Me vs. Jim Henson movies

Watching Labyrinth:

David Bowie is awesome. I miss him. He looks fabulous too, except for the really inappropriate stockings. Teenage Jennifer Connelly is adorable. I like the quirky characters. Usually puppets scare me but these are quite nice. Some of them could be Nightmare Fuel for little kids though. The music is great. This is the most 80s thing I have ever seen. 

Final grade :D

Watching The Dark Crystal:


Final grade D:

Tea Party

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1,434

Summary: Kim Taehyung is the class clown who you’ve really never had time for, but when your parents invite his over for dinner, you find yourself getting to know him in a way you’d never anticipated.

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Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812

Just got back and my mind’s all a whirl but heres’s some notes:

  • Thank you everyone who advised me where to sit in the theater because I got the BEST SEATS and we saw EVERYTHING I think and I am so stoked. Middle front mezzanine all the way, three rows back from the balcony edge. Perfection. 
  • I cried during the opening because I’m so happy I got to take my mom to see this show, she’s never been to Broadway before and she’s done so much for me and I bought tickets for us and I am so happy!
  • what even is this set it’s incredible 
  • where do I look I have to look everywhere oh god I need to see this show 20 times
  • Is Natasha being seduced by Helene or Anatole? Yes. 
  • C O S T U M E S
  • So many bright lights my eyes help please my eyes
  • Poignant snowfall 
  • Denée Benton is the embodiment of that “have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you started crying?” post, because that’s actually what I did tonight. She was onstage, she started singing, and I started weeping at her beauty. I feel honored to have seen her perform. 
  • Accordion duel!
  • Homoerotic masquerade 
  • That clarinet player in the orange jacket was a lovely example of @orangegoth
  • Heartbreaking “I’m still your friend even if you forgot about me” song
  • The inexplicable song for the world’s most charismatic Uber driver, that becomes the most heartpounding spectacle in the entire performance 
  • Ominous figures in robes, chanting
  • lights are stars. lights are comets. lights are romance. lights are loneliness. LIGHTS.
  • Imply the incest but don’t imply it as strongly as the miniseries, well done
  • Josh Groban sang “Dust and Ashes” and emotionally D E S T R O Y E D me. I felt EVERY emotion, and I felt them so strongly I started shaking, dug my nails into my palms, pressed my hands over my mouth, sobbed, and when it was over I clapped with everyone else and I also SCREAMED because EMOTIONS and I’m sorry I screamed but I really couldn’t hold back and I doubt anyone heard that. Fuck that guy I hope he wins the Tony for that song alone dear gods.
  • Mirror check ; )
  • Bizarre symbolic sex ballet
  • ~ S I R E N S ~
  • Is Glitter Mustache Man the same as Tore Off Shirt After Table Dance Man?
  • Helene had the most fabulous outfits I adore her so much
  • You are now surrounded by ominous wailing 
  • The conductor getting shoved out of his spot by Pierre for some solo Sad Songs
  • Clarinet girl carried off on a piggyback ride
  • Dolokhov wasn’t there nearly enough as far as I’m concerned
  • Glass rim humming
  • Lifting your dance partner up on the edge of the balcony, just ensemble things
  • The Anachronistic Rave Dance Orgy was a bit weird
  • Mail time! Here’s the mail it never fails :DDD
  • Pierre rousing himself from his Depression Pit only to stagger around and then drag Anatole in there to have a fight in about 2ft square of stage space and nearly murder him with a paperweight, which if he’d done that 2 hours ago would have saved everyone the trouble, but who’d have wanted that?
Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Six

It did happen again. Multiple times. Some times it was just in the chat room, other times it was over the phone. It was just so much fun doing it with someone else even though technically, they were still alone. But knowing that the other person was getting off on the things being said, was a major turn on.

Y/N knew she was stepping into dangerous territory though. The Vegas rule stood and they didn’t mention the conversations at work, but she caught Spencer staring at her on numerous occasions and she found herself watching him out of the corner of her eyes just as many times. He WAS hot, she’d always thought he was attractive in his own way but now…. knowing the things he’d said to her and hearing his moans down the phone, had bumped his attractiveness up a level.

Spencer was having the same issues. He always thought Y/N was pretty but now thanks to their conversations, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. One morning in the shower, he’d thought back to their conversation the previous night and he’d had to take himself into his hand yet again, his head pressed against the cool tiles as he pumped away, imagining that it was her doing it rather than him. He unwittingly found his eyes drawn to her chest, knowing she’d caught him looking, a smirk on her lips when she did. She never said anything though, not in front of the others. But if they happened to be in the office alone, or away from prying eyes, she’d sometimes saunter over to his desk and lean over it, giving him a view straight down her top and making his pants grow tighter.

This was getting out of hand.

“Y/N, I’ll pick you up at eight okay?“ Penny shouted across the bull pen to her as she
tottered out of the office in her heels.

“Okay. Look fabulous!” she called back, winking at her colleague. Tonight the team were going out for some drinks and dancing. Team bonding. They tried to do something every few weeks or so, whether it be a night out, or a dinner party. It helped distract from the horrificness that was sometimes their jobs.

“I always do, cupcake. I always do.” Penelope waved as she left, Y/N picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

“How are you getting into town?” She looked over to Reid who was packing up his desk for the weekend.

“Morgan. He’s picking me up in a cab on his way.”

“Ah okay. Guess I’ll see you later then.”

“That you will.”

Later came around quickly and the team were a few drinks in, bantering with each other and feeling more relaxed than they all had in weeks.

Reid was sat next to Y/N, their thighs touching on the seat underneath the table. She looked phenomenal tonight, dressed in a deep green dress with an empire waist line. It clung to her cleavage and then flowed loosely stopping a few inches above her knees. Black panty hose and heels completed the look. Her hair was down and she’d put loose curls into in, and her make up was simple but effective. She was stunning and Reid had watched the heads of at least five guys turn as she and Garcia had walked through the bar to join them in the booth.

The team had ordered cocktails and Reid had ordered a coffee martini, something he hadn’t tried before. He took a sip when the waitress bought them over, wincing at the bitter taste. Y/N laughed, taking a sip on the Pina Colada she’d asked for.

“Is it not nice?”

Spencer shook his head, “It’s far too strong. I’d need to add like thirty packets of sugar to be able to drink it.”

Y/N held out her drink to him and reached for his. “Here swap. I’ve had them before and I don’t mind the taste.”

“You sure?”

She nodded and they swapped glasses, both of them turning the glasses around and placing their lips to the exact place that the other persons had been. Neither of them realised that they’d done it though.

An hour later and two more drinks in, Y/N had been pulled up to dance with the girls and Derek. Reid didn’t dance, not even when he was drunk. Although right now he kinda wished he could. A tall, handsome looking blonde guy had moved up behind Y/N and she was dancing with him, Spencer watching their hips swaying together and cursing himself for feeling increasingly jealous. After the song ended he watched the guy whisper something into her ear and then she nodded, following him away from the dance floor and to the bar. 

Reid made idle chit chat with Rossi and Hotch, looking over to the bar every few minutes. They were still talking and Spencer could see Y/N laughing and smiling, twirling her hair around her fingers. When she didn’t return after half an hour, Spencer checked his watch, suddenly feeling down. It was half eleven, an acceptable time to leave. He made his excuses to Hotch and Dave and slipped out, flagging down a passing cab.

Y/N watched Spencer slip out, not even saying goodbye to her. That was odd. She tried to refocus her attention back onto Taylor but she couldn’t. He was boring her anyway….

“Taylor, I need to nip to the ladies room and check in with my friends. Thanks for the drink.”

She didn’t wait to hang around for his answer, just moving away back to the table.

“Why did Spence leave?”

“Kid said he had a headache. How’s it going with Mr Blonde over there?” Rossi nodded over to the bar where Taylor was still stood, now chatting to the barmaid. Y/N had already pulled out her phone.

“You okay?” she quickly text to Reid before looking at Rossi and shaking her head, wrinkling her nose.

“Not your type?”

“He’s too…. full of himself, too self assured. Not for me.” Her phone buzzed.

“I’m fine. Headache. Going home to sleep.”

“Guess you won’t be online later then?” she replied, feeling somewhat disappointed.

“Well I wasn’t expecting you to be, thought you’d have had company.”

“Ugh, God no. I shall be alone. In my bed….Probably bored, who knows what I’ll get up to.”

“Depending on how late, I’m sure I can still be up.”

She grinned. “Give me twenty minutes to get home.”

Looking back up at her two male colleagues, she stood.

“Gents, it’s been a pleasure. But I’m suddenly feeling exhausted so I’m going to flag a cab and get going.”

Aaron slid out of the booth after her. “I’ll walk out with you, it’s time I was going too.”

Hotch saw her into a cab and she pulled her phone back out to text Spencer to say she was on her way back, feeling excited.

“Are we messaging or calling?” came his reply.

“Calling. Definitely.” She needed to hear those low sexy tones of his as he worked himself.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting. You looked beautiful tonight, BTW.”

“You looked pretty good yourself, Spencer.”

She tucked her phone back into her purse, shaking the thought that had popped into her head away.

No. No way.

She couldn’t. They couldn’t. Yet she still found herself leaning forward and tapping on the cabbies shoulder, giving him a change of address, one that she knew but she’d only been to once before.

When she made it to his apartment, she took a deep breath and knocked on his door, him taking a few minutes to answer it, still dressed in his clothes from earlier. She couldn’t quite read the look on his face when he realised it was her.

“You said you figured I’d have company tonight. What if I did have company tonight…”

Spencer moved aside to let her in.

“What if that company was you? And….. Rather than talking about doing those things to each other, we actually do them.”

Y/N bit her lip waiting for him to answer.

“Vegas rule?” he asked quietly.

“Vegas rule.”

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Thank you! Sin City 3.

Watching you dance was mesmerizing. Jimin found himself leaning against the wall of the booth even when the song started playing, exposing himself to the curious looks of the audience, but he didn’t care about them. He slipped up – he never showed this much interest in anyone before, but he was relieved to see that nobody was looking at him. Every pair of eyes at Sin City was focused on you – on your hips that swayed in the rhythm of the music, your eyes that looked inviting and playful, your mouth that you purposefully left just slightly agape to mess with their heads, your hands that roamed your own body, making every man in the room imagine they were his, including Jimin.

What was he doing? He reprimanded himself and tried to focus on the choreography, on the way you followed the rhythm, on the amount of effort you put in every move you made on stage. He needed to see you through the eyes of a businessman looking at his investment, not through the eyes of a lustful man looking at someone he wanted to have in every sense of the word. Jimin noticed some minor mistakes, nothing too complicated, nothing he couldn’t fix. He’d have to let Tasha fix it, though. He shouldn’t be left in a room with you alone.

And then you did that. That surely wasn’t a part of your choreography, he would have noticed it by now. He’s never seen anyone look as lewd as you did with that finger in your mouth, your eyes fixed on his own in a brief moment of shamelessness you allowed yourself. Jimin felt his pants tightening around the crotch, so he quickly shoved his hands in his pockets, hoping that the mounds his fists made in his pockets would be able to hide his growing erection.

What was he doing? He promised himself he wouldn’t become this, a man so weak he couldn’t get himself to look away from one of his own dancers, someone who trusted him not to take advantage of her, someone who was supposed to turn to him for advice and guidance, not sex. Jimin bit down on his bottom lip and hoped that the self-induced pain would take his mind off of your body, even if only for a moment.

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He keeps me sane

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  “CLOSE THE GATES” When they said they were closing the gate, while my little brother was out there was the worst feeling ever. His everything I have left.

  I was running towards the gates before they could close them. Sadly being stopped by my boyfriend Bellamy. 

  “You can’t go out there it’s too dangerous” Bellamy said holding my wrist. “My little brothers out there Bellamy. His scared. I need to help him! ” I shouted, by then I couldn’t control my tears.

  “There’s grounders out there Y/n. We’ll look for him in the morning, it’s to dark now” He said trying to calm me down. “C'mon lets go to the tent and sleep. First sign of daylight tomorrow and I’ll take a group out and we’ll go find him" We headed into the tent, holding onto Bellamy crying into his chest. 

  "You need to calm down, Y/n stressing won’t help you.” He said, holding me in his arms. “How, am I suppose to calm down? My little brother is in the woods, he could be hurt for all I know! His means everything to me Bellamy. When I was a little girl I didn’t have anyone, only him. He keeps me sane”

  “I know how you feel, I have a little sister. But right now Y/n we only have each other.” He kissed my forehead.


  An hour past and, Bellamy was already past out. I knew I couldn’t stay in the tent all night and not worry. I was determined to go find my little brother, even if no one would help me. 

  I exited the tent quietly, hoping not to wake Bellamy up. I looked around hoping to not be seen by anyone. I made it to the tunnels without anyone seeing when Octavia caught me.

  “Y/n, where are you going? Does my brother know about this” she whispered.

  “My brothers out there Octavia, I need to go find him” I whispered. Worrying about if she would run off to tell her brother or not say anything at all.

  “Your going to need this” She said, handing me a spear, she probably made.

  “Thank you Octavia. I appreciate this. Don’t tell Bellamy.” I hugged her.

  “I won’t. Take care Y/n” she said, right before I got in the tunnel. 


   "JAMIE" I yelled out, hoping for my brother to call out. I heard a twig break, and I flinched. 

 Maybe yelling in the woods full of grounders wasn’t a good idea. 

  “Jamie is that you??” I asked. All I could see was a dark shadow getting closer. I was scared, I could feel my heart beating fast. 

  “Y/n, is that you” Jamie said coming out behind the tree. I ran to him, happier then ever. Hugging him, never wanting to let go. 

  “Oh, Jamie. Never scare me like that again. Let’s go home”


  We were about, ten minutes away from camp. I was holding Jamie hand tight, a little to tight. Scared to lose him again. I heard a twig snap.

  “Shh. There’s something out here” I whispered. 

  “You shouldn’t be out here” a voice said. It scared me, sent shivers down my whole body. 

 I took the spear out pointing it, at the grounder. “You think you can can defeat me with that” the grounder laughed. 

 "No, but I can I defeat you with this!“ Bellamy said loudly, before shouting the grounder. The grounder instantly falling to the floor.

 "Bellamy.” I ran towards him. Making Him drop his gun down and hugging me. “I love you! Thank you for saving us” I said before, kissing him.

 "Eww" my eight year old brother said. Bellamy and I laughed. 

 "What you did tonight was reckless, Y/n. You could’ve got hurt if I wasn’t here.“ I opened my mouth to say something but he interrupted me. "But I would’ve done the same thing if Octavia was out here. That’s why I love you Y/n, because you protect everyone.”

Chris Evans One Shot: The Green Eyed Monster (NSFW)

An anonymous request. Smut actually wasn’t requested but that’s just where my brain went so… hope this is okay!


‘You know you didn’t actually have to start a pissing contest over me, you get that, don’t you?’

You and Chris were in a cab home from an industry event and you were fairly certain you could feel the tension rolling off him in waves. He was practically vibrating next you.

‘Well maybe if he didn’t feel the need to maul you in public, I wouldn’t have had to step in,’ Chris spat back, keeping his gaze trained on the darkened scenery of LA as it flashed by you.

You sighed, heavily. You knew this day was a possibility, and you knew it wasn’t going to be a pleasant one. Chris had a fairly decent idea of his self worth and you wouldn’t necessarily say he was insecure, despite being prone to bouts of anxiety. But for some reason, the mere mention of your ex had his hackles raised and his teeth beared.

You reached across the seat and took his hand in yours and although you half expected him to pull away, he didn’t. He still wouldn’t look at you, however.

‘Chris, he’s my ex and I can’t do anything about that. That meeting… that’s taken weeks of orchestration between our agents and was planned down to the second so that we’d all come out of it looking like mature adults in the press. You knew this. Whatever there was between us at one time, it’s long gone now. I felt nothing, I feel nothing. You’ve got nothing to worry about.’

Chris knew that all you had said was true and he thought he’d been prepared. But there’d been a kiss on your cheek, a whisper and a laugh in your ear, a hand way too low on your back and the green-eyed monster had well and truly taken over him. He’d barrelled in, sticking a hand out forcefully and gripping a little too hard on the handshake, a smile with too many teeth frozen on his face. He’d embarrassed you, he knew, but in that moment he didn’t care.

Chris didn’t know the guy personally, but knew of him from around Hollywood, and he didn’t like what he heard. Sure, he was an acting hotshot, had managed to wrangle his way into some award winning movies and now his name was being thrown around in connection with a certain Best Actor nomination this year, but Chris didn’t like what he heard about the way he did business, and, more importantly, the way he treated women.

‘I just don’t get what you ever saw in him,’ Chris spoke quietly.

You shrugged and squeezed your grip on his hand a little, ‘I was young and impressionable, and finding my way in a very cutthroat world. He was confident and took an interest, and I didn’t know any better.’

Chris was silent for a beat, before turning to look at you, ‘You don’t regret ending things with him? You didn’t wish you were still with him tonight?’

In the intermittent glow from the street lamps you passed outside, you could see snatches of Chris’ expression and it near broke your heart. He was scared, scared of losing you, that was plain to see.

You unbuckled your seat belt and slid over to him, wrapping your arms around his ribs and tilting your head up to his, 'If anything, it just made me realise how lucky I am to be well rid of him and how even more lucky I am to have you.’

You broke your gaze and nuzzled into his neck. His resolved softened and his strong arms encased you, holding you tight.

'You know he wasn’t good to me towards the end. I’m not sure he ever had been really, maybe I was just too naive to see it. The women, the late nights or disappearing for days on end, the drinking, the fights. He never hit me but enough stuff got broken in the apartment that I was certain it would be me one day. I wasn’t sure I could make it alone. The day I packed my bags he told me I was worthless without him, and I spent a long time believing that. But I figured out my value and my worth eventually, on my own, and then I met you.’

You looked back up at him to see his shining eyes gazing down at you, unsure of what to say, realising what a jealous idiot he’d been.

You smiled, cupping one bearded cheek with your hand, 'And while I’d figured out that I could make it alone, you made me realise that I didn’t have to. That I could have an equal partner, someone who would share my joys and my troubles, and never make me feel like a trophy on his arm.’

Chris’ eyes fluttered closed and his voice was thick with self-critical understanding when he spoke, 'But that’s what I did tonight. Behaved like you were a prize, something to be fought over and won.’

You tilted your head briefly in agreement, 'A little, but at least I can distinguish between love and ownership now. A few years ago, I couldn’t. I thought they were the same.’

Chris rested his forehead against yours and opened his eyes so that his words were sincere, 'I’m sorry, really. Just for a split second back there, I felt like I couldn’t compete. What do I have to offer in the face of all that?’

'There is no competition, Chris. I am a woman that loves you with my eyes and my heart completely open. I didn’t know what love was then, but I do now because you showed it to me.’

You closed the distance between your faces, your lips landing softly on his. He kissed you gently, like it was taking all of his effort to hold back, like he was trying to avoid staking his claim.

'You don’t need to hold back,’ you whispered against his mouth, 'I know the difference now, remember.’

'Yes but sweetheart, we’re in a taxi and home is still five minutes away. The things I want to do to you in those five minutes aren’t suitable for a public place and I need to remember that.’

'Oh!’ your brow shot up and a giggle worked its way through your chest.

'Yes, oh. Now please, have mercy on me and just sit still until we get home.’


You’d both ran up the stairs, laughing and shedding items of your clothing, Chris hopping out of shoes and trousers, you letting the straps of your dress slide down your arms, taking the rest of the material with it.

Chris caught you in his arms before you made it to the bed, crushing his mouth to yours, hands lovingly caressing your face. The kiss that started out hard and frantic turned soft and slow and deep as he walked you backwards towards the mattress, the only light falling in a shaft through the bedroom door from the hallway.

You felt the mattress hit the back of your legs but Chris kept you upright, moving his lips from your mouth to your neck, across your collarbones and sternum and down, down, down until he reached a nipple.

Goosebumps of pleasure raised on your arms as he swirled with his tongue and you threaded your fingers into his hair, urging him on, feeling all of his attentions ignite a fire deep within your body. Hands that had been everywhere at your breasts and hips were now travelling even further south until one solitary finger slid across your clit.

A low moan fell from your lips, and your head fell back involuntarily, arching your back and pushing yourself into his hand. His mouth had still been alternating between your nipples and when he pulled away, the air cooled the moisture on your skin instantaneously.

A keening sound of disappointment was forming in the back of your throat but then he dropped to his knees in front of you before gripping the back of one knee and placing your leg over his shoulder, opening you up to him completely. Your finger tips on one hand reached behind you to steady yourself against the mattress, but his arm was already winding around your lower back, a hand splaying against your ass to keep you stable.

As his mouth closed over you, your stuttered moan filled the air and all you could focus on was his tongue working its way over your smooth skin.

There was too much sensation as he swirled and sucked at your clit and it only heightened when he inserted a finger torturously slowly, deep into your heat. The leg that held your weight was wobbling as he drove you higher and higher towards release, inserting another finger seamlessly as he pumped against your slick walls. You clenched around him as hard as you could, wanting to feel everything as much as possible and just when you thought he was going to keep you on the edge forever, he curled the fingers inside you upwards to stroke that spot that held the key to your pleasure.

Your muscles contracted and pulsed, your mouth held taut in an O, and you were gripping his hair so tightly it must have hurt, but still, his tongue and fingers never left you. He caressed you through every cresting wave and then every aftershock as you rode out your orgasm against him.


You had collapsed eventually against the mattress, unable to stay upright any longer and Chris had manoeuvred you gently so that your head was cradled on a pillow and he could shimmy the sheets from under you and lay them over your naked body before crawling in next to you.

You were floating somewhere on a cloud, body like jelly, unable to form a cohesive sentence. You were however, able to get out a few words that Chris understood.

'You… your turn,’ you’d said, as you’d attempted to roll over and take his dick in your hand.

Chris had just grinned at you, a few soft chuckles escaping him, 'That one was just for you. You can return the favour in a little while if you want, but I’m pretty sure you’re about to fall asleep and I don’t think I could take the humiliation of you dozing off around my dick.’

You smiled at him, knowing it to be the truth, and laid a hand against his chest, eyes fluttering closed, 'How about I just hook my leg over your hip and you can slip it in? You won’t even need me to do anything.’

'I think I’ll wait until you’re conscious if it’s all the same to you. Sleep now, sweet girl, it’s been a rollercoaster of an evening,’ he pulled you into his arms, flush against his body, torture though it was for him in his current state.

'Promise me you’ll wake me up in a while. I want to finish what we st…’ and with that you drifted off.

'I promise,’ he replied anyway, pressing his lips against your forehead.


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Aiden x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Morning! Can I request a reader x aiden from teen wolf story please? Aiden and Reader get into an argument and aiden raises his arms in frustration and the reader instinctively flinches. Aiden is heartbroken because he thinks the reader is now scared of him and all he wants is for her to trust him and make her feel safe? Thank you love ❤

(AN: I’ll be doing this one in Aiden’s perspective just because I think that would better fit the request)

(Y/N) and I have been dating for quite awhile. Not too long, but awhile. We knew some secrets about each other, but not all. She often argued with me over whether or not I should help out Scott and the others. She thought it was too dangerous, even though I was werewolf and could very well protect myself. I mean, have you seen me?

Anyways, tonight was one of those nights. I wanted to go help Scott and Stiles with a few things, and she didn’t want me to leave, fearing I wouldn’t come home later. It was a completely irrational fear, but she didn’t get that.

“What if something happens to you? What if I don’t see you again?!” She looked frantic as she asked me for the twentieth time.

“I’ll be fine! You don’t know half the shit I went through before I joined Scott. If anything happens, it won’t do much to me!”

“But what about last week? You came home a bloody mess after telling me that same thing! I don’t wanna wake up to blood trails in the house and you bleeding out on the couch!” She shouted back. Her eyes looked panicked and she couldn’t hold her hands still as she expressed her concern for me.

I know she only worried because someone in her family had gone out to do a simple mundane task and they ended up getting murdered. She doesn’t want that to happen to me, but she needs to learn to relax.

“(Y/N) I’ll be fine!”

“But what if you’re not!”

“How many times do I have to say it?! Nothing’s gonna happen to me and I’ll come home just fine! Just trust me!” I raised my hands as I let out a grunt of frustration and my eyes widened.

I made a mistake.

The moment my hands had reached up, (Y/N) flinched. Her whole body flinched away from me and her eyes slammed shut as she closed in on herself.

She was bracing herself to be hit.

It was at that moment my heart broke. There were things in her past that she didn’t tell me. Dark times she didn’t want to relive, and I just about made her.

“(Y/N)?” She slightly flinched with the sound of my voice breaking the silence before she opened her eyes. They weren’t wide. If anything, they were calm as if nothing had happened and she only looked as if she was sleepy. But she didn’t answer me.

“(Y/N), talk to me babygirl,” I muttered. I decided to keep my distance because I didn’t want to scare her any more than I already did.

“You can go with Scott and Stiles if you want…” She whispered. At that, I knew she gave up and that she wanted to be left alone. She went to turn away and walk to our room when I spoke again.

“I don’t think I will.” She turned to me with her brows pulled together in confusion.


“I don’t want to go with them anymore. I’d rather stay here with my girlfriend and reassure her that I’d never hurt her and she has no reason to flinch away from me.” I gently said as I slowly walked to her, “She needs to know that she can trust me, no matter what her past says and that I’ll always lover her.”

She had a few tears race down her cheeks and I reached up to wipe them away before placing a kiss on her forehead. I pulled her body to mine. She slightly shook with each breath she took, trying to calm down.

“I don’t ever want you to be scared of me, okay? I’m here to keep you safe and to protect you and to love you. Okay, babydoll?” I mumbled into her hair. I felt her nod against my chest.

“I love you…” She muttered, sounding muffled because I was holding her so close.

“I love you too,” I pulled her away and placed a soft kiss on her lips before smirking and picking her up bridal style, “Where to mi’lady? A marathon of Friends in the bedroom? A good burger from that sketchy restaurant down the street?”

“Neither,” She giggled. God, I loved her giggle. It left a warm feeling in my chest every time I heard it.

“Then what shall we do?” I asked as I nuzzled her cheek, making her laugh again.

“Can we take a bath?” She sweetly asked, a light blush flooding her cheeks as I smirked.

“Well of course. Anything for you,” I said as I carried her to the bathroom.

I can only hope I never do what I did tonight again and I hope she ends up telling me her past so I can better understand. But I also want her to know she never has anything to worry about with me. And hopefully, with time, she will.

For the Best pt. 2 -Three Years

Here it is lovelies!! Part 2. I do not own ANY Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show! 

Part 1 

Warnings: Angst….more angst. I’m sorry. And it’s pretty long. 

Pairings: Mick Davies x fem!Winchester reader, Mick Davies x Julia(OC), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Arthur Ketch. 

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“Sam, have I ever forgotten the pie? Exactly. Why would I forget it on Dean’s birthday?” You blew a strand of hair from your face as you heard your brother laughing on the other end of the phone. You couldn’t help but chuckle yourself. You were just grateful for the opportunity to relax. No hunts. No drama. Just you, your brothers and Cas enjoying an evening in the bunker. Even Ketch would be joining you. While he didn’t always get along with your brothers, you considered him a friend. Especially now with Dr. Hess dead and Ketch acting like a normal human being for the most part.

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For all of my asexual followers: Happy asexual awareness week! ♡  (October 23rd - October 29th)

[Ace!Castiel, High school AU, friends to lovers.]

‘You’re the only one I’ll ever want, be mine! Please go to prom with me, Castiel Novak.’

Castiel knew that he was looking like a complete fool, standing there in the middle of the field with his mouth hanging open. In the background, the marching band started playing 'All You Need Is Love’ while the cheerleaders kept waving the banners that were spelling out the proposal.

A proposal made by football captain Dean Winchester after a successful game. Dean, Castiel’s best friend for years now, as well as his unreachable crush. Or at least that’s what Castiel had always assumed, that his feelings for Dean were one sided. Yet here they were, in front of the entire school, people cheering from the bleachers; Castiel suspected that his brother Gabriel was one of them.

And then there was Dean, down on one knee, gazing up at him with pleading green eyes, a faint blush touching his freckled cheeks. Castiel knew Dean well enough to know that Dean was seconds away from having a nervous breakdown, and Castiel realized that of course, he was supposed to say 'yes’. Which should be easy, because every cell in Castiel’s body was all but screaming at him to indeed blurt out what could possibly be the most important 'yes’ of his entire life.

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Jeddy #11?

“I’m sorry Jamie, but you can’t come with me. You know you’re not old enough to get into the pub,” Teddy told his boyfriend for what seemed like the thousandth time.

James let out a defeated sigh and plopped down onto the couch.

Teddy was going out to the pub for their friend’s birthday. Their whole friend group was going to be there. Of course James wanted to go. Teddy wanted him to come with, too. But there was no getting around the fact that you had to be a certain age to get into the pub, and James wasn’t that age yet.

“You know I wish you could come too but-”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. You better go or you’ll be late.”

Teddy looked down at his boyfriend for a moment before sighing and giving him a quick kiss goodbye and apparating to the pub.

James was slightly annoyed when Teddy left, but he knew it wasn’t Teddy’s fault that he wasn’t old enough. But now, now James was absolutely livid because he thought Teddy would have had the courtesy to not stay out all night because he knew his boyfriend was sitting at home, wishing he could be with him, but it was 2:00 in the morning and Teddy was still gone. James sat on the couch with a scowl etched onto his face when his boyfriend finally came through the floo.

“Hey babe,” Teddy greeted him with a smile.

James just nodded in response.

“We ended up heading over to Victoire’s house around 10:00. Hung out there…it was a good time.”

“Oh, well I’m glad you had fun. You know what I did tonight? I sat here, waiting for you, thinking maybe you’d get back a little earlier because you knew your boyfriend was sitting at home alone and upset. But nope, you just went on over to Victoire’s house, which, might I add, I’m pretty sure I would have been allowed there. I’m pretty sure there isn’t an age restriction on my cousin’s house. So thanks a lot for the invite,” James bit out.

Teddy felt his stomach drop and knew his hair was fading from bright aqua to a very pale blue. He hadn’t even thought of that.

“Jamie…I’m sorry. I didn’t think-”

James snorted and cut him off.



Teddy only called him James in serious situations, it was often a warning. James knew that, but rolled his eyes nonetheless.

“Whatever, Teddy,” James snapped. “I don’t care. I didn’t even really want to go. I just wanted to be with you, although I’m not sure why.”

Teddy raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend, but couldn’t help but feel a little hurt at that. He knew James was only saying it because he was angry, though.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Teddy told him.

James just rolled his eyes and scowled at him.

Lose the attitude, sweetheart. And I suggest you do it very soon,” Teddy warned.

Teddy knew how James worked. He knew all the right things to say to make James drop his act whenever he decided to cop an attitude with Teddy.

James didn’t say anything and his scowl faltered for a second before he forced it back onto his face. Teddy knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“C’mon, love. Let’s go to bed,” Teddy said softly and gently grabbed James’s arm to pull him up. 

James tried to fight him and mumbled, “Let me go.”

Teddy sighed and scanned James’s face for any sign that James was going to put up more of a fight; there wasn’t and Teddy knew he’d won.

“James, you’re being a brat and you need to stop. I understand that you’re upset with me, and I’m sorry, but that’s no reason to act like this.”

James looked away from Teddy and took in a shuddering breath.

“I-I just wanted to be able to be with you,” he sniffed, he always got really emotional when he fought with Teddy. “You’re always going out to places like that and I’m never allowed to come. I’m sorry if it’s annoying, it’s just…I just like spending time with you, but I never can…I’m sorry.” James’s voice started to shake and Teddy saw his bottom lip trembling.

“Hey,” Teddy said and tilted James’s chin so he would look at him. “It’s not annoying, James. I like spending time with you too, and you know that. You know I wish that I could take you everywhere I go, but that’s just not possible right now. Your birthday is in two months, and after that you’ll be old enough to go wherever you’d like, but until then, you can’t keep pulling acts like this every time you don’t get your way, love. And I know I’m at fault too. You’re right, I shouldn’t have stayed out this late, but it was my best friend’s, other than you, of course, birthday and I got a bit carried away. I’m sorry.”

James nodded his head, but didn’t say anything.

“How about we spend the whole day together tomorrow? We could go to the beach if you’d like. I know you’ve been dying to go since it started to get warmer outside.”

James gave Teddy a small smile.

“That sounds good,” he said quietly.

“Alright, it’s a date then.” Teddy pulled James into his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around him. He kissed James’s forehead and chuckled, mumbling, “You’re such a stubborn little brat sometimes.”

James smiled into Teddy’s chest.

“Let’s go to bed now, okay?”

James yawned, and that was a good enough answer to Teddy, who let out a laugh and pulled James up to their bedroom.

James immediately curled up next to Teddy’s warm body the second they laid down. Teddy threw an arm around James’s waist and pulled him closer.

“Goodnight, Teddy. I love you,” James mumbled sleepily.

Teddy leaned down and kissed his nose.

“I love you too, Jamie.”
Toddlers and Chocolate-Chip Cookies - acotede - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi
Characters: Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koushi, Yachi Hitoka, Yachi Madoka, Shimizu Kiyoko, Hinata Shouyou
Additional Tags: Fluff, First Dates, Babysitting, Cooking, Police Officer Daichi, Daycare Worker Suga, Craziiwolf AU

Daichi is a police officer who has his eyes on Sugawara, a caring daycare worker who owns the building down the street from his favorite coffee shop. When a sudden turn of events gets the two men introduced, Daichi plucks up the courage to ask his crush out on a date—a date that does not go the way he had planned.

So guess what I did instead of hw tonight?? I wrote some DaiSuga based off of @craziiwolf‘s police/daycare AU. They’re just so fluffy I can’ttttt.

Illustrious Accord -- Noctis/Edgar

I have no earthly idea what the hell I did tonight. All I did was open Twitter, and @lavaoverflow, @schalahasfun, and Ray himself had planted a seed in my head that I didn’t know I needed in life until this moment. So without further ado, here’s a thing I wrote that got really plot heavy and maybe I’ll do something more with it one day. 

(more under the cut)

Word count: 1,189

For what had to be the seven-hundredth time, Edgar paced from one end of the throne room to the other, head bowed, arms crossed, and lips pursed in thought. Surely, he could be doing better things; he could be revising the infiltration plans that Locke had discussed with him the other day that were still waiting for approval. That was what he should have been doing. There was also the matter of the visit he would soon get from the empire that he wasn’t quite prepared for, but that seemed much smaller in light of recent events.

In only moments, he would be meeting with a leader from a kingdom he had only heard rumors and whispers of in the past. Lucis was a place he had thought had only existed in his and Sabin’s bedtime stories, untouched by reality and so advanced in technology that it almost made the fact that his entire castle could sink into the sand and travel underground fall into the realm of unimpressive.

Edgar recalled the man that stood before him – a taller, bespectacled man with rather dashing features, requesting his that he accept an audience with his own king. Said man, Ignis, he had introduced himself as, was confident that although their king was young, he was quite capable in aiding Figaro’s war efforts. At the time, Edgar had jumped at the opportunity to meet the elusive king of the previously fabled land of Lucis, not giving much thought to what they could have wanted from him in return, however, with their first meeting a mere moment away, his mind raced.

He wasn’t given any more time to think on it, though, and his own advisor came through the door to announce that they had arrived. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Edgar nodded, then waited for the door to close again to quickly scramble to his throne. Despite his insides doing nervous flips, he at least wanted to look the part of a composed king. Cape properly billowing from either side of him, Edgar took his seat and preened himself hastily. As he inhaled a deep breath, the doors at the far end of the room opened, and his advisor led their visitors inside.

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Hi friends!!

I have enjoyed my week of recovery, but I’m ready to get back into moving my body. I do enjoy the week off after a race, but I need to get out of my slug life ways. And that started this afternoon!

Scott was here to visit on Friday! And we went out with some friends for karaoke. It was highly entertaining and a great time with scott and all my friends. We stayed out later and enjoyed ourselves :)

Saturday was therefore a very lazy day for scott and I. We did make it out for a bike ride though! Not until the evening haha but we made it out! We rode about 20 miles with a stop at the end for Dairy Queen. It was nice :)

Sunday we were much more productive! We got up, went to church, went to the grocery store, and then made lunch together. He had to head home a bit earlier than normal because he was making dinner for his mom.

Once we left I decided to head out for a run! My legs felt ready to run, so I figured I might as well see how they would work. I kept it short and sweet, but it felt good to get out there again! It’s nice to run right now and not have a plan to follow I can just do what I want :)

And that’s what I did tonight! I headed out after work intending to run. But I got not even a half mile in, realized my legs didn’t feel great, and I didn’t really feel like running haha so I didn’t! I decided to have a nice sunny walk instead. Felt really nice :)

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately! Hope you’re all doing well :)

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What if the missus DAD doesn't like Harry because he kinda looks like a bad boy(a lot of tattoos,"rockstar"reputation,crazy hair,his clothes)but he get to know him well and he approve the relationship finally❤️

Harry would be really disheartened. The man bloody loves dads and a dad is the gateway to being accepted; if the dad loves the guy, pretty much everyone will soon follow.

Arriving back in London, after a long drive, he’d slump into bed because he’d really wanted to be approved into the missus’ family, and it had all failed and gone awry. He’d dressed up really nicely in an outfit that wasn’t too bold, he’d remembered his manners and brought a bouquet of flowers for the missus’ mum, kissing her cheek and thanking them both for having him. The missus would perch beside him, running her hands over his back as he groaned into the pillow and sighed.

“S’never gon’a like me, is he? T’your dad, I’m just a fuckin’ typical, boyband-popstar who has a reputation for being a manwhore amongst the ladies,” he’d grumble, “that’s all I am to anyone thanks to the image I’ve had painted over me. A womaniser with weird tattoos and curly hair and bolder clothes, who manages to hook-up with random women everytime I go out. I’m nothing but a nice guy, right? What did I do wrong tonight?”

“You did nothing wrong. He’ll come around, baby. I promise you,” she’d smile and lean over, kissing the back of his head and giving his shoulder a pat, “come on. Get in your pyjamas and I’ll go and make some nice hot chocolate and we can cuddle on the sofa.”

“M’not in the mood,” he’d mumble, “think m’just going to sleep.”

“Well, you can’t sleep in skinny jeans. Trust me, I tried once and it didn’t work,” she’d admit, a snicker leaving his mouth as he rolled onto his back and looked towards her, “there’s that pretty smile I love so much.”

The next time that they’d both meet, Harry would be reminded that he couldn’t be friendly towards her dad because he wasn’t yet in the good books for him. He’d enter the house with the missus, hit with the smell of a delicious roast dinner, another bouquet in his arms and a box of chocolates for the missus’ mum to nibble on, a smile bright on his face as he bid a hello to the missus’ dad.

“Hello, Harry,” he’d smile as soon as he saw the two of them in the doorway to the living room, toeing off their shoes and hanging up their coats, walking over to shake his hand and welcome him into the house, “you’re a Manchester United fan, if I remember reading correctly in the papers?”

Harry would look at the missus in confusion before she trotted into the kitchen to help her mother, a smile on her face as his eyes focused in on her dad as he nodded, “massive fan, yeah. My dad and I used to go to their matches all the time when he had some free opportunities from work.”

“Well, I’ve got season tickets for them. And, I’d really like it if you’d join me at a couple of games, you know, if you wanted to, of course,” her dad would smile, holding two tickets up in the air, “I’ve got some for this weekend, at Wembley Stadium, if you wanted to come? Relaxing weekend and not for work. I promise I won’t make you get up and sing for everyone,” he’d laugh.

“I’d, uhm, yeah,” he’d chuckle softly, “I’d love to go with you.” xx

AJ| Beware |Styles

Title; Beware


Pairing; AJ Styles/Reader

Summary; Someone told me to stay away from things that aren’t yours. But is he yours if he wanted me so bad?

Warnings; NSFW. Adultery, cheating, older married man/younger woman, oral sex, no happy endings.

A/N: This is emotionally very hard for me to write, having been the other woman before, hence why it’s a little bit shorter than my usual fare. This is a work of fiction, but loosely based off of actual events. I’m sure AJ is lovely and is happily committed to his wife and family. Thank you to @alexablss and @covergirlcollarbones for all their help and support. Negative/personal attacks will be publicly shamed and laughed at.

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