My Secret *Part 8*

Pairing: Sebastian StanxFem!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Sebastian being adorable, crying, PTSD, Nightmares

Summery: Reader has a 15 year-old son and her friend Chris set her on a date with a mutual friend since she hasn’t dated in a while

Chapter Summery: Connor is going home, but this accident leaves something other problems other then physical 

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Today was finally the day, Connor was coming home. You, Chris and Sebastian spent the day before preparing the house for him to come home. Connor was excited to be coming home, he was tired of the hospital walls, and waited to be home with us. He was also excited for school, he missed his friends dearly. The only thing that worried you was his possible depression due being unable to play hockey anymore for a couple seasons. But what can you do. Sebastian opened the passenger side door, you jumped a little, “penny for your thoughts my dear?” He mused, you smiled and shook your head taking his out stretched hand and walked into the hospital. You held a large smile on your face, Chris opened the door, and couple nurses looked up and smiled at you and the boys, they moved and revealed your son sitting in a wheelchair annoyed. “Connor!” You cheered and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Mom,” he got up and walked to you, as fast as he could in walking cast. “Oh Connor,” you hugged him tightly missing him terribly. Connor released you, and moved to Chris who hugged him tightly, “Glad to see ya on your feet man.” Connor nodded, Sebastian stood next to Chris hands in his pockets, him and Connor stared at each other, until both their faces broke out in huge smiles and Connor practically jumped on him. Sebastian held tightly around, holding him close. “I’m glad you’re alright son.” Connor pulled back, “Thanks dad,” you smiled brightly at them.

“Well let’s get going, home is calling,” Connor said leading the way out of the hospital, you walked with him, Chris grabbed the bags. Sebastian walked ahead with him, while you happily walked with Connor. Once outside you took the corner to get to the car, and suddenly lost the felling of Connor’s body heat next you. You stopped and turned behind you and seen Connor deeply breathing, frantically looking around his surroundings. You ran back to him and took his hand, “Connor,” you asked terrified. “Are you okay,” Chris and Sebastian noticed you were behind them anymore ran back to the scene unfolding. Connor gasped and squeezed your hand tightly. “Connor? Baby?” you asked rubbing his hand, “What’s wrong darling?” you asked, trying to get him to pay attention. He calmed down, “Nothing mom, its fine,” he suddenly said and briskly walked toward the SUV, Sebastian looked at him and then you, you shrugged, “I’ll call the doctor when we get home,” He nodded, Connor was in the front with you driving while Chris and Seb sat in the back. Connor was breathing deeply still, his eyes darting around the cars on the road. You put a hand on his knee reassuringly, he looked down at your hand and held it.

Once you were home and Connor was safely tucked away in his room chatting with Chris and hockey, Seb came down stair and rubbed your shoulders, you were deep in thought holding the phone biting your index finger. A nerves habit of yours. “Babe, its okay, just all the doctor, I’m sure it nothing.” You nodded and dialed the number and punched in the extension. “Hello Dr. Verge?” she answered. “It’s Connor’s mom, he had a panic attack in the hospital parking lot.” She spoke softly to you and nodded along, Seb stood by and waited for you to finished on the phone before he asked. You hung up a shortly after and sighed, “She believes its PTSD,” Seb nodded, “makes sense, what do we do?” You sighed again, “Dr. Verge suggested a therapist,” you said. Seb rubbed your shoulders and kissed your forehead as you chewed your index finger. “We’ll see what happens in a few days, and then we’ll call a therapist, he starts school again in a week so we’re gonna wanna know what’s wrong before then.” You agreed with Seb, Chris cleared his throat and entered the kitchen. “Connor has requested Marley’s for supper,” you laughed. “I’m not surprised, I’ll get him ready and we’ll leave.” The boys nodded.  

You helped Connor dress, “Mom I can do it, its weird having my mom dress me,” you smirked at him. “Honey its nothing I haven’t seen, and you can’t put pants on you can’t bend your knee, you can’t move your leg much,” he groaned. “God this sucks,” You did his belt up and Sebastian knocked the door and Connor quickly pulled his shirt down. “I’m here to help you down the stairs.” You smiled and thanked him with your eyes. Supper went good, Connor seemed to be back to his old self for the most part, a few of his friends stopped and said hello, the waitress chatted with him. Everyone missed him deeply, his smile could light up a room. Now you were home, laying in bed next to Sebastian who was shirtless. “Well everything seems good,” he said happily. You nodded, “I’m just happy…” you were cut off by a loud scream and sobbing. You flew out the bed, and down the hall. “Connor,” you shook him a little to wake him up, “Connor its mom! Connor, baby wake up!” you shook him again he woke up screamed again sobbed into your chest. “Mom it was so real, it hurts!” he cried, Seb stood in the doorway plaid pajama pants on now. He stared and his eyes darted toward the bathroom, he was motioning to the pain meds and sleep aids Connor was prescribed just encase he could sleep. You nodded and cradled Connor into your chest shushing him. Seb reappeared with pills and a glass of water, he laid it down on the night stand excused himself. “Connor what did you see?” She chocked on a sob and looked up at you, “I seen the car and then I was on the ground and the felling of bones snapping,” he cried and held on his leg absently. “Here baby take these,” you handed him the pills which he happily took. Your fear was he was going to become addicted to the pills, but he needed them.

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Ten Fictional Characters I Would Smooch

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  1. Iolaus from Hercules the Legendary Journeys because why wouldn’t I have you seen him also I’m pretty sure my whole “fave character is always the mostly normal one who knows the hero is a hundred times stronger and more powerful than him but refuses to leave his side or give up the fight because it’s the right thing to do even if it kills him (three or four times)” thing came from.
  2. Xena because I have fucking eyeballs and also she is glorious and amazing. We wouldn’t get any further than a kiss on the cheek because I’d probably just fall over dead at that point from proximity to her sheer awesomeness.
  3. Winston Zeddemore from The Real Ghostbusters because I am eternally in love with The One With Some Goddamn Common Sense also he was the only one who didn’t act like an eternal five year old.
  4. Joe Hardy, The Hardy Boys. Not in a sexual way, you perverts, he is seventeen. He’s been seventeen since I was seven and read my first HB book and just thought he was so cool. Ugh, seven year old me, why.
  5. Donatello from TMNT for basically the same reasons as above. ^_^’
  6. Jubilation Lee from X-Men because damn if we were the same age I would date her so hard.
  7. Pavel Chekov. Specifically Pavel Chekov from the LA Graf novels which I have read to pieces over the years. God yes. I don’t know if I want to jump his bones or pinch his cheeks, but that scene where he’s injured and alone and he took out an entire Klingon landing party on his own and 100% by the skin of his teeth (and possibly 98% sheer luck) and just left all this carnage behind him and Sulu was like “Oh hey, bloodshed and havoc, at least we know Pavel’s still alive” was a formative fucking moment for me okay?
  8. Tony Stark from Iron Man because he’s one of the most recent faves who can be traced directly back to point #1 up there. And because I think he’d look super cute after getting a surprise smooch on the cheek as long as it wasn’t from someone like Juggernaut or whatever.
  9. The Iron Bull. I’m just leaving this here because you’d want to smooch the Iron Bull too so you don’t need me to explain why.
  10. Kuwabara Kazuma, because I was in that fandom for, like, ten years primarily because I thought he was the biggest, most adorable dumbass.

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10 facts,10 blogs

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Now,ten facts about me…and which I could think of.

1. I am the oldest sister aneki, and have three younger sisters,whereas my little’est sister imoutto is 5 years old,so we are about 15 years apart.We all four have all kind of interests which fill the whole hobby circle.It never gets boring tbh.

2.Just as Suzusept said,I too can’t see my own toes without my glasses.

Hi5 for all the shortsighted people!

 I got my glasses in 9th grade,because I watched too much anime on laptop.(I did it secretly because my mom would kill me).Anw,the Doc said that in puberty the eyes are still evolving and sensitive so too much concentration on Pc is bad for them.I tend to concentrate deeply in things I want to understand.

3.I had a phase (maybe I still have it) where I broke anything I touched.I couldnt control my own strength (and I have quite the strong arms),so I broke any key of the house or car or whatever,and the whole bathroom equipment,I can still remember when the small bathroom window landed on my arms *I caught it LOL ) and once when I was showering and the water pressure was low,I pushed the tap up and destroyed it,so the water wouldnt stop flowing,and well…I was stuck…there…naked. Hahahahaha *wipes away tears*

4.I can’t cook. If I were a Japanese woman in Japan,no one would marry me because they are such stereotypes about cooking. >.> 

Joke aside…I can’t cook.

5.I am more of a salt fan than a sweet sugar fan.I rather buy some chips than eat cake or smth. 

Except for Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate. It is,my fave desert/sweet EVER!

6.I must see a face at least 5 times for me to remember it.I have a bad memory in every aspect especially when it comes to people’s faces and details.So people often thought I was too arrogant to not talk to them…but fact was,I forgot them and where I’ve seen’em. (which sounds mean now….)

7.I dislike shopping,I am grateful when my sister buys things/clothes and just brings them home.I don’t mind buying art/architecture tools though.AND BOOKS!

8.I have a wonderful “ability” of napping anytime I want,doesn’t matter whether I slept enough or not,when I DECIDE to nap,I fucking nap.Even if  tmrrw is the deadline of an assignment or anth.I nap!

9.I am allergic to stress.I am not joking. I have this skin problem which is linked with the neurons,neurodermititis.Though,stress is inevitable,I have to deal with it and I cream my skin once a day (face and hands at least trice a day). So, dust and stress are my enemies! Raaawr!

10.I am a clean freak.I could consider it my hobby.I mean cleaning while listening to music is sooooo relaxing!

 I can totally relate to Levi!

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TWIYEH has updated: Chapter Six, Page 64!

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TWIYEH! Is an urban fantasy comic about a group of 20 something year old mystery teens living in a small college town that also happens to be a hotspot for magical shenanigans. I think it’s pretty cool.

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Unlucky Pair. (Chapter - 1)

**This is my first fanfiction ever. So please let me know what you think about it.
I will post chapter two when I’m done.. maybe, if you guys like it. Jared won’t be introduced until probably chapter three or four, just letting you guys know.
Anyways… enjoy!**

Chapter 1-

27 year old Nichole Black had enough of her 52 year old mother and 15 year old half sister sucking her money every month and hardly using the money on her.

Her mother was a home health care nurse and made good money, then she also got child support from Nichole’s half sister, Emma.

Nichole had a slight balance issue, so got money from the government. Every month she’d get $735 and she never saw a cent of it.

So in June, Nichole had decided to slowly pack up her very few books, her clothes and just run away. She didn’t care where, just anywhere from her money-hungry family.

By July, Nichole had saved enough spare change around the house to pay for a train ticket to New York City. It was as far away she could get without crossing oceans from her family.

On July 23rd, Nichole woke up early that morning and got her bags down from attic bedroom. On her last trip down the stairs she saw her mother, arms folded, face full of confusion and anger.

“What’s all this?” Ms. Black exclaimed, kicking a bag lightly.

Nichole sighed, putting down her last bag on the gray carpet , “Mother, I’m leaving. I’m tired of being sucked dry and seeing you spoil the crap out of Emma.”

Nichole pointed to Emma’s closed bedroom door, “You treat her better than me! She gets everything she asks for. As for me, I have to ask my online friends for things.”

Ms. Black blinked a few times then started talking. Her voice was full of anger, “Where exactly are you going? With what money, Nichole? Huh? Have you even thought about everything?”

Nichole lifted her chin a little, she pushed her long straight black hair out of her pale face, “I saved up change around the house, my father even sent me some money and I’m going to New York City. That’s as far as I can get away from you without a passport.”

Nichole grabbed her five bags and pushed her mother out of the way, going outside where there was an Uber driver waiting for her.


Nichole sighed as she climbed onto the train, sitting down near a window, she dug out her pink iPhone and posted a status on her blog.

‘Goodbye Michigan, in a few hours I’m going to be in New York City.’

She put away her iPhone and rested her head on the cool glass of the window and shut her eyes only for a few moments then her phone started to ring. Nichole groaned softly as she answered it.

“Hello?” she asked, looking out the window. It was her mother.
“Are you fucking serous? You are really fucking leaving us? You are leaving us in huge hole, we need your money to survive! You know this!”

Nichole sighed heavily, “Mother, I wanted to move out when I was 21, remember? But you and step-father number two wouldn’t let me. I’m not waiting for step-father number three. I thought you would understand. I’m not coming back home. Not ever. I’m going to New York and never coming back.”

“Tomorrow is Emma’s birthday! She will remember this birthday as the day that her older sister left us!” Ms. Black exclaimed loudly.

Emma wouldn’t care less, Nichole knew this. Emma and her never got along and their mother always forced them to get along.

“Mother, she won’t care, I promise you that.” She combed her long pale fingers through her black hair in frustration, “I’m sorry that you think I’m abandoning you, But Mother, this is what children should do. They should move out on their own. I know you will figure out something, you always do. I will give you just weekly reports on my life via email. Goodbye Mother.”

At that she hung up and shut her phone off so that she get a few hours of sleep.
In loving memory of Erykah Tijerina, at least the 18th trans woman murdered this year
After we learned about three trans women, all of them Black, being murdered in July, the number of trans people reported murdered in the US this year became 17, now with Tijerina, it's 18.

It’s been a devastating summer — and year — for headlines like this one. 

Erykah Tijerina, a 36-year-old Latina transgender woman, was found murdered in an apartment in El Paso on Monday. She becomes the 18th trans person reported murdered in the United States this year. Three Black trans women were murdered in the month of July alone. 

Mey Rude writes for Autostraddle:

Remember, last year, when we were shocked, terrified and disgusted at how many trans women were being murdered, we saw at least 21 reported murders of trans people. That’s just three more than we already have this year and we still have four months left. Again this year, most of the victims are trans women, most of them are Black, and most of them are Black trans women or other trans women of color who sleep with men. 

This is just in the United States. In other countries trans women and other trans people are murdered at even higher rates. In Brazil alone, at least 48 trans women were murdered just in January of this year. And I emphasize “at least” because the real number is likely much higher. How are trans women of color supposed to survive this? How are we supposed to function in a society that keeps on targeting, torturing and murdering us? How are we supposed to make it out alive?

Erykah’s family has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for her funeral costs here. Please help if you can. Rest in peace and power.

Black Excellence: Simone Biles Wins The All-Around Gold Medal, *Officially* Becoming The Worlds Greatest Gymnast

Simone Biles cemented herself as the greatest gymnast of all time with her all-around win in Rio on Thursday.

Undefeated since she placed second behind 2012 Olympian Kyla Ross at a friendly meet in Germany three years ago, 19-year-old Biles has dominated domestic and international competition, becoming a 10-time world champion in just three years.

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(NASA)  A Halo for NGC 6164
Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh & Rick Stevenson

Beautiful emission nebula NGC 6164 was created by a rare, hot, luminous O-type star, some 40 times as massive as the Sun. Seen at the center of the cosmic cloud, the star is a mere 3 to 4 million years old. In another three to four million years the massive star will end its life in a supernova explosion. Spanning around 4 light-years, the nebula itself has a bipolar symmetry. That makes it similar in appearance to more common and familiar planetary nebulae - the gaseous shrouds surrounding dying sun-like stars. Also like many planetary nebulae, NGC 6164 has been found to have an extensive, faint halo, revealed in this deep telescopic image of the region. Expanding into the surrounding interstellar medium, the material in the halo is likely from an earlier active phase of the O star. The gorgeous skyscape is a composite of extensive narrow-band image data, highlighting glowing atomic hydrogen gas in red and oxygen in blue hues, with broad-band data for the surrounding starfield. NGC 6164 is 4,200 light-years away in the right-angled southern constellation of Norma.

Write a story including a set of three things

1) A knife, a promise, a key 

2) A piano, a coat, a camera 

3) A trampoline, a window, a mission 

4) A skyscraper, a fire, a pair of glasses 

5) A clue, a gun, a painting 

6) A set of tea cups, a bucket, a folder with secrets 

7) Espionage, glitter, rain 

8) A guitar, an old saying, 

9) An earring, a bag, four candles 

10) Best friends, five years gone past, a deadly secret 

Monday: August 15 Blurb - Nap

16. one where you and Harry had three or four kids and they all want to cuddle with daddy at the same time


“Sweetheart, you’re going to squish your father, be careful!” You warned, seeing your six-year-old little boy, Max, precariously crawling over Harry’s stomach.

Harry was sprawled out on the couch, laying on his back with his eyes closed. He smirked when he heard your words, one hand held out beside him just in case his son took a tumble.

“He’s fine, love. I don’t mind a nap buddy.”

“Daddy, are you awake?” Your son asked, poking at Harry’s cheek.

Harry squeaked one eye open and saw his little boy staring at him, curiously.

“No, I’m talkin’ in my sleep.” He joked, tickling his son’s ribs a few times causing him to giggle and shy away.

“Can I lay here with you?” Max asked.

“You can if you stay still.”

Max nodded in agreement and snuggled down in between Harry’s body and the back of the couch. Harry snuck an arm around his son and settled down, prepared to close his eyes and try to get some sleep. It was only a moment later that he felt another little hand pulling at his shirt sleeve. When he opened his eyes this time, he was met with the sight of his four-year-old daughter, Isabelle.

“And what can I do for you, little lady?” Harry asked, smiling at her.

“Can I come cuddle too, daddy?” She asked, big green eyes looking up at him in earnest.

Never one to say no to his kids when they asked for cuddles, Harry nodded and reached out his arms to help her up, careful not to jostle Max who was already starting to fall asleep. Isabelle squished herself into Harry’s other side, closest to the edge of the couch, with Harry keeping a firm arm around her body so she wouldn’t slip.

He closed his eyes again, hoping that he would actually fall asleep this time, but no dice. One more-tiny little voice snapped him from his half-asleep state.


He opened his eyes once more and saw his littlest girl – one-and-a-half-year-old Gracie – standing near his legs.

“Hi lovebug.” He whispered, giving her a wave.

“Dada, up?”

“I’ve got no more arms, princess.” He said.

“Dada, up!” She said more forcefully. Gracie started trying to climb up the couch on her own, but she wasn’t big enough yet. When she realized she wasn’t going to get there on her own, she looked up at Harry with big eyes and a wobbly lip.

“Hey now, no tears my love.” Harry soothed.

You were walking by the scene at that point, and saw your youngest daughter near tears because all she wanted was to snuggle with her daddy and her siblings. You gently lifted her into your arms and set her down on Harry’s chest. She instantly calmed and curled into him as best she could with her thumb in her mouth. Harry tilted his head and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Thanks, love.” He whispered to you.

“Enjoy your nap. I’d join as well, but I really don’t think there’s room for me.” You giggled.

“You can nap with me later.” He replied, smirking a bit. “Although there probably won’t be much napping going on.”

Harry wiggled his eyebrows as he closed his eyes again and you laughed, leaving them to it. You knew that Harry was bound to wake up not being able to feel most of his limbs, but he wouldn’t mind. There were very few things he liked more than being able to snuggle all of his babies at once and, since the opportunity came around so rarely, he took the chance whenever he could get it.

Okay from what I can tell, people give the Girl Meets World Josh/Maya ship so much shit. Three years apart, fourteen year old and seventeen year old. Yes, that gap is dangerous and inappropriate at that age. However, from what I can tell in the episodes I’ve watched (my parents watch it more than I do), the thing people seem to ignore is that Josh legitimately acknowledges that it exists??? And that it’s inappropriate? ?? He likes Maya a lot as a person and finds her personality attractive but he acknowledges that it can’t happen. But he’s willing to back up, be her friend, and wait and see if in three, four years those feelings still exist and if they do, THEN he can pursue them. That’s why this ship actually kind of impresses me. Whether or not I ship it doesn’t matter, what matters is that Disney has presented a perfectly good example of how to go about this type of relationship. if you have more information or things I didn’t pick up on, let me know.
Priced out of rental market, Simon Fraser students sleeping on campus
Nicholas Ree is one of a growing legion of people who have been pushed out of rental properties in the the Vancouver area

Nicholas Ree is an intensely hard-working, 23-year-old theatre student at Simon Fraser University who is currently homeless.

For the last three months, Mr. Ree has been sleeping inside SFU downtown, because his meagre student budget can’t support the growing cost of shelter.

Mr. Ree, who is from Japan and has lived in Vancouver for four years as a Canadian citizen, is one of a growing legion of people who have been pushed out of rental properties for any number of reasons. Most often, they are “reno-victed”, which is what happens when your landlord wants to renovate to charge a higher rent. With a vacancy rate of 0.6 per cent, landlords know they can demand more money. The situation is pushing students, and other low and average income earners, into a precarious and stressful survival mode. Mr. Ree sometimes couch-surfs, or, in winter months, during off-season, he might stay in a hostel. During summer, the downtown campus is quiet.

“Once it gets busy it’s not possible to have my stuff in school, so I’m taking for granted that there aren’t many people at school right now,” he says. “I don’t have much stuff. I have a suitcase and a box, because I’m a student from another country.”

His professor, Cole Lewis, says she’s horrified to see some of her students pushed into this state of semi-homelessness as they struggle to get through school. Looking for answers, she’s written letters to government officials and housing activists. Some of her students are getting up in the small hours of the morning to commute long distances from Surrey and Abbotsford, where they either live with relatives or rent places that are more affordable. She sees students couch-surfing for months. Another student has up to 16 people at a time living in her apartment.

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Trans Athlete Chris Mosier Stars In Nike Ad That Airs Tonight On NBC During The Rio Olympics
Via press release: Chris Mosier began competing in the duathlon and triathlon in 2009 after he completed his first marathon, because he needed a greater challenge.

Via press release:

Chris Mosier began competing in the duathlon and triathlon in 2009 after he completed his first marathon, because he needed a greater challenge. “For me, triathlon is a true challenge because it is three different disciplines in one sport,” Mosier explains. “Triathlon is [also] a challenge for me because swimming is my weakest sport, and it’s the biggest mental challenge.”

At the age of four years old, Mosier became aware that his gender identity (male) and biological sex (female) didn’t align. Competing in female athletics, he didn’t feel as though he was competing as his authentic self. This truth has propelled Mosier on his journey.

“Everything that I’ve done in the last five, six years since I started to transition, has been with [a] “Just Do It” mindset,” he explains. “I didn’t know if I would be competitive against men; I just did it. Every success that I’ve had since then has shown me that anything is really possible. By not stopping myself, not limiting myself and just really going for it, I’ve learned a lot about myself and also had the opportunity to further the conversation on trans inclusion in sports.”

In 2015, with a sprint duathlon time of 01:02:45.48 at the national championships — earning him a seventh place finish in the male 35-39 group — Mosier became the first openly trans athlete to earn a spot on a U.S. national team. Mosier’s feat in the 5K-run, 20K-bike, 2.5K-run race led him to challenge the international transgender competition policy, which resulted in the creation and adoption of new, more-inclusive guidelines for participation of transgender athletes.

Before The Grumps: Brian+Arin

-Arin doesn’t listen/watch interviews he does or panels. He used to because he liked to figure out how to change his cadence and speech patterns but he has Grumps for that now. 

I love Arin talking about his childhood and he talks about his first interests in art around three and four years old. 

Oh my God, Arin and Brian both talking about a cartoon I watched and an episode I remember watching. That’s really interesting. 

Arin started doing clay figure stop motion videos in elementary school.

Brian and Arin having a lot of similar comedy and childhood interests despite their age difference is really cool and interesting. 

Arin has done a lot of different things in his childhood and youth as far as creativity goes. It is very cool to know he’s always wanted to make things, and he tried forms, making small movies, making flipbooks, making podcasts. 

I love hearing him talk about his first ‘viral’ video experience, it being DBZ in a nutshell. 

Also, that Egoraptor is a character Arin has made. *(which he does have old drawings of the character on his Deviant art) yooo he also called the Egoraptor character (not himself) as androgynous. 

Arin wasn’t outgoing in school and he always got made fun of. He said when he was younger that he often was quiet and stand-offish and he has around three different versions of himself; one where he’s more wacky and outgoing, one where he’s nice and calm, one where he’s more sullen and alone. 

Arin is very into “self-improvement” according to Brian in that he has a good work ethic, he teaches himself languages, he works out, makes time for himself. 

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Deep but not Personal

My mother is one of those people who likes to know personal details about people, not because she’s a sneaky, gossipy person, but just because she’s caring and thinks about people based on their personal lives.

I don’t.

So, when I talk to one of my friends for several hours, my mother will ask me how they’re doing and questions about their lives.

And I’ll just be standing there saying, “Um, I dunno.”

Because I don’t know. Do you really think I wasted three hours of my life talking about health and the weather? Um, no. I was actually engaged in a discussion on literary theory or perhaps a series of witty repartee involving horrifyingly deep, triple-layered puns or perhaps a lengthy discourse about that fascinating Greenland shark study that I just read about in a scientific journal. Seriously, though, those sharks live to be almost four hundred years old.

Ahem. Moving right along.

The point is, I love having deep conversations, and I’m ready to plunge right in when I start talking to my friends. On the other hand, I rarely have personal conversations, and I hardly ever ask how someone is doing. Rather, I’ll ask about a writing project or for further thoughts on a previous deep conversation.It’s not that I don’t care, but as an INTP, I simply don’t connect with people.

I connect with ideas.

So, when I get asked to describe people, I’m not going to be able to tell you all that much about them. The truth is, I don’t see the need to know that much about them unless they want me to know. Personal lives are important, I understand, but I don’t want to talk about them. (It’s the same thought process that makes excessive photography so distasteful to me.) Much better to live your life than to relive it.

But I’ll gladly spend three hours on a conversation about sharks.
America’s Painful Journey From Prejudice To Greatness In Women’s Gymnastics — ThinkProgress
Diversity in a historically white sport is far more than symbolic.
By Lindsay Gibbs

Before 9:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in August, APEX Gymnastics in Leesburg, Virginia, is already filled with dozens of budding gymnasts. The three-year-olds, dressed in leotards still too big for them and with ponytails that won’t stay up, bounce on the trampoline, while the intermediate-level girls laugh amongst themselves as they put chalk on their hands and prepare to tackle the daunting uneven bars or four-inch balance beams.

River had been catching hell for the last several weeks from his wife. She was two months pregnant now and some change. She barely had a half year before she was knocked up again, to which River could justifiably say that it was a complete accident. She had firmly placed him in the dog house and upon arrival at the Capitol, he wasn’t bound to piss her off anymore. The stress of last year and of the new pregnancy and taking care of three small children had visible effects on River. Upon being thirty-four years old last month, there were a few age lines showing up on his face and sprinkles of salt and pepper littered in his short, black hair. He didn’t mind it, but he was more than happy to make jokes out of it at other people’s expense.

Upon seeing someone he knew, he pointed them out with a piercing look. “Don’t make fun of my hair, I like this old man look–” River said, running a hand across his hair.

Harry Styles Your Son Calls Him Daddy For The First Time Imagine - Part Four

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The Garage

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Request: Juice imagine when his old lady pays him a visit in the garage cause they haven’t had sex in a while and she’s tired of the situation.

Contains: Smut

Three weeks and four days.
Thats how long it had been since you and Juice had last been.. intimate.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t tried. But things with the club had been bad and he had been spending most of his time out with them, or staying late at the clubhouse.
But you were sick of it. You had been his old lady for almost a year now and you knew how hard he took it when the club was struggling. But you had never gone this long without him and you were tired of waiting around for him.
You stood in your bedroom and pulled on the black coat, tying it securely around your waistband shaking your hair out.
You looked at your reflection and smirked before sliding into your stilettos and walking out of the room.
It was a short drive over to TM but it seemed to last forever. Finally you pulled into the lot and you were happy to see that most of the bikes weren’t there. Juice’s was though and you scanned the lot before you spotted him in the garage, working under a car.
The place was pretty empty and you were glad.
You got out of the car and walked towards the garage.
Juice didn’t notice you walk in, his body was still lying beneath the car when you loosened the chains and let the roller doors slide down.
“What the fuck?” He asked as he heard the doors close and he slid out from beneath the car.
He wiped his hands on a rag and stood up, his eyes finally landing on you.
“Babe? What are you doing here?” Juice asked as he wiped his brow with his sleeve, leaving a trail of grease across his face.
“You know, I barely see you anymore Juicy.” You said as you leaned against the bench, playing with the wrench in your hands.
Juice sighed and walked towards you.
“I know baby, and Im sorry, but the clu-“
“I dont wanna hear it, Juice.” You said. You placed the wrench on the bench and stood straight, your eyes locked with his as you untied your coat.
“I dont wanna hear excuses, Juice, I just want my old man to fuck me.” You said and let the coat drop from your shoulders, leaving you standing in the garage in nothing but your stilettos and your finest lingerie.

His jaw dropped open as he studied your body. His eyes widened as he looked at the lacy garters and the see-through fabric covering the curves of your body.
You stepped towards him and ran your hands up his chest.
“I miss you, Juicy.” You purred and he licked his lips.
His hands reached out and touched your hips and you pressed your body against his.
You pressed your lips to his and his grasp on your hips tightened.
His tongue massaged yours as they moved together and you placed your hands on his shoulders.
Your tongue licked along his lower lip and you sucked at it softly before gently nibbling at it.
He growled softly and you smiled against his lips before pulling away and turning around.
His body pressed against your back and his hands explored your body as he rubbed himself against your ass.
His lips were on your neck and he sucked harshly at your soft skin.
You tilted your head to the side giving him more access and you moaned as he left a trail of marks across your skin.
His hands moved down your stomach and reached between your legs and a sudden urgency overcame him.
He moved you forward and you leant across the hood of the car as you heard him unbuckle his jeans.
His fingers traced your panties and he groaned behind you.
Your cheek pressed against the cool head of the car and you gasped as you felt his lips at your centre.
His tongue slid inside the fabric of your panties and moved along your folds as his hands massaged your ass cheeks.
His tongue slid down your folds and circled around your clit and you moaned loudly as you felt him suck gently.
He slid a finger inside you and pumped it in and out as his tongue ran circles over your clit.
You moaned loudly as you felt his finger move inside you and you felt yourself nearing orgasm.
“Juice!” You moaned against the car and his tongue moved faster and he slid another finger inside you.
He pumped them quickly inside you and moved his tongue around your clit.
Your legs began to tremble and your walls tightened and you moaned his name as you found your release.
Juice lapped at your juices as they flowed and he drank them thirstily.
“Fuck I’ve missed your pussy.” He growled and he rolled you over, your back pressed against the cars hood.

Juice kissed you hungrily and you could taste yourself on his lips.
His hands moved quickly as he dropped his jeans and slid his boxers down his thighs.
His mouth sucked at the soft skin of your breasts and he shifted the fabric, letting your breasts fall out of the lacy bra.
He took a nipple in his mouth and he sucked roughly, his other hand squeezed your other breast and you caressed his head as he sucked at your skin.
“I need you, Juice.” You purred and he growled.
His hand left your breast and you felt him tease his cock against your folds.
“Fuck me Juice!” You moaned and he growled again.
His mouth left you and he stood straighter. His hand moved the fabric of your panties to the side and he ran his cock over your folds again, making you moan.
He parted your folds with his fingers and slid himself inside slowly.
You moaned as you felt him enter you and you arched your back across the hood of the car.
He thrusted inside you, his eyes locked on your breasts as they bounced with each movement.
“Your so wet for me baby.” He said and you moaned loudly.
Juice thrusted his hips faster and you felt his whole length enter you.
He moved one of hi hands up your body and wrapped it around your throat gently.
You nodded at him and he tightened his grip slightly as his thrusts became faster and harder.
A moan left your lips as he shifted his other hand lower and his thumb rubbed against your clit as he thrusted inside you.
“Fuck, Juice!” You moaned and he growled.
The sound of his skin slapping against yours echoed through the garage and you bit your lip as Juice pounded inside you.
“This pussy is all mine, babe.” Juice growled and you nodded. He shook his head as he thrusted and tightened his grip on your throat.
“Say it.” He growled.
“This pussys all yours!” You moaned as his thumb rubbed against you and his cock pounded into you relentlessly.
“Good girl.” He growled and you moaned loudly.
Your legs began to shake as he pounded into you and you fire brewing inside you.
“Juice!” You moaned and his thrusts became deeper and faster and with each movement you felt him rub against your g spot.
“Fuck! Juice!” You screamed and your body released, your walls tightened around him and his heat filled you as he found his release too.
He rode out your high and both of you were panting as sweat covered your skin.

Juice leant against the car and watched you as you wrapped the coat around your body, a joint pressed between his lips.
“You should come visit me more often.” He smirked as you tied your coat.
You laughed as you walked towards him and lifted the joint from his lips.
You took a long drag and blew the smoke into his face slowly.
“You should fuck your old lady more often.” You smirked back and Juice grinned.
“I cant wait to find out what you do next time.”
You laughed loudly and walked towards the chains, lifting the roller doors.
“Oh honey, there wont be a next time. I bought a vibrator so next time you leave me for that long, your on your own.” You winked over your shoulder and grinned at the stunned look on his face.
“You bought a vibrator?” Juice asked in disbelief.
You laughed again and walked towards your car.
“I might just go home and try it out.” You called and walked towards your car.
Juices footsteps were loud as he ran behind you.
You squealed as he lifted you in his arms.
“Not without me.” He growled in your ear and you could feel his hardness pressed against your body.
You smiled as you got into your car and headed home for round two.

the road not taken

“You are beautiful.” Shiro didn’t know why he hadn’t said that more. It would never be enough. All he had to do was take Keith’s hand and walk through the door. All he had to do was say yes.

Keith was watching him hesitantly, those old walls slowly starting to build around him brick by doubting brick. They’d spent years breaking them down, but Shiro could see how afraid he was at losing a family again. Of being left alone and abandoned like everyone else had always done to him.

“I’m so sorry.”

I’m not leaving you behind again.

Somewhere, Shiro couldn’t stop screaming.