so uh. how do you go from here ??? can you make the limbs that are visible on the body transparents or ??

im taking this too seriously i cant actually do this

(this was gonna be a skin that looks like a rubber snake but im not really good enough to do this. if anyone wants to take this on let me know so i can save up to buy it from you. lmao)

WILD theory

I just thought of something. Look at the layout of Troyes tumblr/website right now (on the computer, not the mobile version). It won’t let you get to his normal tumblr, it automatically redirects to the WILD tag. The posts on that page are appearing every 2 days, like he said they would. I noticed the posts don’t seem to be appearing in any order its like they are randomly appearing in different squares. So that makes me think that every 2 days one square on the page will be filled and if that’s true then when the page is full is the release date, like maybe thats the last square or something. From what I counted it looks like there are 19 more squares (its kinda hard to count so correct me if i’m wrong), so multiply that by every 2 days and that’s 38 days, so if my theory is right then the album (EP, “6 song keyhole”, whatever) will be released on Sept 5th.

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10 Facts About Yourself

  • I have a cat named Hobbes, and two goldfish named Angelo and Eliot
  • I prefer cold weather to hot
  • I snowboard
  • I’m addicted to caffeine. I get headaches if I don’t have coffee in the morning
  • My dragonborn’s name is Silver Gildjornn
  • I have a younger brother and sister (I’m the oldest).
  • My phone case was white but now it’s blue because I carried it around in the pocket of brand new jeans
  • Ariel was my favorite Disney princess as a child
  • I love Survivor, my family watches it religiously
  • I know six programming languages

9 Favorite Songs

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