The show needs to stop using L/xa to prop up Clarke and her leadership skills. Clarke was a better leader BEFORE L/xa. L/xa told Clarke to change everything about herself that made her a good leader (her love for her friends) and when she shut herself off from that in s3 she was a bad leader.

I’m sorry but what Clarke did tonight, sacrificing herself, is something L/xa would not have done. It wasn’t her leadership style so L/xa didn’t shape her into that. 

What she did tonight was something that she more likely learned from her FATHER. The person who chose to try to tell his people the truth to save them, even if it cost him his life. And she choose to be the test subject to save her people, even if it cost her HER life.

This isn’t even me hating on L/xa’s character. Just how they are acting like her character shaped Clarke into he person she is today. Like she wasn’t that person before L/xa. Clarke came down to Earth taking charge and being a leader. The show needs to stop erasing that.

ACOMAF Crackships

Question, because I was thinking about this today and have been feeling a little more discussion inclined than usual, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts: Do any of you have a crackship for this fandom that you ship more than the canon ships that correlate to either half of the crackship? And if so, do you ship it so much more that you would prefer to see ACOWAR end with the crackship becoming canon as opposed to what SJM is 99% probably going to do ( the 99% going to do being: Feysand/Moriel/Nessian/Elucien)?

I just realized tonight driving home that I have a lot more Cazigan feels than I thought I did and that I kind of ship it more than I ship Nessian, but not Moriel, and I’m not sure why? But even though I do, I wouldn’t want it to be canon over Nessian. And I don’t know if that’s weird or not. Any who… if you have thoughts, let me know! I’m curious since this fandom has really grown with the crackships as of late. :)

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I'm reading Selina's review right now, and she's alluding to Roan/Clarke romantically. And I swear to God, I'll fly to LA and personally throttle JR myself if that's EVER EVEN CONSIDERED as a thing. It's Bellamy. BELLAMY BLAKE. Sorry, I didn't create him. Kass Morgan and Alloy and JR did. So just give the people what they want, ok? And nobody gets hurt. This is ridiculous. I will believe in Bellarke until Praimfaya comes, and even after that...

Girl. I told someone to take my wine away from me tonight.

Someone should have taken SELINA’S wine away from her.


TalesFromYourServer: Customer rant.

While I am technically not a server like most of you are I do work in a brick and mortar food cart. Which means I serve/make the food/cashier all on my own.

Tonight I had a lovely customer that ordered her food a specific way, so I made it exactly as she asked. She had asked for extras, which cost more, gladly I did it and charged her the correct price.

First she tells me that no one else charges her for both extras. So I tell her that I’m not sure why they wouldn’t do that, we are all suppose to charge for both of them and I’m going to do my job as I have been doing it. I even explain what is the most expensive things she is getting and why she has to pay extra.

So her and her boyfriend sit down and I help another customer and while I am making his food I kind of hear the girl say that this and that is wrong with it and the boyfriend say he’ll come back up and fix it when I am done. So I finish that guys order and then boyfriend comes up and tells me that she wanted this item in it that she specifically said she did not want in it, in it.

This is where it gets fun.

I, of course say I am sorry, I could’ve sworn she said she didn’t want that in there but I would be happy to put that in there, which I do. Then she yells from the table, I did not say that I didn’t want that, I get the same thing every time I am here, you need to get your ears checked. To which I reply. (even though I shouldn’t have) No, you specifically said you didn’t want these 3 things in your food, but with extra these things. Bad idea, bad idea, but I just couldn’t help myself.

She goes off saying how she is the customer and she is always right and I need to shut my fucking mouth. I come back with I know exactly what you said, I’ve been doing my job for over a year and a half and I know how to make these and remember what is said. She flips and says I don’t care how long you’ve been here I am fucking right and you should just say you are sorry and you are wrong. I come back with just because you are the customer does not make you right and I know exactly what I heard.

Finally I just ended it before I could say stuff to her that would jeopardize my job. But hearing her talk shit about me until she left really tried my patience.

The only good thing about this was some customers that were there before her and after her told me after she left that she said exactly what I heard and they couldn’t believe that she did that to me.


Told my boss this and she was was not happy about it.

By: MarJoy

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Why are people freaking out about hugging? They clearly have more shooting days, nothing has been announced, and regardless of what the news is, it will be a different show than what we have known. Some people will leave. All I hope, is JMO and Colin stay for a s7 or both leave together. PLUS: these people hug all the time!

Because the people on set to witness it said it seemed emotional and they also were emotional. So that’s why the vibe went that way.

But also they said they were goofing around because of a scene, but yes they do always hug. They just did a lot of group hugs tonight, and being the 2nd to last location shoot for the season, it was a bit emotional knowing some of those people will not be seen on the set again.


You know what’s pretty fantastic? Going to a talk about Jim Morrison in your favorite bookstore.

That’s what I did tonight.

The talk was by a local author who’s phd is about shamanism in literature and arts. Yes, good old Jim is a sort of shaman in this author’s interpretation of his music and poems. He was spiritual and mystical, he evoked certain things in his work, just like a shaman. His poetry is sharp and fluid, and I enjoyed it. The whole night The Doors were heard in that bookstore. Jim’s poems were read. Oh, and the bookstore is called The two owls. Isn’t that something? I fucking loooove owls.

I had a good time. I also got three new books which I’m excited about.

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This is kind of weird and I don't know what to make of it. Tonight at CinemaCon Disney put onscreen their scheduled films for the next few years. They also put onscreen the entire cast that will be in The Last Jedi, Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran included. But who wasn't included was Benicio Del Toro. Was this just an oversight or something?

Yes, I saw that! It’s very curious, but I’m tempted not to read too much into it. Andy Serkis wasn’t on there either, and we know for a fact that The Last Jedi will feature Snoke more prominently than The Force Awakens did. I can only assume that they’re keeping BDT and his character deeply under wraps.

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IWTB came on cable the other night, so it lead me to have a dream about Mulder and Scully making up and getting back together after what CC did to them in season 10. But then it seemed like it was DD and GA being themselves as a couple making out. I probably should have not drank that bottle of wine and watch IWTB before bed.

You should have one tonight too, and rewatch FTF. Come back tomorrow and tell me again about your dream 😀

I can’t stop thinking about the wisecrack carrie fisher would make about debbie reynolds dying a day after her: the joke about her family, always bringing the drama, the ‘she couldn’t stand to let me have all the attention even when I had just died. I want you all to remember that I did it first.’  

I like to imagine her in the afterlife adding material to her stand up: ‘I’m really disappointed to be here tonight, I was hoping I’d get to haunt george lucas for that metal bikini.’ ‘do you know how long the line for this place is? I flipped off nancy reagan and fidel castro on the way in. ’ ‘when I said dear lord please don’t let me live to see that orange buffoon be president I should have been a helluva lot more specific.’

playing to a sold out audience, her mother in the front row. bowie and rickman at a table in the back. 

  • Ron: I dreamed I was buying new shoes last night. What d'ya think that's gonna mean?
  • Harry: Probably that you're going to be eaten by a giant marshmallow or something.
  • Ron: That's not too bad. I like marshmallows. What did you dream last night?
  • Harry: I dreamed that Malfoy had me tied to his bed and I had whipped cream all over me. What d'ya think that's gonna mean?
  • Ron: Probably that my sister's going to cry herself to sleep tonight.

John Oliver: Trump’s Russia scandal has the intrigue of Watergate, except everyone is incompetent

John Oliver has a new shorthand for President Donald Trump’s ongoing, multilayered Russia scandal: “Stupid Watergate.”

“It is not clear what is really going on here yet, although one possibility is that this all amounts to what I’m going to call ‘Stupid Watergate,’” Oliver said on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight. “A potential scandal with all the intrigue of Watergate, except everyone involved is really bad at everything. And the relevant question isn’t so much, ‘What did the president know and when did he know it?’ as it is, ‘Is the president physically capable of knowing things at all?’”

By Oliver’s telling, every single phase of the Trump-Russia scandal has been brought on by a dumb mistake. He walked through some of the key players of the scandal, all of whom have been the target of questions about whether Trump’s team worked with — — and covered up working with — Russian officials to support Russian interests and manipulate the 2016 election with hacked Democratic emails.

Take Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Most recently, he was brought into the Russia scandal when it was revealed that he misled Congress under oath, telling senators he had no communications with Russian officials when he had in fact talked with Russia’s ambassador twice last year.

But here’s the thing: Sessions wasn’t even asked during the confirmation hearing if he had spoken with Russians. During his hearing, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) asked, “If there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do?” Sessions replied, “I’m not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign, and I did not have communications with the Russians.”

“That was an unforced error,” Oliver said. “He wasn’t even asked whether he’d met with the Russians. He just implicated himself out of the blue, which should have been immediately suspicious. If you ask someone how their weekend was, and they say, ‘Well, I definitely wasn’t masturbating into the Slurpee machine at the 7-Eleven,’ you check the fucking security cameras at the 7-Eleven, and you don’t act surprised.”

Other Trump surrogates have also come under fire, including former Trump campaign operative Carter Page. When asked whether he had met with the Russian ambassador in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, Page responded, “I’m not going to deny that I talked with him. I will say that I never met him anywhere outside of Cleveland. … I may have met him. Possibly. And it might have been in Cleveland.”

Or consider former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. When asked if Trump had financial relationships with Russian oligarchs, Manafort said, “That’s … that’s what he said. I … that’s … what I said. That’s … obviously what our position is.”

“Holy shit,” Oliver said. “That was so unconvincing it probably set off an unplugged polygraph machine just hidden in a closet somewhere.”

To top it all off, Trump’s apparent tactic to distract everyone over the weekend was to claimwith absolutely zero evidence that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign — an idea that may have come from an article published by the conspiracy-laden website Breitbart News.

“I think we can now officially declare that Trump has a worse media diet than the Son of Sam killer,” Oliver said. “And he got all his news from a talking dog who told him to murder.”

What all of this amounts to, Oliver argued, is one of the most incompetent cover-ups — if there is really a cover-up — in the history of presidential scandals. It is, in other words, “Stupid Watergate.”

Reason number 1 why I should be allowed to have a gun in my dorm: some acquaintance of my roommate attempted to rob my roommate at gunpoint, in our dorm room.  This happened an hour ago.

No one was seriously injured, no shots fired, we’re all okay.  But we didn’t have any feasible way to defend ourselves other than literally going fist-to-fist with them, which is what my roommate did (and won, what a fucking badass).

But there is a possible future that all five of us–me, my three roommates, and a guest–who were minding our own business could have been shot and killed and we would have been helpless because of the narrative that guns are scary and evil and therefore we non-scary and non-evil people have no legitimate reason to own and carry them.

I want that on the record.  If I had died tonight, it would be completely the fault of the state that I had been a victim, rather than there being a fight on approximately equal footing.

Fuck your gun control.

but honestly tho

fob sounded SO G O O D tonight and they were all so smiley and excited…patrick was dancing around getting his signature White Boy Moves out full force. pete has a snazzy new haircut and when i yelled at him NICE HAIR PETE he yelled back THANKS and patted his own head. joe looked absolutely content being able to play that night like he was truly having a good time. andy did cute little waves at the crowd, which spent every quiet intermission yelling ANDY 愛してるよ!!!and the likes.
most of all they all looked healthy and generally in jolly good mood and i feel so thankful for them gahhhhh

Hogwarts houses as Hamilton Songs

Gryffindor: “My Shot”, “Right Hand Man”, “Guns and Ships”

Hufflepuff: “Schulyer Sisters”, “The Story of Tonight”, “Helpless”

Ravenclaw: “History Has Its Eyes on You”, “Cabinet Battle #1″, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

Slytherin: “What Did I Miss”, “The Room Where It Happens”, “Cabinet Battle #2″

‘”Defenders of the Universe, huh? Has a nice ring to it.”

Arise (Part I) l A Voltron (Space Family) Fanmix

1. Particles of the Universe (Heartbeats) - Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin | 2. Green Light - Green Light | 3. Zaris - Mooncake | 4. Splashdown - Adam Young | 5. Paperman - Christophe Beck | 6. First Step On The Surface - Adam Young | 7. Star Wars Piano Lullaby Pt. II - Kathryn Ziegner | 8. Holding Out for a Hero - Frou Frou


Part II

1. Radioactive vs. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Imagine Dragons & Fall Out Bo | 2. Catharsis - Oscar H. Caballero | 3. Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars | 4. In the Air Tonight - Natalie Taylor | 5. Launch - Adam Young | 6. California Dreamin’ - Sia | 7. Re-Entry - Adam Young | 8. 静かな想い - 久石譲


Part III

1. Candlepower - Chris Zabriskie | 2. In My Dream Last Night - Jake Sidwell | 3. Get Up - Barcelona | 4. Lunar Landing - Adam Young | 5. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap | 6. Last Agni Kai - The Track Team | 7. Everybody Wants To Rule the World - Lorde | 8. Young Blood (Renholder Remix) - The Naked and Famous