Genre: Angst and Tragedy

Rating: K 

Warning: Implied character death.

Characters: Anna Heartfilia, Acnologia, Zeref Dragneel, O.C.

Pairing: Annalogia

Words: 1,182

Summary: “The strong, cutting wind had died by the time he’d found his way to the now deserted cemetery. His attention was on the one grave in the distance surrounded by so many flowers and wreaths, he could see it from as far as he was. As though the grave was marked for him to spot despite the dark.


Notes: When I posted the Annalogia theory, the thought was more of a “what if”, but with the (rather overwhelming) response of the fandom to it, I’m now leaning more towards it being the next Zervis. This wee ficlet is my little contribution to the growing fanwork dedicated to this crack pairing. Well, crack thus far. 

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She felt the immense drain on her magic reserves reduce as she wound down the arduous spell.

Her arms dropped to her sides as she took a moment to catch her breath, before gazing up at the massive gate that had just been sealed once more.

“Is it done?” came a voice behind her.

Not taking her eyes off the gate, she replied. “They have begun their journey, yes.”

The presence came and stood next to her, keeping a safe distance, sighing as he did so.

“It will be a very long time until I see him again.”

“A couple of centuries, by my estimate.” Smiling ruefully, she turned to him and added, “Though I would imagine even an immortal would find time pass by slowly when away from a loved one.”

“And how would you imagine time treat one who can never be with theirs?” he asked quietly, matching her gaze.

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Teen Wolf is Teen Wolf

Can we all just agree to disagree? I have no idea what’s going on in anti fandoms anymore but I know that we’re all arguing about whether or not Stydia or Stalia is happening and whether or not stiles saved her or not. Why is everything so negative now? Everything is being blown out of proportion and I think we should all just be happy that they all survived. Everybody contributed to Lydia’s rescue and yes she said THEY saved my life before she said STILES saved me so she didn’t undermine anybody. The main goal of the episode was to evaluate the relationships between different characters and see how much they’ve grown but everybody is focusing on the tiny details rather than the big picture. We each have different opinions and we should respect them! Please and thank you

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Meg I'm sure I've told you this before but you are my absolute favorite blog here on tumblrdotcom. It has been such an inspiration watching you grow as an artist, and such a pleasure to indulge in your love of fandom. I so enjoy the AU contributions you have created. Every time I see your posts on my dash, I simply am excited to see what you've created. Thank you for being a beacon of positive creative energy, and all around anxious pineapple.

This is incredibly sweet, anon. Thank you so much.

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hang in there! we have about two - three months left til spring and we get the new manga! don't know what's in store, but i'm willing to give it a read to see how this new guy writes. nardo has been on the decline lately, admittedly (might be a good thing tbh). you always contribute with edits, so thank you!!!

Awwee thank you so much anon! You’re too nice to my trash blog hahaha. (*๓´╰╯`๓)

Same! I’m quite excited for this new Boruto manga coming in spring. Hopefully, it’ll make the fandom active again bc I miss waiting for chapters to come out. I’m a bit bummed that it’s a monthly series instead of a weekly series and that Kishi isn’t illustrating it, but I’m crossing my fingers it’ll still be as good as Kishi’s ( ᐛ )و! I hope we get more news about it soon (*^▽^*)

I was thinking

about The 100 and Clexa and I started comparing my experience as a Clexa shipper to my past experiences as a Brittana, Faberry, Bechloe, Bubbline, Korrasami shipper, etc. What I realized is that with Clexa I have pretty consistently found myself disappointed with fandom aspects like fanfiction, and that the collective creative contributions of the Clexa fandom just seemed kind of subpar compared to the fanworks of those other fandoms.

Except I realized that’s totally not what it is.

I realized today that the reason I find myself disappointed isn’t because the work is subpar in comparison to other ships, it’s that the actual, real, canon material is just that good and the fan-made material actually…mostly pales in comparison.

Because if you think about it, all those previous ships, while we love(d) them dearly, have some kind of problem that prevents them from reaching their full potential as a compelling and engaging pairing within canon. Like, they were never canon to begin with, so of course the best material you’ll find is fan-made (Faberry and Bechloe anyone?). Or they were sidelined, written sloppily, and plagued with constant inconsistencies in characterization (hello Brittana). Or, their relationship is implied only subtly within canon, only definitively confirmed through people that work on the show, with important events in the relationship happening outside the narrative we’re given (Korrasami and Bubbline here).

The 100 doesn’t mess with any of that. Clarke is the main character, full stop. Lexa is absolutely and unquestionably her primary love interest and the source of Clarke’s main character arc and conflict right now and probably for the rest of the season. There is no shying away from the complexity of their relationship within the narrative, there is no letting the fans fill in the blanks because we don’t get to see an important development on screen, and there’s not even any sloppy, mishandled writing. And not only that, but their dynamic is actually integral to the main storyline, what with coalitions and clans and who should kill who and whatnot. This isn’t your typical Gay Side Plot For Diversity That Has Minimal Effect On Other Characters Or StorylinesTM. Attention is going to be called to this relationship within the show, not because it’s two girls, but because it’s two important, powerful characters that will risk everything by choosing each other. This is gonna be some star-crossed, Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, Pocahontas, love-conquers-all level shit.

And, you guys, it’s canon. Like, think about why we write fanfiction. It’s so we can make stories and plotlines about our favorite characters and ships that are central to the narrative in a way that maybe it’s not within canon. Most fanfiction isn’t redundant. We write it because we want more than what we are given; we want to expand. And then think about the fact that arguably the best fanfic the Clexa fandom has produced - which you should read if you haven’t - ended up hitting some of the same narrative beats and utilized some of the same plot devices that are being used within the show’s storyline right now.

What does that say to me? It says we are getting carefully written, main couple, compelling storyline treatment here, guys.

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I'm really quite honestly surprised with all that you have contributed to the Undertale fandom without asking much in return. I mean, look, you've created, what, three whole AUs, and now the potential for a fourth! Honestly, I'm very impressed with this endless creativity. It is mostly because of these characters and stories you have made that have me looking forward to checking my Tumblr, and I wanted to really thank you for what you have given the community, and wish you luck for time to come!

Hey thank you very much for your support. :)

The only thing I like to post up is my Patreon. Every single penny made there is going into my ‘purchasing a tiny house fund’. People don’t have to if they don’t want to donate, because I do this because I love to make people happy, but every penny is absolutely appreciated. I’ve been saving up for YEARS, and I’m getting close now. <3

i have been in mcu fandom for so long i remember all of the memes i remember thor and pop tarts i remember the booty song being applied to every single butt shot i remember the glory days the primadonna life the rise and fall the slow but sure onset of discourse the call out posts the fandom wars the ship wars i’ve engaged in so many wars i’ve contributed to the discourse i’ve fought and led my troops into my fair share of fandom drama and what do i have to show for it

nothing but an aching weariness settling on my bones as i rest on my front porch, smoking a cigar, watching this hell continue around me 

decided to finally stop being scared and actually contribute to the fandom

have a champion of Ianite

(sorry about the quality my phone’s camera sucks)

TOUCH | Part I. Uncharted Territory
Pairing: Eren/Mikasa (Eremika)
Word Count: 4830

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“[…] When this is all over. When we take it all back. What do you want?“

”…I don’t know if it’s something you could give me.“

A nearly fatally wounded Mikasa is tended to by a guilt-ridden Eren. The task leads to a conversation and chain of events that throws the nature of their relationship into question.

[Eremika. Canonverse. Eren POV. Eventual smut. Two-Shot.]

A/N: Hello! I realize I am a little late to my own party, but I wanted to “formally” introduce myself and personally post about this fic seeing as it’s my first contribution to the Eremika fandom aside from lengthy, shouty essays defending the ship and an intense makeout gif that apparently tainted someone’s innocence because it was actually pulled from a hentai I AM SO SORRY… but will probably be making more extremely nsfw eremika gifs from that very show, so, beware - or if you’re a perv like me, rejoice!

Ahem. I am the author of Touch, known as Fenroar Greyfront on fanfiction sites (Seems random, but I’ve had the pen name ever since I was an awkward preteen starting to write fanfiction and am kind of attached to it).

So, I had no clue that the Eremika AO3 feed was a thing, and was taken by surprise when my fic was suddenly on tumblr the minute I posted it elsewhere (I’m clearly a newb). But I’ve been seeing so much love thanks to that post, and am genuinely glad people are enjoying it. However, I felt obligated to post about the fic from my own blog, so here we are haha.

If you have not yet read it, and in-character canonverse Eremika with the hope of eventual smut at all intrigues you, please do give it a read, and let me know what you think - whether you absolutely hated it, or luffed it, feedback is an author’s lifeblood tbh, and I just wanna know what’s on your mind, y’know? <3

If you have already read it and/or commented, THANK YOU (I will personally hunt you down and thank you if you have reviewed/commented, if I have not yet already). Stay tuned for more :)

P.S. Feel free to cut out the A/N if you would like to reblog this post without my blabbing about random things and apparently tainting the innocent.

First contribution of fanart to the Reylo fandom!

…Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I was going to go in this huge descriptive paragraph about how they’re two sides of the same coin and there’s so many parallels and themes and symbolism between them and it’s beautiful  and I love it and that’s what inspired this but it ended up being some runaway paragraph hope you like it GOODBYE *runs away*

My first drabble

My husband has been encouraging me to write for months (maybe years) and this just popped into my head while feeding my baby and scrolling through Pinterest, there might be more parts over the next couple days. I dunno, I super nervous about it but any feedback would be great. I just love these two in any way, shape, or form and wanted to contribute to the fandom for once bc lord knows I’ve read my fair share of fan fic over the last 4 years! So here it is…eek.

When Rebecca told her his place was remote, she wasn’t kidding. Caroline had been hiking for close to an hour and was beginning to wonder if she had taken a wrong turn. Coming over yet another hill, she finally saw it. The sun glinting off the tin roof caught her eye first before focusing on the modest cabin below that looked nothing like what she imagined it would. Although, if the rumors she’d heard over the last few years were true, Klaus had changed. But it was 25 years since their interlude in the woods and Caroline had changed too. She’d traveled the world a couple of times. Afterwards, she found it hard to remember who she had been back in high school, back in Mystic Falls. She cringed at those memories mostly. It took her years to discover herself. To figure out what she needed in life, what she wanted. Discover her own worth. So here she was, showing up at his door step, hopeful.

New Orleans was a never ending disaster. Klaus just couldn’t be there any more. He hated who that city turned him into, cringed at the memories of his behavior. He was a shell of his former self there and he couldn’t do it any more. Once Hope was grown and off on her own he took the opportunity to leave. Thought maybe Rebecca had the right idea about being independent of each other. No family to judge or ridicule. No expectations to live up to or fail trying. Just him. He decided somewhere secluded would be a nice change. He yearned to get to know his wolf and live freely as such. He spent hundreds of years trying to free this side of himself and now he wanted to revel in it.

That’s how he ended up in the mountains of Canada. At least two human hours from any sort of civilization, he could be in town in 30 minutes if the need arose. He built a cabin with his own two hands. The satisfaction that came with that accomplishment surprised him immensely. He spent most of his days running as his wolf and hunting. The feeling of being free this way was exhilarating. Every time he inhaled the fresh air it was like 100 years of misery and carnage was lifted off of his shoulders. He didn’t have to be the villain here. Everyone’s scape goat for all their sorrow and misfortunes. He was Nik again.

Caroline began walking faster towards the cabin, sunset was upon the mountain and she really didn’t want to get caught out here at night. While she was sure she could take on any animal that attacked, she didn’t relish the idea of fighting an enormous grizzly bear. Arriving covered in bear blood and fur was so not what she envisioned for her reunion with Klaus. As she got closer, she was able to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of his cabin. It was a traditional log cabin. A beautifully carved wood door was centered in the front, flanked by a window on each side, and a porch that spanned the length of the house. A stone chimney climbed the side of the house and had smoke billowing out the top. There were lights on inside but she didn’t hear any movement. She stepped onto the porch, took a deep breath, and knocked. It was now or never she guessed. Her stomach was doing summersaults as she waited for what felt like an eternity. In reality, less than a minute later, a bearded and shirtless Klaus ripped open the door with a look of shock on his face.

“Caroline.” His voice sounded rough, like it hadn’t been used it months. He cleared his throat and just stared wide eyed at the blonde in front of him.

A slow smiled spread across her face as a feeling of wholeness flooded her body at the sight of him. “Hey” she answered.

hard out here: a modern!au bumbleby fanmix

in which blake is a passionate faunus rights activist, yang is her loving/supportive girlfriend, and both are empowered, bad-ass women who strive to smash the sexist, anti-faunus patriarchy of remnant. (mix inspired by my fic of the same name.)

with some motivation from the @montyoumproject, i’ve decided to get out the next chapter of my bumleby fic and post a mix to go along with it! i’ll be posting the new chapter a little bit later, but i couldn’t wait to get the mix out so this’ll have to do for now.

i’ve been meaning to post this mix for a while, but what really pushed me to finally publish it was the fact that today/tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of monty oum’s death. although i wasn’t part of the rooster teeth fandom when he passed, the legacy he left behind has deeply impacted my life and i’m extremely grateful for what he contributed to this fandom while he was alive. this is my way of paying homage/respect to such a gifted, talented man i wish i could have gotten to know better.

so kick back, relax, and enjoy some songs about girls power and girls loving girls, which is basically what my fic and rwby as a whole is about!