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Okay, Tegs, I'm gonna have to ask you to explain the 'getting asked to leave preschool' thing

Preschool was a weird time for me. I was one of those horribly precocious children- I’d taught myself to read before I was three- and so while my classmates were learning their ABCs, I was reading chapter books I’d brought from home. It was honestly a total waste of time, and I acted out a lot because I was bored as hell. It was really more like day care, but understaffed- for the entire three and four year old class, there was only one teacher. Her name was Sister Ida and she would play us songs on the guitar and sing. But this wasn’t enough to mollify me; I had been SO EXCITED about school because that’s where you get to learn. The kids in books all went to school- my mom says that the summer before I started pre-school, I’d get out of bed and wake her up in the middle of the night asking if it was time to go to school. But then school turned out to be an utter disappointment. A lot of preschool is really about socialization; learning to share, learning to get along with other kids, learning not to be pushy- but I would shut down around other kids because I just wanted to read books. I’d throw a fit when my books were taken away, so Sister Ida just let me read. What else could she do? My parents didn’t want to move me up a grade because I was bad enough at talking to children my own age and they really didn’t think I’d thrive with kids older than me. I wasn’t more mature emotionally than my age cohort- I was just academically quicker, and that was a recipe for disaster if they’d bumped me up. 

My parents could never get stuff done with me around, because I was always asking a million questions, so they turned to that old standby, the electronic babysitter. If I was out of books to read, I could turn on the TV; my mom just left the one in the living room tuned to the Discovery Channel.  This was old school Discovery Channel, not the reality show network it is today, which meant that I was watching animal documentaries all the time

One day, I saw a documentary about sea turtles. Specifically it was a program about the miracle of sea turtle birth- how they have so many eggs and how they don’t all make it to the sea. There was a segment on how the sea turtles find mates and how the males hang onto the females for up to twenty-four hours and how mating is violent but then she has all those eggs… I thought it was amazing. It seemed like some kind of magic trick- insert magic wand, presto change-o, baby sea turtles. I decided that I would take this in for show and tell- I would demonstrate (drumroll, please) mating

I had these little plastic turtles that I put in my schoolbag. Show and tell came around and when it was my turn, I stood up in front of the class and said “I’m going to show you how sea turtles mate!” 

Sister Ida was not fast enough to stop me. I started talking about how the sea turtles entered a mating bond and stacked the plastic turtles on top of each other and then talked about how the eggs came out of the female’s cloaca. It was upsetting to the other children because I was using big words they didn’t know and it was upsetting to the nun because I was teaching three year olds about sex. When I started talking about how the male enters the cloaca and stays there for as long as a day and how the female sea turtle tries to bite him because his claws hurt, well… they’re just lucky I didn’t have visual aids beyond those two plastic turtles because male sea turtle genitals are enormous and horrifying. 

This all led to a conference with my parents where the principal explained that 1.) I wasn’t learning anything; 2.) that my boredom was actually diminishing my burgeoning social skills; 3.) and that I was introducing material that wasn’t grade appropriate to kids who didn’t understand. Really, it was the best thing for me- the principal thought that I’d be better off at the public school where they actually had resources beyond a singing nun with a guitar. So when it was time for kindergarten, that’s where I went. 

How To Be A Good Med Student In The Clinical Years

A doctor once told me that the best instrument we have is medicine is the retrospectoscope.  Basically he was saying that often it is easier to make sense of things when looking back from the vantage point of the future.  This is true of life too.  After being an intern for two months I suddenly understand what things make for a strong med students, and what things do not.  Unfortunately, I feel like I lacked many of the qualities that would have made me a helpful med student.  Though I cannot rectify my own mistakes, perhaps I can pass my advice on to future generations of third and fourth year medical students.  I now present, how to be a good clinical med student:

  1. Show up.  This seems obvious.  When you are there to work, then be there to work.  It is so frustrating when medical students are mysteriously absent all the time (only to be found later in the cafe or cafeteria) or when they are there but totally disinterested in what is going on.  I understand that sometimes as a medical student things get slow - like when the interns are putting in orders and notes or when there is a slow call day.  But at least bring something to read.  Don’t play Pokemon Go.  Don’t spend all day on Uworld.  Make an effort to learn real clinical medicine.
  2. Take initiative to learn.  When I was a third year I would wander the hospital to find learning opportunities.  I made friends with the telemetry nurses and they started a folder of good tele strips to give me each day.  I would go to other teams and see if their patients had good exam findings.  I found the cardiology fellows and asked if they had good patients with murmurs.  There is so much learning that can happen if you are willing to experience it.  Now, referring back to number 1, make sure you always let your residents know where you are.  Personally, I would be ecstatic if my students went to hunt down murmurs rather than playing Pokemon Go. 
  3. Read your patient’s chart.  This can be very helpful and will make you look like a star.  Residents are busy taking admissions and sometimes don’t have the time to hunt down records that are three and four years old.  You can stand out by doing that  Look at a patient’s past hospital notes or their specialty clinic notes.  For example, you might be able to alert the resident that an old echocardiogram demonstrated a below normal ejection fraction, which in turn might change how much fluid the patient is given.  Or perhaps you found that during a hospitalization in the past the patient became delirious and needed a one-to-one sitter.  Find ways to add information in a helpful, non-prescriptive, non-judgmental way.  I guarantee your reviews will benefit.
  4. Read about your patient’s condition.  Even if you just browse Medscape, UpToDate, or some other curated source, make sure you understand the basics of your patient’s primary diagnosis.  If they are there for heart failure, read over the basics of treatment.  If they have autoimmune hepatitis look up some info on diagnosis and prognosis.  These things will get noticed, especially when you ask intelligent questions on rounds.  Do not be like a med student I had who, when asked, reported for 4 straight days that he had not read about his patient’s disease.  He instead responded he was too busy with Uworld so he would get a good shelf score.
  5. See your patients.  I literally had students who, on rounds, tried to present without actually having seen the patient in the morning.  This is a huge no-no.  Get to work early enough to see your patients, review their labs, and their overnight events.  
  6. Practice your presentations.  Even if it is on your own or with other medical students, spend time working on your presentation skills.  Heck, even ask the residents to watch you.  I would be happy to do that for any of my students.  Unfortunately, none have taken me up on that offer and instead bumble through their presentation each day making the same mistakes.  By the end of medical school you need to be able to make a good presentation. 
  7. Spend time working on note writing.  Compare your notes to your residents’, your attendings’, and the specialists’.  Everyone has a different style.  Look at lots of notes to determine a style for yourself.  
  8. Forget all the step 1 stuff you learned.  I find many students perseverate on the terrible stereotypes and patterns they see on step 1.  Not all black people with cough have sarcoidosis.  Not every patient with acute kidney injury needs urine eosinophils.  These are good associations, but realize that step 1 has little overlap with real clinical medicine.  Take those associations with a grain of salt. 
  9. Don’t just look for zebras.  I cannot tell you how many times students opt not to follow a patient because the case “doesn’t seem that interesting.”  The majority of medicine is made up of mundane and common diseases such as heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, cirrhosis, etc.  It is pretty rare to get the exciting cases, like disseminated histoplasmosis or a crazy paraneoplastic syndrome.  A lot of learning can happen on cases that are “bread and butter” medicine.  Make sure you follow those cases too. 
  10. Be gentle to your interns/residents.  The transition from 4th year to being a doctor is swift and brutal.  It is easy to criticize when you aren’t the one taking 5 admits.  Find ways to help your intern/resident, because in return they will help you.  I learned this lesson the hard way my 4th year, when I unintentionally threw an intern under the bus while trying to look smart.  Afterwards she took me aside and reminded me that she controlled much of my fate while I was a student under her.  I learned my lesson and we went on to become very good friends.

The clinical years of medical school are daunting.  You constantly feel like a tap dancing monkey, trying to impress people you barely have time to get to know.  But personally, I am not looking for someone who knows everything about everything.  That’s why you are in school.  The best thing you can get out of third and fourth year is how to do a good history and physical, how to write good notes, and how to triage patients.  The best students are interested, willing to learn, and know their patients well.  If you keep that in mind, the clinical years are much simpler.  I promise, if you follow your patients you will learn much more than just doing qbank questions.   

Best of luck on your clinical rotations.  Don’t make things too complicated.  At the end of the day have fun, treat your patients right, and keep an open mind.  The learning will happen whether you recognize it or not.

Nesting Headcanons

-Omegas start nesting at a young age, like three or four years old, not so much because they need to but because they see their mother do it and they want to do it too. They start with small nests made just about anywhere, their bed, the floor, the couch, anywhere they feel like settling. Their little nests are always filled with small blankies and stuffed toys. At this age they don’t really care who is near their nest, they actually love having people around because they take pride in showing it off

-As Omegas start to get older, around twelve to fourteen years old, they become very dependent on the security and comfort their nest provides. They no longer like people being around it because they’re starting to be able to pick up the scents of other dynamics more and it makes them uncomfortable to have other scents on their nest besides their own

-When an Omega goes into heat for the first time, around fifteen to seventeen years old, they often make a new nest in a dark and enclosed place like their closet. Absolutely no one is welcome in or near that nest, with the exception of their Omega parent who checks in with food and water every now and then, since at this age the Omega usually won’t have a mate to take care of them yet

-Unmated Omegas always have a nest made, mated Omegas don’t though because they have an Alpha to provide them with warmth, comfort and security. Mated Omegas will usually only nest during heats, pregnancies, sicknesses and when they are extremely stressed or sad. Only their Alpha is allowed in these nests

-Whenever an Omega buys a new blanket they will insist that their Alpha needs to cuddle in it with them before it can be used for a nest, because it needs to have their scents rubbed into it

-Little Omega children excitedly building a big nest for them and their Alpha and Beta siblings in the living room on movie nights so they can all be cuddly and cozy together

-When Omegas are building a nest they become very zoned into it and even their Alpha has difficulty getting their attention until the Omega is satisfied with it

-An Alpha trying to be helpful and building a nest for their Omega who is about to go into heat, the Omega being very appreciative of the gesture but as soon as the Alpha leaves the room they rearrange everything the way they like it because Omegas are very particular about their nests

-Omegas are very uncomfortable with any Alpha scent besides their mates being anywhere near their nest, the scents of other Omegas can be comforting at times though

-During summer Omegas build their nests with light sheets and blankets and prefer to sleep naked because they love the soothing feel of the cool linens on their warm skin, but in winter they will use the thickest and softest blankets they can find while wearing fuzzy pajamas and snuggling as close to their Alpha as possible

-A small Omega building a nest and insisting that their Alpha parent cuddle in it with them, “like you do with mama!” and the Omega parent trying not to laugh as their big strong Alpha is cuddled into a tiny nest of stuffed animals and pink flowery blankets

Back up

In Pidge’s defence she hadn’t known that the ancient and unstable Altean artefact was there. She had just assumed it was an ugly Vase and hadn’t thought twice about moving it into the common room so she had something to put her spare nuts and bolts in.
She had actually forgotten all about it by time she had started working on her laptop and the other members of her team had slowly filed in still looking half asleep.
As normal Lance was the last to join them, yawning loudly as if to announce his presence before flopping down on the couch across Hunks lap.
Hunk didn’t hesitate to run his fingers through the blue paladin’s hair like he was some kind of cat.
“I’m bored.” Lance declared after only a few minutes, rolling off Hunk to the ground.
“Then go do something.” Pidge suggested not even looking up from her computer.
“But I don’t wanna do anything!” Lance moaned lying face down on the floor making small noises of protest.
“God Lance your such a child.” Keith rolled his eyes.
As if to prove Keith’s point Lance began kicking his legs like a toddler.
Shiro saw what was going to happen before it happened. He tried to warn Lance but before he could say anything he kicked the vase over causing it to smash against the floor.
“Lance!” Pidge snapped placing her computer to one side, annoyance clear on her face.
“Sorry sorry I’ll clean it up” he replied sheepishly standing up as he began to gather the pieces in his hand.
Hunk was going to warn him to be careful not to cut himself but before the words left his mouth Lance hissed in pain as a thin line of blood formed on his finger.
“Oh Lance.” Hunk mumbled under his breath as he slowly shook his head getting up to grab a cloth to stop the bleeding.
“Jeez can’t you do anything without making a mess.” Pidge huffed surprised by the lack of response. “Lance?”
Shiro asked a feeling of dread settling in.
Lance had gone very quiet, his brow spotted with sweat and his hands were shaking.He looked like he was about to throw up.
“Lance, buddy what’s wrong?” Hunk asked worry clear in his voice.
Lance’s knees suddenly buckled and Hunk had to lung forwards to catch the limp paladin before he hit the floor.
“Lance!” The four yelled rushing over to him.
His face was scrunched in pain, but the most disturbing part was the sounds.
It was like his bones were being ground up.
They watched in horror as they saw Lance’s bones physically move beneath his skin.
“I’ll get Allura!” Keith yelled before running off.
As the minutes ticked by Lance seemed to be physically shrinking.
His lanky frame becoming smaller and smaller, his jaw line rearranging to become softer with fuller cheeks.
He was tiny by the time Allura came racing into the room, she looked around eyes landing on Lance and yelled something in Altean.
The shrinking seemed to stop but Lance still seemed to be in a considerable amount of pain.
“Allura what happened to him?” Shiro asked looking down at his team mate.
Not only was he now smaller he looked younger too. Easily passing for only three or four years old.
“I believe he somehow triggered the Arcane Varse.” She replied grimly placing a hand on his forehead frowning.
“The ugly vase he broke?” Pidge asked.
“That is correct, such artefacts are designed to help young Altean’s learn how to shape shift. However when Lance cut himself it must of logged his DNA and caused the change to what the artefact expected its user to be.”
“Can we turn him back?” Hunk asked still holding Lance close like he was afraid he may dissipear completely.
“With the artifact broken… he is stuck like this until we find a replacement however…”
“Let me guess it’s a super rare object and likely we won’t be able to find it!” Keith snapped angrily.
His anger only intensified when Allura nodded in response “why the hell would you just leave that lying around!” He yelled.
Allura opened her mount to answer when a small whimper came from Lance.
Everyone stopped and stared as he slowly opened his eyes.
“W-what happened?” He asked seeing his teams worried stares.
Lance realised fairly quickly something was wrong from how high his voice was and how big his clothes seemed on him.
The final clue was that he was being cradled by Hunk.
The tears started to fall before he could stop them, loud sobs wracked his body.

—————————————- Based off:
Oh My Baby

Request: I want to request a chanyeol scenario. The story is similar to Oh My Lady drama…

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1427

Two weeks. Two weeks is all it can take for a life to drastically change, for better or worse. In Chanyeol’s opinion, it was definitely for the worse.

Two weeks ago, he was sat in his desk chair in his new house, composing new melodies for the groups’ latest album. He was happily strumming on his guitar when the doorbell rang, causing him to sigh in mild frustration before carefully setting the instrument down on the carpeted floor and standing to answer the door.

He was in no way prepared for what lay behind it.

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Pilot episode (Spn)+mute reader

Dean was walking back to his car burdened with supplies. He puts the groceries in the trunk of the impala and pauses- he just heard something that sounded like a baby. Concerned as well as cautious the eldest Winchester follows the noise. In the tall grass Dean finds a baby that is less then a year old. The 19 year old Winchester spends over an hour trying to find the child’s parents with no prevail.

He checks if the young child is human and is slightly relieved that they are. “I don’t know what to do other then take you with me to the motel.” Dean says. John Winchester is very hesitant to allow an infant in the family. “Dad please… I looked for her parents for over an hour with no luck- she needs someone to look after her. Would it make you feel better if I told you that she’s human?” John reluctantly gives in.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Sammy don’t go.” A three almost four year old Y/N pleads. Sam looks at his little sister and sighs softly.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I don’t belong here.” Sam answers tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Y/N looks at Sam with tears in her eyes.

“Sammy.” She wails as he walks away. Dean kneels down in front of her and gently wipes away her tears.

“It’s okay Bedbug… you still got me.” He says gently scooping her up and allowing her to bury her face into the crook of his neck. The last word that Y/N ever said was Sammy- due to a terrible case of strep throat, the youngest Winchester was rendered forever mute.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
‘Where are we going?’ You sign from the passenger seat one day.

“We’re getting Sam.” Dean replies. He knows sign language but he prefers actually talking to you since your ears work just fine. “You wouldn’t remember him- you were three when he left.”

‘Does that mean I’m going to have to sit in the back- where you can’t really see what I’m signing?’

“We’ll figure something out bug.”

'Doubt Sam knows sign… so that makes you my translator- again.’

“You say it like that’s a bad thing.” It’s quiet in the cab of the impala for a bit. “Hey I was thinking-” Dean starts to say.

'That’s always dangerous.’

“Choosing to ignore that. How about we go stay the night at a hotel, since we’ve been on the road for so long.”

'Now I like that idea.’
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Dean POV-
Once we get to the motel which isn’t that far from where Sam is, Y/N crashes on one of the two beds. Once I’m sure that she is asleep I leave the motel room to go find Sam. When I do find him, he is surprised to see me- and I’m surprised he has a girlfriend. While talking to Sam, I sign 'Dad is on a hunting trip’ just to see if Sam knows sign language. I am pretty certain that Sam just thought I did an elaborate hand gesture.

Sam is pretty adamant about not wanting to be pulled back into the family business. “You don’t have to come, but will you at least come say hello to Y/N?” I ask. Sam falters, he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for our little sister.

“Y/N is with you?” He asks. I nod in response. Sam’s girlfriend looks confused. “How old is she now? I mean the last time I saw her she was three.”

“Seven and a half, she’s going to be eight here pretty soon.”

“I pretty much missed our little sister growing up…” Sam would’ve stayed at school if it wasn’t for his girlfriend convincing him to go- just had be back before Monday. I drive back to the motel.

“Take the empty bed Sam.” I say.

“Where you going to sleep?” My younger brother asks.

“Y/N is used to sharing a bed with me.” I answer.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
The way how Dean said that makes me wonder how many times over the last four years did the two of them had to share a bed. I also have to wonder if my little sister is already hunting. I manage to fall into a bit of a fitful sleep. When I wake up I notice that Dean is already up. Y/N on the other hand is still asleep. “Morning Sammy.” Dean says.

“Morning. Pipsqueak still asleep over there?”

“Yeah… don’t try waking her up, she is a sass queen when tired.”

“Okay then… she isn’t hunting yet is she?”

“Oh hell no. She had to tag along because Pastor Jim was busy, Bobby was on a hunt with Rufus and well you know how dad is. Besides I’m pretty much the only one that understands what she is saying.”

“What do you mean?” I ask my brows knitting together.

“You’ll find out when Y/N wakes up.” Not sure what my brother was meaning, I drop the subject. Y/N wakes up about half an hour later. “Morning sleeping beauty.” Dean says with a smile. Y/N does this elaborate hand gesture similar to the one Dean did last night. Causing Dean to laugh.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Your POV-
“Morning sleeping beauty.” Dean says with a grin to you when you wake up.

'Oh go take your good mood and shove it somewhere.’ You sign in response. Dean laughs.

“Wow kiddo- isn’t it a bit early to be saying things like that.”

'Like that stops you. Who’s the moose?’

“Figured you wouldn’t remember him- but that wasn’t the wording I was expecting. That’s Sam.” You simply wave hello.

“I’m confused, why did Y/N just wave at me instead of saying hello?” Sam asks in response.

“Sam, Y/N did say hello. She lost the use of her vocal chords when she was three and a half.”


“A severe case of strep throat. It was so bad that it permanently damaged her vocal chords.” Sam sits down on the other bed holding his head in his hands.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
It feels like my heart just broke into three million pieces. First I find out that Y/N barely remembers me, then I find out that my sister became forever mute right after I left for school- on top of it all I don’t know sign language so I don’t understand what she is saying.

Y/N walks over to the bed I’m sitting on and sits down next to me. She signs something but to me it’s just hand gestures. “I don’t know sign…” I tell her. My seven year old sister’s slump, a look of dejection forms on her face. She turns to Dean and signs something towards him- he nods in response.

“Y/N asked if you are okay.” Dean says translating for her.

“It’s just a lot to process. I’ll be fine (Nickname).” I answer flashing her a small smile. Y/N smiles in return, she then signs something that I didn’t need Dean to translate for me, the only sign that I actually know. Y/N just signed I love you. I then pull my little sister into a gentle hug. “I love you too bug.”

“You understood that one?” Dean asks in surprise as I let Y/N out of the hug.

“That is the only sign I know.” I admit.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-no one’s POV-
“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cake hole.” Dean says to Sam.

'Unless you’re me.’ You text to Sam. Since you were sitting in the back and your brothers couldn’t really see you signing you went with the next best thing.

“I’m guessing that there are a few exceptions.” Sam says when reading the text.

“(Nickname) told on me?” Dean asks with a bit of amusement in his voice. Smiling to himself he turns on some music. You start signing along to it. The thing about signing to music is that it looks like choreography in its own way. Dean sees what you’re doing in the rearview mirror and smiles a little.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
By the end of the hunt Sam pops an unexpected question to Dean. “Can Y/N stay with me for a bit- to keep her out of hunting for a while longer.”

“That’s actually a good idea the only thing is you don’t know sign…” Dean trails off, glancing at your sleeping form before returning his eyes to the road.

“I don’t but Jess does.” Dean throws his brother a look.



'It’s going to be lonely without her.’ Dean thinks to himself. You are awake by the time Dean parks in the parking lot next to Sam’s dorm. “Hey Buggy, you don’t mind staying with Sam for awhile do you?” Dean asks.

You smile slightly before texting 'no offense to Pastor Jim or Bobby but I’d rather spend time with at least one of my brothers then with them.’ Dean laughs when he reads the message.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
Y/N takes my hand when the two of us get out of Dean’s car. I can’t help but smile at her- in which she smiles in reply. “Hey Jess I’m back… and well I brought someone I want you to meet.” I say when I enter my dorm. My girlfriend looks up from her homework and smiles at me, her eyes then fall on Y/N.

“Who’s this cutie?” Jess asks walking over to us.

“This is my little sister.” I reply. Y/N smiles at my girlfriend and signs something- no idea what she’s saying though. Jess smiles before she signs anything in reply I tell her that Y/N can hear just fine just can’t speak.

It takes my girlfriend a second to process this but she then chuckles to herself before replying. “Hello Y/N. I’m Jess.” My eight year old sister grins in response. Jess and Y/N talk for awhile up until Y/N is about to pass out.

“Okay kiddo, think you need to get some sleep.” I say when Y/N yawns for the twentieth time. Poor kid doesn’t get to sleep long- my dorm catches on fire. “Y/N, we need to get out of here.” I say shaking my sister awake. The look in her eyes is asking me what’s going on. I tell her I’ll explain later, I then tell her to get outside. Y/N does so, I don’t really know why I linger in the burning dorm.
I’m not really surprised Dean shows up and tells me to get my ass outside. I do just that. I look around for Y/N slightly worried. I then spot her sitting on the trunk of Dean’s car, wrapped in a blanket and holding a toy bear close to her chest.

“Dean, I thought you left.” I say to my brother.

“I did, but Bedbug left something of hers in the backseat of my car, so I was returning it. Guess it was a good idea that I did come back.” Dean replies. “What happened?”

“I’ll explain when we don’t have innocent ears listening in.” Dean nods understandingly.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-no one POV-
Sam tells Dean everything that just happened. “That’s how dad described the fire.” Dean points out, referring to the fire that killed the boys mom. Sam nods in agreement.

“On the ceiling and everything.” Sam agrees. “What we going to do with Bug?”

“I don’t know, I mean she hasn’t seen either of us for a while. But she’s still innocent about the world. Think we should take her to Bobby’s.” Neither of the boys notice that you just woke up, and heard that they were going to take you back to Bobby’s. A tear slides down your cheek. It seems like you’re always being left behind. You spend more time with Bobby or Pastor Jim then your own family.

When the three of you get to a hotel Sam and Dean try to engage in conversation with you but you keep your hands in your pockets, basically saying I don’t want to talk to you. “Okay what’s going on.” Dean says calling you out on it.

'The fact you’re shipping me off to Bobby’s again!’ You angrily sign in reply.
'I spend more time with him or pastor Jim more then my own family. I haven’t seen you in over a month Dean, and do not get me started on Sam!’ Sam looks blankly at you trying to understand what you’re saying- he knows that you’re beyond angry.


'Don’t you fucking Bedbug me… you son of a jackass!’

“Y/N!” Dean scolds. You do a gesture even Sam knew. You then storm out of the hotel room, you head to the lobby and sit down in a chair. You pull your notebook out of your hoodie pocket as well as a pencil. Tears stream down your cheeks as you jot down your thoughts. You’re in that spot for at least an hour, Dean actually walked past you a few times not even noticing that you’re even there. Now the last time he walks by he sees you. “There you are. Christ (nickname), you gave me a heart attack when you just walked out of the room.” He says when he sees you. You give no form of response. “Y/N, what has gotten into you… you’ve never acted out like that before.”

'Go ahead and leave me at Bobby’s I’m used to being abandoned.’ You sign in reply, breaking your brother’s heart. 'I know when I’m not wanted.’ Dean kneels in front of you and gently lowers your hands and puts them in your lap, so you won’t interrupt him.

“Don’t say things like that. You know that I’ll always come back for you… I leave you with Bobby and Pastor Jim to keep you out of dad’s drunken wrath. Trust me- it breaks my heart every time I have to leave you behind… but I do it to keep you safe. If something happened to you or Sam, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”


“I promise.” Dean says crossing his heart. “Come on, let’s go before Sammy has a coronary.” A small smile forms on your face as you put your notebook and pencil back in your hoodie pocket. You then take your older brother’s hand and the two of you walk back to the hotel room.
→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →


anonymous asked:

Hi, could you write more domestic/dad Bucky things? Like Home. I loved that so much, oh my gosh. Maybe them having a big family or other baby on the way, or just interacting with their children, please? <3

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: same universe as this (but this prompt can be read on its’ own)

A/N: dad!bucky is basically my kink lol. AND I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED “A new home”!!! I hope you enjoy this little piece as well <33 

You rushed down the stairs (or at least tried to be quick, but being heavily pregnant made it a little harder) and went into the kitchen where Bucky was currently making pancakes for Amy and Nathan.

“Sorry, I’m so late. I love you,” you kissed Bucky, then the back of the children’s heads.
“You shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself, (Y/N).”
You simply waved him off and went outside to your car. Your due date was in two weeks. That was two weeks of you being able to get stuff done. You certainly wouldn’t waste that time.

The kids watched you drive away, then returned their attention to their dad.

“Daddy? When do I get my baby sister?” the three – almost four year old asked and Nathan rolled his eyes.

“They’ve already told you that it’s going to be a boy.”

The girl turned her head to her brother, then back to her father, then once more to Nathan and one final time to her dad, with tears filling her eyes and her lower lip trembling.

Bucky sighed annoyed by his son’s attitude.

“Good job, buddy.”  

Nathan simply shrugged. It’s not like he was lying. 

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Four years

Sam and Dean are out on a hunt. For the second month in a row you’ve missed your period, suspicious you ask Cas to get you a pregnancy test. “Sam and Dean are so going to kill me.” You say when you see the results are positive. So your brothers wouldn’t find the test you wrap it up in a pad wrapper and throw it away. You somehow get rid of the box that the test came in as well, then promptly break down crying.

“Hey what’s going on?” A familiar voice asks- Chuck.

“Think you already know Chuck. I mean you’re god after all.” You answer wiping away the tears.

“What do you want to do with the four of them?”

“Did you just say I’m having quadruplets?”

“Two boys and two girls.” You sigh, then ask if there is anyway to keep the five of you away from the supernatural world. “I can do that, if you really want to leave.” You nod- Chuck then snaps his fingers packing all your clothes, and personal items. He then snaps his fingers again transporting you and your things to a cabin in the woods- he also teleported your car.

“Thank you Chuck. This means a lot.”

“You’re welcome.”

A month after you fled from the only life you’ve ever known you change your phone number. It’s kind of nice not having supernatural things breathing down your neck- then again no creature in their right mind would go after someone that is protected by an army of angels and by God himself. Granted there are a few idiots… then there’s Garth, he falls into his own category.

One night there was a small pack of werewolves outside of the cabin, in the morning you wearily walk outside and find Garth and a few members of his pack stationed outside. They’re more or less guarding the place. “Jeez Garth, you gave me a small heart attack yesterday.” You say as you lean against your car looking at your werewolf friend.

“That was unintentional. I just saw your car. Figured you were on a hunt and weren’t done with it or something similar to that.” Garth replies. His eyes fall onto your stomach- you were starting to show. “Wasn’t expecting to find you here pregnant…”

“If you tell either one of my brothers about this I will shoot you.”

“You haven’t told them?” You shake your head.

“I don’t want my kids to be in the hunting lifestyle, besides if my brothers found out about this one of them would more then likely scream bloody murder.” Garth just nods in response.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Hey Chuck…” You say one day.

“What’s wrong?” God asks in response, concern noticeable in his voice. You lightly chuckle to yourself.

“Nothing- I was actually wondering if you would be willing to be the kids’ godfather.”

“Why me out of everyone?”

“Because you’re going out of your way to help me. Besides, I doubt any supernatural being in their right mind would go after four children that are god’s godchildren.”

“When you put it that way then I don’t see any reason why I would say no.” A gentle smile forms on your face. “Decided on names yet?”

“Yeah… the girls are Ellie and Mary, and the boys are John and Bobby.” Chuck notices the distant look on your face and asks what’s wrong. You then tell him that you were worried about delivering the four of them- they’re due any day now.

“If you’re that worried about it, I can always snap some surgeons into existence to help deliver them.” Chuck says sitting down next to you.

“That’s if something goes wrong.” You counter. Chuck thinks about it for a second before agreeing. You grimace slightly as one of the four children in your womb kick you rather hard.

“What was that face for, do you hate me that much?” A certain archangel named Gabriel asks popping in as you do that.

“I don’t hate you- someone kicked me rather hard just now.” You reply. Over the last few months different angels have shown up to help you out- Cas, Gabe, and Balthazar are the three main ones (besides Chuck of course) that haven show up and lent you a helping hand or two. “How’s Sam and Dean doing?” Cas is normally the one that keeps tabs on your brothers for you, but today you asked Gabriel to do it.

“They just got done with a windigo hunt in Tennessee, miraculously they got out of that one with a few scrapes and bruises. Both of them have all but given up on trying to locate you.”

“That sounds like my brothers alright. I’ve been gone for seven months now and they are still searching high and low for me…” You trail off. The inside fabric of your pants is soaking wet- your water just broke.


“I think my water just broke.” You reply closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths to calm your nerves.

You deliver Bobby on your own, the other three you’re having problems with. “Okay Y/N, I have to interfere here.” Chuck says snapping his fingers, less than two seconds later you’re on a gurney, with an i.v in your arm.

“Chuck?” You weakly ask. Chuck doesn’t say anything in response instead he just snaps his fingers again creating a small team of surgeons out of thin air. He then tells Gabriel something but you don’t catch it because you’re so disoriented. The archangel presses two fingers to your forehead rendering you unconscious.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
When the quadruplets turn one, Chuck does something unexpected- he literally moves your family to a larger house. “You didn’t have to do that Chuck.” You say.

“You’re right I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.” Chuck replies. You laugh lightly. Considering you didn’t have a lot when you left the bunker, unpacking is relatively easy. Your neighbors are actually rather nice people and a few of them have kids around the same age as yours.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years. It’s the day before the quadruplets fourth birthday- you ask Balthazar to babysit for awhile so you can get a few things from the store.

While at the store you unintentionally crash into someone. “Sorry, I didn’t see where I was going.” You quickly apologise, as (hair color) hair falls into your eyes.

“No harm done.” The person you collided with replies. Your heart skips a beat- you know that voice, it belongs to Sam. You move your hair out of your eyes hoping to see someone that just sounds like your brother; much to your dismay it is your brother. “Y/N?” Your brother asks surprised.

“Hi Sammy.” You answer sheepishly. Instead of your brother getting after you he just smiles at you. You know Sam has questions but he doesn’t get a chance to ask any because Dean shows up holding two different kinds of pie, not paying much attention to you.

“I can’t make up my mind so I’m getting both of them.” Your eldest brother says. “You going to get anything?”

“Right now I’m thinking of a hug from our kid sister.” Sam replies causing you to laugh. Your laughter causes Dean to look at you. His candy apple green eyes light up like a Christmas tree. You’re honestly expecting one of them to yell at you but that doesn’t happen; instead you get a bone crushing hug from each of them.

“You two aren’t mad at me?” You ask.

“I’m mad alright, but I’m also happy to see you.” Dean answers. “Where have you been for the last three almost four years?”

“Not hunting that’s for sure.” You answer.

“What’s with the toys?” Sam asks noticing the contents of your basket.

“The toys are birthday gifts for four troublemakers.” You reply. “I don’t really want to go into detail about this.”

“Come on (nickname), what’s going on?” You sigh, Sam just pulled out the puppy dog eyes.

“It’s easier to take you two back to my place than explain it…”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“You know when you said place, I wasn’t expecting a house.” Dean comments as he gets out of the impala. You laugh lightly as you unlock the front door and open it. You then invite your brothers in.

You groan when you see the mess, you also know who made the mess- Bobby. “Robert Adam!” You nearly yell. Bobby doesn’t answer- which is a little odd. Out of the corner of your eye you spot Ellie, holding her toy elephant. “Come ‘ere little elephant.” You say picking the toddler up and placing her on your hip. You call Ellie little elephant because of her name and because of the fact elephants are your daughter’s favorite animal.

“You babysitting or something?” Dean asks, making you turn around and look at your eldest brother.

“No… if anyone is babysitting it would be either Cas, Gabe, Balthazar or Chuck.” You answer. You then turn attention to your mini-me. “Have you seen your siblings recently princess?”

“U'cle Bath is playing wif them out slide.” The three almost four year old girl answers. Ellie has always had issues saying Balthazar’s name as well as outside. You set Ellie on the ground before kneeling down in front of her so you could look into her eyes.

“Mind getting them for me?”

“Otay mommy.” Ellie then toddles off looking for her brothers and her sister. You smile as you stand back up.

“Is that why you left- you were pregnant?” Sam asks. For a moment there you completely forgot that your brothers were there.

“Pretty much…” You answer, as you head to the kitchen to get something to drink. Sam and Dean follow you of course. You pull out the two beers that you hid in the back of the fridge, you also grab a can of soda. You give the beer to the boys. “Haven’t had much alcohol since the kids were born.” You explain.

“How many kids do you have anyways?” Sam asks as he opens his beer and takes a swig.

“I have quadruplets.” A look of horror flashes across your brothers’ faces. “Relax I always have a helping hand when it comes to the four of them.” As you’re talking to your brothers- someone clamps onto your right leg; John.

“Tag!” You hear Mary exclaim.

“Nuh-uh, mommy’s safe.” John argues. Mary sticks out her tongue- she also flips off her brother.

“Mary Louise… where did you learn that gesture?” You scold looking at Mary unamused.

“You don’t get after U'cle Gabe when he does it.” Mary pouts.

“Well Uncle Gabe is technically a grown up. Even if he doesn’t act like it.” When Bobby comes in he tries to slink away before you notice him- that doesn’t work too well. “Bobby, are you going to tell me why there’s a mess in the hallway?” You inquire causing the eldest quadruplet to look down at the ground.

“Sorry mommy.” He answers. You sigh before ruffling his hair. Confused he looks up at you- and spots your brothers. He then cowers behind you slightly intimidated. You don’t really blame him, Sam and Dean are skyscrapers compared to a toddler. His eyes widen. “Who are they?” He squeaks.

“It’s okay mini-moose, they’re not going to hurt you.” You say as you pick your son up and set him on your hip. “There we go, they’re not so gigantic from up here are they?” Bobby shakes his head shaggy (hair color) hair falling into his face. Bobby reminds you of Sam in more than one way; hence the nickname of mini-moose. You then introduce Bobby to your brothers.

“Mommy calls you a moose too?” Bobby asks Sam.

“She does actually. She’s weird like that.” Sam replies.

“Sammy.” You groan. Your older brother flashes you a smile. “Okay, you’re getting heavy.” You mutter as you set Bobby down. No surprise that he toddles over to Sam and does grabby hands wanting up.

“Y/N, you’ve only said three names while we’ve been here. I don’t know your other son’s name.” Dean comments.

“His name is John.” You answer. “Johnathan Daniel.”

“Am I in trouble?” John meekly asks in response.

“Now why would you think something like that?”

“You said my full name.”

“You’re not in trouble bud, I was just telling your uncle what your name is.”

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
Once you put the kids to bed for the night Dean asks you about their names and who is the eldest out of the four of them. “Bobby was first, then Mary, John after her and Ellie is the youngest.” You explain. “As for their names- I named them after dad, Bobby, Ellen and your mom.”

“Not what I meant. I was wondering where Adam, Louise, Daniel and Jo came from.” Dean clarifies.

“Oh. Adam and Jo were my picks- Adam for our brother, and Jo for Jo Harvelle. Louise was Balthazar’s pick and Daniel was Gabriel’s.”

“I thought Gabe was dead…” Sam mutters to himself. “How have you managed to get out of hunting for almost four years now?” He sounds slightly jealous.

“One, Chuck’s the one that has made sure nothing supernatural comes near my kids; and two who in their right mind would go after the godchildren of god himself?”

“Fair point.” Sam rabbit trails slightly. “Why’d you threaten to shoot Garth?”

“He scared the ever loving crap out of me. How would you feel if you heard a pack of werewolves on your doorstep- yet none of them dared to enter?”

“When you say it like that, I don’t blame you for wanting to shoot him.” Dean checks his watch.

“We should get going. It was good to see you sis.” He says standing up.

“Dean wait… I want you two to stay here for a little bit. I mean I have two spare rooms completely furnished.” You counter. “Also the kids really like both of you- it’s also their birthday tomorrow.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose.”

“Trust me you won’t be imposing. My door is always open for you two- except when you have a creature on your asses.” Your brothers laugh.

In the morning you’re not surprised to find Dean in the kitchen. “Morning Dean.” You say.

“Morning (Nickname). I was tempted to make breakfast but I didn’t know if I was allowed to do that and I also don’t know what your kids like.” He explains running a hand through his hair.

“You can always use the kitchen.” You glance at your phone seeing what day of the week it is. “As for food it’s Saturday, which means pancakes.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I try and make pancakes for the kids every Saturday.” You answer as you start digging in the pantry looking for the dry ingredients for pancakes. You sigh when you can’t find them. “Guess pancakes aren’t going to be happening today.”

“Want me to make a supply run?” You tell your brother that you can go. “Are you sure? Seriously though I can go.”

“I need to get a few other things too, and I don’t want to make a list.” Eventually Dean gives in.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
(Dean POV)
I watch as Y/N grabs her keys and takes her leave. I’m still trying to recover from the fact that my little sister is a mom.

“U'nle De?” One of the kids ask tugging on my shirt pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yeah?” I ask looking down at the child. I’m pretty sure it’s Mary, but I might be wrong. It’s hard to determine who is who.

“Will you play with us?”


By the time Y/N gets back from the store, Sam and I are being used as pillows. The girls are curled up against me while the boys are asleep against my brother. “They weren’t too much trouble were they?” Y/N asks when she sees the six of us. I flash a smile towards my sister.

“They were fine… they acted a lot like you did when you their age.” I reply.

“Is that good or bad?”

“Depends how you look at it.” Y/N airily chuckles. “How do you tell them apart?” She then explains to us that somehow all four of the kids got different color eyes. Bobby’s eyes are hazel like Sam’s, Mary’s eyes are green like mine, John somehow ended up with brown eyes and Ellie has (eye color) eyes.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
(No one’s POV)
“Please tell me that you two will stop by when you’re in town.” You tell your brothers as they’re getting ready to leave.

“Do you want us too?” Sam asks in reply.

“Like I said before my door is always open for you two- just don’t bring the family business in when you visit.” Your brothers laugh as they each give you a hug.

“See you around Sis.” Dean says.

“Don’t be strangers you two.” You watch as Sam and Dean get into the front seat of the impala and drive off into the sunrise. “Stay safe guys.” You say knowing that your brothers couldn’t hear you. You walk back to the porch and linger there for a moment, you then shake your head before heading inside then closing the door behind you.
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This is Echo, and she is in search of her forever home! If you can, PLEASE share so we can find her a loving home.


Echo is a sweet rescue German Shepherd who is available for adoption in Raleigh, NC and surrounding cities and states. We have been fostering Echo for a few months now and have been working with her, but she needs a new forever home now who can give her the one-on-one training and love she needs.

Echo is three to four years old and 58lbs. She is gaining weight but needs to definitely continue with the gain until she is at a healthy weight. She is NOT spayed, and will come with a spay contract so she is not used to breed. She is high energy but has somewhat of an off switch. She is crate trained and house trained.

Echo can be reactive with other dogs, and has been around my female dogs a majority of the time, including a shih-tzu. She has gotten along with them for the most part, but she is dominant over other dogs and would most likely do better as the only dog or may be able to live with a neutered male dog. she has a high prey drive and should not be around cats. She has been around them before but I do not believe it would be safe to give her free reign around a cat. She has been around young children on leash and did very well, and was very calm, but because of her high energy, I believe it would be better for her to live with older children.

Here is a video of her interacting with two females. This is under close supervision.

Echo is a very sweet and gentle dog, and she loves attention. She wants to be with you and relax with you, but will lay quietly in her crate while you work. But, like most rescue dogs, she does have her problems. She is heartworm positive, and will come with her heartguard treatment. She needs an EXPERIENCED GSD owner who is familiar with the attitudes and training of German Shepherds. We will be screening potential adopters, and will require a home check. She needs a fenced in yard and must be watched when outside as she digs. She needs someone to give her a lot of time, love, and training to help her with her past neglect.

She has an adoption fee which will be partially refunded upon spay, and I will be happy to answer any questions related to her adoption and speak with potential adopters! Please DM me or contact me at! 

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Kali embarrassing Blake by showing Yang her baby pictures

Oh poor Blake.

Ghira: It is so nice to have you and girlfriend here to join us for this festival this year, sweetie. *Ghira said happily as he helped his daughter pick out a kimono to wear for the event, picking a very layered pink one out.* How about this one? It would look very nice on you. And keep you warm.

Blake: *Blake took one glance at the kimono and laughed while shaking her head.* Hahaha, nice try dad. But not only have I haven’t wore pink since I was three, it going to be 76 tonight. So I think I’ll go with a simple and light. Beside, if it was going to be cold I would just stay close to Yang. *She informed him, giggling when seeing her father roll his eyes and put the pink kimono back in defeat while she pulled out purple kimono with a flower design on the lower half.* Hmm, this one looks nice.

Ghira: If it’s going to be so warm tonight I don’t see why the both of you are sharing your room when we have a perfectly good guest room for Yang to stay in. *Ghira mumbled to himself.*

Blake: Dad. We have been dating for nearly three years.

Ghira: I know. I’m just saying me and your mother spent a lot of time making it all nice for her staying with us. Plus, it’s a bit soon for you two to be sharing a bed. *Ghira shrugged making Blake shake her head.*

Blake: Oh dad. Do we need to have the talk?

Ghira: What?

Blake: You see dad. When a woman and a woman love each other very much-

Ghira: Enough! You made your point! I don’t need the image of my bday girl doing…. That! In my head. *Ghira groan, holding up his hands in defeat before muttering.* Now I know how you must have felt when your mother gave you to talk.

Blake: Hehe, believe me. I probably had it worse. *Blake laughed as she and her father proceed to cashier when Blake twitch her cat ear with a thought.* Speaking of mom, I’m surprise she wasn’t the one the to come with me. I would have thought she would want me to pick something more…

Ghira: Revealing? *Ghira said narrowing his eyes.*

Blake: I was going to go with Flashy.

Ghira: Oh. Yes well. Kali wanted to spend time with Yang. To get to know her better.

Blake: Sigh, I see. I just hope she doesn’t do anything that will embarrass me like show Yang any photo albums.

Ghira: …

Blake: She’s not doing that right, dad!

Ghira: … *Sweating bullets.*

Blake: Dad!?

Ghira: It’s just one album, sweetie. *Ghira nervously smiled.*

Blake: oh god no.


Yang: Oh. My. God… *Yang whisper with wide eyes as she covered her mouth before squealing with delight.* ~She is SOOOO CUTE!~<3

Kali: I know isn’t she! She would always play and tackle the ball of yawn whenever I was kitting. *Kali smiled with glee as she show Yang a picture of baby Blake playfully bouncing a ball of yarn in the air with her hand and feet as she laid on her back before turning the page.* Oh and here is Blake playing with you favorite stuff doll, Luna Tuna.

Yang: Aaaaaaaaw.~<3 Hehehe, she is trying to eat it! *Yang giggled as she looked as the photo of baby Blake nalling on the stuff toy fish.*

Kali: Hehe, yes. There were quite a number of times we had to stitch Luna tuna back together.

Yang: Hehe, I bet. *Yang chuckled, remembering every time Blake bit her during sex, deciding her lover’s mother didn’t need to know that detail. The brawler then looked at the picture below that warmed her heart as she awed again, the photo being of Blake falling asleep and napping on a rocking horse.* Aw. Look at her! She looks so cuuuuute in this one. Gasp! She is even in kitty pajamas!~<3

Kali: Oh she would ride that for hours. Me and Ghira actually used it to know when it was nap time for our baby girl. *Kali smiled running her fingers over the photo.* We would just listen to the rocking slow down before speeding up again and slow down again.

Yang: Did she ever fall off?

Kali: Yes but always on the pillows we had around her and on her feet.

Yang: Hehe, nice. Whoa, haha, what’s going on here? *Yang giggled a she pointed to the next page at a photo of a naked baby Blake hissing towards a sink as she clings onto a younger Ghira’s beard who is tiring to pry her off.*

Kali: Ah. Hahahaha. *Kali laughed.* That was Blake first bath. Hahahaha. Back then she hated the water. We would chase her naked butt all of the house before getting into the sink or tub. It actually started her little phase of not wanting to wear clothes. See? *Kali smiled as she show Yang photos of Blake giggling as ran from Ghira or Kali trying to put clothes on her, some of which showed them catching a Blake clone.*

Yang: Oooooh!<3 Look at her little booty. Hahaha! Ruby went through the same phase just when she awakened her semblance. *Yang smiled, turning the page to a photo of a grumpy pouting Blake with crosses arms and trying not to cry standing next to a hanging sheet.* Hey what’s this one? Why does Blake look so upset?

Kali: *Kali looked at the photo and immediately covered her mouth while trying hold back her laughter, unfortunately telling miserably at it.* Ooooooooohehehehe. I nearly forget this one was in here. Hehehehe. *Kali said as she pointed to the sheet of the photo behind Blake.* You see this is the first time Blake wet the bed. Hahaha, and, hehe, and she was so scared that she would get in trouble she tried, ahhahahaha, she tried to blame it on our neighbor’s dog! Hahahahaha!

Yang: Hahahahahaha! Oh my god that is hilarious! Hahahaha! *Yang and Kali laughed together wiping tears from their eyes.* Oh man. Hahahaha! Oh you have to send me copies of these.

Kali: Sure thing Yang. Hahaha. *Kali nodded when suddenly the doors burst open revealing a out of breath Blake quickly scanning the room before spotting her mom an girlfriend.* Hello honey. I was just showing Yang some of your old baby photos. Would you li- *Kali began to greet her daughter before, the younger cat Faunus snatched the photo album from her and throw it to the ground while drawing her sword chopping it to confetti.* … To join us?

Blake: *Blake continue to pant, sheathing he sword, before taking a deep breath and turning to Yang and Kali who are staring at her blushing face with raised surprised eyebrows.She then points to Yang and says with a slight threatening tone.* You saw nothing.

Yang: Oh-ho.~ But I saw MAAAAAAANY things Blakey-poo. I just wish I had my own copy of how adorable you were as a baby and kid. *Yang could smirked as Kali reaches behind.*

Kali: It’s okay, Yang. I had a feel Blake would pull something like this. Sooo, *Kali smiled as she pulled out multiple photo albums, Blake’s jaw dropping while she blushed even more as Yang grinned ear to ear.* I had a few copies made.

Blake: MOM!! NO!! *Blake shouted diving towards the albums only for Kali to hold them out of reach as well as holding her daughter at bay.*

Kali: But sweetie! You looked to cute when you were a baby!

Blake: That’s not the point, Mom!! Now give them here!!

Kali: No! Besides, it’s not look Yang hasn’t seen your butt already.

Yang: She’s got a point.

Blake: NOT HELPING!! * Blake shouted at her girlfriend only for her eyes to widen in horror upon seeing Yang looking through one of the copies of the photo album.* YANG NO!! *Blake screamed as Now Kali held back her daughter.*

Kali: Now now. Blake. I’m should Yang’s father will show you embarrassing baby photos of her when you visit her father. *Kali told her daughter.*

Yang: Yeah Blakey. You’ll have your chance to embarrass me. Beside, Looking through these I hope when we have our own daughter she is like you in these photo. *Yang smiled as she looked through the album, taking picture of certain photos, mutter.* Aw that is my knew background.

Blake: *Meanwhile, after what Yang said, Blake stopped struggling and frozen as she whole face turned pink as Kali smile grow ten times it sized and let out a eep of joy.* … Aw Babe.


Ghira: I deeply apologize again for your window. Please send me the bill for the repairs and I will pay for them. *Ghira bowed to the shop owner in front of the broken window with the perfect outline of Blake’s silhouette.*

Fun fact, that rocking horse one was of me when I was like three of four years old. Though it took a few falls before my parents thought of the pillows in case I fell off.

Ever notice this?

Angel stuff: It’s funny how some little kids, like the two-three-four year old set, see right through you to the grace. They know exactly what they’re looking at when they see you, and that sudden shock of nakedly intense ‘I see you’ recognition can be a bit disconcerting when you are accustomed to being more or less incognito to the rest of the world. There you are, walking through a store, and you walk past a kid who’s so young they’re still sitting in the baby seat in the shopping cart - and you feel a kind of shockwave of their intense recognition of you, and the kid just. -Stares-. At you. Yep, kid, blessings to ya, I hope you never 'outgrow’ the ability to pick up on grace like that.

Girls and leggings

I am OVER middle school girls being shamed and sexualised for wearing knit pants.

School dress codes are sexist and unequal; we know that and I’m not gonna get into it. If you disagree, we have fundamentally different experiences and worldviews, whatever, not interested in debating it.

But the thing

that drives

me MAD

is middle school girls and knit pants.

Leggings, yoga pants, jeggings, whatever. There are different styles, and call ‘em what you want. If you’ve got a problem with it, here’s the deal: you are sexualising a child.

This twelve year old girl is not wearing leggings because she dreams of being a lustful temptress of prepubescent boys and married middle aged men with no self control.

She’s wearing leggings because that’s what’s on the rack in the juniors section of Target. She’s wearing leggings because they’re comfy and come in cute colors.

She’s wearing leggings because–and this is true–she has been wearing leggings almost every day, six months a year, for the last twelve years of her life.

We dress infants in leggings. We dress two, three, four year olds in leggings. Kindergarteners and second graders and fifth graders wear leggings, and it’s normal and adorable and okay.

And somehow, between May of last school year and September of this one, this kid’s favorite pair of pants has gone from unremarkable to “inappropriate.”

As if middle school isn’t stressful enough without gross old men chastising you for being “immodest” for wearing normal clothes. Like you’re not self-conscious enough about your body, like you’re not panicked enough about puberty, like you’re not already mourning the loss of your childhood because grown ups keep making knowing eye contact over your head and remarking that “you’re a woman now.”


Just let the poor kids wear their own clothes.

House Words Wednesdays: House Tarbeck

Welcome to House Words Wednesdays! Each week, I take a House without known canon or semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well, if your favored House has not yet been suggested; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me a tweet or ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see

House Tarbeck of Tarbeck Hall is an extinct noble House of the Westerlands, one of the principal vassals historically sworn to the Lannisters of the Rock. Although impoverished by the time of the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion, the Tarbecks were still a very ancient family, among the many and powerful Houses sworn to the lions of Casterly Rock. Indeed, given their sigil - a seven-pointed star, silver on blue - I would suppose House Tarbeck was founded around the time of the Andal Invasion, perhaps one of the early Andal warlords rewarded by kings like Gerold II and Tyrion III.

The Tarbecks were certainly not uninvolved in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. Jeyne Westerling, one of the unfortunate “black brides” of Maegor the Cruel, was first wed to Lord Alyn Tarbeck before he was killed in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye; Jeyne gave him a posthumous Tarbeck son, though his fate - especially with his mother dying when he was around three or four years old and stepfather being Maegor the Cruel - is unknown. Roughly a century later, Ser Adrian Tarbeck took over the slain Lord Jason Lannister’s role leading the Lannister host fighting for another Aegon Targaryen, this time in the Dance. Still, the Tarbecks were not always stalwart supporters of the Targaryens: in the First Blackfyre Rebellion, the Tarbecks initially supported the Blackfyres, but then switched sides sometime before the Battle of the Redgrass Field.

That faithlessness - to both causes - in the Blackfyre rebellion got me thinking about words. So for the Tarbecks, I settled on Know Us By Our Faith. Obviously, with a seven-pointed star for a sigil, the Tarbecks are pretty keen on having people know their allegiance to the Faith of the Seven. But faith can mean loyalty as well as religious fervor, and the Tarbecks have been known in history primarily by their faith - or, sometimes, lack thereof: their faith to the two Aegons, for example, and their betrayal of the Blackfyres. Most infamously, of course, was the faithlessness the Tarbecks displayed during the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion: the Rebellion had begun when the Tarbecks (and Reynes) publicly stated that they would no longer follow the Lannisters as lieges (demonstrating their lack of faith in Casterly Rock), and ended when Tywin Lannister showed the West, and the whole of the Seven Kingdoms, what would become of such faithless vassals.

Let me know what you think of these words for the Tarbecks of Tarbeck Hall. Next week goes to a possibly extinct House of the Reach, sometime marital partners for the Tarbecks of the past.

The Queen Regent (NFriel) 

moonwalkingcrab  asked:

Matt and/or Techie learning how to swim <3

Matt isn’t expecting Techie to enjoy their camping trip as much as he ends up enjoying it. “Indoorsy” is generous; he’s pale and has never played so much as a game of kickball, much less organized team sports. But he’s also agile and good at climbing, good at keeping his balance. He likes scrambling up rock faces and into trees like a squirrel, and can stay still and quiet for long enough to let birds come near. Slather him in enough sunscreen and he’ll happily spend the day outside exploring, making friends with robins and getting his knees grass-stained.

But nobody ever taught him how to swim. While Matt can swim way out into the center of the lake and back, hardly getting tired, Techie will put his toes in the water and call it a day. “There’s fish,” Matt says, like this will help, like they’ll offer Techie swim lessons. “You can come out further.”

The first day they’re out, Techie turns down the offer in favor of gathering up flowers and interesting rocks and pine needles to arrange a sort of avant - garde bouquet. It’s another two days before he’ll get in as far as his knees, and even that makes him nervous. Not panicked or anything, just uncertain, even though the water hardly laps any higher than his kneecaps. He insists that Matt swim out as far as he likes, though. By the time Matt returns, Techie has placed himself back on the bank, braiding daisies into a Coachella crown.

It’s day five when Techie asks Matt if he’ll show him how to swim.

“I’ve never taught anyone,” Matt says honestly. “So we’ll go slow?”

“That’s good.”

Matt tries to think back to his own swim lessons, which had to have been when he was three or four years old. He remembers learning to hold his breath, float on his back, blow bubbles. Probably not doing that last part in the lake, Matt decided. But getting Techie to float is easier than he expects. The first few attempts end with him seizing up, frightened, but Matt’s good at cajoling, and his broad hands under his back are more than enough to calm him. “See? All good.” Techie’s hair fans out so red and pretty, he looks like a painting, Waterhouse, nymphlike. All those Pre-Raphaelite muses were redheads. Matt understands why now.

Techie sits up – the water is shallow enough for him to sit – and shakes himself off. “We can stop for now. More later?”

The way he looks wringing water from his hair, Matt would promise him anything in the universe.

pro tip (venting)

animals are actually alive and they have personalities and also kittens under three or four years old are fucking assholes so don’t fucking get a kitten if you can’t live thru the 2-3 years when they stop being adorable but are still murderclowns bc no one wants to see your feeble and myriad excuses for why you want to ditch your cat in a barn ASAP.

also if you get a dog or a puppy and don’t have a fenced yard, at least make sure you’re watching so it doesn’t escape and get hit by a car and don’t keep buying puppies off craigslist if you won’t fix your fence

i have a new qualification for being in my life: you can’t do these things

he is only three

alternatively titled: on the subject of rickon’s “wildness”

the thing about rickon is he’s often perceived/analyzed through a lens of adulthood that implies that his wildness and rage are just as they are (which is already off base).  rickon is a three year old at the start of the series, and turns four before the end of AGOT, and disappears before he turns five.  i can’t speak for everyone else, but i’ve certainly not got a lot of experience with three-five-year-olds.  maybe someone who does can address this a little more clearly than i can, but here’s my big crazy conclusion about reading rickon: to imply that he’s wild and angry and out of control is really…not accurate actually?

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勝生 Мария Headcanons

Just a few headcanons I have about Victor and Yuuri’s daughter~

Full Name:  Mariya Katsuki
Surname:  Because her fathers couldn’t get married in Russia or Japan at the time, Yuuri added Victor to his family registry, giving them both the surname Katsuki.
Given name:  Russian, derived from Egyptian mry meaning beloved or mr meaning love.  In addition to the meaning, her name was chosen to honor her birth mother.


Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Black
Body type:  Petite, though she tends to plump easily.


Biological Father:  Victor Nikiforov Katsuki
Biological Mother/Surrogate:  Mari Katsuki (Yuuri’s older sister)*
*I feel I should note that she did quit smoking well before becoming pregnant.
Story:  After months of searching for the perfect egg donor and gestational surrogate, Yuuri broke down, saddened that their child would only be biologically related to one of them.  Mari, who always supported her younger brother, stepped up and volunteered to be their surrogate so their baby would be a Nikiforov and a Katsuki.  (And she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer)


Infancy: The kind of baby who only cries when she needs something.  There were several nights early on when Yuuri would just get up and stand over her crib, worried that something was wrong, since she wasn’t waking them up every hour like he’d heard babies should.  He and Victor spent many nights snuggled together on the rocking chair in her room, waiting just in case she needed them.
Toddler/Preschool Age:  A “literal angel” (everyone’s words) Sweet and kind, always giving nice, gentle pets to their two poodles, Makkachin and Vicchan the Second, who absolutely adore her and bark if anyone outside of the family gets too close.


Yuuri Katsuki:  Her father.  They spent a lot of time bonding when she was an infant because he was worried that she wouldn’t care for him as much as her biological father.  Still, he was the only one who could get her to go back to sleep on the rare nights she woke up wanting nothing more than a cuddle.  He would sing to her, humming a tune she’d recognize later when she played an old CD she found in his keepsake box.

Victor Nikiforov:  Her father.  They are related biologically and, like with Yuuri, share the same surname.  She didn’t know either of her fathers were famous skaters when she was younger, but went with them to the Ice Castle from the moment she could walk.  Victor gave her her first pair of skates.  He waited until he was done lacing them to start crying.

Mari Katsuki:  Although Mari is Mariya’s biological mother, she’s always referred to her as “Aunt Mari.”  They have a close relationship and Mari is famous for slipping her treats and extra portions of pork at dinner.

Toshiya and Hiroko Katsuki:  Mariya’s maternal grandparents.  They spoil her rotten.  She has a veritable plethora of poodle stuffed animals in her room because of this.  Hiroko, like Mari, also gives her extra portions of pork cutlet, her favorite.

Yakov Feltsman:  (Because we don’t know anything about Victor’s family yet) Yakov has always been like a father to Victor. The moment he laid eyes on Mariya, he fell in love with his “милый ангел/mIliy angel” (Little Angel)  She calls him “Deda Ya” and, on several occasions, has had him wear her tiara.

She also almost gave her fathers heart attacks when, at three, she stated that she wanted to become Russia’s next Prima Ballerina (blame Lilia Baranovskaya Feltsman or, as Mariya calls her, “Babulilya” and Minako, of course)

Minako Okukawa: Mariya’s ballet teacher and the one who accidentally told her about her fathers’ first kiss. Heehee.

Yuri Plisetsky:  “Uncle Yurio” is one of her most favorite people because he plays dolls with her and does her hair.  Of course, there’s no photographic evidence, because Yuri has kicked/stomped any phone or camera directed at him during their tea parties.

Takeshi and Yuuko Nishigori:  Mariya’s godparents.  If anything were to happen to Victor or Yuuri, they, along with Mari, would take care of her.  (But, not to worry! Victor and Yuuri will be fine!!)

The Nishigori Triplets:  Mariya’s babysitters.  Axel taught her how to hold a camera, Lutz taught her the best way to get what she wants from adults, and Loop showed her the wonders of the internet and how to look up her fathers’ old skating videos.

The other skaters:  Mariya has a lot of Aunts and Uncles from all around the world.  So, it’s no surprise when she receives several coaching offers when she reaches competition age.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later, but I had to get these down.  Right now, I want to think of her as three or four years old - the Yakov part of this headcanon was what started it all.  And, yes, I had him and Lilia get back together, hehe. Can you picture him, though?  All tough and grumpy-looking, but wearing Mariya’s sparkly tiara?  Yurio’s part is cute to imagine, too~

Turtle Tot Head Canon #3

I know, I know. I’m blabbing way too much about turtle tots but I can’t help it. Their adorable little muses keep poking my brain!

Okay this one is about ‘shell hiding’, you know when they retract completely into their shells? I’m imagining the boys are about three or four years old. Starting with Leo, I don’t think he hides or withdraws his body into his shell as much as his brothers. If he does its usually just his head when Splinter is disciplining him about something he’s done wrong. I can just see Splinter saying, “Leonardo, I am very disappointed in you.” And Leo’s head just kind shrinks down into his shell until only his eyes are visible.

Raph is a “big turtle” and shell hiding is for babies like Donnie and Mikey. But at bedtime, as our little tough guy settles down at night, he subconsciously pulls his body into his shell as he falls into a deeper sleep. But if you ask him about it, he’ll say he only does it 'cause Donnie whistles too loud in his sleep.

Donnie takes full advantage of his shell capabilities. I imagine Donnie having some social ineptitudes and quirks as a young child, and when he can’t express his frustrations, he has no qualms about hiding in his shell. Raph and Leo are fighting? Shell time. Tired of Mikey aggravating him? Shell time. Splinter forgot to seperate his algae from his worms at dinner? Shell time. Raph getting ready slug him 'cause he took apart his favorite toy truck? Definitely shell time. It’s just more logical to retract from situations in which he can’t find an immediate solution, than it is to try and figure out the strange social interactions of his family. His brothers know when he’s in a shell time mood to simply leave him be until he’s ready to rejoin them in their play. Donnie also hides in his shell when he’s sick. His brothers usually know the difference between moody Donnie and sick Donnie and accordingly tell Splinter when “Don-Don is sick”.

Mikey makes a game out of hiding in his shell. He finds that his big brothers can’t tickle him to death inside his shell so nyah-nyah-nyah! He also likes when Raph spins him around and around while in his shell….well until that one time when he threw up.

I have at least two more turtle tot head canons, but i think I’ll give you guys a break from my babbling!

reineyday  asked:

hello! i hope you're doing well!! 😁 you're one of my fave artists & i was wondering if you'd ever consider compiling all your art in a book and selling it? 'cuz i would DEFINITELY buy it :'D if not i mean i still can't thank you enough for your art

Hi, Rei! My friend (from the Chinese fandom) actually helped me produce and sell some merch locally last year…

Photos via Hana and .

The two of us have talked about an artbook but it might take a while, I’m thinking probably… neeext year? So I can do as much art as I can in-between… I’ll also have to set aside time to do some exclusive pieces that aren’t available online for people to actually buy. Gods. I’m actually thinking that three-going-on-four year old comic script Footloose wrote for me that I’ve been putting off forever? Ahh… OTL

tl;dr It’s going to be a long wait, but it’s definitely on the table. *hugs* <333