gotta go to the other part of Brussels. Going there takes me about 1 hour since I don’t have a car and I really have to go there to print several documents that I HAVE to read during the weekend. Besides I saw that there’s a least one document in Dutch… And I suck in Dutch 😭😭 so I decided it is a wiser decision not to avoid my responsibilities and for ONCE do my homework conscientiously in time (because yeah after 4 years in uni I forgot what it was to do daily homework because in my other uni there wasn’t so much work to do, or at least nobody checked it as it is checked here).

Hey!! I was tagged by the lovely @thatoverdramatictopfan 💫💫💫

1. How tall are you? 5'9 or 5'10 idkkkk
2. What color and style is your hair? Um my hair is brown and it’s just naturally curly
3. What color are your eyes? Green 💚
4. Do you wear glasses? Yes I’m a blind ass bitch
5. Do you have braces? No but I desperately need them my teeth are bad.
6. What is your fashion sense? Um soft pastels, flower crowns, floral things, band tees, comfy oversized sweaters, lacy shirts, etc!
7. Do you have any siblings? Yep! An older step brother and an older step sis.
8. What kind of student are you? Well I’ve changed quite a lot over my high school years. But during my senior year I was studious and began on homework immediately to avoid anxiety. I got all a’s and had a 4.0 but I’m literally the dumbest bitch ever and have very very poor memory skills. So. Don’t expect me to be smart, I’m not.
9. What (were) your favorite subjects? Art, teacher aid and sign language !!!
10. What are your favorite tv shows?? Buffy the vampire slayer, Brooklyn nine nine, supernatural, once upon a time, bones !!
11. Favorite books! Ummm strawberry milk fic cos im wow payhetic and girl with a pearl earring, and the book of fires, ummm I really loved Eragon growing up honestly like fav.
12. Favorite pastime? Drawing, painting, watching YouTube, and talking to my gf that’s literally all I do besides work.
13. Any regrets? Ummm life????? Being born????????????
14. What is your dream job? Ummm ummmmmmm artist, sign language interpreter, or teacher aid for like 1st through 4th graders 🎈
15. Do you wNt to get married? Yes, with the right person. I honestly haven’t thought at all about my dream wedding cos I didn’t think I’d make it to being 16 so I have no clue about the wedding itself but yeah
16. Do you want to have kids and how many? Um kids as in goats cos hell yes but idk about like children ya know cos like.. I’ve been through a lot and like idk I’m good with kids I love kids but idk if I want to be a mother ya know?
17. How many countries have you visited? Um just here in the usa.

I tag, @iliedtojoker, @loveriant, @my-darling-foreverandalways, @chickpeabb, @screaming-cemeteries, and @twentyonedarklarries !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you all so much

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i am so stressed like i've got 50+ pages of science homework because i'm a dumbass who's been avoiding them for a month, as well as an english assignment due on tuesday i haven't started, and a test tomorrow i haven't studied for and i'm so stressed i feel sick and i can't just not go to school fuck idk what to do i'm so stressed i am crying ((sorry this is so irrelevant but honestly these blogs are the closest things i have to friends who will listen to me rant and not respond with 'lmao k'))

Oh my gosh jeez that’s awful! Trust me, I was in the same place at one point, and I still kind of am. Ask your teachers if you can get some sort of extension and explain why you need one. If they don’t give you one, just try to chip into the work one bit at a time. Give yourself periodic breaks, and make sure to take care of yourself while you do homework. You can do it, I believe in you!


The complete set! Well at least these are my ships for Avatar done in this style for Valentines because I was trying to avoid homework. Everyone has their own favourites, but these are mine! (I mean what else am I to do for Valentines anyways? D: )

Also they’re all wrapped up in blankets cuz it’s cute and I was lazy (except for Mingzhan with the water cuz duh d: )

They have all also been posted individually, which I will link here!:





Hemione though..

Anyone in need of some motivation to study, i suggest you read the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have evening shift today and instead of studying I was reading Harry Potter like you do and avoiding my adult responsibilities like you do. And then I came across the part where she was up all night doing homework and what not and I was like…

I should be doing that myself…
So I closed the book and got to my questions.