Ladies night at the Overwatch main base. (ft. rekt Jack & Reinhardt)
Widow & Symmetra are probably rolling their eyes somewhere.

Imagine that you’re hanging with your favorite character, and the subject of dating comes up. Turns out that they are dating the person you ship them with!


scientists have made an amazing discovery! 100% of the people who think armin is weak and useless were born with a bizarre tract leading from their assholes to their cranial cavities, causing their brains to swim around in shit for their entire lives! 


“You know I could tell you all the information you need to know…without all this…technology.”

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Ok plant people

I’m going to need some explaining. Let’s get this started.

So many weeks ago, I got a singular rose flower after going to a ball. Because I’m a poor student I didn’t have a vase on hand so I stuck it in the next best thing:

It was classy as fuck.

Now, the flower eventually drooped a little and I cut it off and pressed it but because I’m a lazy ass procrastinator, I left the stalk in the bottle. Bear in mind, there is only water in this wine bottle.

Cut to a couple weeks later, I finally think, time to get rid of this stalk. To my surprise, I am greeted with this:

There’s a little shoot. It’s super cute. I’m thinking, oh, its still got some life in it. Be a shame to stop it. I’ll wait until it inevitably dies. But this strong ass motherfucker didn’t give up:

So now I’m getting attached. I start thinking that I want this little thing to keep living. So I decided I would try and find plant food for it or something because I’m now wanting it to actively survive. But I couldn’t find anything within my pricce range and I kind of just forgot about it. 



It’s growing pretty happily without any sign of roots, lack of any light except green and I haven’t changed the water that its in all that much. THERE IS NOTHING I HAVE ADDED TO THIS BOTTLE APART FROM WATER IN THE LAST MONTH. WHAT WEIRD GREEN WITCHCRAFT, TRIFFID SHIT IS GOING ON???

So please, biologists and gardeners of tumblr, please explain a) how the shit this is happening, and b) how can I keep this little trooper alive. 

PS I’ve named it Ethel. Inspired by Ethenol.