Monster Reunion finally gave us insight on the nature of corrupted gems. I think many of us had gotten the jist of it for a while, but corrupted gems are affected by their mental state, not their physical state. This especially explains why neither Rose Quartz or Steven could completely “heal” them.We also learned that the giant light seen in Lapis Lazuli’s flashback in “Same Old World” may very well have caused the corruption to occur, which many have theorized already. The process seems vague, but we know it was a direct attack from the Diamonds. Isn’t it interesting that Steven described it the sound it made as a “song”? Also isn’t it also interesting that what helped jogged Centipeedle’s memory was Steven singing the “Chaps” theme song? Music may have something to how the gems were corrupted (and it could help reverse the effects?). Corrupted gems also can’t seem to use gem tech like warp pads. This may be the main reason why the Diamonds used it in the first place: it was to prevent survivors from leaving the planet (and also perhaps they’re pretty sore losers. Sure, the Crystal Gems have their planet, but they won’t be able to enjoy it). One final thing to note is that gems of the same species will turn into the same gem monster.

But now the question is, how were Lapis and Amethyst not effected? While Amethyst may not have emerged, she was certainly taking her time in the ground. (she spent an extra 500 years in there from when the injectors inserted her gem). I may have a theory to that: being stuck inside an object may have prevented corruption. Amethyst was busy gestating inside the ground, Lapis was stuck inside the mirror, and Rose Quartz shielded herself as well as Pearl and Garnet from the bomb. Giving them a kind of barrier could have saved them. The problem with this theory is that some gems stored in objects were already corrupted (like the oddly white, diamond shaped gem from the obelisk). That is, unless, those gems were placed inside objects after they were effected (or perhaps they were test subjects). I also thought it could be due to gems losing their physical form could be in a state of inactivity or unconsciousness, but the barrier theory seems more likely. 

In any case, for those who have gemsonas on Earth, the information given from today’s episode should be noted. 

On an unrelated note, a new gem may have been subtly introduced.

Some people have theorized the gem is Citrine because of how Centipeedle drew her with a gold colored crayon, how quartz gems seem to have a high status on Homeworld, and the fact the gem has a rectangular/baguette cut (as Citrines are commonly cut this way). I disagree. It’s not so much the gem cut, but how the gem was drawn. Quartz gems have very jagged hair and we have seen this time and time again in various flashbacks and depictions. Centipeedle’s drawings were no exception.

(I’m also quite curious of what some of these other gems depicted here are!) Rose Quartz is the only one that doesn’t have the standard jagged hair that we have seen quartz gems have, but she still shares some similar traits (the hairline and the curled strands of hair). I think the commander is an entirely new gem we have yet to see. I’ll take a jab at guessing what gem the commander is based on. I think she may be a Topaz (perhaps even Imperial Topaz). In their raw form, Topazes are long and cylinder like, something quite similar to the gem cut on her chest. Metaphysically, topazes are often considered crystals of leaders, both representing its virtues and help improve leadership skills. 

Not to say it can’t be Citrine, but there’s a lot of evidence saying otherwise. Heliodor/Golden Beryl could be another guess too!

  • *Molly's flat*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly:*mock gasps* I wonder who that could be...
  • Baby Hooper:*grinning* Sherlock! *runs to the door; pulls it open*
  • Sherlock:*smiles* Hello, Wi-
  • Baby Hooper:*pulls him inside* Sherlock! Look what I can do *attempts the Vulcan salute*
  • Sherlock:*nods* Brilliant. You must take after your father *looks up at Molly standing in the doorway; smirks* whomever he may be.
  • Molly:*shrugs* A git.
  • Sherlock:*ruffles Will's hair* A handsome git.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* An arrogant git.
  • Sherlock:*looking at Will* All of those things. He has to be.
  • Baby Hooper:...
  • Baby Hooper:*sighs dramatically* For God's sake, Sherlock, I KNOW you're my Dad.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Baby Hooper:*blinks innocently* When's dinner?

Ocean: So… umm… I-I-I’m here with my p-p-parents… They sorta make m-m-me come here to… umm… freshen up? They said I… umm… was kinda depressive… after… after… I mean after everything… sorta… went down and… I saw your truck… umm… And… It was an… impulse or something… I-

Luke: Do you know that a person who cares the least about relationship has more power in it?

Ocean *confused*: What? What are you- What?

Luke: I thought it made me weak, like you know love blinds and makes us fools and all those songs, I thought it was true, well, it IS true, but that’s not the point, I thought it’s the scariest part, to depend on someone who has an upper hand over you, but-

Ocean *confused*: Luke, what are you talking about?

Luke: I’m talking about me being wrong. It’s not the scariest part. The scariest part is not having other hand at all.

Ocean *confused*: Do you mean amputation? What-

Luke: Yes, amputation. Metaphorical amputation. Metaphorical amputation  of your second half. Metaphorical second half.

Ocean *confused *: Are you drunk?

why was anon telling me that anyway as if it’s something i don’t know…….jesus christ if i only watched things that were ‘’’perfect’’’ i’d have a very limited amount of shit to watch




We were all at Nate’s front yard and we were drunk and wasted. Well, I was. “Bro, I just don’t get it.” I started. “What we talked about was clear..” I added. “No one between us doesn’t care.” Everyone stated. “We know bro. You’ve been blurting that out since this night started.” Swazz complained.

“Okay. It’s getting late. I gotta get home.” G said as he stood up. “Oh phew, you just want to be with Mad.” I whined. “Well, that’s true love alright. I gotta get going too.” Johnson stated following G. “Yeah, me too.” Swazz states. “You guys are so weak. Fine!” I said as I took a sip of beer. “And you.” I pointed at Nate “You have no reason to go.” I added. He sat down beside me but as he was about to touch his ass to the ground “NAAAAAAAATE!!!” His girl called him. I put my head back in frustration and he looked at me signaling “I gotta go bro.”

“FINE. Go! Have fun. Use a condom.” I gave up. But I thought of something. “Wait. Hold up. Last one. How do you get through this?” I asked.
“Well…” Nate started to think. “I think you have to accept it first then love it.” He stated. “But what if I don’t?” I stuttered. “You won’t unless you’ve accepted it. And you have to. Because that maybe yours, you have to.” He said as he ran inside.

Accept it. How?

I came home a bit drunk and saw Y/N asleep with a pregnancy book laid on her tummy and a headset around it. I quietly went near and remove the book on top of her and the headset as well. I listened to what she was playing and it’s a lullaby song. I look at her and thought, wow. She’s gonna be a great mom.


“So you’ve accepted it already.” Nate said as we entered the studio. “I did not say I have completely accepted it yet. All I said that she was gonna be a great mom.” I explained with a smile on my face and Nate just gave me a smirk. “Luh. Maloley. You have important guests in an hour. Be ready to produce your tracks.” Our boss said and we smiled at each other excited of our work.


We were ready to show our records when KDL ran in paranoid. “Derek. It’s him.” Shit. Don’t tell me it’s…

“Derek Luh.. It’s nice to see you again.” I saw the person I wanted to see when this world ends. Paulo Gutierrez (made that shit up) the guy who killed my best friend and her baby as she gave birth and never even tried to visit or call.

“Hi. Uhm.. We’re ready. Just, uhm… Make yourself comfortable.” I said not looking straight to his eyes. He sat down and was waiting for the track. Nate starts to play it and everyone listened and nodded their head with the beat. Yet I was looking at him furious from what he has done. Coleen was my best friend since then and she was like family. It hurts to see her and the only thing she can be with that she could call her true love die because of miscarriages. And this is all Paulo’s fault.

The track stopped and Paulo gave us a nod. “I like it. But tell me. What’s the story behind that song?” He asked. “Uhm.. Derek?” Our boss stated which woke me up. “Uh.. Well… The song is uhm.. About two good people who… Uhm… Cared so much about their surroundings and of course each other… Then.. Uhm, it was hard for them to accept that a lost has unexpectedly happened and it gave them anger. And the song… Uhm.. Explains.. Uhh..” “Derek? Don’t be tensed.” Paulo cuts me off and I closed my eyes to relax my temper. Just hearing his voice. “It explains how painful it was to lose someone whose so innocent and so important to your life.” I finished. “Is that it?” He asked looking disappointed. “Bro, relax.” Nate whispered to me. “I’ll think about this.” Paulo said as he stood up and walked away. FUCK YOU PAULO was all I wanted to say.


I woke up seeing Derek drunk talking to his phone on the table. “I fucking hate that guy. I wish he was the one who died… Not you guys.. I fuckin’ hate him!!” I stated as I ran to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. “Here..” I said as I gave him the glass but he refuses. “Nah, it’s okay.” He said. “No. Here. Take it. You’ll thank me tomorrow.” I commanded. “Tsk. Fine fine. Thank you.” Derek said. He stood up but fell as I caught him. I looked at him for awhile. He looks different. “See baby. Your dad is so handsome. But he’s just acting as a jerk for no reason. Hmmm. That’s why. He lost someone. But don’t worry baby. Daddy won’t be this sad anymore.. Because were here to help him.” I stated talking to myself to my baby. When Derek unexpectedly barfed “OHMYGOD!!” I screamed. But wiped his mouth and his vomit. I pulled him to the couch since I can’t open his room. I slept on the floor instead. I removed his pants and shirt for him not to feel too hot. I dabbed his head with water and a cloth for him to feel refreshed. Then I fell asleep on the floor.


I woke up and realized that I was half naked and I’m not in my room. I sat up seeing Y/N laying down on the floor. Why is she laying there? I walked to my room but I saw a letter sticked on my door stating;

We’re here for you, Derek. Whatever you’re going through, just remember that me and baby will always be here.

I smiled at what I read and went in to take a shower to get ready for work.

Another day to see Paulo fucking Gutierrez.


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While my sister and my friend were doing things I didn’t want to think about, and Tanner was telling Prilly about the beauty of her eyes by the phone, I was contemplating what to do next with my life. The role of Prince Charming wasn’t really appealing. I mean, he did wear some weird puffy clothes. Maybe I should try something different? James Bond role, for example. His true love didn’t end well tho. Robin Hood? Oh no, tights. Zorro? Oh, I like it.


Three years. It’s been three years since the cameras were turned on and the first girls were allowed into the house. Three years of constant recording and no true break from the world. Well, to celebrate this momentous occasion Katy Perry and MTV  have decided a trip was in order, and while this trip happens, the show will be taking a two week break. That means the cameras wont be filming you for two weeks. 

During this trip the girls will be going to a secluded camp in the woods of North Carolina. There is no electricity in Camp Artemis and no electronics allowed. This trip is about giving everyone a break from the world, allowing us all to reconnect with nature and do things we might not normally do. 

So pack your bags for fun in the sun and two weeks of relaxing camping. Don’t worry about your jobs, we’ve cleared it with everyone’s boss that they’re happy you’re taking a vacation. And if you’ve got kids? Well we have sitters or family watching them. This is an adult only trip. 

The flight leaves tomorrow at noon, we touch back down at 2 and we’ll be at our campsites at 3. Pack some clothes and sneakers, everything else is waiting for you at camp.  

Roommates will be posted soon along with a list of fun things to do in the area.  There is no roommate switching. This is to encourage roleplaying outside of your normal pairings. 

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and another thing... everyone bashes trump for wanting to put a wall up to prevent the ILLEGAL immigration of Hispanics and he also supported not having middle eastern refugees stay here. but guess what?? so did Obama. Obama wanted no part in allowing those refugees in. did anyone call him, have a problem with it, or call him racist?? no. and look at Europe. they're the one that lets them in and look at all the violence on the news lately from Europe. all Islamic, undocumented refugees.

Well it certainly is true that liberals are hypocritical about a great many things including Trump, intelligent people are bashing Trump for a great deal more than that if you’ve been paying attention. Far more reasonable things. Even his plan to “build a wall” is nothing but gratuitous posturing it gets right down to it. His plan for paying for the wall is something out of a nonsense poem, and he was never so passionate about keeping out illegal immigrants as long as they were working for him.


Well we are only one month away from our 1 year anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been together so long and I feel like it’s all been a blessing to me. I’m so lucky to have my gorgeous mommy in my life and I’m so lucky for everything she does for me, sadly I had to leave 2 days before our 11 month anniversary, I wish I could have stayed longer. But I’m very grateful for the amazing time we had together and I’m looking forward to our next visit and soon after that getting to finally be together and spend the rest of our lives together. She’s truly an angel… Everyone gets a miracle in life and she turned out to be mine. I think back to how we met and it’s just so odd compared to others (not in a bad way haha) some may call it a stroke of luck but me personally I believe it was pure destiny or fate or whatever you choose to call it. She’s just such an amazing women and I’m so proud of her for everything she’s done, she’s had a very rough life yet has overcome it for so long, soon we will finally be able to make our dream come true and be able to be together and get our lives started. I find us talking about it so often and how happy we make each other.. I just feel so lucky to have this relationship and this beautiful girl in my life. Just yesterday we were talking about how a lot of couples take just the simplest little things for granted like holding hands or a simple kiss, for us it’s a dream come true for when it happens. A lot of couples take these things for granted when really for people in our situation it’s like a dream come true and all we could ever ask for. For everyone who can be with their loved one and is reading this (if you’ve made it this far haha) please don’t take these things for granted because they are truly something that you should cherish and hold close to you because for us it’s something we can’t do often.Yes our relationship is hard at times but we truly believe in this and are making this work and plan to until we are finally together physically. I love her so much and I’m just so lucky to have her in my life and to be in her life. I know I’m not easy to put up with due to my depression that can pile on top of hers sometimes and I know it doesn’t make things easy for her yet she still puts up with me which I find so amazing and I am so grateful of her, she’s such a strong girl and doesn’t let anything stop her. She’s the calmness beneath the waves of my life and she’s the wind beneath my wings.. Without her I’d fall and hit rock bottom and drown in a ocean of sadness. I love you so much sweetie and I couldn’t of asked for anyone better(: your my everything and I love you so so much.

A little shameless self-promotion.  (I learned it from Publicist Tyreese!)

A Thousand Shards of Glass
Midnight Quarry frontman Rick Grimes is not happy that his ex-band is still under contract for one final tour. Rick and Shane can barely stand the sight of each other, and the close quarters of the tour bus just make the tensions spike even more. Luckily for Rick, there’s a free seat available with one of the roadies. All he has to do is get through this damn tour, then he’s done.

Will they find true love and happiness??  (well, let’s face it… I wrote it, so probs yes)



SO SONJA AKA BITCH FROM GLAM WAS STANNING TREY AND I SAID I LIKED KAYLA (a super sweet girl that reminded me of myself apparently) AND KATE AGEES. ITS 2-1.



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Whoever did it just wanted to fuck with people and clearly it worked. Equanimity is an old joke from the muse boards

Well, yes, that’s true….just not many people (including me) were aware of this “JOKE”

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Is it true that yesterday was your birthday?

Well, @ask-thenetherlands uses yesterday as the Netherlands’ birthday. I have not decided on what his birthday should be, since the Netherlands doesn’t really have a national holiday, apart from 28th of April (Kingsday) and 4+5 May (Remembrance day and Liberation day). But neither of those appeal to me as a day where Netherlands would celebrate his birthday. Maybe I will research it in the future.