“Dance Jail” can be used only against Spiders. While the chain restricts movement, it forces the captured Spider into a tango that shuts off Nen abilities and exhausts physical strength…! Why did Kurapika choose the tango, such an intimate dance, for dealing with the Troupe…? Was it to fuel his rage…? (After escaping Dance Jail once, Chrollo begins to study different dances to be better prepared in the future..)

I wanted to draw more dancer Sans!! In this au (Dancetale?), everyone knows different styles of dance, but Sans dances hip hop. Or, he used to, until he became aware of all the resets. When he did, his motivation and passion became lost, because, well, “what’s the point?”

I imagine Sans to be passionate about science, but I thought dancing would be fun, too. His movements are quite fluid and mesmerizing when he dances.


My Norn crew is the beeeest.

Ruby’s lips parted, but no words made it out, and she was quickly reminded why she so rarely looked Sapphire dead on; distracting was too soft a word, the girl was closer to mesmerizing. “I…”

Sapphire was already so close, then even closer, and those soft fingers tipped her head up just an inch before something somehow so much softer than those dainty hands pressed against her lips.

Everything was misaligned. Their noses bumped together awkwardly as Sapphire pulled them close, her lips hardly brushing against the corner of Ruby’s, and even if it was only for a second before Sapphire draw back, everything was perfect.- Such is Fate, chapter 5

(I ADORE this fanfic omfg)

Inspired by a post by randomthunk (x and x) to draw Peter Capaldi as a faery king in honor of his footage in Maleficent as King Kinloch. Unfortunately it got cut (but may make it to the DVD extras).

I can’t draw worth a damn. I am somewhat handy in Photoshop and wanted to join in the challenge. My version of Faery King Capaldi turned into Cernunnos.

PC [x]

ETA: Jenna as the Goddess here.

5sos as gps
  • michael: hi im michael, you should totally turn around *wink wink* go in reverse bc youre going the wrong way. geez honey learn how to drive damn haahah
  • luke: hi im luke. okay. so go straight. you're so cute when you drive. go slow bc you need to be safe, and always make sure your music isnt too loud. :-)
  • calum: hi im calum. turn left babe. want to hear a story? okay "once upon a time there was a turtle...",, i love you lots. wait you missed the turn, were you too busy being mesmerized by my voice?
  • ashton: hi im ashton, always make sure to stop and smell the roses because nature is beautiful and sunshine makes you feel better. turn right at the intersection and i really become one with the environment. the sun is your soul.
Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays, let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all.
—  ― Arthur C. Clarke

I love the glitches of this Say Goodbye video, and all the ones before, and also the amazing sound effects, but what really gets me is how the entire dialogue of this video was basically double entendres all the way through, plus the flawless acting by Jack, (fucking seriously who knew my boy Sean was so good at theater?? damn!) and the perfectly timed editing by Robin.

I mean it’s all so subtle and so clever that unless you’re really paying attention, and thinking in terms of how Anti would think, I feel like you might miss some of it.

“This is gonna get dangerous” Jack says, and the first delighted and demented chuckle filters through. When he sits down again after investigating the noise, Jack says, his voice faint and lacking confidence: “What the fuck was that?” He looks at the knife for just a few seconds too long, drawing his fingers along it, as if mesmerized.

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