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yo i totally agree with you. sexualizing jimin really isnt cool. you should really stan him for his individuality and his personality, and its not bad to appreciate his body a little! everyone deserves body appreciation, but if youre stanning him just for his ass and you ONLY talk about his ass all the time, then that's a no no.

exactly, its important not to forget that its totally okay to think he’s pretty. i mean, he’s really handsome, i think its very safe to establish that, but everyone talks about his looks more in a sexy way than in a pretty way and thats kind of the upsetting part, i guess 

can we make body acceptance maybe not revolve around how all bodies are “sexy” ?? how about that all bodies contain our vital organs and act as vessels we can live our day to day life and learn and grow and interact inside of, thats way more exciting than looking superficially sexy and should have more emphasis put on it in this whole ~positive body image~ movement

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 wtf this flawless being made me want to write things with Starscream. That alone is a credit to Molly’s absolute perfection.

I think she gets her birb in a way that other Starscreams should fucking sit down and take note on. There’s so much more to this character than at first glance, and I often tend to ignore Starscream rp blogs because they favour a generic, bitchy approach to this particular muse (Which is fine, if you are wanting to use Starscream as your extension that gets sexy action). But. Then there are muns like Molly, who care so deeply for their muse that they perfect their portrayal.

And that’s why this is my Screamer ®  and no one else. There’s no one I’d rather throw through a wall or two after a good BJ. <3