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MariChat, biker au for the prompt thing?

Okay, I really enjoyed writing this, and I sort of entertained the thought of adding more sides of the lovesquare with maybe Marinette getting a job where she’s designing something for Adrien, and he has to play it cool, because she actually doesn’t recognize him, but I tried to stick with something short for this prompt.

Also, I imagine both of them to be older in this.

The first time he saw Ladybug, Adrien fell in love. He might have missed her entirely if not for her bright red leather jacket, dotted with black spots along the back and arms. Her motorcycle was a sleek red machine, roaring down the street beside him as the sun flashed over her helmet. Nathalie made a soft comment about reckless driving, but Adrien was too mesmerized to pay attention.

When he was a teenager, he’d entertained the odd rebellious thought, considering a tattoo or a weekend away without his father’s pre approval, but as he’d grown older, those thoughts had faded along with his free time. Every spare moment was spent learning about the fashion empire he would inherit and modeling for campaign after campaign. Sure, he earned more now as an adult, but it never felt worth it.

Seeing Ladybug reminded him of what it felt like to want something.

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You snore when you sleep on your back. You have matching freckles on your left eyelid and bottom lip. I trace my fingers over them and kiss them softly.

Sometimes I worry that this is a dream I’ll inevitably wake up from. I’ll wake up in my bed alone and you’ll wake up in your bed with somebody else and everything we’ve had will disappear. It’s the worst idea, but sometimes, in the moments where I’m being difficult and you handle me effortlessly and with grace, I give it thought because it’s easier to believe I’m in a dream than to believe someone like you chooses me on my worst days.

I almost lost you last night. You were so relaxed that you stopped breathing and they had to force oxygen into your lungs. I told you I would marry you in Vegas because I couldn’t lose you, not now, and you said no, and I would have been mad had I not been self-aware. I brushed it off as being over emotional, but here is the truth:

You put the stars in my sky. Each corner of my life is a bit brighter now that you’re around, and when you come home, everything sparkles. It’s like the stars shine in your presence because they, too, are mesmerized by the man who calls me baby and kisses me ‘hello.’ The earth stops spinning when you look at me - I can feel the ground stop moving and the earth fall a little off-kilter on its axis. Your smile could freeze time.

You’re sleeping quietly next to me and I worry each time you take a little too long to breathe in. But you’re okay. I’ll hold you tomorrow and dig my fingernails into your back as a reminder to never scare me again. You’ll give me a million-dollar smile and I’ll fall in love for the fourth time that day. You’re okay. We’re okay.

And Vegas is always there if you change your mind.

—  cut scene: “nicholas”
Experiment - Request

Requested by @newts-fan-case:  So could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;) 
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you! 💞

Summary: ^^ That.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,055

Warnings: Smut - face riding - and self-consciousness (just a little bit).

A/N: God bless the sinners.


“It just can’t be… It’s impossible…” Sherlock mumbled as he walked upstairs.

“What’s impossible?” (Y/N) inquired without looking up.

“Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused by giving pleasure to another.” Watson explained tiredly.

“Why would anyone get aroused if they’re not receiving the proper stimulation?” The consultant detective exclaimed.

“Because…” Watson sighed heavily, “I won’t explain it to you again. You have to live it to get it.”

Sherlock groaned and stormed to his room. John shared an annoyed glance with (Y/N) and left.

She was impressed that none of them asked why she was there, but then again, both knew she was very concerned about their current case, so maybe it wasn’t that weird. Therefore, she kept doing her research – in Sherlock’s computer – until he went out of his room.

“What are you doing here?” He inquired.

“Case.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Good.” He gulped and stood there awkwardly.

“Do you want me to leave?” She asked, still not looking up at him.

“No.” He said, “Actually I…”


“I want to do an experiment and I think you’ll be a great help.” He spoke quickly. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn he was nervous.

“Sure, what is it? Head exploding? Eye-ball tea tasting?”

“No, none of that.” He interrupted. (Y/N) was ignoring him – she was too focused on the computer’s screen – which made it a lot harder for him to ask what he needed to ask.

“Then what is it?” She asked once more.

“It’s… Complicated.” She sighed heavily and looked at him for a second.

“Everything with you is complicated; I think I got used to it already.” And with that she turned to the computer again.

Sherlock took a deep breath before blurting out his request. “I need you to ride my face.”

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New Family - Requested

Requested by @tanovic54321 :  Can u do a fluff Sherlock imagine where his gf accompanies him to a family thing & she brings her sons for the first time his family (& him)meet them & slowly people realizes that the two little boys are tiny versions of Sherlock & Mycroft?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,169

Warnings: This is mostly focused on the kids.

A/N: As someone who has lived this kind of situation (as in the kid’s point of view) I figured it would be too much to have many people there, so I reduced it a bit.


It was a big step – a huge step, more likely – for Sherlock and (Y/N)’s relationship. They never expected to get that far and so they decided to keep the kids out of it.

She had two young boys, smart and sympathetic, highly functional kids. Sherlock knew about them and even liked them in spite of having met them only two or three times maximum.

“Are you sure about this?” She stuttered. They were outside her home and the kids were inside. Sherlock wanted to take them all to a family thing.

“Of course I’m sure,” Sherlock assured, acting offended by the question. “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

“I’m sure the correct word is ‘surer’, Sher.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Surer sounds stupid.” Sherlock beamed, “Now call the boys and let’s go.”

(Y/N) hesitated but eventually called them. Sherlock noticed how the oldest one was clearly bigger than the other, not only in height but also he was chubbier. The younger one had a curly mess on his head, and he seemed to be skinnier and shyer.

“Michael, Shepherd, remember Mister Holmes?” (Y/N) asked as she pushed the two boys out.

“How do you do?” They both asked in mechanical voices.

“Nice to see you again, lads.” Sherlock greeted back.

“Mommy, is he going to take us to jail?” Shepherd, the younger, inquired.

“No, not at all,” Sherlock replied.

“Obviously,” Michael snapped, “he only takes criminals to jail. If you knew how to properly read, you’d know.”

“Enough, Michael.” (Y/N) warned. The kid shut his mouth but he kept the superiority pose.

“Where are we going, Mister Holmes?” Shepherd continued.

“I’m taking you to my country house to meet my parents and my brother,” Sherlock explained calmly.

“Why?” Shepherd asked.

“Because he’s mommy’s new boyfriend!” Michael huffed.

Shepherd gasped and tried to act surprised. Before (Y/N) could reply, Shep punched Michael’s arm.

“We had to keep it secret!” Shepherd cried.

“Enough!” (Y/N) split them. “Are you sure you want to take them?”

Sherlock giggled warmly. “Yes, my mother will love them.”

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lotus-eater: part 1

Summary: Maka should have known nothing good could come from making big life decisions on too little sleep. When she breaks her own promise and sings to Soul on his birthday, will this slip up bring them closer, or will her secret break their bond? modern siren au. Alsooo be ready for asexuality talk! c:

this was supposed to be a valentine’s day oneshot for @soundofez but now it turned into a multi-part thing that’s very late, as per usual, but it’s here now (and on ffn and ao3)! shoutout to @professor-maka , @the-brightest-fell , and @thefishywitchy for the support and eyes and patience :)

In the four am serenity, a solid blackness stares at them through the small window above the sink while a surreal yellow light surrounds them from above. It heightens everything, from the content exhaustion between them to the mess they’ve created. Spots of flour blanket the things Maka loves most - the smooth marble surfaces of the Evanses’ kitchen, her best friend’s fingers, the soft cotton of his shirt, and the curve of his eyebrow.

Even her lashes are coated with it. Flashes of white flutter in and out of her vision as she blinks and screws up her face at his request.

In response, Soul leans back to rest his elbows on the counter, the dollop of pink frosting she had painted over his dimple moving with his sheepish grin. “That’s my one wish. For you to sing me ‘happy birthday’.”

Instinct means Maka echoes him without thinking - leaning forward to stay close, hands splayed on either side of him for balance. They’re in sync, one never too far behind the other, but what numbs Maka’s mind right now is the view from here. Normally he towers over her, but at the moment he’s perched on the bar stool, ethereal in her shadow as she hovers over him, and it’s both intoxicating and humbling.

The sleep in his eyes is hypnotic.

“I don’t sing,” she says.


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I Only Have Eyes for Blue

Originally posted by ethan-support-group

Request: Insecure Ethan and reader comforts him <33 // Ah hi hello for the jealous eth fic preferably fem reader if you can!

Summary: Fem!Reader and Ethan are out celebrating their 1 year anniversary dating and Ethan gets a little uncomfortable at the restaurant.

A/N: Hey all! This one was described first as Insecure!Ethan and in a later ask as Jealous!Ethan so I tried including both! Italics as always signify a characters inner monologue. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1100 longer than I thought oh boi

Request some more friends! Gonna start working on a new batch asap so it will take a while to get to any newer ones, but feel free to send them in!

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[Vegebul Smutfest] (Day 1: Toys) “Show Me, Bulma”

Alright folks, here’s my submission for the smutfest.

By the way, this is my FIRST lemon EVER, so please be kind, it really is my first time… *wink*


Vegeta tossed and turned in bed in frustration.


This was his third sleepless night in a row and he couldn’t fucking take it anymore.

What the hell was that goddamned noise?

Whatever it was, he knew where it was coming from: Bulma’s room, and he also knew he was dangerously close to killing that annoying woman once and for all.

He finally got up, angrily picking up the boxers that lay on the ground. The Saiyan had spent his entire life sleeping naked, but ever since that time he’d made a late-night visit to the kitchen’s massive fridge and he’d gotten caught by a very embarrassed blue haired scientist, he’d made sure he was always dressed before leaving his bedroom.

The Prince walked through the corridor in the dark, running his hand through his wild mane and irritably cursing under his breath. Whatever experiment was taking place inside Bulma’s room was ending tonight. One way or another…

Once he reached the woman’s bedroom, he stopped, silently standing in front of the closed door.

There it was again.

That damned buzzing noise.  

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so there was this really cute exchange student from spain in my gym class last semester who was, like, REALLY good and volleyball and had an overhand serve that made me Gay. one time when we were on different teams i was too mesmerized by her serve and the ball hit me in the face bc i was staring at her and had a delayed reaction. another time I zoned out staring at her ass in the changeroom and she asked me why I was staring at her 3 times before i noticed, and it took me a minute to process why a she was saying bc of her accent.

tl;dr: im a useless predatory dyke

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Tell us about your smoking + Will headcanons!

Okay so I think about Will + smoking way too much. No idea why, I’ve smoked like… maybe a half dozen cigarettes my entire life and, Mads making it look way too appealing aside, I actually think it’s the most disgusting habit lmao but ANYWAY…

  • Will started sneaking into his dad’s cigarettes when he was in high school. Dad didn’t notice at first, then he did, and he tried to fight it but then he sort of just… gave up.
  • “They’re your lungs, kid, but I’m not paying for your habit.”
  • Will stole exactly twice in his youth: the watermelon and a carton of cigarettes. He only got away with the watermelon.
  • A good thought: seventeen-year-old Will in a threadbare white t-shirt and a pair of faded and tattered jeans pulling his half-crushed pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket after school. He leans against the building, throws his head back, inhales, exhales…. Half the school is watching him because he’s the epitome of a walking wet dream. A couple teachers even join in and are too mesmerized to scold him. Will is blissfully unaware of what he’s doing to his fellow classmates (and several staff members).
  • Will quit smoking for the most part when he became a cop but always had a pack tucked away somewhere for when he had A Day.
  • It was definitely A Day when he had to pull the trigger and couldn’t so he smoked the entire emergency pack and immediately went out to buy another.
  • Will has stashes all over the house though. There are at least three packs in various drawers of his desk at home. One in his desk at school and another crushed in the bottom of his bag. In the glove compartment of his car…
  • He picked up the habit again HARD mid-season 2 when he got out of BSHCI, for stress reasons, but also because he knew the smell annoyed Hannibal and he just couldn’t resist. #SubtleReckoning?
  • He tried smoking a pipe once but felt absolutely ridiculous so it never became a Thing.
  • Post-fall Will buys a pack and Hannibal is like nOT HAPPENING if you’re going to smoke in our home you will smoke this organic, specialty tobacco I bought you at the farmers market and allow me to roll the cigarettes for you using only the finest artisan rolling paper.
  • Will smokes the fancy cigarettes ofc but when Hannibal pisses him off you know that pack of is coming out and Hannibal is getting a cheap smoke ring to the face.
  • Will absolutely blows perfect smoke rings btw.

Tagging @damnslippyplanet because you wanted these as well. If anyone wants to add to the above list pls do I need all of the smoking headcanons.

Protection : A Roman Reigns Series - Part 1


Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Hello kids! IT’S HEEERE! So this is the first part of this series, I have no idea how long it will be, and the title is probably temporary. 

A/N: As previously mentionned, it’s an AU which includes a lot of wrestlers. This part, which is somewhat of a prologue, features Seth Rollins, William Regal and Maryse! Also, I will be describing some of those wrestlers in a very unflattering light sometimes, but it’s only for the sake of the story and not because I don’t actually like them. If there are wrestlers I don’t like, I simply won’t write them into the story at all.

Before I forget: this story was slightly inspired from a movie called Maryland (2015) about an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD who’s hired as a security guard to protect a woman and her child. I won’t go into detail, but I borrowed the idea of the bodyguard thing with with the bonding between the girl and the guard (which also happens in the movie). It’s a French movie so I don’t know how much I can urge you to watch it but if you can, please do, it was fucking great. 

Warnings: None. Like I said, this is the prologue, there’s not that much going on yet, this is mostly to introduce the setting of the story.

Word count: 2865

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @caramara3 @alexahood21 @rocketgirl2410 @m-a-t-91 @flawlessglamazon @mrsamberlopezgoodanoai @xxmaddhatter39xx @ii-love-roman-reigns @romanreignsprincess @littlemissava13 @alexispoo @imagines–assemble @littledeadrottinghood @skyereignsrollinsmain

I hope you enjoy this, let me know if you do, and if anybody wants to be tagged in the future, holler at me!

Originally posted by stellarollins

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“One In The Same”

Request: Can I request a Bucky x reader? During a mission he finds her trapped in a hydra base and she’s too scared to leave with him because he’s the one that kidnapped her years ago when he was the soldier? He finally convinced her to leave with him and they have a deep talk about everything that’s happened and she learns to trust him

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 955

Warnings: angst, happy endingish, open ending i guess 

A/N: This is the last request I have. Please give me more! Let me know if you want to be on my taglist.

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Dark, cold, and wet. That’s how they left you. They had abandoned you. You were all alone with no food, water, and light. Your rusty chains kept digging into your skin. You had gotten used to the smell. This had been your home after all. Fifty years ago, you were taken. You should be dead already, but you still had to body of a twenty-five-year-old. They treated you the same way they treated the man who took you. The man with the metal arm.

He had escaped a little over two years ago, at least that’s what they told you. You were his first mission. It took twenty years to get him under control, but once he was, he took you from everything you ever knew. It’s not like you remember it now anyways. He brought you in and they torture you. They took your memories. They took your past. They took away who you were, all thanks to their soldier.

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Mark’s Egos Encyclopedia Page: Bim Trimmer

Charismatic and Hopeless Dog, Bim Trimmer.

Occupation: Television show host and commentator.

Abilities: none as far as I can tell

Threat level: low

Friendship level: high

Host of the dubious television show Hire My Ass, he’s one of the few egos that can possibly match Wilford in swooning the audience.

Despite that, it doesn’t seem that he actually carries that bombastic attitude with him daily everywhere. He seems to prefer quietness when away from the public eye. That’s similar to another person we know(*1).

Quick with his highly opinionated words and so cheerful all the time, it’s easy to be smitten by his almost pure personality, but it’s not as if he truly is pure.

The types of television shows that he hosts are questionable, but if you managed to impress him while participating in one, then expect him to constantly be talking to you. It’s as if he’s too shy to actually initiate contact with another person on his own accord. But in regards to that, it seems that it doesn’t actually take much to impress him(*2). 

There will probably not be a situation where you will be forcibly pitted against Bim, but even then, there is no reason to worry about him as a threat at all. He does not seem to have any unique special abilities, and in addition, he will not be glad to fight you either. He’s will not also be starting fights with anyone anytime soon.

Speaking of aggression, there seems to be no chance for him to get together with Matthias. You probably shouldn’t bring Matthias up when he’s in the vicinity, either. He’ll get incredibly depressed and walk off(*3).

How to deal with him: you probably won’t have to worry about him. On a normal basis, if you initiate contact with him, you’ll probably gain a somewhat clingy friend. He’s not going to do it himself, so you might as well save him some embarrassment. It’s also painfully obvious if he wants to talk to you(*4). However, it’s a whole different story if you end up on his show. Be prepared to deal with an almost 180 and be wary of what he has in store for you should you run into the unfortunate opportunity to be in his show.

1.) A certain youtuber; he even looks the most like Mark when he’s not in a suit. When in one, he kind of looks like Dark before the phase.
2.) Considering he knows he has no qualities about him worth mentioning about other than knowing how to host
3.) So he’s almost like a hopeless lovestruck puppy
4.) You can catch him in the act when he stares too hard in mesmerization. 

Beanie Boy - Bughead - Part 15 - Final Part

Part 14

Summary: “You were lonely, homeless, broken. I just gave you a place to stay.” Beanie Boy Jughead and Good Girl Betty are in it together… until romantic feelings for each other bloom between them.

A/n: This is the very last chapter of Beanie Boy! I hope you enjoy! Also, let me know what you thought of how I ended it! <3

Archie’s house was a trashed mess. The couch was upside down, the table overturned and on its side, and the pictures on the walls were either crooked, or on the floor with a shattered frame.

Toilet paper littered the floor and walls.

And what was that horrible smell? It was like wet dog and repugnant trash. The sound of someone sobbing came from the kitchen, which was equally as trashed.

Jughead followed Veronica and Betty into the kitchen, and noticed Archie on the ground with a bottle of alcohol in his hands. Fred was beside him, patting his back.

“So glad you could come. He needs your help,” Fred said.

Jughead crouched on the ground next to his best friend, shoving aside some paper and a crushed can of beer.

“Archie, what did you do to yourself?”

“I got drunk,” he slurred. “I felt so alone.”

Betty sat on her knees beside Jughead.

“I’m sorry Veronica,” he said to the dark-haired girl standing in front of him.

“Archie … ”

Archie pulled the locket out of his pocket and stared at it for a moment. “I bought you this because I loved you.”

Veronica looked away, tears fresh in her eyes.

“I seem to make everything worse for myself,” he said, “all the time.”

Jughead patted his shoulder. “You’ll be okay. Just get up. We’ll put you to bed.”

Archie glanced at Jughead, then turned to Veronica. “I can make things better, Ronnie. Trust me.”

Tears were sliding down her cheeks now, but she didn’t respond.

Jughead and Betty helped lift him off the ground. Veronica stayed behind with Fred.

As Jughead and Betty brought a very drunk, very emotional Archie up the stairs to his bedroom, they listened to him cry about Veronica.

As soon as Archie was tucked in, Betty knelt beside his bed and hummed to him.

Jughead only heard her sing once, and at that time he was mesmerized by her voice. And this time too, he was very mesmerized by her voice. It was like a beautiful medley. The natural sound of her voice was the kind of sound that, despite being soft, harmonized with the silence in the room.

When she finished, Archie was asleep. Jughead and Betty headed back downstairs and said good bye to Fred and Veronica.

And then? They walked to Jughead’s trailer together.

After school, every day for three weeks now, Jughead and Betty met up at Pop’s. Today, something different was about to happen.

Betty sat beside Jughead when she arrived one Tuesday afternoon, and shared some good news. “Polly is moving back in with Mom.”

“What about the twins?” Jughead asked.

“They’re gonna live with my mother too.”

She tightened her ponytail, then slid her hand into his.

“That’s great news,” Jughead said, “I’m happy for them.”

“I am too,” Betty bit her lip. It was sexy as hell. “and Mom’s going to be remarrying someone.”

Jughead grinned, “so is my dad.”

“Do you think our parents are getting married to each other?”

Jughead chuckled, “I hope not.”

“Oh come on, it’d be cute!”

Jughead squeezed her hand with a smile. She glanced over at him, and returned his grin with her own.

“Anything new with you?”

“Jelly Bean is visiting this weekend.” Jughead said, his grin growing wider, “for the first time in forever.”

“That’s great news!” Betty replied, “that’ll be fun! I want to meet her.”

“You will.” Jughead said.

It was silent between them for a moment. His mind was screaming at him, as per usual. He’d been itching to say I love you for a while now.

So today … he gave in to that desire. “Betty?”

She turned to face him, her pony tail swishing as she did so.

“Yes, Juggie?”

“I … ” his heart was racing, his mind barely keeping up.

“You what?” her curiosity wasn’t helping.

He swallowed against his dry throat, and she smiled, encouraging him.

“I love you.”


Character: Taehyung X OC

Word count: idek

Genre: Fluff?

a/n: I’ve been stressed out lately so I came up with this (: havent proofread it yet so idek what is this but this is my first attempt HA enjoy

Originally posted by fy-taekook

Some people think that it would be nice to have company sometimes , especially when the day was so awful and you just wanted to rip your hair off your head. 

The total opposite goes to you.

You hated , no , you despised having company when you had a bad day. All of your friends and colleagues knew that , and when they saw you curse and close the laptop with a loud ‘bang’ , they stayed away from you. You set up the walls around yourself for 6 years of working , and everyone knew it was hard to break it.

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college!namjoon au

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

a/n: this idea popped up in my head over my vacation and basically aspiring rapper!namjoon can set my ass on fire

  • Okay so namjoon majors in something dealing with lots of thought process like philosophy, psychology, or the like and minors in music
  •  Namjoon is usually known as that lanky studious kid on campus who is always awake and probably muttering under his breath the day before a big exam
  •  But like??? He’s so smart lol he aces every test so no one knows why he still gets nervous
  •  Namjoon likes to psychoanalyze his friends including his lazy roommate Yoongi
  • He says Yoongi may be suffering from some early signs of depression or something with how much Yoongi sleeps and stays to himself and barely ever shows emotion but Yoongi is like “dude I’ve had three exams in the last week and I’m currently halfway through writing up a presentation due at lunch, of course I’m depressed”
  •  Anywho Yoongi is also the campus DJ
  •  He has serious music skills so he’s perfect for it but it’s also perfect for namjoon because when Yoongi isn’t on air namjoon is using his equipment to record parts of a mixtape he’s working on
  •  "It’s nothing serious" namjoon says seriously, already on hour four of nonstop lyric writing
  •  Yoongi thinks namjoon is really good and has always offered to let namjoon play a finished song or two on the radio if namjoon ever wanted
  •  But namjoon is soooo bashful he’s like “no no no no no no no no” and safeguards the files with his life
  •  But anywho Yoongi decides to hire an assistant for the station bc it’s tough doin all the work on top of making playlists and q&a’s for the nosy people who wanna get a glimpse into the life of a secluded music major
  •  He hired you because you’re pretty hardworking and all you have to do is some errands and things for Yoongi
  •  In the spare time he has, he teaches you how to work the equipment too in case it was ever needed
  •  One night, Yoongi is feeling a lil under the weather so he takes off the night and leaves you to play the last bits of the playlist before the broadcast ends
  •  Namjoon doesn’t know this of course
  •  Yoongi forgets to mention that namjoon comes by on Thursdays to record, so namjoon is pleasantly surprised when he enters the studio, yelling something unintelligible only for you to swing around in Yoongi’s big, comfy chair, eyes wide like you’ve been caught doing something bad
  •  Namjoon’s nervous bc “oh my god… she’s beautiful”
  •  You’re nervous bc “oh my god… He’s beautiful”
  •  You both don’t say anything for a bit until namjoon holds up a plastic bag, and you can see the outline of a NyQuil bottle at the bottom
  •  "Yoongi is sick so I thought I’d… Where is he by the way??“ 
  •  ”… He went home early because he wasn’t feeling any better. I’m his new assistant"
  •  Now namjoon is mad
  •  Not at you but at Yoongi like?? He didn’t tell namjoon he had a hot assistant and let him make a fool of himself in a Star Wars tee shirt and jorts with his hair uncombed 
  •  You shyly stand, feeling like you’re intruding when the next song starts playing through the speakers
  •  It’s Half Moon by Dean, and it sounds far too romantic as you and Namjoon stare each other down
  • Suddenly namjoon is coughing into his hand and awkwardly looking away, he won’t even try to make eye contact, not that you’d be able to hold it 
  •  "I’ll just… Bring it to him on my way home. Nice to meet you-“ 
  •  You cut him off with your name so quick you want to bang your head against the table, but thankfully you refrain
  •  He blushes hard because fuck… Now he can put a name to a face and it only makes his budding crush stronger
  •  "I’m namjoon, Yoongi’s roommate. I can lock up for you if you want, I won’t rat you out”
  •  You nod quickly, wanting to get away as soon as possible because you feel soooo awkward and he’s soooo cute what the heck 
  •  You drop the keys in his hands and when your fingers brush his you swear your skin tingles
  •  He must notice too because he winces and then coughs again, “see you" 
  •  The thought of seeing each other again is exciting, but you simply murmur "you too” and dart out before you can embarrass yourself anymore
  •  Which doesn’t happen because you trip on the rug walking past him, your head destined for the doorframe and you swear this is the worst way to die, in front of a cute boy who’ll probably have to carry your lifeless body out of the studio and the blood stains will never leave the carpet-
  •  Then two very strong arms wrap around your body and yank you backwards, until your back is against their chest and your impending doom vanishes
  •  You feel a warm breath on the back of your neck and blink, refusing to look anywhere but forward, the song still playing softly in the background
  •  "You okay?“ His voice is deep and rumbles against you back and in your bones, making you shiver against him and God was it this hot in here a few minutes ago haha 
  •  "Yeah…” You breathe, his arms gently loosening around you before you’re released completely, and you’re sure if he didn’t keep a gentle hand on your elbow you’d melt to the ground
  •  "I should go" you tell him, cheeks hot
  •  "Be careful, I’m not always gonna be around to catch you when you fall" 
  •  Namjoon has no idea where the fuck that came from but it makes you smile shyly and he thinks it’s a win no matter what
  •  He can’t keep the shaky giggle from rising up out of his throat bc he’s found someone just as clumsy as him, and he’s secretly glad you embarrassed yourself first bc had it been himself, he would have died from humiliation
  •  You shuffle much slower out of the studio this time, playing with your fingers as you spare a glance back at Namjoon, only to see he’s not watching you anymore, but has braced himself up against the wall whispering just loud enough that you can hear “god, she’s gorgeous”
  •  So it goes on for weeks
  •  Yoongi notices namjoon stops by more often, brings Yoongi food or just to talk, but Yoongi isn’t sure why bc?? They see each other all the time at home?? Why would namjoon want to spend more time with him
  •  And then you walk in, namjoon leaning over the counter Yoongi works at, and set down a steaming cup of coffee for the DJ
  •  Your eyes flit over to Namjoon’s as soon as his eyes flit to yours
  •  The warmth in his roommate’s eyes can’t be imagined, nor can the sudden pinkness in his cheeks and oh shit
  •  Yoongi smirks to himself and quickly busied himself with the q&a, while Namjoon is still blushing and leaves not three minutes later
  •  Yoongi is good tho, he won’t tell you how namjoon feels and won’t tell namjoon how you feel, he rather enjoys the longing stares and awkward smiles
  • Yoongi is looking through the files on his computer when he comes across a recent one, made yesterday
  •  Curious, he checks to see if it’s his copy of the show from the night before, because it’s not titled or anything
  •  And then namjoon’s voice floods through the speakers and it clicks
  •  Namjoon’s done a rap about you, sounding completely in love and it’s the sweetest thing. It’s obviously not done because there are little whispered “shits” in between, long bouts of silence before namjoon starts up again, and little hums
  •  It’s a confession, he figures, and feels pretty bad for listening in bc hey that’s private stuff, he’d hate for namjoon to come across something like that of his
  •  And then Yoongi sees that the on air button is still red, it’s still on and has been the whole time he was playing Namjoon’s rap
  •  He knows for sure everyone who tuned in had heard it because it’s a few minutes later that Namjoon bursts through the front doors, looking desperately for Yoongi with eyes blazing in fury
  •  He’s also scared, looking for you, wondering if you had heard
  •  Of course you would have heard, everyone who tuned into Yoongi’s show hears
  •  He runs into the studio and thankfully hasn’t seen you yet
  •  "Yoongi!“ Namjoon yells, his anger getting the best of him
  •  The older DJ quickly locks the door to the recording room, looking through the little glass window on the door to see Namjoon banging on it, his cheeks flushed
  •  "It was an accident!” “Bullshit!” “I’m sorry, Namjoon!”
  •  Namjoon bangs on it a little longer before he feels a hand on his back, small, warm, right over his spine
  • His eyes shut softly, stilling against the door as Yoongi watches with wide eyes bc he really really doesn’t want to watch his best friend get heartbroken right in front of him, in case he had misread your feelings altogether
  • “Did I hear you say you liked the color of my eyes up close?” You spoke, and namjoon turned and expected you to look angry, disgusted even
  • But he turns to see the biggest grin on your face and all of those terrible feelings melt away
  • He nods slowly
  • “Me too” you whisper, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him in, because God knows the boy was too mesmerized to do it himself
  • Yoongi turns with slightly red cheeks himself, chuckling as he plops down into his office chair. “One for love master Yoongi”