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What do two lost and fragile boys do when they’re hurting?

They find each other.

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I feel like if somebody hugged kennith with genuine love, he'd be super surprised at first, then he'd get really emotional and start crying because he'd never gotten affection like that before??


if he didn’t get emotional first he’d get really flustered and  have to go be alone for a while and then he’d get emotional LMAO

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So your blog is tremendous help, and all the duckling blogs are cool! So question - is there room for Archivist/Librarian blog style? We're a rarely represented in stories and when we are it's not very accurate - I swear we're not all wearing tweed and have a British Accent - though most of us do work in a basement.


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Seriously, though, I think library science and archivalism are perfectly important topics! I don’t know how many asks you’d get, but it’s certainly worth a whirl! Please message me if you decide to go forward with this one!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Why Hufflepuffs Aren’t Kind

I see a lot of posts and aesthetics here on tumblr that shows the traits of the different Hogwarts houses. Often these posts are very accurate. But there is one thing that bother me. On almost everyone of these posts one of the Hufflepuff traits are kindness. So, why does this bother me?

To explain this, I’ll need to answer some questions and give some examples from the Harry Potter books:

The first question we need to answer is: What is kindness? According to Oxford Dictionaries, kindness is The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. So let’s assume this is the meaning of the word kindness. 

The second question that needs an answer is: What the hell is a Hufflepuff? If we look at pottermore, the Hufflepuff traits are described like this: Hufflepuffs values hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play.  

So, keep these facts in your mind and ask yourself: Where does it stand that Hufflepuffs are kinder than Gryffindors, Ravenclaws or Slytherins? Exactly! Nowhere in the Hufflepuff description are they described as kind. But in the Harry Potter books, huh? Aren’t all the Puffs described as kind lil cinnamonrolls there? NO! Let me refresh your memory.

In book two, when everyone think Harry is the Slytherin heir, the puffs doesn’t really help him out. Quite the opposite, actually. With Ernie Macmillan in the lead, the Hufflepuffs talk behind his back, tries to avoid him and takes every opportunity to point him out as guilty. “No sooner had the scene cleared somewhat than Ernie the Hufflepuff arrived, panting, on the scene. “Caught in the act!” Ernie yelled, his face stark white, pointing his finger dramatically at Harry”  Without even talking to Harry and trying finding out if he is indeed Slytherin’s heir, they are defaming him. If you ask me, that is neither generous or considerate and therefore not kind.

But they did apologize afterwards, when they found out the truth! Yes, they did. And that could be seen as kind. Though, I would rather say it mirrors the trait that says that Hufflepuffs prefer fair play. As soon as a Puff understands that they are wrong, they will admit it. And that doesn’t have anything to do with kindness.

I continue: In book four, when Harry is chosen by The Goblet of Fire, we can see more proof for my statement that Puffs aren’t kinder than anyone else. ”The Hufflepuffs, who were usually on excellent terms with the Gryffindors, had turned remarkably cold to the whole lot of them.” Once again they don’t believe in Harry, and instead of talking to him they become mean. “Ernie Macmillan and Justin Finch-Fletchley (…) did laugh rather unpleasantly when one of the bouncing bulbs wriggled free from Harry’s grip and smacked him hard in the face” I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think that is very friendly…  

I think you understand what I mean. Though; I am not saying that every Hufflepuff is an asshole. What I am saying, is that the people in the Hufflepuff house aren’t kinder than the people in the other houses. Kindness isn’t a Hufflepuff trait, and should therefore not be seen as one. I am tired of people thinking Puffs are kinder than everyone else, when it certainly isn’t true.  

My Facebook year in review video left out the nine months of crippling self-doubt over whether anyone will ever hire me again so I don’t think it’s very accurate.

– the angels revealed themselves to her; said they were ten feet tall, radiant, and one of them was black; said they helped her with various household chores. One of them changed a light bulb for her, the porch light.

After working on this piece on and off for almost a year, I think it’s finally more or less done. It’s so difficult to decide when something is “finished”.

I’m intrigued by the idea of Night Vale angels looking like something one wouldn’t traditionally call an angel. Heads like those of ancient Egyptian gods and bodies like distorted modern sculptures. Tall, ominous and creepy, but happy to help an old lady with simple household chores.