It was 3 AM when George awoke to loud knocking. Eyes half-open, he shuffled to his flat’s door.

“George! It’s Percy. Please open up!” a muffled voice said loudly from the other side of the door. George slowly un-did the locking charms and was face-to-face with his older brother.

Percy appeared disheveled, his robe pulled over his pajamas. His smudged glasses sat perched on his normally haughty nose. Tonight, his face was held tense, creased lines running across his forehead and brow.

“What are you doing here?” George asked, his voice hoarse from sleeping. Percy was sitting on the sofa, and his leg shook nervously as he remained silent. George sighed.

“Perce– what’s going on?”

Percy looked up and shook his head. He opened his mouth as if to speak before closing it again. “I’m sorry I woke you up. This was a mistake,” he stated as he stood up suddenly. George shook his head. “C’mon… I’m awake, yeah? Might as well talk,” he replied. He didn’t have the energy to make a dig at his brother as he would have a year or two ago. Even in his sleepy state, he noticed Percy’s distress. 

Things were different now.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Percy admitted sheepishly. “So you thought you’d come and wake me up too?” George joked lightly, as he sat down next to him. 

“No. It’s not that. I guess I just feel… I don’t know. It’s like my mind won’t stop.” Percy was wiping his glasses nervously with his robe, his voice barely above a whisper. 

George shrugged. Some nights, he laid in bed, a captive to the memories that replayed in his mind. Other nights, he smoked until his body seemed to melt into the mattress, the scenes made less scary by the haze. “I know what you mean,” he replied lowly.

“Do you think… Was it… Could I have…” Percy started. He fidgeted with his hands again. “Do you think it was my fault?” 

George turned his head towards him sharply.

“No,” he stated his verdict firmly. 

Percy nodded in silence as he leaned forward so that his elbows rested on his knees. He placed his head in his hands as his shoulders began to shake. George slid his arms around him the way his mother had in the Great Hall, when he felt the ground beneath him fall apart. It had been nearly six months since that night– six months of George feeling the arms of his family hold him together. Six months, and George had never noticed Percy. He blinked back tears as his brother cried. “It’s okay. We’re going to be okay,” he mumbled, as much for his brother as for himself. Percy cleared his throat and sat up, his face red. 

“We’re going to be okay,” Percy said, adjusting his glasses and patting his hair. George felt himself smile at his brother’s actions; his brother, different from him in almost every way. Almost

“Yeah. We’ll be okay,” George answered, mussing Percy’s hair. 

Honestly say what you want about David Swann, because yes he and the liberals failed horribly, but do not throw him under the bus. He seems to be a good (albeit inactive) man. His speech tonight made me cry due to him mentioning the lgbtq community. And he did not simply reduce us to an abbreviation, he said “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer”, and it was something I did not see in any other speeches, nor is it a recognition I often see in Alberta at all. It made me cry because after being so often pushed aside as a taboo topic in a supposedly conservative province, it feels great and liberating to be mentioned, to feel visible. Perhaps it was just a political move, but it felt great.

Hey Taylor.
Did you enjoyed two shows in Tokyo?
I really did. It was fantastic and never forget what you said before you sing CLEAN.
You said ‘You are not damaged goods’.
I felt I was a damaged girl sometimes. Because people say bad things about me even they don’t know me.
Thank you for saying that. Thank you.

And all I can say is I was enchanted to meet you and see your performance tonight.

You are not damaged goods.
You are just incredible person.

I love you


Fate: Chapter 1

“Come on, Miss Clara. Take three. Three cards and I can see your past, present and future.”

“Oh, ho ho, Calum! Didn’t your mama teach you not to trick old ladies like me?”

“Trick you, Miss Clara? Never. I just thought you might want to know about your future. You never know what might come up for you.”

The elderly woman laughed as his mother brushed out her wig nearby. Dressed in her best, Calum knew Clara was on her way to bingo tonight and wanted to look particularly nice for a gentleman she keeps bumping into there. The other hairdressers listened in on the handsome young boy who begged her to take three of his tarot cards. Calum did this often. He liked telling people the good things that will happen to them. The people in his neighborhood suffered a lot after Katrina, and even more by the toils of life. Calum felt good using his skills to bring smiles to people he cared about.

“What future? I’ve already lived my life, Cal,” Miss Clara smiled. “I’m just looking to buy time. Can your cards get me some of that?”

“Sadly no, Miss Clara, but my mama probably could.”


Calum heard the stern warning in his mother’s voice. The beautiful dark skinned woman looked over her shoulder at him as she ran a brush through the wig’s short black curls. Her brown hues looked over him. Marie Laveau stood slim and graceful at her age, with long black braids running down her back. Full lips painted red to match her nail polish, a lot of people asked how she maintained such youth even after being so old. Only Calum and the staff knew the truth. Marie Laveau was more than a humble beauty shop owner. Calum wasn’t just a college student with a liking for tarot cards either. Though, they kept that to themselves.

Calum knew the tone in her voice, and slowly retracted. “Sorry, Mama,” he said. “It doesn’t hurt to take three, Miss Clara.” He spread the cards out in his hands for her, their red and gold backs matching in decadent patterns. “Just for fun then?”

“You should do it, Clara,” another woman underneath a hair dryer said. “Calum predicted in those cards that I’d come into some money soon. And then the very next day, I received money Albert’s job owed him, you know, before he passed? $300, I got. They said it was a part of his pension they didn’t pay, or something. Anyways, it helped me pay off the rest of the funeral debts.”

“Calum’s predictions are never wrong, Miss Clara,” a hairdresser, Shantelle, next to her said. “Give it a go and see what the boy tells you.”

“Oh alright,” she said. “Just for fun, right?”

The woman took one from the middle, one from the left and another from the right. She then handed them back to Calum. He flipped them over on the vanity one by one. Examining the cards and pictures meant little, it was what he could see passed them. Calum pressed his hands over each card, exactly where Miss Clara’s fingers touched. He saw flashes of a small child singing along to a church choir, playing hopscotch with her friends, and having dinner at a small table in a cramped house. He then saw a young black woman nursing soldiers in a crowded hospital, blushing at their flirtations, and going to USO dances with other nurses. The same young woman was dancing on her wedding day with a smiling man in uniform, and then having a small girl clinging to her dress as they go through a school parking lot, growing older and the child changing four times in flashes (three girls and one boy). He touched the middle card: he saw Clara holding her first grandchild, crying over her husband’s casket at a funeral, and sitting on her porch, and drinking her green tea alone.

The third card peaked his interest. Touching it, he saw visions of an elderly gentleman in a red cardigan and burgundy cap. This man joined Clara and her tea on the porch until they both faded into nothingness. Calum opened his eyes. The card was The Lovers. Calum smiled broadly back at Clara.

“Looks like there’s a special someone for you in your future, Miss Clara,” Calum smiled at her. He took up his deck and began shuffling them absentmindedly in his hands.

She blushed and giggled, “Oh, don’t you go getting my hopes up now, Calum! I couldn’t take it if it didn’t come true.”

“Well why wouldn’t it?” he asked.

“Calum…” His mother returned with Miss Clara’s wig, “Put your cards away and go sweep the sun room. It’s gotten dusty.”

He saw the look in her eyes. The look that forbid, and warned him that he reached too far; the “Mom Look”, he called it. Calum muttered a ‘Yes, Mama’, stuffed his cards in his back pocket and bid Miss Clara a farewell and good luck.

The sun room led out into his mother’s garden. The place was in the sunlight almost all day, giving it a soft warm glow throughout the day. His mother left most of her gardening equipment here for the days she took care of her plants, but he also some a shelf of old books written in a strange language alongside jars of items he’d rather not guess at the bottom. Calum took up the nearby broom and began sweeping the dusty floors. He noticed faded chalk marks embedded in the wood, some fresh enough to make their shape still while others washed away days ago.

Calum’s mother told him his gifts started showing when he was only four-years-old, which wasn’t very odd for a voodoo child. She said whenever he threw a fit, lights flickered and the windows rattled. She sometimes heard  voices coming out of his room on late nights; when she’d go to inspect, she’d find him completely alone and asleep. His mother asked him if he remembered any people being in his bedroom or being around him when he happened to be alone. He said he remembered a gentleman in a suit and tie who used to walk him from the bus stop every morning and afternoon. Carl Jefferson, Calum remembered. He’d said it wasn’t safe for little boys to walk by themselves, especially with all the trouble going around on the street. Something might happen to him.

Calum learned later in life Carl Jefferson died in an automobile accident in 1946. Since then, spirits tend to come to him when they want something. Usually contact. Calum is usually happy to oblige, yet there are times when he gets “bad ones”.

His foresight didn’t mature until he was ten, where he could control himself from seeing other people’s futures. Some were good, others were bad, and a few in the grey area. He could even direct what he wished to see: his future relationship with this person, what good things will happen to them or what bad things will happen to them. All Calum needed was a simple handshake or a gentle pat on the shoulder, and he saw whatever fortunes or misfortunes would come their way. The tarot cards honestly were for show, though his predictions normally matched up to their reading. He definitely loved palm reading, since it made a great flirting tool. 

With his mother’s guidance, Calum also learned various voodoo rituals and spells. Since he was ten, he’d participated in every ritual his mother performed there in the back garden. Before then, he watched from his bedroom in complete admiration. He saw the women’s white dresses contrast with their dark skin; the men with their chest painted and shirtless. A roaring fire would sit in the middle, everyone dancing and chanting around it during the ritual. Usually an animal of some kind would be involved. Calum felt such a deep rooted connection during these times. His spirit lifted. He felt at one with the world around him, and he hoped that was good.

The sudden ringing of his phone cut through his train of thought. Calum stopped sweeping, and looked down at his phone. Him. Calum would never forget the number. A flood of memories came back to him: their first meeting in the salon, their first date, their first kiss, all the laughter and smiles Ashton gave him before the mysterious boy mysteriously disappeared. He felt his heart breaking all over again.

“What do you want?” he asked the moment he answered.

“Calum, is that any way to speak to an old friend?”

“Cut the shit, LaLaurie,” he knew Ashton hated his birth name, and he nearly hissed it to him, “What do you want? You know you’re not allowed to talk to me unless-”

“-Unless something pops up, I know. That’s the thing. Something has popped up and I need to get a hold of your mother.”

“You know where she is,” he said, “So why call me?”

“Oh, I just wanted to hear your pretty voice get all wound up at the sound of mine,” Ashton said. His tone lowered, and Calum felt a chill even through the phone. “You’ll be seeing me soon though. Count on it.”

Calum hung up without another word. He knew Ashton wouldn’t come during the day time, since Mama didn’t take “business” during salon hours. Calum regretted ever even talking to him that day in the salon. He fell for his golden mane of hair, his hazel-green eyes sparkling back at him and his charming laugh so easily. He hadn’t bothered to see through the pretense. Teenage Calum thought it was so romantic to have a relationship with an immortal. He thought they’d be together forever. Unfortunately, Ashton doesn’t do forevers.

Though, he would be a bit upset if he found Calum wasn’t home tonight. He sifted through his contact list until he found John’s name listed. The dark haired boy then wrote a quick message:

Any gigs lined up for tonight?”

He instantly received his answer: “Yeah, there’s a few parties happening if you want to take one up for me.’

‘Give me one then.’

‘Kay. Frat party at Tau Omega Alpha tonight. I’ll get you the details.’

Perfect. A frat party. Ashton hated frat parties, so he most likely wouldn’t turn up there. He always said he didn’t think being a DJ was a good choice for Calum, since he thought he could do so much more with the talents he currently possessed. Calum told him he needed to get out of the 19th century and step into the 21st for a change.

“Boy, what are you doing on that phone?” His mother came into the sun room, walking over to a cabinet of jars and vials. “I told you to sweep.”

“I did,” he gestured to the floor, “And He wanted me to tell you he’s coming by.”

She stopped mid-motion and faced him. “He?”

“Yeah. He.”

She scowled, “What the hell does that damn boy want this time?”

“He said something popped up and he needs to talk to you about it.”

She looked him over, “Are you gonna be here?”

“No,” he tried hiding his smirk. “I got a gig tonight. Fraternity party. I make good money on those, so I won’t be home until late.”

She paused, letting him read the rest of the text message before putting it in his pocket. “You know he’ll wait, right?”

Calum felt a surge of irritation inside him. He knew that. Deep inside he knew Ashton would probably wait around for him all night if he must. “Why does he do this, Mama? Why does he bug me every time he comes to town?”

“Because he’s a man, baby. He knows he can wind you up, and he does. Look how bent out of shape you are, and he hasn’t even shown up yet,” she said. “If you let him, he’ll do it to you all over again.”

“No he won’t,” Calum grunted.

“I don’t know. He charmed you up pretty good the last time he was here.”

“Don’t remind me.”

Calum couldn’t bear thinking about all the times he let himself slip and give in to Ashton. He would always say ‘never again’, but one Ashton caressed or spoke softly to him, he melted like butter.

“Ugh!” he threw the broom down on the floor in a loud smack. “I’m gonna go load my equipment into the car. I gotta get there early for set up.”

He left his mother with a small goodbye. Why did she let him keep his looks? Why didn’t she kill him the way she killed his father and sisters? Why couldn’t she have buried HIM in the ground too?!

Attention all people taking AP tests this week!

Congrats! You’ve made it this far!! At this point focus on what you can do to get yourself well rested for your test, or if you have one next week, keep going you’re on the final stretch!
To those of you who have already taken the chemistry, environmental science, psychology, calculus AB and BC, and Chinese tests, YOU’RE DONE! Reward and congratulate yourself. It’s done now, you did all you could, forget about it until June.
To those of you taking lit, Japanese, or physics one tomorrow, go to bed early, drink a lot tonight, and do your best! I believe in you!
To the Thursday testers, compsci, Spanish, art history, and physics, you’re almost there! Try to get two good nights of sleep in by going to be early tonight as well. Then, do your final review tomorrow and try to relax.
To the Friday testers, German, U.S. History, and European history, get your two days left of studying in and work hard! Make the most of what time you have left and rock it. Again, sleep, hydrate, and fuel your body with good nutritional food.
Everyone testing in week 2, good luck with the rest of your studying! You’re so close don’t give up now!

Butterfly Bog Human AU Phone convo~
  • (So, this is part of an actual and VERY recent conversation between me and my boyfriend cuz we're terrible dorks too. I just HAD to plug Bog and Marianne into it!)
  • Bog:Alrigh', I gotta ge' back tah work, Tough Girl.
  • Marianne:K. I'll see ya when I get home.
  • Bog:Hey.
  • Marianne:Yeah?
  • Bog:I love you.
  • Marianne:WHAT?! How long has THIS been goin' on?!
  • Bog:Years, okay? YEARS!
  • Marianne:NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Where did I go wrong?!
  • Bog:*laughs*
  • Marianne:I'm gonna hang up now before I asphyxiate. You are SO cooking your own dinner tonight! Oh, one more thing...Iloveyoutoo! *click*
  • Bog:<3

Stupid things people have asked/said to me:

•"We’re you born here? Are you legal?“
•"Woah, you’re Mexican? I never knew. You look white! So at least you’ve got that going for you!”
•"You’re Mexican but you’re a cool Mexican. You’re not a beaner . You’re cool. You’re not, like… a wetback.“
•"You’re, like… An honorary white man.”
•"Did you have to take ESL classes in order to lose your accent?“
•"Are you celebrating cinco de mayo tonight?!”

Cinco de mayo… What a fucking joke. Today is not my country’s Independence Day. Before you go out for tacos and margaritas, consider the fact that May 5th simply marks the 1862 Battle of Puebla in which Mexican armed forces were outnumbered but were still victorious over invading French forces. Just a random battle. That’s it. Mexican Independence Day is September 16th. May 5th holds as little to no significance in Mexican culture. If Mexican people actually celebrated celebrating cinco de mayo, it would have an American culture equivalent to American people celebrating the battle of little big horn every year. But really, cinco de mayo is used as a marketing tool for stupid beer companies. And yes, Spanish was my first language. And yes, that’s a Mexican flag pin on my jacket. Not that it’s any of your business anyways.

I've been in a domestic violence relationship

For a year and I never thought I would do what I did tonight. Finally called help. I had them come 3 different times and the third time they caught him red handed at my door.I wish I would have called sooner. Because people don’t change. And we think they will change when they won’t. It still hurt me watching them take him because I once had a deep connection with him and loved him. Ladies don’t feel bad. We are incredibly strong humans because we love but we can’t love those who don’t love their selfs.

anonymous asked:

on aos tonight (I think you don't watch? if you do, sorry mild spoilers ahead!) they were talking about aou and one guy said something along the lines of tony stark as a guy with an idea that almost destroyed the world & the avengers were too close emotionally to stop/notice him starting this destruction so! looks like maybe we're leaning towards at least public opinion being seriously soured against tony stark, curious to see how/if this'll play into cap3!


Lilly’s Nightingales performed tonight. Their closing number was On My Own from Les Mis.

It was tough. July 10 last summer Courtney and I went to dinner at Chez Fon Fon then we went to see Les Mis.

Les Mis is a story of love, grace, and redemption. After the play she could tell I was messed up. I’d been sad for weeks. She asked me what was wrong in the car. And I started talking.

That was the night that I told her she’d been right all along. I did love him. More than that, we had a relationship for almost two years.

I’m thankful that night happened. I’m thankful that I’m finally free from the lies. Life doesn’t look the way I imagined it would, now almost a year later. But I’m in a really good place.

Not a Monster

Fandom: Xmen
Characters: Pietro
Relationship: Pietro/reader
Request: Can i please request a dopf Pietro x reader who can turn into flames, but it means she’s naked but on fire, she does this and after pietro won’t look her in the eyes she thinks it’s because it scared but it’s because he’s embarrassed. It’s a couple of days later she asks if it scared him and he’s embarrassed because she was naked and he thought she was beautiful. Nsfw ending like snow / ice reader you did for me please?
Authors note: this is Day of Future Past Pietro because I haven’t seen Age of Ultron yet (I’m going tonight 😃)
Pietro doesn’t know your a mutant.
Warning: Smut

Looking up at Pietro, who was sitting on the other side of his room, bouncing a ball off the wall.
He was so open about what he could do. His mutation. He was even proud. This was what had drawn you to him in the first place all those years ago when you had met him in the park. He had been out running when he had heard sobbing coming from behind a near by tree. Curiosity filled him as he searched for the cause of the crying and found you, sitting on the ground, only wearing a large leather jacket wrapped around your small frame. You looked up at him and jumped, surprised by his sudden appearance. He disappeared in an instant, then reappeared with clothes in his hand. He held them out to you and you took them, muttering thank you. He turned away as you quickly threw on a large, baggy jumper and track suit bottoms. When you had been decent, he turn back around and held out his hand.
“Pietro.” He smiled at you, kindly. Feeling safe, you shook his hand.
“[y/n].” You muttered as he smiled widely at you.
You now lived with him and his mother and sister, who had taken to you quickly.
But none of them knew you were a mutant as well.
That was because you were dangerous. That night, you could have killed everyone. And you wanted to. You had been a prisoner of Trask as he experimented on you and others. You unique ability to create and, at the same time, resist Fire fascinated him. It was something that would later be used in the robots he was building to combat and control mutant. But you hadn’t known that at the time.
During a cell change, one of the guards had began to verbally abuse you, which was normal.
“What a disgusting waste of life. Why is she aloud to live and yet others die?” He had asked his colleague, who shrugged and carried on. You could have handled this. You had done most of your life but what he said next sent you into the fit of anger.
“What a monster.”
Monster. You family had called you a freak as they had sold you to Trask.
Anger boiled inside you so you couldn’t contain it. Your nails had dug into the skin of your palm but you didn’t notice as flames engulfed your figure, burning the clothed from your flesh.
There had been yelling and screaming as a flame ran through the halls and out the door, into the darkness, unstoppable.
Your bright flames faded as you kept running, your heart raising as tears streamed down your face. When you had finally stopped at the base of the tree, there had been the leather jacket in a near by bush, which you grabbed when you heard rustling among the trees and Pietro had appeared. You had never told him what you were, what you could do, incase he became afraid of you, but ever since Trask had became fully public about his view, you knew that Pietro had to know the truth.

“[y/n]?” Pietro brought you back from the horrible memory’s that haunted your dream and nightmares. Looking up, you saw him at you side, his eyes filled with concern as he placed a hand on your knee. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah.” You nod, smiling to reassure him. “Just thinking.”
He obviously didn’t believe you and you sighed in defeat.
“I’ve, umm, I’ve not been entirely honest with you.” You say, losing your gaze and getting to your feet. Glancing out the window, you can see it is sunset. This would be the perfect time. The light would cover up your glow better than normal light because it would just as bright. But you could do it here.
“What do you mean?” Pietro stood next to you, taking your hand in his.
Pulling at his hand and picking up a bag you had prepared earlier, you lead him out of the house and into the forest that was only a couple of minutes from his house. You knew that about 5 minutes into the forest was an opening that would be perfect for this. It would mean you wouldn’t set the trees on fire and was close enough that Pietro would be able to find his way back should he become scared of you.
The beautiful, golden light shone through the trees as you pulled on Pietro hand. He would ask where you were taking him and what was wrong but you ignored him until you entered the clearing. The last of the light was beginning to disappear behind the horizon so you let go of Pietro hand and left him standing on the edge of the clearing as you turned to face him, taking long steps backwards, dropping the bag at him feet.
“What’s going on?” Pietro demanded, you could see he was scared of your sudden the actions.
“I’m sorry.” You whisper as you close your eyes.
You felt the spark in your stomach as you concentrated. Allowing the anger and resentment to fill your mind, you thought of all the people who had ever hurt you, all the people who had ever called you weak, outcast, vulnerable, pathetic, disgusting and, worst of all, monster.
Feeling the heat in your body rising, you concentrated and held out both your hands.
You felt like someone had just dropped a little bit of hot, melted oil on your palms. You knew this was the start of it and there was currently a single flame on your palms.
Imagining the oil was sinking through your skin and into your blood, you felt it travel up your arms. There was crackling as you heard the flames getting closer and closer to your ears, but the heat wouldn’t get to you.
The oil from your right palm ran into your head while the other dripped down and slowly towards your feet.
You could feel the clothes falling off your body, you concentrated of keeping the flames to a minimum as your whole body was engulfed. The warm feeling ran through you, like when you get into a warm bath after being drenched in cold rain.
The feel relaxed you and made you feel at home as you smiled slightly.
Opening your eyes, you see Pietro staring at you. Glancing down. You can see the brim clothes at your feet but your skin was a dark red. Looking back to Pietro, you lower you hands and let your arms fall to the side as you take a step towards him.
“Pietro?” You ask softly as he shifts awkwardly and looks at the ground. He couldn’t even look at you.
You felt your heart split in two as you look at him standing there. He took a step back and felt like he had stabbed you through the chest.
“Can you turn around and I’ll change.” You say as you felt the flames die down around you. Pietro looked at the bag at his feet, bent down and chucked it in front of you before turning on his heel to face the trees.
The last of the light disappeared as you opened the bag and brought out the spare jeans and black top you had packed as well as underwear, a bra, socks and shoes.
Once you were decent, you cleared your throat and Pietro turned back to you, his eyes never meeting yours.
“Pietro? Look, I’m sorry I never told you before but I, I, I thought you would think I was a monster.” You feel the lump forming in your throat as tears filled your eyes and threaten to spill over.
“It’s fine. I understand.” Pietro shrugged his shoulder and turned around, walking back towards the house, leaving you standing in the clearing.
You didn’t stand for long because as soon as he left, you fell to your knees sobbing.
It had been nearly a week since you had shown Pietro what you truly were and he was totally avoiding you. His mother didn’t know yet because she and Wanda carried on as normal, until she got asked to go on a business trip since her company were thinking of merging with some other companies. She left a list of numbers and money for shopping. Wanda went to stay with her gran while Pietro and you were aloud to stay by yourself.
You say in the spare room that was now yours, although you had never really stayed in it. You had always ended up sleeping in the basement with Pietro, passed out on the couch or beanbags. You didn’t like being on your own.
But for the last week, you slept in here.
Pietro either never left his room or never came back because you hadn’t seen him, nor had he tried to make contact with you.
Looking at the clock, you saw it was nearly 11pm so you turned off the television. Lying in the darkness, you jumped when you heard a clatter come from Pietros room.
So he was there.
Sadness and regret filled you as tears streamed down your cheeks. You tried to hold in your sobs but even with your head buried in the pillow, they could be heard. And they were.
There was a small knock at your door.
Pulling yourself off the bed, you ran to the door, pausing only to wipe away the tears.
Opening the door, you saw Pietro standing there, with his head bowed and his eyes looking at the door frame.
Holding your arms around yourself, you leaned against the frame in an attempt to get eye contact out of him.
“Hi.” He muttered.
“Hey.” The silence that follower was deafening as you tried to figure out what to do.
“I’m sorry. About last week.” He raised a hand and started to scratch at the wood.
“It’s okay. I understand. Plus, I’m used to it.” You shrug off, trying to appear cool when really you were breaking. This caught Pietros attention.
“Used to what?” He frowns. His eyes darting to you then back to the wood.
“People thinking I’m a monster.” You whisper as you feel fresh tears falling down your cheek, so you turn around and walk back into the room.
“I don’t think your monster.” Pietro sounded a little insulted at this, but when you look back, you see he’s still playing with the door frame.
“Of course you do. Why else wouldn’t you look at me? Why else would you avoid me like this?” You turn to face him again, thrusting you or hand forward at him to emphases your point. You watch as Pietros frown disappears as he looks at you for the first time in shock.
You close your eyes and shake your head. Bring your hands up, you bury your face in your palms and sob.
Pietro watches as you break along with his heart. He races over to you and wraps his arms protectively around you. You lower your hands as he starts to stroke your hair and you sob into his chest.
“I don’t think your a monster.” He whispers, his voice breaking as your sobs lessen.
“I saw you standing there last week, and you were so beautiful. I, I didn’t know what to do.” You pull away and look into his eyes.
“So, your not scared of me?” You whisper.
“No. I. I love you.” His words make your heart soar as you stared at him wide eyed. He looks away from you and begins to move away, but you raise your hands and place them on each cheek, making him face you.
“I love you, too.” You whisper.
His lips come crashing down upon yours as his arms hold you close. You let your hands slid onto the back of his head as you hold him close.
The kiss goes from soft and innocent to passionate and needy quickly. Both of your tongue get involved in a fight for dominance as his hands explore your body through the clothes. Pulling him over to the bed, he falls on top of you, your legs parting and allowing him to settle in between. You moan slightly as you feel his growing erection pressed against your inner thigh and you roll your hips. He gasps and begins to leave your lips and kiss down your neck, searching for your sweet spot. He finds it quickly when he hears you gasp and moan, so he attacks it by kissing, nipping and sucking. You arch your back and press your chest against him. He takes this as an invitation as his hands start to massage your breasts. He grows tired quickly and rips off your top, and gets rid of your bra. His lips travel downs to your bare chest and he sucks on one of your pink buds.
“Your so beautiful.” He mutters as his lips travel further down. When he reaches the top of your jeans, he pulls them away, leaving you lying in front of him in nothing but your panties. You try and cover yourself with your hands but he laughs.
“I’ve seen you naked twice.” Perfect logic.
“Yeah, but your not naked.” You point out and he looks down at himself and smiles.
“We’ll have to fix that.” In a second he is back between you legs and totally naked. You smile and reach down, taking his hard member in your hand and making him let out a hiss. You stroke him and his hips buckle into your hand, making you smile. His hands begin to franticly pull at your panties. You lift your hips and he pulls them off.
Positioning himself at your entrance, he sees you close your eyes for a second.
“I’ll be gentle. I promise.” You open your eyes to see him staring lovingly at you. You smile back and nod.
In one swift moment, he was inside you, making you both moan as he fills you.
He stops for a couple of seconds and once you are used to him, you move your hips making him moan. He starts to slowly thrust into you as his hands settle on your hips and his lips on yours. You tangle you hands in his hair as you moan against his lips.
His speed quickens and your moans become louder as you feel the knot in your stomach tighten.
When he hits your g-spot, your cry out, throwing your head back and closing your eyes. His lips attach to your neck as he continues to thrusts harder and faster, hitting the spot again and again and again before you topple off the end.
Crying out his name is passion and pleasure, the feeling of your walls clamping around him, he looses it and his thrust become erratic as he spills his seed inside of you, moaning your name.
Gasping, he falls next to you. You cuddle in close to him and he wraps an arm round you.
Cuddling in close to him, you drift off into a peaceful sleep that, for the first time in a while, didn’t contain monsters.

You guys are incredible

Thank you to all of those who messaged me/replied to that post about me feeling unsupported and alone. I read through every single reply and message and it all means SO much to me. You guys are the best. I don’t know what I did to deserve such lovely followers/friends. I’m going to bed now, but I just want you all to know how much I appreciate what you did for me tonight. I appreciate all of you immensely. G’night.

So far tonight...

The Flash made Iris even better.  While I’m not thrilled with how long it took for her to realize what was going on, what she did with it was just great.

…A hero’s death for our person close to the team on NCIS.  Nonsense that the dead person’s mother wouldn’t be immediately found, taken to the body and flown home.  Especially when that person was revealed to be a woman of some power in the government.  

And for a show that is strongly based in the here and now, the use of ghosts is always a stunner.

Day 9

Not much to write home about, except tonight we have decided is “carb night”. We’re having frozen pizzas and baking up some prepackaged cinnamon roll dough. I may or may not eat them and I may or may not glaze them all.

We went shopping at Aldi’s today. I never realized that FREAKING SANDWICH MEAT has sugar added to it. It all did, except the roast beef. 1-3 grams of sugar per 2 ounce serving. Guh.

Think about it. Eating a sandwich on wheat bread–which has added sugar–and the MEAT has sugar in it too. Be careful what you dress the sandwich with, don’t use “Salad Dressing” like Miracle Whip because–sugar in there too! (And it tastes nasty.)

Hidden sugar, everywhere.

Gonna buy some dark rye for sandwiches.

I drank from a drinking fountain today at a department store because I was thirsty. I haven’t even thought to do that in YEARS. That’s how conditioned to buy bottled sweet drinks I was… Ugh.

It’s amazing the ways I’ve eaten and thought and bought that I’ve begun to question because I’m looking for the hidden sugar.

This morning, I had my usual nuts for breakfast, but we walked two miles to the grocery store and back before I ate a full breakfast. That was a bad idea. Won’t do it again. I ate some leftover potato salad and cheese sticks (not the healthiest choice) and I just wanted to curl up and sleep. I was chilled from the cold morning walk and couldn’t get warm just sitting in my chair after I ate. It was unpleasant. I’ll probably never exercise before breakfast and chase it with a meal which contained carbohydrate again. (I suppose that I could also be feeling shitty because my period is due.)


I am struggling hard with my focus today. I’ve already moved my study spot four times.

I had a good talk with beyondtheoath yesterday about studying things. (He’s the best big sib ever.) Today I’m going over my weaknesses and trying to work better on my scores. I had my First Aid unbound and three hole punched earlier this year, and so I made myself a “weakness binder” where I’ve placed my bottom 5 scoring categories. I did musculoskeletal this morning, and my scores went up on my last test, so that’s good. Next is going to be some beautiful renal, because I keep screwing up what was my strength a week ago. This may have to do with my switch from UWorld to Combank and their different question styles as I’ve gone down over all, but in particular with the GU scores.

I will be done studying tonight around 630 when my roommate and I go to a delightful restaurant near here with 2 dollar tacos and 5 dollar margaritas. Here’s to hoping I can get myself motivated for the next six hours to rock out some studying.

Tomorrow I may go elsewhere to study as part of what I’ve been doing instead of studying has been cleaning. (AKA my bathroom is now sparkling.)

cool so tragedyyandtime tagged me for this thing ((pretty sure we go to the same school????))

1) Write your name in song titles
Jasey Rae//all time low
Unbelievers//vampire weekend
Legit Tattoo Gun//the front bottoms
I’m Lost Without You//blink-182
The Edge of Tonight//all time low

2) Why did you chose your URL? I was in a giveaway for this url and then the girl never picked and I think she deleted her blog idk but I saw it was open and so I snatched it up
3) What’s your middle name? mae and I hate it
4) If you could own a fictional/fairy tale being, what would it be?: probably Toothless from how to train your dragon
5) Favorite color? black
6) Favorite song? tbh yesterday/today I’ve had Come Back to Me//vanessa hudgens on repeat that’s a jam 
7) Top 3 fandoms? hustlers, skeleton clique, and the one where people get excited about cool stuff you can put in your home
8) Why do I enjoy Tumblr? idk not everyone sucks on here and I’ve learned things and the pictures are better than any google search
9) Tag 9 people we’ll see about that

burninbridgesmakinwishes, whats-a-michaelclifford, gaskarth-omg (srry I’ve been slacking on the stuff you’ve been tagging me in), mountcalumanjaro, tidalwavesfeatmarkhoppus, people-always-leave94, I think that’s good enough 

joealejandrouzeta asked:

What do you think about Ramos' performance tonight, I know he was out of position but is that an excuse

He didn’t play well, but so did Carvajal, Marcelo, Bale, etc. I think too many people made too many mistakes tonight, that’s why we didn’t walk off the pitch as winners. The whole team disappointed tonight. But nevertheless they need our full support, because there’s still 90 minutes to play. Hala Madrid!