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[ Wow I’m SO excited for this! The logo I worked on is actually IN the preview! If you haven’t watched it or contributed some money–Anything will help, you definitely should. The preview made me tear up and I’m so excited to see the rest of it when the goal is met! This is about US the fans. And I couldn’t be more happy to see what a wonderful job they did. ]

So I’m remaking this network under a new url because I’m an idiot and forgot the password and email to the last one… 

How to apply: 

  • reblog this post to get the word out
What I’m Looking For:
  • Friendly bloggers
  • people who ship stucky 
  • can be multi-fandom, as long as marvel/stucky is one of them

  • can be multi-shipper as long as long as stucky is one of them

What you get when you join:

  • people to cry with about stucky 
  • somewhere to showcase anything you contribute to the stucky fandom

After being accepted: 

  • Track the tag #punkjerkotp and #thestuckynetwork

  • I’ll ask you for your name and a small description of your blog (so make sure your ask box is open.)


This is it. _:(´□`」 ∠): My greatest contribution to the Denyuuden fandom. Took a year to finish because I’m a lazy ass. But here, a Denyuuden background myth 101 for all you who questioned what the hell you have missed.

This is just a tip of an iceberg. I haven’t touch on how fhe world’s system work yet.

Everything that exist in Menoris were created for a reason. Human Alpha, the curse eyes bearer, the hero’s relic, or the hero like Refal. Either by Ryner Reed to break the barrier, or by the priest or the goddess to counter it. Human world is their chess board.

If you want to dive into the story’s myth, I reallyyyyy suggests you to read Sion Note. It’s a companion novel that Takaya Kagami wrote for Denyuuden’s anime DVD. That novel alone will answer most questions you have at the end of an anime and beyond.

Some day I will finish listing all the loops the story has mentioned. But not today, not soon. _:(´□`」 ∠):


Tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of England XD

What have I done. 😂

What does it mean to be a Markiplier’s Hero?

Write something about what you think this means. 

Here’s a few examples of what I think it means: 

It used to mean something more than objectifying Mark and bullying and having a bad reputation that scares people off. 

Being a Hero means loving people for who they are and accepting them with their flaws. 

Being a Hero is knowing that you represent something bigger than yourself and you are willing to prove it everyday. 

A Hero knows and acknowledges their self worth. 

Every Hero has skills that are unique and can be contributed to the fandom in whatever creative way they can. Markiartists do not dominate the talent portion of this fandom. Everyone has something they can contribute.  

A Markiplier’s Hero does not under any circumstances bully another Hero. For any reason. 

A Markiplier’s Hero reaches out to others who are having a bad day 

A Markiplier’s Hero helps and supports those who are bullied by people cowering behind the anon button, or by anyone brave enough to not click the anon button. 

A Markiplier’s Hero does not attack Mark for his opinions, thoughts, things he chooses to and chooses not to talk about

A Markiplier’s Hero acknowledges and respects that Mark is not Markiplier all the time, that he has a private life that he keeps private and is allowed to

A Markiplier’s Hero does not try to impose on that. 

A Markiplier’s Hero reflects what Mark stands for. If the fandom looks bad, so does he.

A Markiplier’s Hero knows and understands that being in this fandom means that we look up to Mark and do not try to get his attention.

This is not a popularity contest and not a contest to see who can get his attention. There’s now 9 million of us. Thats a country. That’s a lot of people. 

The Markiplier Tag is NOT the place to spam, be rude to others, etc. That’s where Mark goes to see what’s going on in the fandom, or to just reblog gifs of himself and fanart. 

The Markiplier tag is one of the first things a new Markiplite looks at. The tag reflects who we really are and what’s there can and will drive people away. 

We are not a bunch of hormonal teenage fangirls. But that’s our reputation. 

Wanna clean up the world? Gotta clean up the fandom first. 

Being called a Markiplier’s Hero used to mean so much to me.

It used to be “Look at what we did” *points to a charity thing*. And there was pride in how I felt.

Now it’s “Don’t look at what we did. There’s.. um.. charity numbers over there.”  And there’s shame to the name. As if it’s bad to associate myself with it.

I want to change that. I want this fandom to get back to where it was before all the toxicity.


And, because there is a lot of shortness in this fandom: 

Originally posted by cheeseonabakedpotato

Me: Okay world, what do you have to contribute to my fandoms this month?

Uncharted: We got an announcement of a steelbook case of the remaster of the trilogy of the first three games.

Me: Alright!

Pixar: Remember Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles? We got new sequels for those!

Me: Alright, alright, alright! *starts to get overwhelmed with all of this* Okay, that’s enough for today.

Disney: *Billy Mays voice* BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

Me: That’s okay. I don’t think my heart can take-


Me: *backs up into a wall and shouts in terror of all the awesome shit* AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! STOP! THAT’S ENOUGH! I CAN’T IT ANYMORE! 

Disney: Okay then. We’ll stop.

Me: *sighs* Thank God.


Me: *gets blinded by the “Marvel light” AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! *falls to the floor in agony* HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Disney: That’s it. We are done here. Suffer in agony until December for Star Wars! MUAHAHAHAHA

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hiro Mashima:</b> *in a crowd and can't find the Fairy Tail fandom* this calls for drastic measures<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> *using his hands as a microphone* I KNOW WHAT'S UNDER NATSU'S BANDAGE<p/><b>Fairy Tail fandom:</b> *from across the room* what the FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> there it is<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:The majority of the sense8 fandom has completely missed the entire point of the finale of season one. That although Riley Blue is not a fighter like Wolfgang, or a hacker like Nomi, her contribution to the cluster is invaluable and without it they all would've been compromised if she didn't save Will. That without Riley Blue, none of them would be safe. They all helped each other, but she saved them all and has the incomparable strength of survival.
The Summer Fandom Raffle Exchange - FiKi / Mitchers /AiDean, etc. style

Hey!  We’re thinking about a fun way to exchange crafts and fanworks in a summer raffle and we’d like to know what you think!

This whole thing started because Linane has too much yarn and needs an intervention, but since then it kinda grew…

The question is simple - Would you guys be interested in a sort of ‘fandom for fandom’ raffle organised as follows:

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Part of me doesn’t know why I’m so upset when this is the normal state of affairs when Scott does something contrary to what Stiles wants. Stiles stans make endless posts about how Scott should’ve known something he couldn’t possibly have known or should’ve done something he couldn’t possible have done. Meanwhile, Stiles is painted as a blameless victim of Scott’s tyranny and isn’t held accountable for any of his actions that contributed to the situation.

I mean, why admit that both Scott and Stiles are victims of Theo’s manipulations when you could saddle Scott with all the blame for not reading Stiles’ mind or somehow intuiting that Theo is a liar. It’s not as if Theo has been presenting himself to Scott as someone trustworthy. It’s not as if Stiles was keeping secrets and lying too. 

After all, if those things were true, it would mean that Scott deserves some compassion, some understanding, a shred of fucking empathy, and that would be absolutely terrible for the people who hate him and have been waiting for an opportunity to drag him through the mud under some flimsy guise of legitimacy so they can duck accusations of racism and prejudice.

So of course these posts completely ignore the truth and reality of the situation. They ignore the fact that Scott has been suffering all season, unable to save anyone, and watching his pack, his friends fall apart. They ignore Scott’s past history of abuse at the hands of other people and Stiles’ predilection towards violence and murder as proper problem solving techniques.  

Instead, they debase Scott for not being absolutely perfect (while simultaneously condemning him for being too perfect,) for not living up their impossible standards, and demand that he drop to his knees and beg forgiveness from poor, blameless Stiles. 

That’s just the way it goes in this fandom.


So, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here other than the usual updates. You’re probably all wondering what has been going on and why there was an influx of posts recently.

So… I suppose, it’s announcement time:

The truth is… I’ve thought a lot about this blog in the past few months. I’ve thought about why I started it, what it has accomplished, the friends I’ve made, and the people it has helped. It’s an amazing feeling. I started this blog just because I was looking forward to a game from a series and studio I adored. I never expected to gain over 16,000 followers!

I’ve had an amazing time getting to know many of you. It’s been an honor to reblog the work all of you have contributed to the fandom: text posts, edits, cosplay, art! You’re all such creative, amazing, wonderful people and you’ve made running this blog a part of my life that has influenced me in so many ways. Really, you are all so creative and both Geeke and I love our Songbirds.

So… this is where it gets hard.

I think that I’ve done what I’ve set out to do here.

It’s been a long time since the release of BioShock: Infinite, and this blog? It’s been up even longer. I’ve been doing my best to provide and share your creations to a large audience… and now, in 2015, I think it is safe to say that goal has been accomplished.

Recently, as you’ve noticed, I’ve been taking breaks; breaks that have only gotten longer and longer each time. Breaks that I’ve been using in order to keep myself grounded and healthy. The truth is, the breaks just aren’t enough anymore. While there are so many of you that support us and love this blog (and maybe even some of you love and care for us!), the truth of the matter is, there has been a large influx of negativity in the fandom. Negativity that I have seen here and negativity that I have personally been contacted about from other Songbirds looking for comfort and help.

I wish… I wish I could say I could continue this, but right now, that just is not what I can do.

There is a lot of other personal issues that are contributing to this choice, of course. School has become tougher, as we move into our fourth year, and Geeke and I just know that we can’t keep running this blog and take care of ourselves like we need to too.

The other issues are much more personal and neither of us feel comfortable sharing, but I hope you understand that we have to take care of ourselves first. We just aren’t able to be fully comfortable and keep the work needed for this blog up. It takes so much, much more than I think people realize, and when we run it, we are often stressed and have very little free time when it is paired with our other duties offline. We just want to be able to enjoy ourselves, to be really comfortable and happy.

On top of these factors, recently, I have been contacted by several of you who follow me on my personal blog, who have come to say you support this decision, as you have informed me that the fandom negativity and bullying has reached a peak. Many of you have also told me that content for the game has dwindled (also many of you have even informed me that the tags have become very NSFW and at times hostile), meaning that without an influx of content, we would be unable to run this blog in a way that would allow us as little stress as possible.

To those people, thank you for being honest and understanding about this. It truly meant a lot to us. I’m so sorry for the projects we weren’t able to complete and the giveaways that had to be cancelled. It’s been rough. Really, really rough. I wish it could be different and things could run smoothly, but we hope with all our hearts, that you understand.

So, with a heavy heart, we are officially retiring Fuck Yeah! BioShock: Infinite. It has been a lovely time and we are going to miss you. This blog will remain open as an archive, but we will not be assigning new mods and there will no longer be posts.

We are so sorry, to each of you, we love and miss you, Songbirds. Thank you, each and every one of you, for following us. Thank you for providing content for your fellow fans to reblog. Thank you for submitting. Thank you for your questions. Thank you for your theories. Thank you for your corrections, understanding, patience, and most of all…

Thank you, Songbirds, for your friendship and love.

- Cirque and Geeke

hi and stuff

I go by Sam or Sammy here (she/her)(probably). I’m 17. I’ve always loved these trash movies and then I found out there was a tumblr fandom and… well- I’ve been lurking here since the end of May.

Let’s talk about shipping- I ship just about anything. But my biggest ships are Jedtavius, Tablet Guardians, and Weadore. Custer/Amelia, Rebecca/Tess (Amelia’s lookalike), Kahmunlot, Nicky/Lance, and Capoleon are gr9 as well. And honestly anything else, Museum Dads, Tilly/Laa. I’m always a slut for pairings. I just don’t want to rant for an hour about my ships and what layers of hell I organize them in.

And what do I contribute to the fandom? Well, you see- *prolonged screaming*. But seriously, I post the occasional headcanons (mainly aus), some art, and I’m working on a tablet guardians fic over on ao3 with hopefully more projects on the way. Other than that I’m really good at hitting that reblog button. 

Other than natm, I sometimes reblog things related to history or mythology and writing references. And every so often I might reblog something I think is really great from Mr. Robot, non/Disney, Marvel/DC, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Stephen Universe, Gravity Falls, Welcome to Night Vale, or Parks and Rec (that one should go without saying). And there are lots of cats. Lots. Of cats.

So yeah. Hit me up whenever. I’m usually pretty good at responding. And I’ll give out my skype or kik if you so desire ;)
Free! Fandom vs Me: A Story of Fandom Harassment - Women Write About Comics
Online harassment is a very real thing, and fandom spaces contribute to the continued experience of it. What should be a safe space turns into a nightmare for some fans.

Fans fighting other fans isn’t anything new, and it isn’t anything that is ever going to go away. But it isn’t simple fighting about which ship is better that’s the problem. It’s the telling people to kill themselves, the calling of derogatory names, the racially motivated harassment, and the continued messages down putting other users that’s the problem. It’s not just what’s being said; it’s the sheer amount of it that seemingly exists everywhere you turn.

Online harassment is a very real thing, and fandom spaces contribute to the continued experience of it. What should be a safe space turns into a nightmare for some fans. Fandom spaces can be fantastic experiences. Getting to talk about your favorite show, share differing opinions, write fanfic about your favorite couples, and experience the show with other like-minded fans can be a fantastic experience.

I’ve made great friends through fandoms I’ve been in, but I’ve had great experiences, and I’ve had terrible ones. My story isn’t that different from many others, and if anything, it’s probably pretty tame. Many others have experienced much worse, and I hope with time, and discussion, they can feel comfortable enough to tell their stories in more open spaces.