Tongue Tied Just Like This

Summary: Bucky finally confesses his love for the (fem) reader. 

Word Count: 1056

A/N: i havent written anything in 2 months so this could easily be the #worst thing ive ever written but i lowkey just wanted to write something and i love confessions. 

Pairings: bucky x reader (duh)

Currently you were sat next to Bucky on one of the many balconies the Stark Tower had. It was a nice place to sit and relax. There something calming about listening to the hustle and bustle of the city below while feeling a slight breeze, it was this atmosphere that you craved the most in your times of stress. Bucky and you sat in silence as both of you weren’t the biggest of talkers and perhaps that’s why you were both so drawn to each other. After a particularly loud ambulance sound that came from below, Bucky hung his head down and took a deep breath before looking up again.

“I love you, Y/N” Bucky said, breaking the comfortable silence that had surrounded the two of you.

“You don’t have to say anything back” Bucky continued, ignoring the shocked look on your face. Your heart was racing since this was a moment you were sure only existed in your dreams. Bucky took your surprise as an indication of rejection and let out a deep sigh before standing up.

“I just wanted to let you know” Bucky whispered as he closed his eyes before walking away. You hadn’t even heard anything he said after he told you he loved you because your heart was beating so fast you were sure he could hear it and the thoughts in your head were running around loudly.

“Shit,” you muttered when you heard the door close and finally noticed that Bucky was no longer sitting beside you. Cursing to yourself you got up and went back into the compound. 

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new overwatch event is actually a birthday party. there are streamers and balloons on every map. every hero gets a skin but its just their default with a party hat. mccree’s cigar is replaced with a party blower that goes off when he high noons and he wears the party hat on top of his cowboy hat. soldier’s rockets come with confetti. pharah’s rockets look like giant birthday candles. zenyatta gets a pinata skin and drops candy when he dies. the payload on every payload map is replaced by a giant cake and when it reaches the end reinhardt pops out of it wearing nothing but a giant bow over his junk.

Being a paranormal investigator while your two boyfriends are constantly fucking around is not easy. Especially when you’re in dungeon haunted by a father’s violent spirit.

Jonathan snorted and covered his mouth with his hand to refrain from snickering. “That looks so wrong…”

Luke chuckled from somewhere behind him and Evan looked up from where he was leaning over the mannequin, a playful grin tempting to tug its way onto his face.

“I’m looking for evidence, guys.” Evan flashed his light all around. The mannequin was of the woman that had died in this house during the Battle of Gettysburg. “Do you not like this?” He calls out to whatever spirit might be there. “Are you protective of her body?”

There were a few tense moments of silence before suddenly Evan was scrambling off the table and stumbling to the opposite side of the room, close to where Luke was.

“Woah, what the hell just happened?” Luke looked worriedly at Evan, looking through the camera to see his expression in night vision. Luke looked to Jonathan, who had stood up and was slowly backing away from the table. There was no answer from Evan until Luke reached out and grabbed his arm.

“What the fuck happened?!” He asked again.

“…I just felt someone grab my ass!”

If they weren’t in the middle of a haunted-ass dungeon, Luke would have laughed.

“Something,” Luke repeated “…grabbed your ass?”

“Yeah! It was like the hardest something’s ever grabbed me.”

“On your ass?” Jon asked.

“On anywhere!”

“Maybe you should show us. Yaknow, so we can see if it left a mark.” Luke joked.

“I’m being serious! Something grabbed me!” Evan defended.

“I’m bein’ serious too!” Evan left the room with a loud whine, Jon and Luke laughing and following close behind.

Yeah, it’s not easy being a paranormal investigator. You get things thrown at you, grabbed, threatened, and even pushed down stairs. (There was also one scarring incident with a lamp, but Luke doesn’t like to talk about it.) But, being a paranormal investigator followed by a crew that happens to be your two boyfriends is especially not easy. 

Although hearing the joking and laughter while reviewing the footage later, Evan decides that it’s not so bad.

Anonymous asked: how would the chocobros react to being scared by Kenny the Crow?

Have you ever seen one of those videos of somebody setting a cucumber behind a cat and scaring it? That’s what happens when the Kenny Crow statue beside Noctis starts moving. He looks over, and the demon mascot looks back. He jumps and scrambles away. It’s honestly quite the sight. Gladio and Prompto can be heard laughing in the background. This isn’t helping the poor prince’s fear of Kenny at all.

When Kenny sneaks up behind Ignis and starts talking, he punches him in the stomach. Kenny learns first hand that Ignis is much stronger than he looks. He’s not sorry.

Gladio’s eyes get wide when Kenny appears seemingly out of nowhere, and he’s suddenly hyper-aware that the mascot is his height. Has Gladio ever met anybody else his height? It’s horrifying when it’s a dead eyed, lanky bird-man. Gladio laughs nervously, but Kenny Crow is a being of immense power and darkness. He just knows it.

You’d think he’d scream or cry when Kenny suddenly approaches him with a big bottle of Jetty’s, but all Prompto can do is run. Like a full sprint. He becomes a track star, it’s honestly impressive. It doesn’t matter what he was doing. He doesn’t want Kenny to give him a mouthful.

sooo it’s the last day of otayuri week and i made this new blog since these two fuckers (and yoi in general tbh) are taking over my life. have these shitty soulmates!au headcanons i wrote instead of studying

  • i mean the plainest soulmates!au (but also one of the most beautiful in my opinion tbh) is the tattoos one SO LET’S GO WITH IT. otabek gets the tattoo with yuri’s name when he’s like 14 and at first he’s like ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!! wtf that has to be yuri plisetsky !!!!!!!!!!!!! and nearly cries bc we all know he is the founder of the yuri’s angels™. but im also 10000% sure that he’d suddenly be like “ok but there are so many yuris in this world it’s prob not him why am i even thinking abt that”
  • and he probably forgets abt it for years bc come on he has other things to think abt he’s A PROFESSIONAL SKATER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD but sometimes he still looks at yuri in pics and stuff on the internet and swoons
  • then one day a lot of years l8r he’s in barcellona and,,,,,,, come on we all know how it goes dont we. and he kinda gets his hopes up again bc it cant be a coincidence??? or can it???? the poor boy is so confused tbh he doesnt know what to do. (except for covering his wrist bc that’s something he definitely has to do)
  • ok but rlly, think abt otabek during summer in long sleeved tops visibly sweating and yuri just arching his eyebrow
  • TALKING ABT YURI im sure he gets his tattoo after becoming otabek’s friend. one morning he wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror and just nearly passes out bc. why the fuck. has he. his best friend’s name. on his collarbone. AAAAAAA
  • so now we have these two fuckers,,,, both with their tattoos,,,, and both very in love (and also very oblivious bc *mila’s voice* HAVENT U SEEN HOW HE LOOKS AT U YURI U ARE HOPELESS),,,,,
  • ok i kinda skipped that part but can u imagine how freaking struck yuri would be when he gets his tattoo. like he’d prob go to yuuri (bc he secretly admires him so much come on we all know it) and be like OK LISTEN FUCKER,,,, how do i understand……… if i like…….. like a person?
  • yuri would nearly cry bc of how much his lil punk son has grown and promise he wont ever tell victor
  • long story short after a long talk and a semi murder bc STOP TALKING ABT U AND THE OLD MAN IM GONNA PUKE I SWEAR yuri would finally understand that,, in fact,,, the butterflies that he feels in his stomach whenever he’s near his best friend (bc he’s cliché just like that) arent exactly what ppl are supposed to feel in front of their friends
  • ofc he’d be so scared bc he doesnt want to ruin their friendship (this pure boy,,,,, he’s really that oblivious)
  • im sure that when they find out abt being each other’s soulmates it’s an accident bc really that’s how much of two losers they are. so yuri would be like bending over to take something from the floor or smth (im not good at creating plots ok) and his shirt would fall off a lil bit and………
  • GASP
  • “yuri…….“yeah? “is that my name written on your collarbone” “………..”
  • and this is the moment when poor boy otabek nearly crying on the inside but all cool ™ on the outside would show yuri his wrist
  • “beka?……“yes?” “does that mean you like me?” “………yes”
  • and then they KEES and BE CAUTIOUS THIS IS VERY NSFW hold hands <33333

im so sorry i honestly dont know what these headcanons are this is the worst thing ive ever written but i hope you like them anyway lmao

greek philosopher: obviously achilles was the seme?? he’s physically stronger than patroclus
other greek philosopher: no he wasn’t, he was younger and plus patroclus had a beard. achilles was an uke XD
yet another greek philosopher: they were just close friends, just guys being dudes
both greek philosophers: stop hurting our gaybies, it’s practically canon!

you belong with me (wanda maximoff x reader)

word count: 436
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: mention of ptsd
prompt: REQUESTED, “you belong with me"
a/n: Sorry this is so short. I re-wrote it six times and had the worst writers block, and also, I am feeling particularly betrayed by taylor swift— but anyway, here it is!! I’m not dead!!!

Luke was nice. Luke was cute. Luke liked you.

Sure, Luke met the standard requirements for being a good boyfriend. But contrary to popular belief, those weren’t really the reasons why you were dating him. The main reason you decided to date him, was stupid, and simple, and didn’t make any sense without elaboration: because he was a boy.

Because he was a boy, and Wanda was a girl, and you were a part of the avengers, and he was not, and Wanda was. Wanda knew that this was the only reason why you were dating him, or at least, that’s what she told herself every time she saw you two together, or on the phone with him— like right now. Only this time, Wanda didn’t really feel like she had to reconcile her self too much, because you seemed to be yelling over the phone with him.

Wanda walked into your room in the Avengers tower right as you hung up. “Having trouble?” She asked.

You turned to her and sighed as you sat on your bed. “Yeah. He just doesn’t get it.”

She sat down next to you. “Get what?”

“You know what happened when I was taken in Serbia?” You asked. She nodded. Everyone knew what happened, because it was a heroic and an epic story— you were trapped and tortured, and then you escaped. But the epic adventure also left you with epic scars. “I can’t just move on so quickly after that. It’s going to take a while to let people in again.”

Wanda shook her head. “What do you mean?”

“He keeps… I can’t…” You sighed, not knowing how to say it— or not really wanting to say it out loud.

“You can’t let him touch you,” Wanda stated, and you nodded. “I know, I understand you. The same thing happened to me last year, but you’ll get over it. I promise.”

You shook your head. “I don’t know if I’ll ever even high-five anyone ever again. I flinch at everything.”

Wanda knew how stubborn you were, and figured that whatever she said, you would deny, or counter. So instead, she decided to show you. Instead, she held your gaze as she slowly brought her finger to your wrist— just barely touching it. You stiffened at first, but slowly relaxed a bit more as she slowly grazed her fingers up your arm.

Her soft, pale fingers kept tracing up your arm, to your shoulder, and up your neck. When she reached your face, she gently cupped it— and as you leaned in, you finally saw it— you belonged with her.

a’n: ….based off a true story.

Hamburrger AU where Ham works in a popular fast food restaurant that Burr likes

Hamilton works just as non-stop as he would with anything else

Burr is willing to wait for his orders in line for 10 minutes straight

Art by cherryandsisters

Well, this will go down in history as thE UGLIEST BANNER ON THE PLANET JNFAKJN ANyways so this year (2016 in case u forgot tho I wouldn’t blame u) was def a very interesting year. Lots of shit went down; overall chaos took place. But on the tumblr side of things, I had a really amazing year getting to know a bunch of talented, fantastic ppl!! I became apart of a fandom that is so generous and hardworking. Even though there are a few clashes of opinions between us, we all aim to make this a loving, caring community of bloggers. I’ve been blessed to have gotten to see so many ppl grow, and I wanted to make an appreciation post bc u are all so important in my lives <3 (under the cut bc it got so long rip)

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anonymous asked:

You spilled coffee on my headphones and you keep saying sorry while im getting mad at yo– oh your cute can i have your number au

Beca’s friends liked to joke that she had no maternal bone in her body. 

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Orihine legit became the my immortal of bleach

Hi my name is Inoue caramel sugar star weaving princess Orihime and I have long caramel hair (that’s how I got my name) with tangerine streaks and golden tips that reaches my mid-back and warm brown eyes like elfen tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Kurosaki Masaki (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Kurosaki Ichigo but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a Goddess but my teeth are straight and white like a human’s. I have pale white skin. I’m also a healer princess but I got to a normal school called Karakura high in duh, Karakura where I’m in the senior year (I’m seventeen). I’m a mary sue (in case you couldn’t tell) and I love the Urahara Shouten where I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a white, boob-windowed top and white skirt-pants. I was walking outside in hueco mundo It was in the middle of war which I was very mad about because when that happens I cant see myself reflected in Kurosaki-kun’s eyes. Luckily today I saw him fighting with some bat arrancar. I cried at him to tasukete me even though I was fine and he was half-dead. Ishida-kun who

Promise Me // Luke Hemmings (Smut)

Anonymous asked: I was just gonna request a Luke smut when you’re stuck in an elevator and there’s been sexual tension between the two

Anonymous asked: Could you like do something about A jealous Luke. Like he see’s another guy chatting you up or something and he gets all mad.


side note: okay i obviously combined three different requests and idk if it really goes with the last one but it’s angry luke so AYE ((sorry it’s so late i’m shit with getting things out in a timely manner and this was kind of rushed but tbh i just really wanted it out of my drafts))

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Fire For a Heart

As (heavily) requested by aquariusphil​, I’ve actually gotten off my arse and written something.

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Ship: Dan Howell/Phil Lester (Phan)

Word Count: 2,122

Rating: G

Warnings: Strong language


For Phil, life in his hometown seemed to be somewhat of a musical. The North and South side of town fought like cats and dogs, and even despite the many warnings he received from his older brother to stay away from the North… well, he didn’t listen.

Shamelessly stepping over the make-belief border separating the South side of town to the North side of town is becoming a dangerous habit of Phil’s. Ever since he was a tot it was practically common knowledge that North and South simply do not mix. Why, he could never tell you. It’s just the way his brother had taught him.

It wasn’t the kind of petty rivalry you’d see in TV shows or movies where the jocks from a public school threatened those who even dare set foot into their territory. This was real life and Phil just so happened to be caught up in the longest running feud between North and South, whether he liked it or not – which, for the record, he did not. In fact, he hadn’t even been aware that there was an issue within his hometown up until his eighteenth birthday. As far as he was concerned everybody got along just fine.

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